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Chapter 405 – Severed Arm

At the very instant when Mu Chen’s finger had turned jet-black, Wu Dong seemed to have also discovered it, causing a unconcealable chill to suddenly flood through his mind. As cold sweat erupted from him, drenching his entire body, the senses that he had honed for all the years of training and cultivation had caused him to feel a sensation of life-threatening unease at this moment.

Therefore, he had halted the punch he was about to send out seemingly at that instant. The strong gales caused by his sudden reversal caused the Spiritual Energy in his body to churn and slosh around. Nevertheless, not caring a damn about this, he forced himself to retreat as fast as he could.

“Isn’t it a bit too late to walk away now?”

However, the instant when he had stepped back, Mu Chen’s cold and frosty voice rang out like maggots in one’s tarsus. The handsome face of the youth was now engulfed in chilling intent. Taking a step out, a giant dragon shadow seemed to surface at the bottom of his feet. Carrying him on its back, his step forward caused him to appear as if he was piercing through space.

Like a spectre, he appeared right before the retreating Wu Dong, that black fingertip shooting towards the throat of the latter at lightning speed.

That jet-black finger appeared akin to the sickle of the grim reaper, radiating with a dense aura of death.

His speed was too quick, too the point that Wu Dong was unable to react in time, only managing to send a rebounding arm to shield in front of his body, while erupting his Spiritual Energy out in defense.


The jet-black finger pierced through. As the boundless Spiritual Energy defense came into contact with the jet-black finger, crackling sounds immediately erupted from it, before started to dissolve away. Like an incomparably sharp dagger, Mu Chen’s fingertip pierced straight into Wu Dong’s arm like a bolt of lightning.

As the fingertip pierced through, it brought along a spray of fresh blood.

As Wu Dong’s figure miserably retreated back, he was incomparably shocked to see his arm turning jet black at an astonishing speed. At this moment, a black colour started to crazily extending across his body.

This was a frightening poison!

Overwhelmed with shock, Wu Dong hastily tried to circulate his Spiritual Energy in an attempt to force the poison out from his body. However, as his Spiritual Energy made contact with the black poison, Wu Dong discovered, to his horror, that the Spiritual Energy in his body was unexpected being corroded by the poison at a rapid pace! That Spiritual Energy had unexpectedly turned into a highly toxic poison at this moment!

He was completely unable to force it out!

Such overbearing poison!

At this moment, Wu Dong’s face turned deathly pale as he thought, What kind of poison is this? ! It’s actually so overbearing! Even Spiritual Energy will get contaminated by it!

As the black-coloured poison lines started to rapidly extend, Wu Dong’s eyes turned bloodshot. In the next moment, with a furious clench of his teeth, he turned his hand into a blade. As Spiritual Energy surged out, he gave a vicious chop down at the base of his arm, violently slashing down.


A fierce shriek rang out of Wu Dong’s mouth as the arm, having already turned jet-black, detached from his body and flew down from the sky, spurting out blood that had already turned jet-black. As it left his body, the cut off arm rapidly rotted away, turning into black-coloured ashes in a short span of a few breaths, before scattering apart.

Retreating in an extremely miserable fashion, Wu Dong’s face appeared deathly-pale, with his forehead dripping with sweat. At this moment, the gaze shooting towards Mu Chen had turned into one of incomparable dread and terror. That poison’s too terrifying!

Seeing this, a slight frown appeared on Mu Chen’s forehead. It was extremely hard for him to grasp the opportunity to display his “Black Lightning Poison Finger”. He never imagined that Wu Dong would be that decisive to actually chop his arm off upon discovering the inability to dispel the overbearing poisonous aura.

“One more time!”

With a cold and detached smile on his face, Mu Chen’s figure shot out once again. Seeing this, Wu Dong was terror-stricken, turning stiff with fear, no longer daring to take action against Mu Chen anymore. Turning around, he became an extremely sorry figure as he fled away. A roar filled with fury and anger rang out along with the spatial gales in the sky, “For the enmity of my arm, I’ll definitely take my revenge, Mu Chen!”

Looking at the figure of Wu Dong fleeing in horror, a faint smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face, before the jet-black finger started to slowly regain its original colour. With every use, that “Black Lightning Poison Finger” would decreasing in toxicity. Therefore, he couldn’t just use it in any normal occasion, and left it as a hidden ace. If he didn’t need to chase that Wu Dong away as fast as possible, he wouldn’t have used it at all. However, he never imagined that this “Black Lightning Poison Finger” would actually be that overbearing. Just a single touch was enough to waste away an entire arm of Wu Dong’s.

He never proceeded to chase after the fleeing Wu Dong. Although he had completely trashed the latter, the current him had a more important matter to attend to.

Turning his body around, he looked towards the depths of the tornado. In the next moment, his figure explosively shot towards it. Now, he needed to grasp the best timing to obtain that Spiritual Treasure!

As Wu Dong fled away, the various experts below could faintly hear the furious roars of the former ringing out from the tornado. Hearing those angry roars, their expressions slightly changed. Nevertheless, due to the obstruction of the storm, they were able to determine exactly what had appeared during that moment.

The faint smile originally present on Liu Ying’s face started to slowly turn dark. Clearly, he had felt that something was not quite right.


As everyone was guessing about what had happened, a glowing figure suddenly shot out from the tornado storm in an extremely miserable fashion, immediately drawing all of their gazes.

And there, Wu Dong was fleeing in terror, a deathly-pale shadow present on his face, body drenched in cold sweat. He appeared as miserable as a stray dog on the streets, completely different from the arrogant aura of a City Lord that he had shown at the very beginning.

