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Chapter 454 – A Storm Gathers

While Mu Chen, Shen Cangsheng and the others had entered the transmission Spiritual Array, similar scenes like that were occuring in the countless large and small Spiritual Academies out there, with the prestige of the fervent clamoring shocking the heavens and shaking the earth.

Saint Spiritual Academy

Stretches of great halls were majestically standing straight. At this time, within the most central location of this stretch of the city was a holy, white-coloured, vast, public square, while black seas of humans filling its four corners, with clamoring noises coming from them that rushed towards the sky.

The central position of the public square appeared exceedingly empty, with only 20 figures standing in it. Dressed in white robes, the insignia of the Saint Spiritual Academy was emblazoned on their chests. At this moment, they were the most eye-catching existences in this region.

A youth with his hands behind his back stood ramrod straight at the leftmost position of the group. Possessing an extremely handsome face, a gentle, warm smile like the sun was present on it. The smile was calm and easygoing, gentle and refined, with God-knows how many young girls turned absent minded in its presence.

“Haha, Captain Ji Xuan. Looks like you’re still brimming with popularity.” Behind the youth stood a similarly aged young male, who was grinning as he spoke. “The other three captains might be extremely unhappy. They’ve been fretting non-stop about you being able to obtain a position similar to them with your status as a Freshman. From what I can see, if not for you, Captain, without haggling and quibbling with them about this, I’m really quite curious as to exactly which of our four most elite figures of our Saint Spiritual Academy is the stronger one.” When the youth by the name of Ji Xuan heard about it, he gave a faint smile and replied, “Mu Feng, what the hell are you talking about? We’re all representing the Saint Spiritual Academy to participate in battle. At that time, we will have to rely on one another, which means that internal strife is a no-no. Furthermore, they’re Seniors, something that I naturally don’t possess.”

“Captain is magnanimous.”

The youth by the name of Mu Feng grinned and gave a big thumbs-up, before smiling while saying, “However, about the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, I’ve heard that the various great Spiritual Academies have sent their most elite students. Therefore, the batch participating in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament would be the most competitive. Captain, do you have any confidence in winning?”

Shooting a look at him, Ji Xuan gave a laugh, before saying in a soft voice, “You don’t have to worry about not being able to show yourselves in the final fight, if you follow me. However, I hope that when that time comes, you’ll follow my orders, so as to obtain the most perfect run. If not, for the sake of the overall situation, I might not be able to talk much about friendship with everyone. I hope you can forgive me for this.”

Although his voice was soft, it contained an indescribable confidence. This wasn’t false bravado, but capabilities that he truly possessed. Although he was one of the four great Holy Sons within the batch of students from the Saint Spiritual Academy, he was the first student within the past few years to obtain the title of a Holy Son with his status as a Freshman.

Holy Son. That represented the greatest accomplishment a student could obtain within the Saint Spiritual Academy. Of the ones that were able to rise to that position, none of them weren’t people of outstanding talent.

Upon noticing the smile on Ji Xuan face,an undetectable stiffness appeared on the faces of Mu Feng and the other three group members for an instant, before replying with a smile. Although they were Seniors of the Saint Spiritual Academy, none of them dared to show any bit of arrogance in front of this Freshman, Ji Xuan. That’s because all of them were all too clear about the methods of the former.

This was a youth that was one year younger than them and appeared to be cheerful and gentle. Yet, the methods he employed were truly cruel and vicious.

There were only four positions of the Holy Sons of the Saint Spiritual Academy. For one to be able to ascend to that position, one would first have to defeat one of the existing Holy Sons and snatch the title away. That was how Ji Xuan’s Holy Son status came to be. During that process, the Holy Son that was replaced by him was disabled during the match for the title of the Holy Son. Furthermore, he had suffered serious injuries, having yet to fully recover, even as of now. The previous Holy Son of the Saint Spiritual Academy had landed in an extremely miserable state now.

“Captain, it seems that you’ve been searching for information about the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? That’s a broken-ass Spiritual Academy that’s almost about to get kicked out of the five Great Academies. How can they enter your sight, Captain?” With a smile, Mu Feng changed the topic with a question.

“Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…” Raising his head, Ji Xuan looked towards a certain direction, and replied with a faint smile, “My only opponent’s there.”

“Oh?” Both Mu Feng and the other three group members instantly gawked.

“According to the information I’ve received, he’s doing especially well in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Haha, truly worthy of the fellow that has defeated me many times in the Spiritual Road…” said Ji Xuan with a gentle smile, yet a sharp and incisive fierceness brimmed within his black pupils.

Noticing this, the faces of Mu Feng and the other group members slightly changed. All of them knew how frightening Ji Xuan could be. After hearing these words, it seemed as if his opponent was actually a Freshman that had entered the Spiritual Road at the same time as the former. Furthermore, that person’s actually able to cause a person like Ji Xuan to suffer losses?

“However, it’s a pity that the final winner, will still be me…” said Ji Xuan as he shook his head. Looking across the horizon, he crossed his hands behind his back, while saying with a smile, “However, what happened in the Spiritual Road were only little fights and scuffles. It may be assumed that I’ll be able to bump into him while in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. I really want to see exactly what level that Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road has progress until now.”

“This is truly interesting… however… Mu Chen, I hope that you won’t disappoint me too much. If not, it would be too uninteresting…”


As clock-like chimes resounded, the transmission Spiritual Array in the centre of the public square furiously erupted with dazzling rays of brilliance.

