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Chapter 406 – Bone of a Heavenly Sovereign

A small bone as white as jade, yet it caused the heavens and earth to shake under its prestige. Naturally, with other trembling present, there was also Mu Chen, staring with his eyes wide open.

At this moment, Mu Chen was staring tightly at the white bone, his heart pounding hard and rapidly. From the pressure radiating from it, the white bone was naturally left behind by the Heavenly Sovereign that had sat and passed away here in the ancient antiquity. If this was known by the fellows outside of the tornado they would definitely risk their lives to snatch and obtain it with their hands.

It was fortunate that he took action fast, not waiting for the spatial gales to weaken before entering the tornado. If such a treasure was revealed out in the open, god knows what kind of carnage and slaughter it would attract. At that time, Mu Chen would truly not have the confidence to obtain such a treasure in front of those bloodshot madmen who would be close to losing their minds.

Bang! Bang!

Suppressing his rapidly pounding heart, Mu Chen’s face changed in the next instant as he felt the mysterious black paper within his aurasea trembling with increasing intensity. This feeling appeared as if it was about to forcefully break out from his body.

“Stop jumping about! After I’ve obtained that item, there’s naturally a part for you!”

A bitter feeling hung within Mu Chen’s mouth as he kept on repeating those words in his mind. He held the mysterious black paper within his body with extreme importance. If it was to rush out of his body, and by the off chance was unable to return, he would truly vomit blood today. He would rather not come into contact with the bone of the Heavenly Sovereign, rather than lose that mysterious black paper within his body due to one careless mistake.

As if hearing the cries of Mu Chen, the trembling of the mysterious black paper finally started to slowly weaken. This made Mu Chen wipe the cold sweat on his forehead in relief. He didn’t dare to presume the possibility of any spiritual consciousness of this mysterious black paper. Nevertheless, it possessed some sentience, being able to feel the thoughts and feelings of the person it was in.

As the mysterious black paper calmed down, Mu Chen turned his gaze back towards the jade-white bone within the clump of light. After hesitating for a bit, he started to close in. As he got closer, not a single movement was observed from the jade-white bone as it floated quietly within the clump of light.

Staring at the jade-white bone calmly floating there, Mu Chen gave a ferocious clench of his teeth, while extending his hand out to grab it.


At the very instant when Mu Chen’s hand had grabbed whole of the white bone, an astonishing amount of lightning seemed to explode within his body. As his face turned red, a mouthful of blood spurted out. At this moment, his expression violently contorted as he felt an indescribably frightening pressure radiating from the white bone, completely enveloping his entire body.

At this moment, his body appeared to have been pressed under a mountain range that spanned to the heavens, causing creaking sounds to ring out from his entire body. If not for him having cultivated his Thunder God Physique, he would have been immediately crushed into bits. However, even with that, blood started to flow out from every pore of his body, while his body started to intensely tremble.

This white bone was just a small part of the bones left behind by the Heavenly Sovereign when he had passed away while sitting here. Nevertheless, the strength it possessed was not something that a person on the level of Mu Chen could come into contact with.

Clenching his teeth tightly, blood started flowing out from the corners of his mouth. Nevertheless, regardless of his life, Mu Chen didn’t relax his grip on the white bone. At this moment, a stubborn and unyielding expression that would cause people to be moved was displayed on his handsome face.

Bang! Bang!

The peals of lightning exploding within his body continued to increase in frequency, with even his Spiritual Energy being shaken to the point of turning into complete turmoil. As Mu Chen’s face grew increasingly red, yet another mouthful of blood spurted out from him.

The hand grabbing onto the white bone trembled as blood continued to drip and flow from it, causing the white bone to be completely soaked in blood.

However, just as Mu Chen was about to give up in helplessness, deep abstruse rays of black brilliance suddenly erupted from the mysterious black paper. Ancient words seemed to surface from within the black brilliance, before transforming into streaks of black lights, shooting out from within.


Sounds akin to an ancient mantra rang out from Mu Chen’s body. The Qi and aura churning within his body, as well as his Spiritual Energy that had erupted out, had unexpectedly become calm and tranquil in an instant. Even the terrifying peals of thunder ringing within his body had started to slowly turn quiet under the sounds of the ancient mantra.

At this moment, unconcealable ecstasy and elation erupted on Mu Chen’s face.

This mysterious black paper had finally started to show movement!

As the mantra rang out, Mu Chen’s arm, which was shaking intensely, had also calmed down. In the next instant, he noticed incomparably ancient words transforming into black streaks of light, rushing out from his body, before wrapping around that jade-like white bone. As the black streaks of light circled the bone, they appeared to stain it like ink, quickly suppressing the brilliance radiating from it.

Within a short span of a dozen breaths, the white bone had already transformed into one of a jet-black colour, akin to being smothered within ink. As for the frightening pressure radiating from it, it appeared to have been sealed up, with not a single hint of it remaining.

Mu Chen finally regained the freedom of his body, causing him to breath a deep sigh of relief, before casting a shocked and doubtful gaze towards the black-coloured bone, which had stopped showing any abnormal signs of activity. Why would this bone of a Heavenly Sovereign be sealed up by the mysterious black paper?

“Exactly where did this mysterious black paper come from?”

