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Chapter 407 – Blood Essence of a Heavenly Sovereign


A streak of light shot across the sky at an astonishing speed, leaving behind faintly discernable dragon roars ringing out behind. That was an illusionary shadow of a dragon, with a figure present on its back. Howling as it travelled across the horizon, it shot across the skies at an astonishing speed.

Standing on the back of the dragon shadow, Mu Chen looked towards the earth that was rapidly increasing in distance from him, while an expression of sighing in admiration appeared within his eyes. The speed of the Dragon Soaring Art was truly way too fast. No wonder why the White Dragon Sovereign was able to smoothly flee from the encirclement of multiple Sovereigns from the Dragon Demonic Palace that year.

According to Mu Chen’s current comprehension of the “Dragon Soaring Art”, he knew that this Dragon Soaring Art was divided roughly into a few phases. The first phase was the “Dragon Shadow”. The second phase was the “Dragon Soaring”, with the third phase being “Dragon Evasion”. As of now, with his strength breaking into the Heavenly Completion stage, having drastically improved, compared to before, Mu Chen’s Dragon Soaring Art had progressed to the second phase, “Dragon Soaring”. Upon reaching this phase, one’s Spiritual Energy would be able to cause a giant dragon to surface from one’s body. With this giant dragon, it was able to carry Mu Chen to travel across the heavens and earth, with its speed appearing as if it could chase after the stars and moon.

Mu Chen was confident that with his current speed, Heavenly Completion Stage, even those experts that have passed through the first of the Three Sovereign Disasters, the Human Body Disaster, wouldn’t be able to catch up to him.

Due to this very reason, Mu Chen dared to snatch the treasure in front of the eyes of so many experts who were covertly eying it, since he had the confidence to safely leave after snatching the treasure.

“I don’t know how long it’ll take before I can reach the third phase, ‘Dragon Evasion’…” muttered Mu Chen to himself. It’s said that if one was able to cultivate the Dragon Soaring Art to the phase of “Dragon Evasion”, one could transform one’s body into that of a giant dragon. At that time, one would be able to pierce through space, causing even normal Sovereigns to bite one’s dust.

A moment of yearn for that hung within Mu Chen’s mind, before he regained his thoughts about his current position. Looking towards the far distance behind him, he was able to faintly discern some Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from there. Looks like there’re some fellows that aren’t willing to give up on attempting to snatch the treasure from me, huh?

“I’ve to first find a place to recover and recuperate.”

Mu Chen muttered to himself. Furthermore, he was burning with impatience to see exactly what uses that bone of a Heavenly Sovereign had.

As this thought flashed within his mind, Mu Chen immediately reacted, causing the giant dragon below his feet to explosively increase in speed. In a flash, he and the dragon disappeared across the horizon. After some time, he appeared within a range of towering mountainous ridges. Waving his sleeve, the giant dragon shadow below him dissipated away, while he rushed down, descending within a small concealed mountain valley.

Within the depths of the mountain valley, Mu Chen found a mountain crevice to drill himself into, before sitting down with crossed legs. Before he started to look at the bone, he withdrew all of his Spiritual Energy aura, turning to something akin to a rock, masking himself within the mountain’s crevice.

Not long after withdrawing his Spiritual Energy fluctuations, whooshing sounds started to ring out in the sky as figures shot across in succession. As they scanned their vicinity to no avail, unwilling curses and shouts rang out from them before they started to head off towards the distance.

Within the mountain, Mu Chen’s faintly shut eyes started to slowly open, while an amused smile curled up from the corner of his mouth. In the next moment, his expression turned extremely serious as his hands carefully retrieved the jet-black Heavenly Sovereign’s bone that had turned abnormally quiet.

At this moment, remaining abnormally quiet, the Heavenly Sovereign’s bone didn’t radiate with any of the past pressure that it possessed before, appearing incomparably common and ordinary-looking.

