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Chapter 404 – Poisonous Finger

Looking coldly at the faintly smiling Liu Ying standing not too far from her, powerful Spiritual Energy started to swell around Xia Youran’s body, causing creaking sounds to ring out in the air. She had always been extremely irked by that Liu Ying, ever since the projects that their Chambers of Commerce had collaborated on. Although the two of them were tied together through an engagement, that was just for show, a beneficial agreement, and was known to everyone. However, who would have thought that this fellow would unexpected treat it as something real, and view her as something that was forbidden to be contacted by anyone, with any friend of the opposite sex that came close to her suffering his wrath and retribution?

Although it wasn’t good for Xia Youran to break all pretense with Liu Ying, due to the strength of the Umbra Chamber of Commerce. However, she felt extreme ire towards him, one that was growing increasingly deep as of now.

As of today, that fellow had suddenly targeted Mu Chen. Clearly, it was because of him getting close to her.

“Do you really think that I don’t dare to deal with you, Liu Ying?!” An ice-cold voice rang out of Xia Youran as her lovable face turned frosty.

Shrugging his shoulders, Liu Ying replied with a smile, “I only want for you to calm down for a bit, Youran. That brat’s ambition’s too big. Suffering a setback’s good thing for him.”

As he spoke, he sent a faint smile towards Xia Youran. “Furthermore, I didn’t personally take action against that brat, Youran, and that’s due to you. Therefore, you shouldn’t take action again, and just quietly sit back and enjoy the nice show. Isn’t that much better?”

With a sneer, Xia Youran replied, “Do you think you can obstruct me? Also, can that Wu Dong really deal with Mu Chen?”

“Haha. I know that Mo Longzi was defeated by that Mu Chen. However, Wu Dong isn’t Mo Longzi. Although he has failed his Human Body Disaster, within the Heavenly Completion Stage, I’m afraid that there aren’t many people that are his match,” replied Liu Ying with a faint smile.

Hearing his reply, Xia Youran slightly clenched her teeth. Nevertheless, although she was worried about Mu Chen, she naturally couldn’t reveal that thought on her face. With a cold snort, she cried out, “Let’s look and see!”

The Liu Ying before her was clearly staring right back at her, not letting her take action. Although Xia Youran wasn’t afraid of Liu Ying, she might get tied down by the latter, if they were to cross hands. In that way, it wouldn’t help Mu Chen in any way.

“Then, I’ll wait and see.”

Seeing the anger and fury present on Xia Youran’s beautiful face, the smile at the corner of his mouth appeared much richer. Crossing his hands behind his back, he turned to look towards the sky with a grin.


In the sky, Wu Dong’s speed increased to an extremely fast level, appearing like a streak of light, piercing through the spatial wind blades that blotted the skies. Fiercely staring at Mu Chen, who was also travelling through the spatial wind blades, he sent a furious pat out. The boundless winds that brought along boundless Spiritual Energy rushed out from his palm, piercing through the spatial wind blades, violently smashing towards Mu Chen’s figure.

When Wu Dong rushed towards the sky, Mu Chen had already discovered him. As of now, when the former had sent his attack out, a slightly chilly glint appeared within Mu Chen’s eyes. In the next instant, a dragon shadow surfaced around his body as he retreated a dozen steps back.Evading the incoming attack, he slightly turned his body, looking towards the figure shooting towards him.

“You’re called Mu Chen, right?” Looking towards Mu Chen, an indifferent smile appeared on Wu Dong’s face as he said, “Go down. This Spiritual Treasure isn’t something that you should put your fingers on.”

“Who are you?” asked Mu Chen with a frown. The man before him appeared to be roughly thirty years old in age, with the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from his body being even stronger than Mo Longzi during their fight.

“Heavenly Python City’s Lord, Wu Dong,”replied Wu Dong with the same indifferent tone. Nevertheless, a sliver of unconcealable arrogance could be heard from his voice.

Frowning as he pondered, Mu Chen replied with an emotionless voice, “Never heard of you before.”

Wu Dong’s expression immediately turned sluggish. He could be considered to have some reputation within the Northern Heavens Continent. After all, he had become a Lord of a city within a continent brimming with experts at such an age, which was considered an extraordinary achievement by itself. Therefore, Mu Chen’s response caused his eyes to faintly narrow, before sneering as he said, “The students taught by the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy are truly getting more and more rampant by the batch. No wonder why their prestige is dropping more and more as the years go by. Look’s like they really can no longer endure it, since they summoned up the guts to send someone like you to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain. However, I’m afraid that they’ll not be able to earn any reputation back, since they will throw their face away once again.”

“A small Heavenly Python City Lord dares to speak such rampant words, huh? Destroying you would just be a matter of a wave for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy,” replied Mu Chen with a frown, not showing a single shred of face for the so-called ‘Heavenly Python City Lord’.

