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Chapter 455 – The Continent of Ruins

The rays of brilliance radiating from the transmission Spiritual Array filled the eyes of Mu Chen and the others, even causing the sensation of dizziness due to the transmission. Nevertheless, it was fortunate that this bout of dizziness didn't last too long, before they felt the spatial fluctuations around them starting to gradually turn stable, while the dazzling rays of brilliance before them rapidly dissipated away.

The transmission was about to end.

Obviously not newbies without a shred of experience, Mu Chen and the other four instantly revolved their Spiritual Energies to protect their bodies. In this foreign battlefield, they needed to maintain their vigilance. If they were to fail to such an easily covered issue, they would truly lose too much face.

As Mu Chen and the other four got themselves ready, the rays of brilliance before their eyes completely dissipated away. As their vision turned bright once again, a foreign world appeared right before their eyes.

Before them was a world that filled their eyes, with vast lands stretching endlessly across the horizon. Nevertheless, the world was covered in unfathomably deep chasms. These chasms didn't appear to be formed by nature, but by some kind of frightening war, which had smashed the world up like that.

This entire world had turned into a scene of desolation, with the air giving off a scent of the ancient antiquity, making everything clearly appear old and ancient.

This is the Continent of Ruins? It is also the battlefield of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament!

Mu Chen swept his gaze far and wide, before quickly retracting back. At this moment, they seemed to have appeared on the top of a giant cliff tens of thousands of metres high. This giant cliff appeared like a large mountain. Furthermore, they weren't the only ones on top of it…

As Mu Chen and the other four swept their gazes out, they noticed pillars of light continuously descending from the skies onto the giant cliff. As the pillars of light dissipated, group after group appeared in the air. In the short span of time that didn't exceed a few minutes, the entire giant cliff was unexpectedly filled with hundreds of groups.

Without prior consultation, the members of each group that instantly appeared leaned closer to one another, before casting vigilant and guarded gazes as they sized up their surroundings, while vast and boundless Spiritual Energies rose around their bodies. Spiritual Weapons brimming with Spiritual Energies even appeared in the hands of some people as they started to protect their groups.

Although there was not a single trace of indication where a group would appear, there were already close to a thousand people on this giant cliff, yet no clamoring sounds could clearly be heard ringing out. Instead, a strange silence was present as gazes swept by each other, all of them brimming with caution, as well as hostility.

"Looks like Shen Cangsheng's group has split up with us." Moving close to Mu Chen, Luo Li spoke in a soft voice, since she did not notice the figures of Shen Cangsheng and the other four in their vicinity.

Mu Chen gently nodded his head in reply. With a clench of his hand, the Academy Plaque sparkling with gem-like rays of brilliance appeared within. At this moment, a number "10" had surfaced on it. This should be the basic points that they get for this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

"When every group enters the battlefield, they will get 10 points," said Mu Chen as he sent a smile towards Luo Li and the other three.

"What should we do now?" asked Xu Huang as he looked towards Mu Chen, as the latter was now the Captain. Clearly, they should listen to the command and decision of their Captain.

"Do we need to leave this place? With so many groups converged here, I'm afraid that it'll not remain peaceful," asked Zhao Qingshan in a low voice. He could faintly discern the gradually rising tension in the atmosphere on this giant cliff. Quite a few people were shooting hostile gazes as they continued to size up other people. In here, other than the groups of their own Spiritual Academy, every other group out there was their enemy. That's because only by obtaining the points from their enemies would they be able to distinguish themselves from everyone here.

Mu Chen surveyed his surroundings. He could also see the greed rising within the eyes of some of the groups. In the next moment, with a faint smile, he said, "No need to get impatient. In such a place, the big fish will eat the small fish, while the small fish will eat the dirt. This is how the rules are. If you want to increase your points, you can only snatch it from other groups, and we're not exempted from that. As for here, it's quite a good place to start."

"You plan to take action?!" exclaimed Mu Fengyang in astonishment. Clearly, he didn't expect for Mu Chen to take action so quickly.

"We're the only group here from the five Great Academies," said Luo Li in a soft voice. As her limpid, beautiful eyes swept across the groups present here, she said, "There are a number of groups that come from some large Spiritual Academies, with those groups possessing quite good strength. As for the others, they're insufficient to warrant any concern. Nevertheless, we have to be careful on the off-chance that some other groups might secretly collaborate to deal with us."

"According to a usual situation, our chances of victory are extremely high."

Mu Chen smiled, nodding his head in agreement. Looking at the tense atmosphere present, he could see some of the more stronger groups already unable to control their impatience. Their greedy gazes had already started to deviate towards those weaker groups. Clearly, the taut atmosphere here was quickly about to shatter apart, and when that happens…

The cruel and vicious massacres of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament will be completely on its way.

Mu Chen took in a deep breath of air, seemingly being able to smell the scent of blood that was perfused into the air. At this moment, a cold and fierce glint had started to gradually awaken in those black pupils of his. The originally handsome face of the youth had an additional shade of asterism. Compared to his gentle nature in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the current him had clearly turned somewhat different from the him of then.

Beside him, Xu Huang and the other two could also sense this faint change in Mu Chen, causing a faint shock to shake their hearts.

Looking at Mu Chen's face with her beautiful eyes, Luo Li gave a smile. At this moment, the current Mu Chen gave her extremely familiar feelings, since the latter always had such an appearance while in the Spiritual Road, being as cold and sharp as a knife's edge. It was merely him being in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy which had suppressed this incisive edge of Mu Chen. However, at this very instant, the youth which had caused the Bloody Calamity in the Spiritual Road and started to completely release the things that he had suppressed…

"What are you all doing?!"

Just as Mu Chen and the other four were coldly observing the gradual transformation of the surrounding atmosphere, all of a sudden, a furious roar rang out not too far away from them.

Every single gaze instantly turned around towards its source, only to see a group having faces of shock and anger as they looked towards a group that had surrounded them. Sneers were present on the faces of the latter five, their eyes filled with greed as they stared at the former five. Clearly this group had already started to take action.

"Hehe. What's the matter? Hand over your Academy Plaque obediently, alright? It can only be your unlucky day to meet us, the "Barbarian Spiritual Academy." At the front of the group, a youth gave his reply with a sneer as boundless Spiritual Energy radiated from him. Unexpectedly, his strength was in the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase.

"In your dreams!" Ashen expressions appeared on the faces of the group surrounded by the "Barbarian Spiritual Academy" as they fiercely shouted back in reply.


With a sneer, the group from the Barbarian Spiritual Academy didn't continue spouting any useless words. Looking at the group before them, whose Captain hadn't even reached the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, they were simply a free gift of points. Letting them go would truly be something that the heavens wouldn't tolerate.


Boundless Spiritual Energies erupted out as the group from the Barbarian Spiritual Academy rushed forward. Ferocious attacks gushed out like a flood, drowning the unlucky group within their onslaught.

As Spiritual Energies erupted out, tremors shook the hearts of all the groups present on the giant cliff. In the next instant, the greed within their eyes gushed out, before the taut atmosphere was seemingly shattered apart as hundreds of Spiritual Energies furiously erupted out, churning and surging as they rushed towards the heavens, making an absolute mess in the skies.

Bang! Bang!

Chaotic battles erupted all around, as groups rushed forward like ferocious tigers. Not rushing against those seemingly thorny groups, they chose to head towards those Spiritual Academy groups that were somewhat easy to deal with, without any prior consideration.

Compared to the rest of the groups, Mu Chen and the other four stood by the sidelines, his gaze appearing indifferent as he looked towards the chaotic battlefield before him. Faint flashes of light sparkled in his eyes as he slowly swept his gaze out like a hunter. However, despite doing so, he did not choose to take action and join in the shocking snatching of points that was ongoing now.

"We're not going to take action?"

"Snatching will waste too much time," replied Mu Chen with a faint smile. "Wait a bit more. The cleansing hasn't ended yet."

"Oh?" The eyes of Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang narrowed, before they smacked their lips in excitement, turning their gazes without prior agreement towards those groups that were mowing down others with irresistible force in this region. With regards to the rest, these groups appeared rather tyrannical, with the Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming off some of the group Captains to be even being stronger than others.