At this instant, the eyes of the four groups in the public square instantly narrowed. At the heads of the three groups to Ji Xuan’s right, three youths slowly opened their eyes, faint indifference was present within as they looked forward. In the next instant, without speaking so much as a single word, they strode forward, bringing along their group members forward, before stopping right before the transmission Spiritual Array.

Bringing his group forward, Ji Xuan sent a faint smile towards the Captains of the other three groups that have also come to a stop beside the transmission Spiritual Array.

“Ji Xuan, the goal of our Saint Spiritual Academy is to occupy four positions in the Top Eight. I hope that you won’t fall behind.” Of the three people, the youth with an ordinary-looking face, yet possessing a mouth as sharp and incisive as a knife, sent a smile towards Ji Xuan as he said those words. In the next instant, raising his leg, he walked into the transmission Spiritual Array. As rays of brilliance blossomed, his figure immediately disappeared within.

The other two groups appeared uncommunicative, bringing along chilling auras that were rising from their bodies as they walked into the transmission Spiritual Array.

“It really is too early to talk about who will fall behind.”

Looking at the figures that had disappeared within the transmission Spiritual Array, Ji Xuan gave a gentle flick of his sleeves as an amused smile curled up at the corner of his mouth. Bringing along his group members, he walked into the transmission Spiritual Array. As rays of brilliance blossomed, they disappeared within under the countless attentive gazes shooting towards them.

Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy

Compared to the atmosphere within the other Spiritual Academies, the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy was clearly filled with the warbling of orioles and swallows, with the lovable voices of countless girls filling the region, causing even the air to appear somewhat soft and gentle.

On the majestic platform covered with fresh flowers and it surroundings, one could see, with a single gaze, that they were covered with exquisite figures as countless girls crowded around, causing fragrances to blossom in the air. At this moment, the gazes of countless girls were filled with different feverish shades as they looked towards the front-most position on the platform, where a slender figure was present, attracting everyone’s attention.

That was an extremely dazzling image of a beautiful girl. Dressed in golden armor, her armor was soft and supple, tightly hugging her lovable body, displaying her exquisite physique without the slightest omission. Her snow-white neck, her voluptuous chest, her slender and willowy waist, as well as the smooth and slender legs below her battle skirt… every aspect of her appeared exceedingly beautiful and perfect.

She still possessed an appearance as if the Spiritual Qi of the world had gathered around her, with her hands as soft as grass, her skin supple and smooth, resulting in a beauty that was unmatched by anything. An arc brimming with confidence and pride slightly curled at the corners of her red little lips, with her eyebrows slightly raised, revealing a sliver of her heroic Spiritual Aura. Her valiant and formidable-looking appearance made her appear like a goddess of war that had descended from the heavens, with everything being controlled within her grasp.

This girl was just like a phoenix, grandiose, prideful, confident and never ever bowing down to any other person.

Such a girl possessed an extremely unique form of charisma, one that was extremely attractive to not only males, but even females alike. In the surroundings of the platform, countless girls cast scorching gazes of varying shades over to her, showing clearly how prominent it was.

Although there were similar outstanding girls standing beside her, compared to the former, they appeared to be fireflies basking under the brilliance of the moon, their rays of brilliance being completely outshone by her.

Under the myriad of attentive gazes cast over, the girl slightly raised her lovable face, while some past memories flashed within her mind. Those were of the terminus of the Spiritual Road, where various kings had contended for the crown. People that were able to reach that stage were basically Genius-level figures that were extremely hard to come by. At the final place of the Spiritual Crown, it wasn’t just her alone that was there, with a number of opponents that were extremely hard to deal with, with Ji Xuan being one of them.

At that place, she had originally planned to duel with that Ji Xuan. However, if she did so, she would have lost the best opportunity she had to snatch the Spiritual Crown. However, just when she had slightly hesitated then, a black lovable figure shot past her, obstructing the path of Ji Xuan, before engaging in an extremely intense fight that resulted in both parties being seriously injured.

Her path to obtaining the Spiritual Crown had been swept clean of obstacles.

Finally, snatching away the Spiritual Crown, her beautiful eyes lit up with brightness as she looked towards the black-dressed girl that was mutually injured in her fight with Ji Xuan. That girl possessed an absolutely beautiful appearance, her glass-like eyes being clear to the point of causing people to get intoxicated. Even while she was mutually wounded in her fight with Ji Xuan, her calm and tranquil expression showed not a single sign of change or fluctuation.

This was the first time that Wen Qingxuan had seen a girl of her age that showed a level of appearance that rivaled her own. This made her…extremely happy.

Afterwards, she found out that the girl was named Luo Li, and she had gone to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.


Right before her, the gigantic transmission Spiritual Array abruptly erupted with dazzling rays of brilliance.

The rays of brilliance caused Wen Qingshan to regain her clarity. In the next moment, a sweet smile appeared on her face, one which caused the world to lose its colours in contrast with it. Gently moving her fingers to and fro, disregarding the shrieks and shouts that had hid the skies and covered the earth, she strode into the rays of brilliance. At the same time, she gently clenched her hands, while a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth that looked lovable and full of confidence.

Luo Li, you are mine.

At the same time.

Martial Spiritual Academy…

Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy…

And the other peak Spiritual Academies that possessed extremely powerful strength…

Transmission Spiritual Arrays present there successively erupted in dazzling rays of brilliance, before extremely powerful groups disappeared within the rays of brilliance amidst the countless fervent, cheering voices in their surroundings.

They will appear on the battlefield of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament!

Where talents as numerous as the clouds in the skies would converge, as many great heroes will vie for supremacy and prestige!

The gazes of countess Spiritual Academies would be focused there.

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