Playing around with it in his hands for a while, a frown started to appear on his forehead. After a while, he twitched his mouth in helplessness, since he discovered that no matter what he did, not a single reaction was garnered from the jet-black bone. He had attempted to circulate Spiritual Energy into it, but to no avail, since Spiritual Energy would just get unreasonably shaken off upon contact with the black bone.

Clearly, after sealing the Heavenly Sovereign’s bone, the mysterious black paper had isolated all ways that people could use to search for the bone.

Holding onto the black bone, Mu Chen gave a bitter laugh. Looks like the only way is to get the mysterious black paper to take action. With his little bit of strength, it was simply impossible for him to dip his finger into this treasure.

You’re the best, you’re the boss. I leave it up to you.

Mu Chen muttered in his heart.

Just as his voice rang out within his heart, the mysterious black paper within his aurasea erupted with rays of black brilliance. Rays of brilliance surfaced on the the thin piece of black paper like the most ancient of writings, recording about the mysteries of the world, appearing none the more mysterious.


A ray of brilliance shot out from the mysterious black paper, before gushing out from Mu Chen’s palm, aiming straight at that tiny black bone.

Chi! Chi!

The black colour on the bone quickly withdrew, turning back into its sparkling and lustrous form in the short span of a few breaths, appearing exceedingly perfect, like a piece of pure jade. Furthermore, this time, there wasn’t any of the previous intense reaction that came from the Heavenly Sovereign’s bone, like in the past, as it quietly sat within Mu Chen’s palm.

Converging his mind over, Mu Chen observed the abnormal glossiness on the surface of the jade-like bone, with not a single trace of blemish present, akin to a perfect piece of artwork. Furthermore, due to the sparkling and lustrous appearance of the jade-like bone, Mu Chen was even able to see a drop of what it seemed to be golden-coloured blood slowly circulating within.

There’s actually the blood essence of the Heavenly Sovereign within this jade-like bone?!

Looking at the golden blood essence within the bone, Mu Chen’s hearted started to rapidly pound. That’s the blood essence of a Heavenly Sovereign! Although it was only just a little bit present, even Sovereign stage experts would turn bloodshot when faced with such a thing. Although it was said that there was a Heavenly Sovereign that had passed away in the ancient antiquity while sitting within the Divine Spiritual Mountain range, after the passing of time, everything of the Heavenly Sovereign should have been washed away by the sands of time. Even powerful blood essence should have gradually faded away during such a long length of time. However, who would have imagined that there would actually be a few drops of it remaining within this jade-like bone.

This was truly a treasure!

Mu Chen could feel his breath turning exceedingly rough and loud.


Although Mu Chen was ecstatic about the golden blood essence before his eyes, humming sounds started to ring out from the mysterious black paper in his aurasea once again.

As that happened, the jade-like bone started to slowly float up from Mu Chen’s palm. In the next moment, Mu Chen observed rays of brilliance radiating out from it. As for the few drops of golden blood essence, they had unexpected started to slowly spread out from within the jade-like bone, before floating quietly in front of Mu Chen.

Pale rays of golden light radiated from them, causing the entire crevice to be illuminated in a golden hue. Mu Chen tightly stared at the few drops of golden blood essence. Although he wasn’t able to feel overly astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from them, he was able to faintly discern the terrifying energy contained within those few drops of blood essence.

Even a Sovereign would be met with exceedingly astonishing and face-changing shock.

Furthermore, there appeared to be low and deep peals of thunder ringing out from within the golden blood essence. From the looks of it, when the Heavenly Sovereign was still alive, he or she might have cultivated in some kind of special martial art that possessed a Lightning attribute. Only then would his or her blood essence possess such frightening powers of lightning.


All of a sudden, those few drops of golden blood essence transformed into a golden rays of light, shooting straight towards Mu Chen. In the next instant, in front of his incomparably astonished gaze, it drilled straight into his body.