Nevertheless, Xu Huang and the other two weren't afraid of them. In their group, Luo Li had already passed her Human Body Disaster, with Mu Chen being even more terrifying. Although his cultivation was at the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, which was the same as them, the combat prowess and capabilities he possessed would cause even experts who had passed their Human Body Disaster to pale in front of him.

Mu Chen maintained a calm and tranquil expression as his group didn't move a single inch. This was clearly in extreme disharmony with the exceedingly chaotic fights happening all around. Perhaps, due to the other groups being able to sense how thorny his group was, there was unexpectedly no groups that casted their greedy gazes towards Mu Chen's group.

Naturally, Mu Chen knew that this was just temporary. When this first wave of cleansing has ended, even if no one took action against them, he would take action against others. In the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, other than the group from his academy, everyone else was an enemy.

As the combat zone rapidly shrunk, group after group was badly beaten and bruised before being tossed out, half of the points on their Academy Plaques being violently snatched away by the victors. Everyone that was tossed out appeared exceedingly miserable, their faces appearing ashen as they looked with incomparable rage and fury towards those powerful groups that were tyrannically rushing around.

"The strongest six groups should come from large Spiritual Academies, with two of them actually coming from the same academy. They've been collaborated with each other to deal with the other groups. Of these six groups, their Captains possess strength greater than Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. However, they have yet to pass their Human Body Disasters. There's a possibility that they have attempted to do so, but had failed in the end."

Luo Li's beautiful eyes were similiarly cast towards the exceedingly chaotic combat zone before her. Among the groups present there, there were six groups that appeared the most dazzling of them all. They should be considered as the strongest groups there, with quite a few groups suffering defeat in their hands, the points being violently snatched away. Within these six groups, the two groups coming from the same academy were the strongest amongst them, even causing extreme dread in the other four groups towards them.

Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang cast their excited gazes towards Mu Chen as they rubbed their hands together.

"Since they're the strongest, we'll go find them first. Since the small fishes have eaten, it’s time for us to eat them!"

Giving a lazy stretch, Mu Chen took a slow step out. As he did so, cautious and vigilant gazes immediately shot over from within the exceedingly chaotic combat zone.

Chapter 456 – Rankings

When Mu Chen walked out, the groups within the region that still possessed fighting strength immediately cast cautious and vigilant gazes over. Those gazes were filled with hostility, with the densest ones coming from the six strongest groups. In fact, upon spotting the insignias emblazoned on the chests of Mu Chen and his group, they knew that this group came from one of the five Great Academies, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Although the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had waned over the past few years, and was ranked bottom of the five Great Academies, with even some elite Spiritual Academies having exceeded it in depth and strength, regardless of those factors, they were one of the five Great Academies. No matter how starved a tiger was, its might still existed. Therefore, even if it was temporary, there wasn't anyone that could recklessly disregard such a tyrannical group.

From their gazes, one could tell that they didn't care too much about Mu Chen. Although his strength at Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase could be considered as formidable, he didn't possess the capability to cause dread in them. What they truly dreaded was the green-robed girl standing behind him. From what they could sense from this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy group, the absolutely beautiful girl should be their strongest member, and might have even passed her Human Body Disaster.

"Haha. Looks like the squandering is over." Looking towards the groups that had already completed their plundering and had filled themselves to the brim, Mu Chen gave a faint smile as he spoke out to them.

"What do you want?" At this moment, the two groups from the same Spiritual Academy had already gathered together. The tyrannical Spiritual Energy fluctuations rippling from the two Captains were clearly much stronger than an ordinary Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase expert. As their eyes slightly sparkled, they replied with a sneer. "What's the matter? Are you trying to be the oriole that stalks the unknowing mantis that's stalking the cicada?"

Hearing their words, Mu Chen gave a gentle laugh, before giving a sincere nod of his head.

Clearly not expecting such a straightforward reply from Mu Chen, the two Captains immediately gawked. However, their faces quickly turned ice-cold, before speaking out with a gloomy shadow in their eyes. "Don't assume that we'll be afraid of you just because you're from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It ain't that easy to use us like that. If you're truly impatient, you might not necessarily be able to eat us up. Furthermore, there's still our friends from other Spiritual Academies here. Heh, on the off-chance that we're mutually injured, I'm afraid that it'll only benefit other people."

"I'll advise you to open your eyes wide. Don't eat more you can chew!"

Chilling intent gushed out from the eyes of the members from the two groups. Although their two Captains have failed in their Human Body Disaster, their strength far surpassed any ordinary Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. Although they weren't a match for that green-dressed girl individually, it wasn't hard for them to obstruct her if they collaborated. At that time, the other eight members should be able to maintain an indistinguishable fight with the other Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase group members.

Once the two parties were entangled together and both suffered injuries, the other groups would definitely shoot coveting gazes over. At that time, they did not believe that the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy group would not get flustered.

The eyes of the four other strong groups standing not far away started to sparkle in various shades of glow, with sneers appearing at the corners of their mouth. There were even some people that crossed their hands before their chests as they looked with gazes of ridicule towards Mu Chen and his group. They had already started noticing Mu Chen's group when they had proceeded to coldly observe them snatch away the points of the other weak groups. The fame and reputation of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had truly inspired a slight dread within them. Nevertheless, after judging the strength possessed by the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, quiet sighs of relief rang out within their hearts.

One person that had passed her Human Body Disaster coupled with four Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phases. Although they were considered to have the strongest line-up present in this region, it was unfortunate that they wouldn't be able to devour all of the groups there, and it was impossible to let them hand over their points obediently.

Furthermore, that brat from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's really too stupid. Walking out like that and speaking with a tone that had put him at odds with all of the other groups present there and caused everyone's hearts to be filled with unhappiness. At that time, if they were to get mutually injured with the two groups, they might be able to truly get to enjoy the comfortable feeling of straddling the head of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Behind Mu Chen's back, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang had also heard those warming and threatening words from the two groups. After noticing the mocking gazes coming from the surroundings few groups, anger furiously rose within their eyes. However, just as they were about to head forwards, they were stopped by a wave of Mu Chen's hand.

"Looks like they're worried that our stomachs are too small…"

With a gentle laugh, Mu Chen shook his head. In the next instant, his forehead started to slightly wrinkle as he looked towards the two groups, while a cold and fierce glint started to gush out from within his eyes. "However, you're truly overestimating us on the point that we'll get patted to death after eating the little lives of the few of you."

"What did you say?"

"You're looking for death, brat!"The faces of the two group Captains instantly turned ashen as their gazes turned into ones of ill-intent, with Spiritual Energy surging around their bodies.

Looking towards the two agitated groups, a smile cracked open on Mu Chen's face, revealing his pearly-white teeth. At this moment, waves of chilling air gushed out from his mouth, before he proceeded to take a step forward. With a whoosh that seemed akin to the crack of thunder, his body mysteriously disappeared from where he stood.


Seemingly in an instant, rampant Spiritual Energies akin to a storm swept out from the two groups. Four youths of Heavenly Completion Stage Middle Phase in the vicinity were instantly sent flying back, spurting blood from their mouths as they were smashed away.

On the giant cliff, the faces of countless people fiercely contorted as, out of nowhere, the handsome youth with a smile on his face had appeared within the two groups, causing a shudder to shake through their hearts. That speed's too fast! That's simply not a speed that a person of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase should possess!

Furthermore, just a mere palm from him was able to injure and send four people flying under the watchful eyes of the two Captains.

"You dare!"

Immediately regaining their senses, the two Captains furiously roared in anger. In the next instant, the two furiously clenched their fists, simultaneously sending a fist rumbling out. At this moment, their bodies sparkled with golden light, while their skin appeared to be casted from gold. Under their fists, the air was sent exploding apart, while even the earth below started to split and shatter.

Indeed, being able to become Captains, the two possessed strength that could be considered to be somewhat outstanding. With tacit understanding, the two took action together, sending out a fist each which was exceedingly tyrannical in power. Thinking about this, even if they were faced against an expert that had truly passed the Human Body Disaster, they were able to contend and hold their ground.

