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Chapter 421 – Commotion

Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy

A stretch of silence filled the entire academy. Not only the students, but even some of the higher-ups in the academy had their mouths agape, while having a dumbfounded expression on their faces.

Their eyes had all clearly rested on the gigantic glowing Spiritual Energy screen. When it displayed Mu Chen smashing Mo Xingtian’s Divine Soul with a palm…

The slender, half-naked youth standing tall in the sky. That handsome face appeared abnormally cold, akin to the edge of a knife. Within his palm was the shattered Divine Soul, which had turned into glowing dots that blotted the skies. Appearing pretty and beautiful, it gave people a chilling feeling up their spines.

Mu Chen had actually killed Mo Xingtian!

Shooting a look at each other, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong could see the shock and astonishment present in each other’s eyes. That’s Mo Xingtian! The man that’s listed at the top of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s bounty list! The strongest fellow in the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent…for this fellow, it was unknown how many experts the Punishment Hall sent out, but were unable to capture or kill at the very end.

However, at this moment, the super vicious character that had caused a headache to many of the higher-ups in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had actually met his complete demise in the hands of Mu Chen…

“That fellow’s…too ferocious.”

Finally, unable to hold it in, Shen Cangshen spoke out with a bitter smile. Although emotions of joy and elation were present in his eyes. For the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Mo Xingtian was simply like a poisonous lesion, and was someone that couldn’t be removed by any Elder. It was a considerably difficult task for the academy to capture him. However, from the looks of it, he had met his end in Mu Chen’s hands, which had removed a big trouble for their academy.

Beside him, Li Xuantong gently nodded as he muttered, “That brat. He’s really getting stronger and stronger every time he makes his move. From the looks of it, after this matter, we definitely need to enter the ‘Gate of the Northern Heavens’. If not, I don’t know which corner we’ll be thrown at during the Great Spiritual Academy Competition half a year from now.”

Shen Cangsheng heavily nodded his head. He truly didn’t want to get beaten down like that.

As the two continued their chat, the peace within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was finally broken with furious, earth-shattering cries and cheering. Ringing out across the whole area akin to thunder, they shook the entire academy up.

All of the students had faces full of emotion, especially those old veterans that were able to enter the Northern Heavens Continent to train and temper themselves, with each one of them breathing out a heavy sigh of relief. In the past, when they were undergoing their real world training, they always had the fear and worry about meeting the two vicious people, Mo Xingtian and Mo Longzi. That’s because, once that happened, they might not be able to flee, even if they wanted to.

Now, the first one, Mo Longzi, had been heavily injured by Mu Chen, while the second, Mo Xingtian, had been killed by him. Their greatest troubles had been completely wiped out. When they head outside for real world training in the future, they would not be trembling in fear.

“All hail Brother Mu!”

A few members of the Luo Goddess Association cheered out while their faces were brimming with pride. All of them were considered as Freshmen. However, today, Mu Chen had allowed all of the members from the Luo Goddess Association to raise their heads up high in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Now, even some of the older students didn’t dare to recklessly put up airs in front of them. All of this was due to the awe and prestige that Mu Chen had piled up by winning hard fights, one after another!

Su Ling’er’s beautiful eyes sparkled as she focused her gaze towards the figure within the glowing Spiritual Energy screen. The half-naked youth with killing intent condensed within his eyes. This coldness, which was compared to his gentleness, made him appear as if he was two entirely different people. However, this complete contrast in attitude and mannerisms presented an extremely strong stimulation to her. Thinking about that, one couldn’t count how many adorable lasses and young girls had their lovable faces flushed as they secretly sized up the youth in the display.

“You’ve ignited your crush, little lass. Look at you, you’re almost going dumb.” Seeing the eyes of her younger sister, Su Xuan could not help teasing her while extending her jade-like hand to pinch the lovable face of the adorable lass.

Su Ling’er’s lovable face turned red, before she said ,”He’ll be alright, right, Elder Sister?”

“Relax. With the Dean there, there’ll be nothing that can happen to him,” replied Su Xuan with a faint smile.

Only after hearing that did Su Ling’er relax, before sneaking another peek at the youth within the glowing screen. After that, appearing to have thought about something, her little red lips started to pucker up, before her emotions started to sink down. With such an outstanding Luo Li by his side, how would she stand any chance…

A stretch of jubilation filled the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, while murderous auras filled the Divine Spiritual Mountain.

At the instant when Mo Xingtian was killed by Mu Chen, the atmosphere outside of the Divine Spiritual Mountain had similarly froze up. The faces of the Elders from the various places slightly changed, feeling shocked in their hearts, due to the decisiveness and viciousness of Mu Chen’s action.

“You little bastard! You actually dare to kill the people of my Demonic Dragon Palace! I’ll definitely rip you to shreds!”

That frozen atmosphere didn’t last long, before a roar filled with rage and anger was heard. In the next instant, thick, liquid-like killing intent shot through to the heavens, blotting the skies. At this moment, the entire world turned dim as rising gales and scudding clouds filled the skies.