This unforeseen turn of events caused inconsolable terror to instant erupt within Mu Chen’s heart. Indeed, his eyes were watering due to the blood essence of the Heavenly Sovereign. However, with his current level of strength, he was simply unable to enjoy such a thing. Even a single drop of it would cause his body to explode apart!


Without giving the slightest bit of care about the wishes of Mu Chen, the golden blood essence rushed straight into his body, piercing through his blood, flesh and meridians. With an astonishing speed, it proceeded to dissipate within Mu Chen’s body, causing a him to feel as if a drop of ink has been dipped into a vat of water.

Bang! Bang!

Frightening clashes of thunder started to resound within Mu Chen’s body once again, causing his face to turn deathly-pale. At this moment, he could feel a terrifying amount of energy suddenly erupting from within his body, seemingly wanting to explode his body apart.

This energy’s too frightening, and he was completely unable to endure it!

However, just as Mu Chen was about to fall into despair, not stopping for long within his blood and flesh, the golden blood essence rushed straight into the depths of his body. Drilling straight into his aurasea, it finally sank right into the mysterious black paper.

Chi! Chi!

As the golden blood essence drilled into the mysterious black paper, the latter started trembling for a moment as golden runic patterns seemed to appear on its surface, one after another. Those runic patterns seemed to consist of ancient writings from the depths of the mysterious black paper, radiating with endless mystery and a feeling of being immeasurable.

The thing concealed within the mysterious black paper appeared to have been activated by the blood essence of the Heavenly Sovereign!

Although Mu Chen as extremely interested to know exactly what background the mysterious black paper had, he could not afford to have the slightest bit of stray thoughts at this moment. Although the golden blood essence has been completely absorbed by the latter, slight traces of the golden blood essence had stuck to Mu Chen’s blood and flesh when it had pierced through his body.

Just this tiny little trace of remnants was still exceedingly frightening to Mu Chen.

Therefore, Mu Chen’s entire body had transformed into something like a furnace at this moment, with all the blood and flesh in his body needing to burn.

Golden arcing rays carried along golden-coloured lightning brilliance, piercing and weaving about in Mu Chen’s blood and flesh. Intense pain started to wrack out from Mu Chen’s entire body, causing green veins to bulge and swell at his temples, making him appear exceedingly fierce and malevolent.

Fuck his mother! He was already unable to endure it anymore! Nevertheless, the mysterious black paper had already sank into a state of transformation, completely unable to provide the slightest bit of help to him.

Now, he could only rely on himself!

Clenching his teeth tightly, with a wave of his sleeve, a lotus flower congealed from black-coloured lightning liquid appeared in a flash. This was the Lightning God’s Lotus that he had obtained after previously helping the Northern Sea Dragon. This Lightning God’s Lotus had an extremely beneficial effect towards the tempering of one’s physique. After obtaining it, Mu Chen had been relying on the energy of the Lightning God’s Lotus to cultivate his Thunder God Physique ever since.

As of now, his situation was exceedingly dangerous! The remnants of the Heavenly Sovereign’s blood essence was too frightening, almost causing his body to explode under its might! Now, he needed to promote his already tyrannical physique up a notch! If not, it would be extremely hard for him to escape from this life-threatening disaster.

Sitting on the Lightning God’s Lotus, Mu Chen forcefully suppressed his body, which seemed to want to ignite and burst into flames. Bringing his hands together to form a seal, he started to circulate the cultivation method of the Thunder God Physique. Although he was in extreme danger at this moment, it could also be said that he had an extreme stroke of luck. If he was able to absorb and refine the energy contained within the Heavenly Sovereign’s blood essence remnants, his Thunder God Physique might be able to achieve a breakthrough, yet again!

If he was able to successfully breakthrough, Mu Chen’s strength would be heavily promoted! However, if he failed to breakthrough, it would be extremely hard for him to keep his little life past today!

Mu Chen clenched his teeth. At this moment, the only thing he could do was to fight with all he had!

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