However, the opponent before them was a monstrous freak that was able to kill an expert that had failed his Human Body Disaster while only being at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase.

The incomparably rampant Spiritual Energy fists caused Mu Chen's robes to crazily flutter about. However, despite that, looking at the fierce shadows of the two fists, a faint smile appeared on his face. In the next instant, he furiously clenched his hands. Unexpectedly, not showing even any intent of dodging them, he took a step forward, violently sending his spear-like hands rumbling out.


Black arcs of lightning sparkled as they appeared before the fist shadows, causing even the surrounding space to warp and distort.


Four fists smashed head on in the next instant.

Rampant Spiritual Energies swept out like a storm, causing those unfortunate fellows close to the two groups to be sent flying away in a miserable fashion. In the next instant, to their overwhelming horror, they noticed strange shades of redness unexpectedly gushing out from the faces of the two Captains.

Pu! Chi!

All of a sudden, two mouthfuls of blood were spewed out from the two Captains. As the blood mist perfused, the robes of the two were smashed into dust by the frightening energies that had rampaged towards them. In the next instant, both of them were sent shooting backwards, bodies rubbing against the ground as they flew hundreds of metres back, leaving two deep gouges on the ground as they did so.

While they spurted blood out as they flew back, the thin figure that had faced them appeared to have turned petrified, not even moving a single inch from where he stood.

On the giant cliff, the surroundings instantly turned deathly silently, as the sneers of the other groups looking towards the battle of the giants abruptly turned stiff, while unfathomable feelings gushed out from their eyes. This brat, whose strength was just at the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, has actually seriously injured the two Captains that were of similar strength as their Captain and sent them flying?!

How's that possible?! Even experts who have passed their Human Body Disaster would be hard-pressed to achieve such a feat! With his strength at the Heavenly Completion Stage, how's he able to do such a thing?

The expressions of the faces of each group wildly fluctuated as the sneers at the corners of their mouths froze up, their eyes overwhelmed with shock…

Slowly retracting the spear-like arms that he had sent rumbling out, Mu Chen gently shook his robes. Looking with indifference at the two miserable figures in the far distance, he spoke out in a soft voice, "Do you have the qualifications to make us mutually injured when fighting?"

This time, the two Captains didn't try so much as to talk back. Instead, they could only stumble and stagger as they wiped the bloodstains of from the corners of their mouths. Shooting a look at each other, both of them could see the pain and bitterness present in one another's eyes. So this brat was actually disguising himself as prey to hunt the hunter. With such strength, how can he possibly be only at Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase?!

"Hand over your Academy Plaques," said Mu Chen with an indifferent tone as he extended his hand out.

Clenching their teeth, the two Captains clenched their fists, causing rays of brilliance to blossom before the two Academy Plaques appeared within.

With a wave of his sleeve, Mu Chen sucked them over. Sweeping his gaze out, he shot a look at the points listed on them, which had reached an approximate value of around a 100 points. Retrieving his Academy Plaque, he swept a glance across it without any hesitation, causing the points listed on it to increase from 10 to 65.

With a casual toss, Mu Chen sent the academy plaques back towards the two captains. According to the rules, the points on an academy plaque could only be deducted once per day. Clearly, this was a protective mechanism to allow for some unlucky fellows to not get instantly eliminated from the competition.

"What about you all?"

Shooting a gaze filled with some chilling intent, Mu Chen looked towards the other strong groups as he spoke with a faint smile, "Do you all think we will get patted to death?"

At this moment, those groups that were eyeing Mu Chen and the two groups covetously in preparation for both parties to get mutually injured looked at each other, before giving out bitter laughs. As if there's still that nonsense of both parties getting injured! The fellow before their eyes had dealt with two of the groups that were similar in strength to them by himself! Clearly, their opponent was not on the same level as them. If they continued to resist, the only result it would lead to was a violent beating.

Clenching their teeth, they tossed over their Academy Plaques with great reluctance.

In the surroundings, upon seeing this spectacle, those few weak groups that had their points snatched in the first round of cleansing were greatly pleased. Although they knew about the cruelty and violence that would be present here, and that Mu Chen and his group wasn't able to hand those points back to them, being able to see those fellows being viciously taught a lesson was enough to make them feel some comfort in their hearts.

After completely taking half of all of the points listed on those Academy Plaques, the final point tally for his Academy Plaque had instantly shot up to 440.

"Tsk, Tsk, truly enjoyable." After seeing the explosive increase in points on their Academy Plaques, smiles cracked open on the faces of Xu Huang and the others.

Playing around with his Academy Plaque, Mu Chen gave a laugh. However, just as he was about to stretch his body, all of a sudden, the Academy Plaque in his hand erupted with rays of brilliance. In the next instant, Mu Fengyang exclaimed in shock, " The Top 16 places have appeared! Fuck me! Are these fellas crazy?"

Upon hearing that, Mu Chen immediately cast his gaze towards the Academy Plaque in his hands. From there, the rays of brilliance had converged together. Indeed, the Top 16 places have appeared. Sweeping his gaze across the places, his pupils instantly contracted.

1st place – Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy. Captain, Wen Qingxuan. 2530 points.

2nd place – Saint Spiritual Academy. Captain, Ji Xuan. 2000 points.

3rd place – Martial Spiritual Academy. Captain, Wu Ling. 1800 points.

6th place – Saint Spiritual Academy. Captain, Cao Gang. 1400 points.

9th place – Desolation Spiritual Academy. Captain, Ji Qingtian. 1000 points.

13th place…

16th place – Myriad Swords Spiritual Academy. Captain Yan Xiu. 820 points.

Looking at the numbers that had flipped open on the Academy Plaque, Mu Chen's eyes slightly narrowed in response. These fellas are really formidable at exiling people. His point collection speed could already be considered as fast. However, he never imagined that he would not be able to even get into the Top 16…

Rubbing and feeling his Academy Plaque, his slender finger rested gently on the name on the Second Place, while chilling intent erupted from his black pupils.

Chapter 457 – Choosing Target

On this giant cliff, rays of brilliance had also erupted from the Academy Plaques of all the groups. After checking those places that had appeared on them, exclamations of astonishment rang out one after another, as the faces of quite a few people were filled with bitter smiles. This was the disparity, huh? Originally, they had tried hard to break a hundred points. However, as of now, the 1st place already had over 2000 points…

That's too frightening. All of them truly didn't know exactly where those ferocious people came from.

"Exactly how did those lunatics do that?!" Mu Fengyang exclaimed, feeling inconceivable as he waved the Academy Plaque in his hand. Originally, he had assumed that the points they had obtained were already high enough. However, the result was that they unexpectedly weren't even able to enter the Top 16 places.

A faint wrinkle appeared on Luo Li's brows as she said, "Those groups might have completely cleansed those groups that had landed in the same region as them… Furthermore, they did not let any points go through any middlemen."

Mu Chen gave a slight nod. According to the rules, when two parties cross hands, the loser would have to foot out half of his points on his Academy Plaque. Similarly, those fellows that Mu Chen had defeated and intimidated had already done a bout of cleansing on those weak groups. Therefore, even after Mu Chen had cleansed them of their points, he could only obtain half of the amount. Henceforth, the points in the hands of those fellow were in fact higher than his collected points.

On this point, the points in Mu Chen's hands had also suffered a loss. After all, the points he had obtained had undergone a transfer from a middleman.

"If I'd known earlier, I'd have personally took action to do the cleansing, one by one." said Zhao Qingshan as he rubbed his chin. "Nevertheless, even if we do so, we might’ve only barely been able to enter the Top 16. That group from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy that’s in 1st place, exactly how did they get over 2500 points? Exactly where did those points come from?"

Both Xu Huang and Mu Fengyang nodded their heads, having the same deep feelings. That number of points truly was too disgusting.

"That's very simple. Just seize the moment to defeat those groups that were transmitted in before they could disperse away. The only thing they need is to conduct more cleansings, that’s all," replied Luo Li with a faint smile.

