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Chapter 419 – Victory and Defeat

“What is he doing…?”

Staring dumbfoundedly at Mu Chen, the faces of Xia Youran and the rest instantly turned exceeding spectacle when he swallowed the clump of purplish flames within his body. Although they didn’t know exactly what that seemingly weak and small clump of purplish flames was, the scarlet-red flames that had blotted the skies a moment ago had been completely absorbed by those purplish flames. Clearly, that thing was absolutely something extraordinary.

However, at this very moment, Mu Chen had swallowed it just like that…

Such an action that neared the boundaries of seeking death caused everyone to stare at him in a daze, with some people even unable to resist thinking that Mu Chen had known that he was about to die, and, therefore, had consumed the fire to commit suicide…

Standing in the distance, a wrinkle appeared on Mo Xingtian’s forehead as he observed this spectacle unfolding before him. Naturally, he would never believe in such a comical reasoning, since Mu Chen was a person with a tenacious character. Even in a situation where death was inevitable, he would fight with all his might, no matter what injuries or how much blood he had bled. A comical act like suicide was clearly not something that would appear in his repertoire of acts.

A vigilant shadow flashed within Mo Xingtian’s eyes as he thought, There’s definitely something fishy about this. There’s definitely something fishy about Mu Chen’s action.

“I’ll just kill him to avoid anymore things from sprouting up!”

With a change of his hand seal, the bloody glow from the blood-red demonic seal grew even more radiant as the sea of blood grew in size, turning into a complete shroud as it swept towards Mu Chen at lightning speed. As long as Mu Chen was trapped within it, he would be turned into bloody water, absolutely devoid of vitality.

As the sea of blood pervaded out, Mu Chen, who had devoured the clump of Undying Fire slowly raised his head. At this moment, a purplish shadow started to slowly erupt within his originally scarlet-red eyes. Even his skin started to radiate with a purple luster, while faint but rapid shivering shook through his entire body.

It was a spectacular mess in Mu Chen’s body at this very moment. Upon entering Mu Chen’s body, the clump of Undying Fire was wrapped up by his Spiritual Energy. Generally speaking, when ordinary people devoured this clump of Undying Fire, they might be turned into ashes in an instant. However, Mu Chen wasn’t like any normal person out there.

The Spiritual Energy within his body had already fused with the Nine Nether Fire. As for the Undying Fire, it was the evolved form of the Nine Nether Fire, with the two sharing some origins of strength. Therefore, it was due to this that the Undying Fire wasn’t able to create destruction upon entering Mu Chen’s body.

As the Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen wrapped around the clump of purplish flames, rampaging fluctuations surfaced from within like a surging lake. Slivers of purplish flame seedlings started to break off and drift about, before finally merging together with the Spiritual Energy.

At the instant when the two merged, Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy looked as though it had swallowed a bulking agent, crazily expanding about. In the end, it turned into roaring flames as it circulated at a high speed within Mu Chen’s body.

An indescribable strength like an exploding volcano erupted from within his body. This power seemingly appeared in an instant, causing Mu Chen to lose control over his Spiritual Energy. At this moment, the Spiritual Energy within his body was akin to a rampaging wild horse, completely out of control. Rampaging as it circulated around, Mu Chen was unable to bring it under his complete control.

It was too rampant.

Feelings of intense pain radiated from the meridians within Mu Chen’s body. Fortunately, having reached a small level of mastery over his Lightning God’s Physique made his body much stronger and more resilient than before. If not, it would be completely impossible for him to endure the impacts brought about by the circulation of those energies.


As Mu Chen’s heavy breathing rang out, he stared at the demonic rune enveloping over him with his purple-shaded eyes. Not the slightest shred of fear or dread was present in them, without the a slight bit of craziness frolicking within. At this moment, the energies within his body had to be let out, if not, his body would be completely unable to endure bottling them up within him.

Therefore, faced against the terrifying attack sent by Mo Xingtian, Mu Chen didn’t evade or retreat back. On the contrary, he took a furious step forward, before sending a fist rumbling out. This was just a straight punch out, without anything fanciful, rumbling violently towards the gigantic blood-red demonic rune descending towards him.

As the fist rumbled out, Spiritual Energy swept out akin to a hurricane, blotting the skies as it gushed out.

Within the Spiritual Energy gushing out, one would be able to clearly see tiny clumps of purplish flames gently flickering as they fluttered about.


Under Mu Chen’s fist, the surrounding space started to warp and distort. In that distant, Xia Youran, Liu Ying and the rest a breathed in a mouthful of cold air. How can his fist contain such frightening power…?


Spiritual Energy fluttering with purplish flames that appeared akin to a purple sea of fire smashed straight against the sea of blood. However, this time, the sea of blood that appeared to be invincible before had unexpectedly erupted with dense fogs of blood, rapidly melting away at a speed that was visible to the naked-eye.

As the purple flaming seedlings landed on the blood-red demonic rune, the fresh blood present on it instantly erupted with ear-piercing screeches, as if it was crying out in extreme misery.

Seeing this, Mo Xingtian’s expression instantly contorted violently.

“Burn for me!”

A pained low and deep animalist roar rang out as the robes on Mu Chen’s body instantly turned into ashes. As if seeping out from every pore of his body, the purplish flame seedlings causing him to appear akin to a god of flames. With a tremble of his fist, it, once again, violently smashed against the demonic rune.

Chi! Chi!