As their gazes shot over to Wu Dong, before finally resting on his missing arm, the eyes of quite a few people furiously narrowed, while thick feelings of terror and dread erupted within their minds.

That Wu Dong had actually lost an arm in such a short span of time?!

That Mu Chen’s unexpectedly that formidable? Relying on his strength at Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, he not only forced Wu Dong to retreat, he even caused him to lose an arm?! How is this possible?!

The hearts of every expert tremored in shock as their expressions continued to fluctuate.

At this moment, Liu Ying had also seen the current state of Wu Dong. Therefore, the dark shadow originally present on his face became even darker to the point of being able to frighten people. Clenching his hands as tightly as he could, his handsome face had started to slowly warp and distort. That waste Wu Dong! He had actually been injured into such a state?!

While fury exploded within Liu Ying’s heart, Xia Youran was also baffled by the scene unfurling before her, with her beautiful eyes brimming with shock and astonishment. She knew that Mu Chen being able to represent the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy meant that that he definitely possessed some redeeming qualities to warrant so. However, she never imagined that the latter would actually be able to injure Wu Dong to such a degree in such a short span of time.

Regardless of anything, that Wu Dong’s a person that had experienced the Human Body Disaster. Although he had failed to pass through it, he was still much strong than any other normal Heavenly Completion Stage. However, it seems as if she had still underestimated that little fellow Mu Chen.

Gently crossing her jade-like arms in front of her ample bosom, Xia Youran breathed a sigh of relief, while the chilling intent originally present on her lovable face completely faded away. Staring amusingly at Liu Ying, whose handsome face had slightly warped, she said, “Look’s like your wish didn’t come true, after all.”

Hearing her words, Liu Ying’s gaze turned dark as fury and angry rushed out of his heart. With a dark voice, he replied, “It’s too early to be happy. Since Wu Dong’s useless, let me personally test how much he’s worth!”

As his voice rang out, Liu Ying stomped his foot, sending himself rocketing straight into the sky. In an instant, an extremely powerful wave of Spiritual Energy swept out from him like a giant sphere. Unexpectedly, it caused the spatial gales wreaking havoc in this region to be completely unable to reach within a range of a few hundred feet of him!

This scene instantly caused the crowd of experts to feel shocked as dreadful expressions appeared on their faces as they looked towards the figure radiating with a terrifying aura. Tremors shook through their shocked hearts a they thought, Is this the highest level of the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Continent? From the looks of it, that Liu Ying might have already passed through the first of the Three Sovereign Disasters, the Human Body Disaster, right?

“This Liu Ying wants to personally take action!” Some people exclaimed out in shock, before their gazes turned scorching hot. Generally speaking, a person on the level of Liu Ying would only personally take action at the area of the baptism. No one ever imagined that he would actually be forced to take action by Mu Chen, whose strength was only at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase.

“You dare, Liu Ying?!”

Frowning deeply, with a move of her alluring body, Xia Youran shot forward like a bolt of lightning, appearing right before Liu Ying. Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies immediately swept out from her, causing her exquisitely voluptuous and alluring body to glow with luster. This caused her skin to appear as white as snow, resulting in her looking incomparably alluring and soul-stirring.

“Xia Youran!”

A deep roar of fury rang out from Liu Ying. Sending a dark gaze towards Xia Youran, who had obstructed his path, a fierce roar rang out, “Step aside!”

“I advise you not to go too overboard, Liu Ying!” replied Xia Youran. At this moment, her lovable face had turned ice-cold as wave-like Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies swept out from behind her, appearing like a giant sea. Faced against Liu Ying, who was radiating a terrifying aura, not a single hint of fear nor dread was present on her, as her ice-cold voice rang out through the sky.

“With me here, I’ll absolutely not let you touch a single bit of him!”

Hearing her reply, Liu Ying’s face grew even more cold and dark. Seeing Xia Youran wanting to protect Mu Chen to such lengths caused the flames within his heart to flare to greater heights. Unable to contain his impulsion to rip the latter into thousands of pieces, he took a step forward. Waves of pressure formed by Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies enveloped Xia Youran as an explosive roar rang out, “Then, I’ll see if you’ve any ability to prevent me from touching single bit of him!”

“Come and try!”

As she roared her reply, Xia Youran had similarly taken a step forward, coming into a head-on collision with him. Two powerful Spiritual Energy pressure waves smashed violently against one another, causing thunderous explosions to ring out. As the pressure waves expanded out, the breathing of quite a few experts present below turned sluggish, with them not daring to take deep breaths of air. From the looks of it, the two characters present within the peak of the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Continent seemed to be ready to take action against one another.

The surrounding atmosphere appeared to have frozen up, with even the rampaging spatial gales being unable to blow in their vicinity.

Within the air, the two figures coldly stared at one another, with the atmosphere being of mutual hostility.

As the two people stood in confrontation, Mu Chen had already smoothly reached the deepest region of the tornado. Within its eye, the incomparably rampant spatial winds were completely absent. The calmness here and the flurry of turmoil outside formed two pictures that were at the extremities of each other.

Floating in the eye of the tornado, Mu Chen sent his blazingly-hot gaze towards his front, where a clump of light radiated with dazzling brilliance. Within the centre of the clump of brilliance was a bone that appeared to be made of jade, quietly floating within. Indescribable fluctuations radiated from it, causing the surrounding air to slightly tremble.

This was a pressure that caused even the heavens and earth to tremble.

The pressure of a Heavenly Sovereign!

That jade bone was without a doubt left behind by a Heavenly Sovereign!

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