Hearing her reply, Xu Huang opened his mouth wide, unable to speak for a moment. Within the short span of time, taking a tyrannical stance and cleansing multiple transmission sites. Exactly how much strength would one need to possess? After all, the groups that were able to participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament would absolutely be the best elites of each Spiritual Academy. There's always bound to be some thorny groups at each transmission descent point; of which, there would be experts that would have even passed their Fleshly Body Tribulation. However, despite that, the group from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy was still able to sweep across every group without the slightest bit of care. Clearly, this group possessed considerable strength and power.

"Wen Qingxuan…"

Looking at the name high up in 1st place, shock and astonishment had similarly appeared in Mu Chen's heart. This girl should be the person that had obtained the championship of the Spiritual Road. One truly had to say that she truly was extremely formidable. Even Ji Xuan wasn't able to surpass her.

"Formidable. I really want to meet with this Spiritual Road Champion to see exactly what kind of divine being she is," said Mu Chen as he shook his head. Due to him being kicked out of the Spiritual Road midway, he had yet to see this girl that was able to obtain the Spiritual Crown at the very end. Clearly, he was somewhat curious about the owner of the Spiritual Crown.

"You really want to meet her? I've seen her once before. Indeed, she's extremely pretty, " said Luo Li with a sweet smile.

Hearing her words, Mu Chen gave a dry cough. He could sense an ambiguous feeling from the faintly discerning gaze shooting out from Luo Li. Instantly, he made a straight face and replied, "I don't believe that. How can anyone be more pretty than my little Luo Li?!"

Declining to comment, Luo Li raised her little mouth. Clearly, she had completely seen through this method that Mu Chen was trying to employ. However, her expression appeared exceedingly cute.

"This Saint Spiritual Academy's truly formidable. They actually have four groups all ranked within the Top 16…" Looking at his Academy Plaque, Xu Huang wrinkled his forehead, as he discovered that all four groups from the Saint Spiritual Academy were ranked within the top 16 places. Looks like the Saint Spiritual Academy has gone all-out this time, with all four of their groups being this powerful.

"According to the rules, as long as 8 of the 16 groups light there Academy Plaques up, the elimination round would come to an end. As of now, the Saint Spiritual Academy is in control of four places. If they collaborate with some of the other groups in the top 16 places, they would be in control of the ending time for this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament." The faces of Zhao Qingshan and the others had turned solemn. Although one would reveal one's identity if one entered the Top 16 groups, one would possess the authority to end the elimination round. This was an extremely formidable benefit; after all, no one would know when the others would light their Academy Plaques, ending this round of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

"It's said that everyone would be informed when the Academy Plaques are being lit up. Furthermore, other than the other groups from their academy, everyone one else is their enemies, too. So, there's no one that would believe in anything they say. After all, letting all four groups of the Saint Spiritual Academy enter the final fight would be an extremely bad piece of news for every other Spiritual Academy." Slightly shaking her head, Luo Li spoke her thoughts out.

"What should we do now? We have to obtain one of the Top 16 places for insurance purposes. However, the groups that have descended on the transmission gathering points might have already dispersed. Wanting to catch them all in one net might not be that easy anymore," said Xu Huang and the others with deep thoughts.

Hearing their words, Mu Chen unexpectedly gave a faint smile as he said, "The rate of success by finding those scattered groups and snatching their points is too low."

"Oh?" Xu Huang and the others looked doubtfully at Mu Chen, before seeing the latter raise the Academy Plaque in his hand as he replied with a soft laugh. "There's some very prominent targets here, right? Furthermore, most of them are fat sheep. Eating one up will be equivalent to us cleansing a hundred or even more of those groups."

Upon hearing Mu Chen's reply, Xu Huang and the others were instantly dumbfounded. Mu Chen wants to snatch from those powerful groups ranked in the Top 16 places? Isn't that being too gutsy? All of them weren't easy targets, after all.

"Inconceivable, right?" said Mu Chen with a faint smile. "As of the current groups in the top 16 places, other than the minority that are truly powerful and strong, there's quite a few groups that are up there due to them being lucky. I believe that within a day's time, the greater half of the top 16 places will be chopped down."

"All of them were fat sheep. However, it’s up to you guys on whether you dare to accept the hunt, right?"

Shooting looks at one another, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyan clenched their teeth, before replying, "As if we don't dare! As long as you dare to take the lead, we'll dare to follow you in the hunt!"

As their voices rang out, shadows of excitement gushed out from their eyes as their hearts started to race. Indeed, only by following Mu Chen will they be able to experience such exciting stuff. While other people would try their best by taking action against weaker groups, Mu Chen was the direct opposite of them, aiming his gaze straight at the powerful groups in the Top 16 places.

Although there were some risks involved in doing so, all of them were youths, after all, with the adventurous spirits within them being absolutely of no small quantity.

Only after seeing this did Mu Chen nod his head and laugh.

"So, which group will we take action against?" asked Xu Huang and the other two as they looked at the groups listed on their Academy Plaques.

Sweeping his gaze across his Academy Plaque, Mu Chen's chilly gaze rested on the name being Ji Xuan.

"That can't be, right? You gonna aim for that difficult of a target?" Noticing Mu Chen's line-of-sight, the faces of Xu Huang and the other two instantly turned pale. Can't he not choose that? Why must he immediately lock on to the second highest group?

Noticing their expressions, Mu Chen felt like smiling, before proceeding to shake his head. Although he really did want to cross hands with Ji Xuan, this wasn't the time to do so. There truly was some disparity between the strength of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, compared to the Saint Spiritual Academy. As for his group, other than he and Luo Li, the strength of Xu Huang and the other two were somewhat on the weak side. As a whole, they were definitely not the match of Ji Xuan and his group. As for now, their chances of victory in a head-on showdown wasn't high.

Thinking till here, Mu Chen gave a helpless laugh. In the past, when he was in the Spiritual Road, it was fine for him to have misgivings about himself. However, at this very moment, he represented the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, he couldn't be too unrestrained and reckless. He needed to take the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy into consideration, with his group also needing that consideration.

From the looks of it, he also needed to come up with a plan to increase the strength of his group.

Gently touching on Ji Xuan's name, a chilling glint flashed within the depths of Mu Chen's eyes. As of now, I won't clash with you first. However, Ji Xuan, since we've both come to here, there'll be a time where we'll meet…

Giving a sneer, MuChen's finger crept quietly down, before finally coming to a rest. "We'll choose this group first. Their position seems to be the nearest to us."

Xu Huang and the other two hastily looked over.

9th place. Desolation Spiritual Academy. Captain, Ji Qingtian. 1000 points.

The Desolation Spiritual Academy was similarly an elite Spiritual Academy with a vast and rich background. In fact, it wasn't weaker than the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It's said that during that year, the last slot for the fifth Great Academy nearly fell into their hands, before the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy came into existence, snatching away that title from them. Therefore, regardless of that, this proved the might of the Desolation Spiritual Academy.

As for the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy, they definitely wouldn't be weak.

However, compared to the Saint Spiritual Academy, this Desolation Spiritual Academy was still a better target to deal with.

Xu Huang and the other two exchanged glances with each other. So the Desolation Spiritual Academy it is!

Seeing no objections being raised, Mu Chen gave a laug, storing his Academy Plaque as he said, "Since everyone doesn't object to this, let's get ready to set off."

Fiercely nodding their heads, Xu Huang and the other two could feel the blood within their entire bodies starting to rise and surge, with scorching-hot fighting intent filling their eyes. They had come here for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. If they were even afraid of a Desolation Spiritual Academy, it would be too big of a humiliation for them!

"Let's go!"

With a faint smile, Mu Chen exchanged glances with Luo Li. Without saying anything more, with a move of his body, he transformed into a ray of light as he shot out, heading towards the direction indicated on the Academy Plaque. Behind him, filled with killing intent, Xu Huang and the others followed closely along.

They had finally stepped on the killing fields of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament!

