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Chapter 420 – Kill

Not a single sound was present, with even the winds having frozen up for this instant.

On the Nine Heavenly Steps, everyone present had their eyes open wide as they dumbly stared at the spectacle that had just happened before them. An indescribable feeling filled their minds, causing them to be unable to display any exact expression on their faces.

This spectacle truly was too inconceivable.

Xia Youran’s red lips was slightly agape as she stared at Mo Xingtian, who had a black hole appearing on his forehead, before uncontrollably covering her mouth up with her hand.

Next to her, Xi Qinghai, Su Buxiu and the rest had similar expressions, with the astonishment in their eyes indicative with the shock present within their minds.

As for Liu Ying, his gaze was dull and vacant, before a chilling intent penetrated through his heart. Looking up at the half-naked youth floating in the air, deep feelings of dread started to surface from the depths of his eyes. This youth, whose strength appeared to only be at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, had truly caused feelings of terror to surface within him.

That’s…Mo Xingtian.

He was the topmost elite figure in the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent. However, he had actually suffered defeat. Exactly how much shock would it cause in the Northern Heavens Continent when this scene gets circulated around?

Across the horizon, the purplish intent within Mu Chen’s eyes rapidly dissipated as an extremely strong feeling of weakness started radiating across his entire body. However, clenching his teeth, he refused to let himself topple over as he sent his incomparably cold gaze towards the figure that had frozen up in the far distance.

The jet-black shadow rapid dissipated from his finger. The attack hidden within the purple flame-cladded ray of light was precisely his Black Lightning Poison Finger.

An attack that had come from the least expected time had finally ended that incomparably violent and dangerous fight.

Mu Chen’s gaze stared indifferently towards Mo Xingtian’s body. At this moment, his eyes were still wide open, with remnants of being overwhelmed with shock displayed on his face. On his forehead, black-coloured blood flowed out from the bloody hole present there, while the jet-black shadow rapidly extended out from there, spreading through his entire body.

The black lightning poison had already corroded Mo Xingtiang’s body. Regardless of how strong Mo Xingtian was, an attack like that was more than sufficient to end his life.

Runic patterns suddenly surfaced on Mo Xingtian’s body. With a bang, his body exploded in the air. As blood mists rose up into the sky, a ray of Spiritual Light quietly shot out from it.

A dragon shadow surfaced below Mu Chen feet and with a flash, he appeared in the distant sky. With a grab, Spiritual Energy surged out from him, transforming into a light screen before grabbing the escaping Spiritual glow into his hands.

Within the Spiritual glow was an illusionary-like infant. That was Mo Xingtian’s divine soul. Furthermore, the face of the Divine Soul was finally overwhelmed with shock.

“Now, is there anyone else that can save you?” Not containing the slightest bit of mercy, Mu Chen stared towards the Divine Soul in his hands as he spoke out in a tone filled within indifference.

“You’ve already won, Mu Chen! What else do you want?!” A shrieking voice rang out from Mo Xingtian’s Divine Soul, the voice filled within inconceivable dread and terror. At this very moment, it was clearly obvious that he was no longer able to remain as calm and collected as before. His Divine Soul had landed in the hands of Mu Chen, with the latter now being truly able to end his very life.

“For all these past years, I don’t know how many Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students have died by your hands. What do you think I’m doing?” replied Mu Chen with a smile, merely that the smile contained not the slightest bit of warmth.

“If you kill me, our Demonic Dragon Palace will never let you go!” Mo Xingtian fiercely screamed out

“Oh, really?” Mu Chen laughed. The Spiritual Energy in his hands surged out, heading straight to shatter Mo Xingtian’s Divine Soul. Mu Chen felt extreme dread and terror for the latter. This time, if not for him having prepared the card being the Undying Fire, he might have truly suffered defeat in Mo Xingtian’s hand. If that happened, Mu Chen would absolutely bet his life that Mo Xingtian would never let him go.

As of now, after so much trouble, he had finally captured this fellow. Mu Chen wasn’t willing to let the tiger back up the mountain to cause a disaster for him in the future.

“Brat, you dare!”

However, just as Mu Chen was about to smash Mo Xingtian’s Divine Soul violently apart, a furious roar akin to the peal of thunder resounded out across the heavens. In the next moment, the surrounding space started to warp and distort as Spiritual Energy in the form of a giant hand extended out from within. Upon appearing, it instantly made an attempt to grab Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s face instantly contorted.

“Do you think that our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s that easy to bully, Black Dragon Sovereign?!” As the giant Spiritual Energy hand pierced through the space and was about to make a grab at Mu Chen, the space across it started to warp and distort as Dean Tai Cang’s furious voice rang out. In the next moment, a giant Spiritual Energy hand extended out from within, smashing against the other hand. As they smashed towards each other, Spiritual Energy gales howled out while the two palms dissipated away.

“Do you think that we’re truly afraid of you, you old dog from the Demonic Dragon Palace?! Today, his death is confirmed by me!” Fluttering backwards, Mu Chen’s expression turned gloomy. In the next instant, with a furious grasp of his hand, Spiritual Energy erupted out from him, before violently smashing Mo Xingtian’s Divine Soul without the slightest hesitation.


A fierce shriek miserably rang across the horizon as Mo Xingtian’s Divine Soul exploded apart, transforming into glowing dots that blotted the skies. At the same time, that sharp miserable shriek that was filled with dread and terror reverberated across the skies.