Mu Chen muttered to himself while feeling slightly shocked within his heart. This mysterious black paper could not only seal and suppress an ancient ominous weapon like the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, it also sealed something like the remnants of a Heavenly Sovereign. This thing truly was slightly frightening. Although he still wasn’t able to make an estimate of its origin, Mu Chen was absolutely sure that this mysterious black paper was extremely, extremely terrifying.


While Mu Chen was still in a daze as he thought about the black paper, low and deep bangs rang from the outside, causing him to immediately regain his clarity. Turning around to look, he saw that the gigantic tornado and surrounding storm appeared to have started to slowly dissipate away, with the spatial gales also following suit.

“I’ve to hurry up and get away from here!”

Feeling startled by this, Mu Chen hastily stored the jet-black bone away. Although he didn’t suffer severe injuries earlier, he had suffered some due to the pressure radiating out from the white bone, which had impacted his combat capability. If anyone was to spot his less than ideal condition, he would be hardpressed to say that nothing would happen; after all, there were too many people covertly eying this place.

With a shift of his body, Spiritual Light condensed below his feet, before transforming into a gigantic shadow of a dragon. Carrying Mu Chen on it’s back, with a wave of its body, it pierced through the dissipating tornado and storms, before rapidly retreating from there.


At the same time, on the earth below, the various experts present had also sensed the weakening spatial gales in their surroundings, causing happiness and elation to gush out from their eyes. Staring towards the weakening tornado and storms with scorching gazes, their bodies grew taut, waiting for the moment to immediately dash in to obtain the treasure at the very instant the storms dissipated away.

Within the skies, Xia Youran and Liu Ying were still in confrontation with each other, both parties shooting incomparably cold and frosty gazes towards each other, while Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies swept out from them. Although they were currently like daggers in a drawn state, they did not reveal their true strength, since both of them were extremely clear about the tyrannical strength of the opposite party. In an exchange, regular methods would definitely not work against either of them. However, if they were to use their true skills, there would definitely be prices that needed to be paid. As of now, they have yet to arrive at the area of the baptism. If they were to go all-out now, it would be tantamount to giving a heaven-sent opportunity to other people.

Therefore, regardless of the anger and fury present within Liu Ying’s heart, he didn’t dare to be reckless under the watchful gaze of Xia Youran.

“Hmph! The spatial gales are about to dissipate. At that time, when everyone rushes forward, that brat won’t be able to escape, even if he prays to the gods!” said Liu Ying in a dark voice.

“There’s no need for you to worry about him.” replied Xia Youran with a sneer.

A chilling glint flashed within Liu Ying’s eyes upon hearing her reply. However, just as he was able to speak out, a dragon roar suddenly resounded across the skies. Liu Ying hastily raised his head, only to see an illusionary shadow of a dragon surface within the dissipating storms. Waving its tail, the dragon appeared in a place a thousand feet away from Liu Ying in a flash. Such speed of the dragon caused even Liu Ying to be startled.


As the dragon roar resounded, under the amazed looks of the people below, the dragon shadow quickly disappeared into the horizon far away.

Everyone stared in amazement as the dragon shadow disappeared into the horizon, before raising their heads again, only to see that the tornado and the storms in the sky had already dissipated away. However, there was not a single presence of the Spiritual Treasure that was once present within it, as if the tornado and storms had vanished into thin air.

A moment of silence hung over all of the experts present in this stretch of the world.

“That dragon shadow earlier seems to be from that brat…”

“Fucking shit! He snatched the Spiritual Treasure away!”

“Such running speed!”


After the moment of silence, furious shouts and curses violently erupted in the skies as the faces of many experts turned green with rage. They had painstakingly waited here for more than half a day, waiting with great difficulty for the storms to dissipate. Yet, in the end, Mu Chen had already snatched the treasure and fled. The most hateful thing was that they had actually stared with open eyes as he ran away.

“Chase him! Don’t let him get away!”

In the end, there were still some people who weren’t willing to give up, roaring out in fury as they furiously shot towards the direction where the dragon shadow had disappeared to.

Looking towards the direction the dragon shadow had disappeared to with her beautiful eyes, Xia Youran gave a sweet laugh as she thought, That smelly brat’s truly fast at slipping away. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, he should have gotten the treasure into his hands.

Sweeping her gaze out, she shot a look towards Liu Ying, noticing the ashen expression present on the latter’s face. It could be considered that he had been taught a vicious lesson by Mu Chen today. Not only was he unable to subdue the latter, he had even allowed the latter to snatch the treasure and smoothly slip away.

“Hehe. Look’s like your wish has truly gone down the drain,” said Xia Youran with a grin, while the Spiritual Energy radiating from her that blotted the skies started to slowly dissipate away. Since Mu Chen had managed to successfully slip away, there was naturally no more need for her to hang around this irksome fellow anymore.

Shooting a dark look at Xia Youran, Liu Ying replied in a chilling tone, “I don’t believe that brat’s gonna hide just like that. As long as he dares to enter the area of the baptism, I’ll naturally be able to capture him, and have him obediently hand the item over!”

As his voice rang out, Liu Ying didn’t stay there any longer. With a wave of his sleeve, he brought along his heart brimming with hatred as he turned around and left. Today, he had truly thrown his face away.

Seeing the back figure of Liu Ying in the distance, Xia Youran gave a sneer. With a move of her alluring figure, she headed towards the opposite direction of him, leaving behind those on the ground staring at each other, with not a single harvest at all. After a brief moment, the experts gave a helpless sigh as they thought, All of this for nothing.

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