Chapter 458 – Old Competitor

Although this shattered continent appeared to be in a fragmented state, its surface area was still indescribably vast and boundless. Only after they had started on their journey towards the direction of the Desolation Spiritual Academy indicated by the Academy Plaque was Mu Chen and his group able to precisely experience this fact.

After journeying for an entire day, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy had yet to appear within the range of their spiritual senses, something which caused Mu Chen to turn somewhat speechless. From the looks of it, this shattered Continent might not be smaller than the Northern Heavens Continent. Furthermore, its was said that this was just a fragment of the entire Shattered Continent. God-knows exactly how vast and boundless the complete Shattered Continent was in the Ancient Antiquity.

Indeed, it truly lived up to its name as one of the largest continents of the ancient Great Thousand Worlds.

While spending the entire day journeying, Mu Chen's group had bumped into quite a few groups along the way. Those groups from the various Great Spiritual Academies that have come here had all been completely dispersed throughout this continent, rushing forth on this fragment like swarms of locusts. As they attempted to snatch the points of other groups in a crazed fashion, extremely intense battles erupted all over the continent.

Just the number of life-and-death fights Mu Chen's group had seen on their journey had already reached the low hundreds, an extremely large number. Along the way, they had similarly bumped into groups that had tried to target them. Towards these groups that had served themselves to his doorsteps, Mu Chen seemed to be all too welcome about it. In their journey, dozens of groups suffered defeat in their hands, allowing Mu Chen's group to gain over 300 more points, bringing their total point count close to 800

However, 800 points was still a considerable distance away from the Top 16. That's because, in the short span of a day, the total amount of points held by the Top 16 had increased at an astonishing rate.

The first place was still held by the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy's group led by Wen Qingxuan, with them unexpectedly having 3300 points. As for the 16th place, it had also risen to 1500 points.

At the same time, just as what Mu Chen had said, within the short span of a day, the Top 16 continued to shift and change. Some of the groups that had initially revealed themselves in the rankings were quickly cleansed one after another by even stronger groups. Clearly, those groups that were genuinely strong and power had started to gradually flex their muscles.

As for the Desolation Spiritual Academy group targeted by Mu Chen, they had miraculously managed to stick on resiliently in the Top 16, with the only change being their drop from 9th to 11th place. Nevertheless, they had not fallen out of the Top 16 within this day.

Seeing this, Mu Chen felt slightly shocked and astonished. From the looks of it, it seemed that he had truly underestimated this group that came from the Desolation Spiritual Academy. Under the assaults from strong and powerful groups from time after time again, they were still able to maintain such a rank in the Top 16. Clearly, they genuinely possessed some skill and ability.

Nevertheless, it was all good for Mu Chen's group. If all of a sudden, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy had dropped out of the Top 16, their day's worth of pursuit would have become all for naught.


Numerous rays of light shot across the horizon.

"Mu Chen, we've found the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy!" As he hurriedly shot across the skies, suddenly, Xu Huang's pleasantly surprised voice rang out. Hearing that, Mu Chen brought his Academy Plaque out. Indeed, after noticing the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy, a change unexpectedly happened on the approximate direction originally shown on it, changing into a definitive and precise location.

North West, 300 kilometres.

"We've finally found them."

Seeing this, a faint smile appeared on Mu Chen's face, before abruptly increasing his speed rapidly with the wave of his sleeve.

"Increase speed and get ready."

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Five rays of light drastically increased their speed, shooting across the horizon like stars chasing after the moon.

After tens of minutes later, Mu Chen's group gradually reduced their speed, while Spiritual Energy gushed out from their entire bodies, their gazes turning into ones of caution and vigilance. A group ranked in the Top 16 was just like a magnet. They believed that the people eyeing this group would absolutely not be them alone. Therefore, they naturally had to be more careful as they approached. If not, just a slight gap of their vigilance would result in the hunter turning into the hunted. Such a reversal in roles would truthfully be too much of a joke to make.

"There's quite a few groups present in this region." Luo Li brought a whiff of fragrance as she came close to Mu Chen. As her beautiful eyes swept across this stretch of the world, she spoke out in a soft voice. "Something's a little amiss. The number of people rushing towards this group seems to be somewhat too many."

A faint wrinkle appeared on Mu Chen's forehead as he nodded his head. He had similarly sensed those vague and obscured Spiritual Energy fluctuations, of which there were a considerable number of them. Clearly, those people had the same goal as Mu Chen, which caused some suspicion to grow in him. Why would the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy be that popular?


Just as Mu Chen was deep in thought, suddenly, astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations erupted from the depths of the stretch of towering mountains before them. There seemed to be people fighting over there.

Crossing gazes with Luo Li, Mu Chen immediately shot over. In a matter of minutes, they arrived within the mountain depths. As they appeared within the mountainous depths and swept their gazes out, they felt slightly shocked as numerous groups were currently engaged in battle in the air, which was the source for those astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

"That's the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy! They've actually been encircled? We're too late!" exclaimed Xu Huang.

Narrowing his eyes, Mu Chen looked over, only to see that there were actually five groups present in the air, However, four of the groups seemed to be attacking towards the same target, collaborating to encircle the group within the centre. As for the group being encircled, it was precisely the target of Mu Chen's group, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy.

At this moment, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy appeared exceedingly miserable.The four groups that had surrounded them were extremely strong, with every single group possessing strength that wasn't weaker to them. With the four of them collaborating together, it seemed as if the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy was suppressed to the point of being unable to offer an ounce of resistance.

Furthermore, what shocked Mu Chen's group the most was the actual presence of over a hundred groups standing in the skies above the surrounding mountains and cliffs, locking their sights towards the fight happening in the skies. Precisely speaking, they should be staring covetously at the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy. However, due to the four teams encircling the one from the Desolation Spiritual Academy, they didn't dare to be too reckless in taking action.

This entire scene appeared somewhat strange and weird.

"Oh? One of the group's actually from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy!" Zhao Qingshan suddenly exclaimed.

Hearing his words, both Mu Chen and Luo Li gawked as they turned their sights over. Indeed, they discovered that there was one group within the four that was dressed in the academy uniform of the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy. This group clearly came from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy, one of the five Great Academies. However, upon setting his sights on one of the figures within the group, the expression present of Mu Chen's face instantly changed.

The group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy was clearly the strongest within the five groups fighting it out in the sky. Despite that, however, they did not truly take action, only appearing to stay in an enforcing state, completely sealing off the escape route of the Desolation Spiritual Academy. Within their ranks, all of them had faces filled with ridiculement, having looks as if they were cats that were playing around with mice.

"That's why those groups only dared to observe from afar, not daring to take action. So the people from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy are here," said Mu Fengyang as he wrinkled his forehead. "These damnable fellows actually dare to snatch our prey. We've been staring at this group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy for an entire day already."

"Mu Chen?"

Looking at Mu Chen, Xu Huang instantly gawked, as he noticed that the former's expression had unexpectedly started to slowly turn dark, while a chilling shadow gushed out from within his black pupils. Beside him, Luo Li's beautiful face had also turned slightly frosty as her jade-like hand slowly clenched her longsword tightly.

"What's the matter?" asked Xu Huang and the other two in doubt, not knowing why Mu Chen and Luo Li would flip their faces out of the blue.

"Haha. We've bumped into an old acquaintance from the Spiritual Road," replied Mu Chen with a faint smile, yet was one that was perfused with dense chilling intent.

"Qiu Beihai. I never imagined that that fellow had actually entered the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy…" A sliver of chilling intent flashed within Luo Li's beautiful eyes as she softly spoke out. "Within the Spiritual Road, he was the capable aide of Ji Xuan. When you were kicked out of the Spiritual Road, he brought along some people to surround me, which resulted in me cutting of a few fingers of his. In the end, he had also reached the final point of the Spiritual Road, and was given the title of Sea King… however, at the final point, I was busy dealing with Ji Xuan, so I had ignored him. However, this person truly possesses some capable points."

Hearing her words, the chilling intent in Mu Chen's eyes grew even more pronounced as he said, "There's nothing to worry about. Look's like we're bound by quite some fate, being able to bump into him here."