The hearts of the Elders from various places skipped a beat as they turned their gazes over, only to see the ashen-green expression on Black Dragon Sovereign, killing intent rippling and surging out from him, akin to a demon god.

“Are you saying that the number of students from our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy killed in the hands of your Demonic Dragon Palace’s too little? If you dare touch Mu Chen, Black Dragon, our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will dare to wage war with your Demonic Dragon Palace once again!” Just as the Black Dragon Sovereign’s roar rang out, a low and deep voice sounded out, with unconcealable, thick killing intent, as well as fury brimming within his voice.

The eyelids of the Elders from various places twitched before turning their heads around, only to see Dean Tai Cang, with a dark expression on his face. At this moment, the Spiritual Energy of the world had turned rampant in accompaniment with his emotional fluctuations.

“Haha! Tai Cang! You truly are arrogant. That year, if not for the White Dragon Sovereign rebelling and running away, and stealing the treasure of our palace and preventing us from completing our summoning ritual. Does your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy wish to defeat our Demonic Dragon Palace?” replied the Black Dragon Sovereign with a furious laugh.

“If you don’t accept it, our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will accompany you once again!”

Dean Tai Cang’s thunderous voice exploded to the point of causing the faces of countless people to contort. The two topmost influences in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were finally going to duke it out again?

This caused the entire Northern Heavens Continent to feel shocked by this revelation.

The golden rain drops covered the earth and hid the skies as they fell from the gigantic clump of light floating high up in the sky. Due to the rain, the entire area became clear and refreshing, with the tense atmosphere from the previous large battles having completely calmed down. Indescribably carefree and relaxed feelings rose and surged within the minds and hearts of everyone present.

At this moment, regardless of the Nine Heavenly Steps or the countless other experts present in the vast land below, everyone rapidly took a seat. Although they weren’t able to enjoy the Strength of Baptism as perfect as Mu Chen, they were still able to enjoy some it that leaked out. If they were able to absorb that, it would have an extremely huge benefit to their cultivations.

Sitting at the highest point of the Nine Heavenly Steps, Mu Chen raised his head to look at the golden rain descending from the skies. With a thought, a powerful suction force erupted from his body, instantly absorbing a large stretch of the golden rain.


As the golden raindrops came into contact with Mu Chen, it quietly seeped into his body. At that instant, a furious shiver seemed to shake through his body, while abnormally clear and refreshing fluctuations rippled and propagated out. Those fluctuations were exceedingly mysterious, appearing akin to the influx of holy water. Unexpectedly, the wounds that were caused from the great fight with Mo Xingtian started to heal at an astonishing rate.

His dried-up Spiritual Energy started to surge and replenish itself at a rapid pace.

“Such a strange energy.”

Mu Chen sighed in admiration. As the golden drops entered his body, he was able to feel that his blood, flesh and bones had turned into hungry ghosts, crazily devouring the golden raindrops. This wasn’t something voluntarily done by him, but a result of his innate body function. That’s because he was able to feel that the mysterious golden rain was having an extremely good benefit to him.

Entering into a drunk state amidst that wonderful and miraculous feeling, all the pores on Mu Chen’s body appeared to have opened wide, making it hard for him to extricate himself from it.

However, still being lucid, Mu Chen continued to circulate his Spiritual Energy, with suction force erupting out from him, continuously sucking in the in the descending golden raindrops. Standing at the topmost position, there was absolutely no one that could compete against him for the Strength of Baptism. However, being so abundant and vigorous at this position, he was unable to covet all of it for himself. Therefore, 70% of the remaining Strength of Baptism continued to flow downwards.

Mu Chen didn’t feel any regret towards it. Of all the Strength of Baptism present, he was able to claim 30% of it, with the other experts on the Nine Heavenly Steps being able to claim 30 to 40%. The remaining 20 to 30% was left for the experts present at the bottom to absorb. However, due to the number of people being too high of a number, after the distribution of the Strength of Baptism, each individual present there could only absorb a sliver of it. Therefore, being able to claim 30% of it by himself was more than enough to cause people’s eyes to turn red.

As the strength of baptism continued to descend from the sky, a faint golden glow started to appear on the surface of Mu Chen’s body. From afar, he appeared to possess a golden body.

Gradually calming himself down, Mu Chen finally sunk his consciousness down to a training state.

Slivers of Strength of Baptism penetrated Mu Chen’s blood, flesh, bones and meridians, before finally condensing and dripping into Mu Chen’s aurasea.

From there, Mu Chen’s Divine Soul quietly sat within. Golden glowing rain drops condensed within the little hands of the Divine Soul. Faintly, a crystal-like structure appeared, looking abnormally mysterious and abstruse.

As Mu Chen sunk his consciousness within the Divine Spiritual Baptism, huge waves blotting the skies started to rise on the outside of the Divine Spiritual Mountain. A war that would shake the Northern Heavens Continent was about to erupt.

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