A chilling sensation was felt by everyone one present in this area, rushing from their feet towards their heads as they looked towards the youth present in the air with shock and astonishment completely filling their gazes.

Not a single one of them had guessed that Mu Chen would actually be that decisive, to not have a single shred of hesitation before sending a palm to shatter Mo Xingtian’s Divine Soul, completely killing him and removing him from the world.

As everyone looked towards the glowing dots that fluttered out from Mu Chen’s palm, everyone’s gaze turned blank and vacant. That Mo Xingtian was completely destroyed, just like that? The strongest figure in the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent…has disappeared, just like that?

Thick feelings of dread and terror surged within the eyes of Liu Ying, Dong Yuan and Zhou Xuan as their faces were all as white as snow. This Mu Chen’s too vicious in his actions! That’s Mo Xingtian, you know?! He’d actually been killed just like that…

Was this really a student nurtured by an ivory tower like the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? Such decisiveness and ruthlessness! He’s simply even more outstanding that those people who had lived their lives on the edge of the blades.

On the side, Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu took in a breath of cold air, but were unable to speak a single word out. Clearly, they were shocked to the core.

Xia Youran’s gaze was also blank as she stared at the youth, who was currently revealing the sliver of a cold, fierce and ruthless expression. At this moment, he appeared completely different from the handsome and gentle image that he had presented himself to her before. The imposing aura and attitude he showed caused a faint flush to appeared on her lovable face as a splendor of emotions flashed within her beautiful eyes.

The Mu Chen at this moment had overpowered and killed Mo Xingtian. The bearing he possessed was undoubtedly extremely eye-catching and dazzling.

The entire stretch of the world had turned silent and devoid of any sound.

After shattering Mo Xingtian’s Divine Soul , Mu Chen gave a wave of his palm, summoning back the Great Meru Demonic Pillar into his body. At the same time, it had brought a dimly lit black demonic spear. That was precisely Mo Xingtian’s Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifact, the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear.

Mu Chen grasp the black demonic spear that was received in his hand. After the death of Mo Xingtian, not a single bit of activity was shown from the black demonic spear. Added with the earlier suppression by the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, it unexpectedly didn’t dare to muster a single bit of resistance in Mu Chen’s hands.

Flipping his hand, he stored the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear away. An Peerless Grade Spirit Weapon’s an absolutely extraordinary thing. Such a thing wasn’t even sold in the Spiritual Values Hall of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Now, having landed in his hand, Mu Chen would naturally not hand it over. After all, although the Great Meru Demonic Pillar was formidable, Mu Chen didn’t dare to use its true power. He was still not able to control it, as of now. However, compared to that, this Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear was different from it. Mu Chen’s strength would increase by quite a bit if he were to use it.

After retrieving this spoils of war, Mu Chen turned his indifferent gaze towards Liu Ying, Dong Yuan and Zhou Xuan.

Upon seeing Mu Chen’s gaze, the hearts of Liu Ying and the other two instantly turned cold, before actually retreating a step back. Although they were all clear that Mu Chen was just putting up a strong front, none of them actually dared to muster any bit of intent to retaliate. Even Liu Ying had eyes filled with dread and terror, not daring to take advantage of Mu Chen’s current weakness.

“The three of you. Please wait for the next the Divine Spiritual Baptism,” said Mu Chen in an indifferent tone.

The faces of Liu Ying and the other two slightly changed as they shot a look towards Xia Youran, Xi Qingxi and Su Buxiu, who were glaring towards them like tigers. In the end, they clenched their teeth in unwillingness. At this moment, carrying the awe and prestige from killing Mo Xingtian, Mu Chen was truthfully too intimidating to be confronted.

Mu Chen turned his gaze once again towards Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu. At this time, the two of them appeared slightly nervous, as after all, they did not offer any help. If Mu Chen wasn’t willing to allow them to enjoy the Strength of Baptism, they would consider to wait awhile, since they didn’t dare to take action and could only feel themselves as unlucky.

“Elder Sister Xia, Brother Xi and Brother Su. The Strength of Baptism’s about to descend. Let’s go prepare for a bit.” While they were feeling slightly nervous, Mu Chen gave a faint smile, while the fierceness within his eyes started to dissipate away. Once again, the face of the youth turned handsome and gentle.

Hearing that, a sweet smile appeared on the face of Xia Youran; after all, she could be considered as to understand Mu Chen’s character, and knew that the latter would not be the kind to break his promises. Therefore, his words weren’t of any surprise to her. As for Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu, they took a breath of relief, while feeling slightly happy, before sending grateful gazes towards Mu Chen.

Shooting forward, Mu Chen dropped from the sky, descending to the highest place within the highest step in the Nine Heavenly Steps. Following suit, Xia Youran and the other two shot over, descending on the platform positioned slightly below his. That area was higher than their previous position, which would allow for the Strength of Baptism to increase by quite a bit. The highest position was obviously left for Mu Chen, with all of them not having any complaint about it.

Taking a seat, Mu Chen raised his head and looked towards the gigantic clump of light floating high up in the sky. Over there, the rays of brilliance were growing increasingly radiant, before a clear ring seemed to slowly resound across the horizon.


As the rays of brilliance reached its prime, countless people raised their heads to turn their scorching gazes towards it, only to see golden raindrops covering the earth and hiding the skies as they descended. At this moment, the entire area grew fresh and uplifting, as if the area was being cleansed.

The Divine Spiritual Baptism’s finally descending!

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