Xu Huang and the other two looked at each other. From what they could hear, it seemed as if Mu Chen and Luo Li had some past grievances with a fellow from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy. They quietly asked, "Exactly, who are we dealing with? The Desolation Spiritual Academy or the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy?"

Although the group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy seemed to be more thorny that the Desolation Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen was their Captain. As long as he decided to deal with whomever, they would naturally have no qualms to pull out their knives and head towards their target.

"Xu Huang, go take a look and find out exactly what is going on."

Mu Chen spoke out in a soft voice. The situation before them seemed somewhat strange and weird, There were so many groups that had rushed over for the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy. Even the group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy had come over.

Nodding his head, Xu Huan instantly rushed out, rapidly returning after ten-plus minutes. As shock and astonishment surfaced within his eyes, he spoke out, "This Desolation Spiritual Academy seems to have obtain some information about the relics from the Ancient Antiquity… these fellows have all come here due to that information."

"Information about the relics from the Ancient Antiquity?"

Mu Chen gawked upon hearing that, before his expression turned strange. This Desolation Spiritual Academy couldn't have such good luck, right? They were actually able to obtain such an opportunity. Having arrived in this place not too long ago and being able to obtain such important information. No wonder why they would attract so many wolves to them.

"What should we do?" Zhao Qingshan and the other two were eager to take action. Regardless of the abundant points that the Desolation Spiritual Academy had or the information in their hands, both had already garnered their interest.

Faintly narrowing his eyes, Mu Chen gave a stare at those few figures in the sky. Waving his hand, he replied with a cold smirk, "Let's go."

With a move of his body, he instantly shot across the sky, with Luo Li, Xu Huang and the other two in hot pursuit.


Without any kind of obstruction, Mu Chen had rushed straight towards the combat zone. Upon their appearance in the skies, they instantly attracted the attention of everyone present, before cries of exclamation rang out.

"Is that the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?"

"Dammit! Those fellows had also come over for the information?"

"This makes it even harder to get it now!"

Due to the appearance of Mu Chen and his group, the intense fights taking place in the combat zone in the sky started to slow down, as the faces of the group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy started to sink down.

"Captain, that group's unexpectedly from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. What should we do?"

"Do you want to deal with them? The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has been declining increasingly over the past few years. If they dare to take action, dispose of them!" Looking towards a youth within their ranks, the few youths from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy group started a lively discussion about what to do.

The face of the youth they had spoken to turned somewhat dark, while wrinkles started to appear on his forehead. Looking towards the group that was getting increasingly closer to them, he swept a sharp gaze over. However, in the next instant, the expression on his face abruptly contorted as dumbfound shock flashed within his eyes, before he exclaimed out, "Mu Chen? Luo Li?"

Chapter 459 – Qiu Beihai

As Mu Chen and his group neared the combat zone, they slowly came to a stop. Looking towards the youth whose face was contorted upon their appearance, a smile brimming with chilling intent surfaced on Mu Chen's face as she said, "Qiu Beihai, we finally meet again."

The dark-faced Qiu Beihai stared with daggers drawn towards Mu Chen and Luo Li. After quite a while, he spoke out with a dark tone. "Mu Chen, I truly never imagined that you, who had been kicked out halfway in the Spiritual Road, would actually still be able to enter one of the five Great Academies. You truly are formidable."


All of a sudden, a cold sneer rose from the corner of Qiu Beihai's mouth as he looked with an amused fashion at Mu Chen as he continued speaking, "It seems that you've fallen behind. Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, huh. Haha! You still dare to enter the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament with that level of strength? You're not afraid that your renowned title of the Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road would bring an overflowing amount of great disasters for you?"

"As of now, Ji Xuan has already far surpassed you. If you are to bump into him, hehe…"

After a previous bout of being overwhelmed with shock, Qiu Beihai clearly noticed Mu Chen's current level of strength, causing that fear and shock to gradually dissipate away. What replaced it was a feeling of happiness. Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase? Ha Ha! As of now, the Blood Calamity that had caused him to feel incredibly threatened in the Spiritual Road had fallen to such a degree.

A faint frosty intent radiated from Luo Li's beautiful eyes as she spoke out, "Qiu Beihai, looks like you don't want to keep your remaining finger, right?"

Hearing her words, Qiu Beihai's face instantly contorted as he grounded and clenched his teeth towards Luo Li, his hands being tightly clenched. Both of his hands had one finger missing, being chopped of by her during the Spiritual Road when he had brought along people to surround her. Ever since then, this had always been the pain in his heart. However, his possessed some dread and fear towards the latter. From his senses, he could tell that the current Luo Li had clearly passed her Human Body Disaster, making her cultivation not one bit weaker than him.

Suppressing the anger and fury in his heart, Qiu Beihai gave a sneer before replying. "I've heard that your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has only sent two groups this time around? Haha! Looks like the title of being one of the five Great Academies will be stripped of your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy after this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. I can't be bothered to deal with you guys. Bring your people and scram off. Mu Chen, if I were you, I'd be smart enough to find a place and hide so as to not bump into Ji Xuan. If not, you'll be totally smashed up and beaten by him. At this moment, your great title of being the Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road has been completely thrown into oblivion."

"What did you say?!" Upon hearing his words, the faces of Xu Huang and the other two instantly contorted as they furiously roared out in reply.

"Don't you understand what I've just said?"

With a sneer, Qiu Beihai waved his hands, causing his four group members to converge around him. Of the four, one of them slowly walked forward, standing beside the former as he shot a ridiculing gaze towards Mu Chen's group.

"You're only a group with one Human Body Disaster member in it. Haha. Indeed, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's unable to make the cut anymore." The youth that appeared to be older than Qiu Beihai, crossed his arms in front of his chest as he let of a mocking laugh. In the next instant, boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated from his body. From the looks of it, his strength appeared to be on the same level as Qiu Beihai, having passed his Human Body Disaster as well.

In their group, there were two people that had passed their Human Body Disaster, with the other three being of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. From their outward appearance, their line-up seemed to be stronger than that of Mu Chen's group.

Furthermore, they still had an alliance with three other groups. Although the three other groups weren't as strong as them, every single one of them possessed a person who had passed their Human Body Disaster. Although they might split up their forces to deal with the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy, their remaining forces would absolutely deal with and cause the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to lose all temper at all.

None of them believed that this group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would dare to have the heart to take any action under the suppression of their line-up.

At the back, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy being surrounded by the three groups could also feel the confrontation occurring over there. In the next moment, one of the groups peeled away, with their Captain, sizing up Mu Chen's group with a smile on his face that brimmed with provocation. Turning his gaze to Luo Li, his eyes started to wander around her alluring body as he whistled with a grin, before speaking out, "I truly never imagined that there would be such a beautiful girl in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. I truly can't find such quality in our Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy."

"Haha. Brother Beihai, do you still need help?" asked the youth as he looked towards Qiu Beihai with a grin. At the same time, Spiritual Energy fluctuations started to perfuse from his body. Unexpectedly, he was also an expert that had passed his Human Body Disaster.

The two teams stood right before Mu Chen's group, staring covetously at them like two ferocious tigers.

Seeing this, the faces of Xu Huang and the other two slightly changed. If it was a one-on-one, they weren't afraid to face off against a group like the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy, However, with the appearance of the group from the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy, such a line-up was sufficient to change the entire situation.

"It's just a slight trouble," replied Qiu Beihai with a smile, before looking towards Mu Chen in satisfaction. This was an opponent that had once made him feel immense pressure. However, at this very moment, thinking back about the times where he was being totally suppressed, he could not help feeling true pity for the latter.

"Mu Chen, I advise you to tactfully leave. I don't have the heart to deal with you now. Don't ask for trouble," said Qiu Beihai in an indifferent tone as he waved his hands.

Seeing the appearance of Qiu Beihai waving his hands in indifference, Mu Chen could not help bursting into laughter. Tilting his head towards Luo Li, he asked her with a smile. "How should we split?"

"Leave to group from the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy to me," replied Luo Li with a sweet smile.

"The whole group?" Hearing her reply, Mu Chen's eyebrows were faintly raised.