The blood-like patterns on the demonic rune was starting to unexpectedly burn up by the purplish flames. At the end, the purplish flames started to seep through, causing the entire demonic rune to start burning up. With a final bang, the demonic rune that had astonished everyone was completely burnt up by the purplish flame.


A mouthful of fresh blood spewed out from Mo Xingtian’s mouth, appearing exactly the same as Mu Chen had before. However, this time, his face appeared even more deathly pale than before, with a sliver of shock erupting from within his deadpan-eyes. He was completely unable to imagine that his Devouring Dragon Demonic Rune would actually be cleanly burned up by Mu Chen’s first.

“How’s that possible?!”

Turmoil and shock surged within Mo Xingtian’s heart akin to storm filled waves, while he was completely unable to maintain his indifferent-looking face anymore.

At the same time, the countless people who had seen this spectacle were all overwhelmed with shock and astonishment.

Who would have imagined that the situation would do a complete reversal in such a quick time?!

Gazes brimming with shock and astonishment swept towards the purplish flames where a naked figure stood within. Revealing his slender body, the youth rushed out from within akin to a god of fire, with purplish intent growing increasingly dense within his eyes. Sending a fist rumbling out towards the demonic rune, he turned his eyes, brimming with slivers of craziness towards the distant Mo Xingtian once again.

The energies within his body had still not been completely released from within his body. If this delayed for too long, he would not be able to endure anymore.

“Come and test another fist of mine, Mo Xingtian!”

Mu Chen’s furious howl resounded across the heavens as he took a step forward. Sending a fierce pat out, Spiritual Energy howled without the slightest bit of restraint from under his palm. Instantly, everyone could see a purple ray of light sweeping out from Mu Chen’s palm. Seemingly piercing through the currents present in the world, it shot straight towards Mo Xingtian.

Upon seeing this palm, even Xia Youran and the rest could feel their scalps turning numb. They were completely unable to understand why Mu Chen’s strength would all of a sudden increase to such a degree!

This incomparably rampaging Spiritual Energy was entirely different from the Spiritual Energy he radiated before!

Exactly where did this power come from?!

Countless doubts and questions surfaced within their minds as the ray of light burning with purplish flames shattered the horizon as it enveloped towards Mo Xingtian.

At this time, Mo Xingtian stared towards the frightening ray of light burning with purplish flames as malevolence started to slowly rise within his gaze. He did not believe that he would actually lose to a Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase brat. After the past few years, he had finally become the number one figure within the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent. For the sake of achieving this, due to the cruel and ruthless rules within the Demonic Dragon Palace, those compatriots that had trained with him in the past had died, one by one, by his own hands. He had used them to refine and temper his strength. That’s because, in a place like the Demonic Dragon Palace, one needed to be cruel and ruthless towards anyone, even towards those compatriots that were once close to oneself!

That’s because, the Demonic Dragon Palace only preached the most cruelest rule there was for the sake of nurturing a true expert.

“You don’t possess the qualifications to end me!”

Mo Xingtian roared with a fierce voice as his black hair scattered about, akin to a rampaging demon. In the next moment, giving a long roar, Spiritual Energy swept out without the slightest bit of restraint, blotting the skies and seemingly encompassing the entire horizon.


As his Spiritual Energy swept out, it transformed into a gigantic demonic dragon. As it took to the skies, it shot across the horizon, under the countless shocked and astonished gazes, it smashed straight against the incoming purple fire-clad ray of light!


At the instant of impact, the heavens and earth appeared to shake and tremble. As the two frightening energies smashed violently towards each other, both of them started to corrode away as they quickly consumed each other.

However, between the two energies, it was clear that the purple flame clad ray of light was the more overbearing one. As the purplish flames rose up, they continuously burnt all of the Spiritual Energy coming from Mo Xingtian.

The purple flame-clad ray of light inched closer and closer. However, it was similarly being consumed at a rapid pace.

Everyone present tightly stared at the two all-out attacks from Mu Chen and Mo Xingtian.

The purple flame-clad ray of light forced the demonic dragon-shaped Spiritual Energy back to Mo Xingtian. However, just as it reached 3 metres away from Mo Xingtian, the energy within the purple flame-clad ray of light was finally used up. In the end, with the demonic dragon-shaped Spiritual Energy, both of them dissipated into the air.

“You lose!” Mo Xingtian shrilled out. Although he didn’t know exactly how Mu Chen was able to erupt with such terrifying energy, he knew that was obviously reliant on some foreign source of power. Furthermore, Mu Chen had paid an extremely high price for that. At this moment, Mu Chen was as pale as paper. Clearly, he didn’t possess any strength left to fight. As long as he could resist Mu Chen’s strongest attack, this fight would have its result.

Raising his deathly pale face, Mu Chen shot a look towards Mo Xingtian. At this moment however, a ridiculing smile curled up on the corner of his mouth.

“The one that lost, is you.”

Upon hearing that, Mo Xingtian’s pupils furiously contracted as he saw a tiny black ray of light abruptly shooting from within the destroyed purple ray of light. In the next instant, with an indescribable speed, it pierced through the space.

In such a short distance, Mo Xingtian was simply unable to muster any kind of defense before the black ray of light shot straight towards his forehead.

A black hole appeared on the forehead of Mo Xingtian before his body instantly froze up.

The countless gazes that had shot over had also froze solid.

Regardless of the inside or the outside of the Divine Spiritual Mountain, or the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy…

The atmospheres in these three places all came to a halt.

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