"You don't believe me?" Luo Li shot a glance at Mu Chen. Waving the Luo Shen Sword in her hand, she sweetly smiled while saying, "If we're to cross hands, you might not even be able to win against me."

Hearing her words, Mu Chen smiled and nodded his head, saying, "Leave the two Human Body Disaster fellows from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy to me. As for the other three people, deal with them, Xu Huang, Fengyang and Qingshan. That shouldn't be a problem, right?"

After all, they were a group. Therefore, he can't let Xu Huang and the other two sit on the side as he took action.

"No problem!" Xu Huang and the other two nodded without the slightest hesitation. Other than Qiu Beihai and the other Human Body Disaster expert in the group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy, the remaining three were at Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, which was on the same level as Xu Huang and the other two. Thus, they would naturally not have any dread or fear in facing them.

"Mu Chen, do not ignore my kindness!"

Seeing that Mu Chen had actually chose to completely ignore him and even went so far as to distribute their targets, Qiu Beihai's face instantly turned slightly ashen as he roared out in a chilly voice.

'Haha, you truly are rampant, little girl. Do you really think that you'll be able to deal with our entire group by yourself?" the Group Captain from the Great Cauldron Spiritual ACademy gave an insincere smile towards Luo Li. Although the former had passed her Human Body Disaster, wanting to deal with his entire group was her indulging too much in fantasy.

Within the skies, there were also the numerous groups present that were watching the commotion that was taking place. Furthermore, upon seeing that the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was actually wanting to deal with two groups by themselves, all of them felt shock and astonishment. Within the ranks of this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they had only one person that had passed her Human Body Disaster. With such a line-up, they still dared to confront the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy and the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy at the same time?

At the rear, upon discovering this scene, the two groups surrounding the Desolation Spiritual Academy immediately slowed down their assault slightly. Being able to enter the Top 16 and last for a day under their encirclement, this group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy truly possessed considerable strength. Only with the encirclement by their three groups, with the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy keeping watch at the back, were they able to suppress the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy. However, from the looks of it now, with both the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy and the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy having left to deal with the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they could barely suppress the Desolation Spiritual Academy with the strength of their two groups. Compared to the situation before, they wouldn't pose much of a threat now.

Seemingly discovering the change in the situation, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy quietly took a breath of relief. If the previous situation had continued on, they might not have been able to last much longer.

The Group Captain from the Desolation Spiritual Academy was a somewhat burly-built youth. Looking towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's confrontation with the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy not far from him, a faint flash sparkled within his eyes. As of now, the situation they were currently in was extremely unfavorable for them. If the three groups were to let the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy join hands and go on the offensive against their group, the result would be extremely worrying for his group. However, at this very moment, they had no other method to hope that the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would truly be able to obstruct the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy, as well as the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy. This way, they might be able to obtain a chance to…

Looking towards the somewhat ashen Qiu Beihai, Mu Chen smiled and shook his head. Slowing walking forward as he looked towards the slight wave of the former's hand, the smile at the corner of Mu Chen's mouth gradually appeared cold and fierce.

"Qiu Beihai, I've never been eye-to-eye with you before in the Spiritual Road, and it’s the same in this place."

"In my eyes, you don't have the qualifications to jump and hop around in front of me."

The veins on Qiu Beihai's face twitched and quivered while his gaze slowly turned malevolent. "Okay. Let me see exactly who's the one with no qualifications to jump and hop around!"


Qui Beihai's robes fluttered as boundless Spiritual Energy swept out from him. In the next instant, his gaze turned cold and sinister as he roared, "Kill them!"


At the instant when his roar rang out, he had already shot forward. Clenching his hand tightly, a scarlet-red longsword appeared from within, while a fierce sword aura rushed towards the sky.

Behind him, the face of the other Human Body Disaster expert from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy turned frosty as he also shot forward. One left, one right, rushing towards Mu Chen just like two hawks.

"Come, little girl. Let me see how you're gonna deal with our group by yourself!" sneered the Captain of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy group as he viciously stared at Luo Li.


What replied to him was a swift and fierce Sword Aura in the shape of a silvery river. Splitting the skies apart, the chilling intent brought by it caused his face to instantly contort. With the clench of his hand, a black metal shield sparkling with spiritual light appeared right before him.


Piercing explosively towards the metal shield, rays of brilliance sparkled from the Sword Aura as deep slash marks appeared on its surface.

Seeing the deep slash marks on the surface of his metal shield, the eyelids of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy Group Captain furiously twitched. However, before he could regain his senses, a beautiful figure had already shot and appeared right before him like a spectre. As sword shadows shot out, they heavily impacted on the surface of his metal shield.


That was a Spiritual Weapon that possessed an extremely powerful defense. However, under those sword shadows, they appeared to be as weak as tofu. As the sword shadows shot out, they had unexpectedly pierced through the metal shield. The sharp tip of the sword came to a stop an inch before the forehead of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy Captain, with the Sword Aura radiating off of it, causing a drop of blood to drip down from the centre of his brows.

Finally, his face furiously contorted as dread and fear flashed within his eyes as he furiously roared out. "Move!"

Immediately, the group from the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy shot out from behind him, launching a powerful assault that encompassed the beautiful figure before them.

Chapter 460 – Powerful Suppression


Vast and powerful Spiritual Energies swept across the horizon like tidal waves, hiding the skies and covering the earth.

Chilling rays of light sparkled from the scarlet-red longsword in Qiu Beihai's hands. Clearly, this was a fairly high grade Spiritual Weapon, brimming with sharpness that appeared to be able to slice space apart. Locking his dark gaze on Mu Chen, in a flash, he appeared right before the latter, thrusting a stab out.


Torrential rays of Sword Aura gushed out as the longsword transformed into countless sword shadows. Akin to a rainbow, they hid the skies and covered the earth as they completely surrounded the Mu Chen's vital spots.

As the light coming from the sword shadows were reflected in Mu Chen's eyes, a fierce shadow abruptly gushed out from within. In the next instant, with a furious clench of his hand, a black heavy spear appeared from within. The heavy spear appeared malevolent-looking, with black dragon scales covering its entire surface. The head of the spear was in the shape of a dragon's tongue, with sharp dragon teeth forming its tips, appearing exceedingly malevolent.

Upon the appearance of the black heavy spear, an ominous aura started to radiate from it, causing the surrounding space to slightly tremble.

This black heavy spear was naturally his spoils of war after killing Mo Xingtian, the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear. This long spear was a genuine Absolute Grade Spiritual Weapon, possessing extraordinary might. During that day, Mo Xingtian had relied on this spear to receive the Great Meru Demonic Pillar in Mu Chen's hands.

Although that was due to Mu Chen not daring to remove the seal on the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, this was more than sufficient to show how formidable this Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear was.


As the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear appeared in Mu Chen's hand, with a shake of its body, a dragon roar brimming with ominous aura seemed to resound across the surroundings. In the next instant, a spear was thrusted from Mu Chen, with black rays of light howling out from the spear tip akin to a powerful current, immediately washing away the sword shadows that had hid the skies and covered the earth.


As the ominous aura perfused from the spear shadows shooting out, a sliver of a chilling glint pierced through the torrential shadow swords. Unexpectedly, it shattered through the surrounding space, howling straight towards Qiu Beihai.

As the chilling glint neared him, the face of Qiu Beihai slightly changed. Clearly, he could sense the astonishing killing might that the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear in Mu Chen's hand possessed. In the next instant, his stopped his movements, while the scarlet-red longsword within his hand wad hastily thrust out. Fresh blood seemed to circulate on the surface of the sword, bringing a ray of blood-red light that pierced with incomparable accuracy towards the sliver of chilling glint.


As the spear and sword collided against each other, sparks flew about as incomparably fierce gales formed and swept out. Ripples seemed to fluctuate in the space surrounding the two as rampant Spiritual Energies transformed into a hurricane, sweeping out from the point of contact between the spear and the sword.

A tremble shook through the sword-wielding hand of Qiu Beihai as the malevolence on his face grew much more solemn. After truly crossing hands, he was able to feel a sensation of suppression coming from within Mu Chen's body. That kind of power was absolutely not something that a person of ordinary Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase would be able to possess.


Clenching his teeth, Qiu Beihai fiercely roared out, "Shen Jun, take action!"

"Die for me!"

Just as Qui Beihai's roar rang out, suddenly, a figure surfaced behind Mu Chen. That was precisely the other person that passed the Human Body Disaster from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy group. At this moment, lightning seemed to sparkle from his hands as they appeared to weigh a tonne, furiously patting down towards Mu Chen's back in an aim to deal maximum damage.


Palm winds howled out as even the air had exploded apart.

Clearly, this Shen Jun wasn't just some average character. Upon taking action, his attack was fierce and lethal, attempting to collaborate with Qiu Beihai to rapidly defeat Mu Chen.

Palm winds were sweeping out from his back at lightning speed. With a chilling glint flashing within his eyes, Mu Chen turned around and sent a fist rumbling out, with black lightning arcing across his arm. At this moment, black lightning liquid seemed to flow around his fingers with the energy they contained being more than sufficient to smash the skies and rend the earth!


The fist that Mu Chen sent rumbling out smashed head-on against the palm winds coming from Shen Jun. At the instant when they collided, it appeared as if a mountain had collapsed as energy shock waves visible to the naked-eye radiated from the point of impact.

Amongst the peals of thunder ringing out, Shen Jun's face abruptly contorted, as the frightening energy radiating from Mu Chen's fist had instantly suppressed those of his. Furthermore, what's more frightening was that the physique of the latter was exceedingly tyrannical! It was to such a degree, than even he, who had passed through his Human Body Disaster, was unable to match up to.

"How could his physique be that powerful?!"

A shadow of dumbstruck-horror flashed across Shen Jun's face as he immediately tried to retreat.


However, at the very instant when he was just about to make his move, a chilling smile appear appeared on Mu Chen's face as his fist ferociously rumble out.


Intense pain surged up Shen Jun's arm as a frightening wave of energy poured into it, before he was unexpectedly sent flying back hundreds of metres by this fist of Mu Chen's. A patch of purplish shade appeared on his palm as intense pain radiated out from it, making him feel as if his arm had been smashed apart.


This scene instantly caused waves of clamoring to ring out across the skies, as the faces of those groups paying attention to the combat zone in the skies instantly turned to ones of shock and astonishment. Who would have guessed that Mu Chen, who appeared to be only of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, would actually be able to send Shen Jun flying in a one-to-two situation.

Let's not talk about a Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, even a person who had passed his Human Body Disaster would be hard pressed to achieve such a level of strength!

"Indeed, this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's Mu Chen isn't simple. That's why he dared to provoke the group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy. This time, we're in for a good show." The eyes of all the groups lit up with dense feelings of interest. Previously, they had felt that this group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy seemed to be weaker than the groups from the other five Great Academies. However, this youth that appeared to be only of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase had actually possessed such frightening combat prowess.

"Heavenly Sea Sword Art, Heaven-Burying Sword!"

Qiu Beihai's face had also contorted due to the scene before him, which caused him to immediately roar out as he sent his sword out to smash back the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear in Mu Chen's hands. With a shake of its body, the sword was thrust out like a brush, carving an actual blood-red Sword Rune in the space before it. Under the Sword Rune, a howl rang out from the sword, as it transformed into a giant blood-red sword, furiously chopping down towards Mu Chen.

This chop contained considerable might. Before it could hit its target, the mountain peak below it had already been sliced in half by the Sword Aura that perfused out of it.

Mu Chen's eyes slightly sparkled, and with a move, a dragon's shadow surfaced below his feet. With a flash, he disappeared akin to a spectre. As the sword light flashed over, the only thing it struck was air, with not the slightest bit of the expected result.

"Shen Jun, careful!"

As his sword struck air, Qiu Beihai's face abruptly contorted as he roared out.

Just as his roar rang out, Shen Jun had already seen Mu Chen's figure appear in the air above him like a spectre. At this moment, an indifferent smile had surfaced on the latter's handsome face as he said, "I'll deal with you first."


Boundless Spiritual Energy hid the skies and covered the earth as it gushed out from Mu Chen's body. As of now, his Spiritual Energy was completely different than from the past, no longer being of a jet-black colour, but a fusion of black and white. From the looks of it, they were just like the fusion of Yin and Yang, appearing exceedingly strange and mysterious. Furthermore, this black and white Spiritual Energy was clearly much more condensed and tyrannical than his Spiritual Energy from before.

As Spiritual Energy blossomed from Mu Chen, it transformed into a stretch of starry skies behind his back. Within the starry skies, four gigantic beastial shadows started to condense, before finally transforming into rays of light. Shooting out, they formed an incomparably gigantic divine seal in the air above Shen Jun.

"Four Gods Constellation Scripture, Divine Seal of the Four Gods!"

A chilling glint flashed within Mu Chen's eyes as he clapped his hands together, before abruptly pressing his hand seal down.


As the four beastial shadows raised their heads and roared, the divine seal erupted in a bright and resplendent divine light, while the Spiritual Aura in this region rapidly fled away.

Looking towards the divine seal that was pressed down on him from above, Shen Jun's face furiously contorted. Clearly, he could sense how frightening this attack of Mu Chen's was. In the next instant, not daring to show the slightest bit of neglect, he gave a furious roar, clapping his hands together as Spiritual Energy swept out from him without the slightest bit of restraint.

"Heavenly Light Revolving Seal!"

Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out, transforming into a gigantic hundred metre wide halo above Shen Jun. A gigantic glowing seal seemed to condense within the halo as powerful fluctuations started to radiate out from it. In the next instant, howling out, the halo smashed head-on against the divine seal pressing down from above.


As the two smashed against each other, spatial fluctuations swept out. However, very quickly, the face of Shen Jun drastically contorted as he could see the seal within the halo collapsing at an astonishing speed under the suppression of the divine seal.

This divine seal seemed to have some kind of sealing power incorporated in it, causing his Spiritual Energy to become suppressed and sealed upon contact with it.

An indifference smile appeared on Mu Chen's face. When he was still in the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, the "Four Gods Constellation Scripture" he had unleashed was able to force Mo Xingtian to use his final card. As of now, with his cultivation having progressed to Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. Furthermore, this Shen Jun clearly wasn't as strong and powerful as Mo Xingtian. Wanting to block and resist his attack head-on was clearly a lunatic's dream.


Mu Chen gave a roar as he furiously pressed his palms down.


As the divine seal instantly came shrouding over, the seal within the halo was completely crushed. A deathly-pale shade appeared on Shen Jun's face as he retreated back in an attempt to evade. However, at this time, it was clear that it was already too late to evade, as the divine seal came howling down, instantly pressing on his body.


A mouthful of blood was spewed out from Shen Jun's mouth as the boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations around his body rapidly declined. Glowing runes started to surface around his body, appearing akin to seals, causing the Spiritual Energy within his body to be completely sealed up.

With his Spiritual Energy rapidly dissipating away, Shen Jun immediately dropped down from the skies, landing heavily on the mountain peak. As the entire mountain peak intensely shook, cracks appeared while a giant hole appearing in everyone's view. Shen Jun struggled within it, his body covered in blood as he laid down on the ground. Clearly, he was seriously injured.


Across the skies, some groups quietly sucked in a breath of cold air, their gazes towards Mu Chen being overwhelmed with shock. Who would have guessed that the latter would be that vicious in his offensive. Upon taking action, he had displayed such a powerful move, instantly causing a Human Body Disaster expert to suffer serious injuries.

After sealing Shen Jun up, Mu Chen calmly turned around, chilling intent surfacing within his eyes as he looked towards Qiu Beihai, whose dark expression started to fluctuate, while dumbfounded shock filled his eyes, and said in a soft voice, "I've heard that you've went to surround and attack Luo Li after I had left the Spiritual Road?"

A faint smile started to appear on Mu Chen's face, merely that was cold and frosty, akin to the edge of a blade, causing Qiu Beihai's scalp to turn numb.

"Since that’s the case, I want all of your remaining fingers."

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