“You damnable thing!” A roar rang out from Wu Dong, with his face finally turning dark. With a shift of his body, he explosively shot forward. Shadow fists howled out, bringing along boundless Spiritual Energy as heavy as mountains, enveloping all over Mu Chen.

Seeing this, Mu Chen didn’t engage into a head-on confrontation with him, and a dragon shadow rose from his body. While a dragon’s roar rang out, his speed explosively increased, while he rushed straight towards the inner region of the tornado.

“Are you able to run away today?” Seeing Mu Chen rushing into the tornado that’s wreaking havoc all around, the eyes of Wu Dong slightly narrowed. With a cold sneer, dazzling brilliance erupted from his armor, enveloping his entire body. Transforming into a glowing streak of light, he followed suit, rushing straight at the tornado.

As he dashed towards the tornado, Mu Chen could feel how formidable those spatial wind blades were. Even with the protection of the Wind Resistance Spiritual Pearl, the spatial wind blades that hid the skies and covered the earth caused red welts to appear on Mu Chen’s skin as they brought about their rotational energies, slashing furiously down on him.

Rotating his Spiritual Energy, lightning arcs sparked across the surface of his body as he forcefully endured the attacks that hid the skies and covered the earth, while flying rapidly towards the inner region of the tornado.

Not far behind him, green light sparkled as Wu Dong closely pursued him from behind. With the green armor protecting his body, causing the spatial wind blades shooting at his direction to completely disappear, he looked towards Mu Chen’s figure present in front of him. With a furious clench of his arm, a long halberd appeared in a flash. A shiver went through his arms as he sent an incomparably fierce wind blade sweeping out. Completely smashing apart all the spatial wind blades in its path, it moved forward, heading towards its intended victim.

“Don’t think about obtaining the treasure from under my nose today! That’ll be simply the ravings of a lunatic!”

Sensing the boundless wind blade shooting towards him from behind, a chilling glint flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes as he came to an abrupt halt. In the next instant, turning around, he sent a fist rumbling out. Spiritual Energy burning with black flames spewed out, completely smashing the incoming Spiritual Energy halberd shadow apart.


As his fist smashed the incoming Spiritual Energy halberd shadow apart, Mu Chen didn’t proceed forward once again; instead, he turned around, and dashed towards Wu Dong.

“You finally can’t endure anymore, huh? I thought that you’d be like a rabbit, continuing to run and flee away!” Seeing Mu Chen taking the initiative to rush towards him, a sneer instantly surfaced on the corner of Wu Dong’s mouth. This brat’s truly a greenhorn! Just like that, and he’s unable to endure any more! Did he think that I’m Mo Longzi?


As Mu Chen shot over, a frosty expression was present on his face. A seal formation appeared from his hands, before boundless Spiritual Energy rushed towards the skies. As the starry skies appeared, three gigantic beastial shadows appeared. In the next instant, bringing about astonishing might, they split space apart, smashing all of the incomparably berserk spatial gales in the surroundings apart.

“A bit of ability, huh?”

Looking at the three gigantic beastial shadows shooting his way, and sensing the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from them, caused Wu Dong’s eyes to faintly narrow. This attack had truly reached a level comparable to Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. Look’s like this Mu Chen didn’t rely completely on luck to defeat that Mo Longzi.

“Just that little bit of ability isn’t anything in front of me!”

With a furious shake of the halberd in his hand, Wu Dong thrust it straight out like a spear. Powerful Spiritual Energy swept out as the halberd’s shadow transformed into an incomparably gigantic python. As the gigantic python howled out, it merged with the body of the halberd, piercing straight towards the three gigantic beastial shadows.


Rampaging Spiritual Energy fluctuations rushed out, unexpectedly creating a hundred foot sphere of free space around them. At this moment, the spatial gales wreaking havoc in their surroundings were unable to intrude in this space.

On the ground below, various experts had raised their heads to look at the two figures intensely crossing hands within the devastated space in the gigantic tornado. This caused quite a few people to quietly click their tongues in admiration. Those two fellows truly had guts bigger than everyone else. The tornado was brimming with spatial gales, with one requiring to pay an extremely miserable price with just a lapse of judgement.

There were also quite a few people feeling shock and astonishment towards Mu Chen’s performance. Everyone present knew the level of Wu Dong’s strength. Although he had failed to cross his Human Body Disaster, he was absolutely stronger than an ordinary Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. Nevertheless, Mu Chen had actually dared to engage in a head-on confrontation against him, and wasn’t even in much of a disadvantageous position. This caused quite a few people to gasp in admiration; after all, his strength was only at the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase.


As rampaging Spiritual Energy swept out, Mu Chen’s figure shoot forward, while looking towards the halberd-wielding Wu Dong standing in the distance. At this moment, the frosty glint within his eyes grew increasingly thick, since he could feel that the spatial gales within the tornado gradually getting weaker. If he wasn’t able to deal with this Wu Dong soon, once the spatial gales scattered, the countless experts staring from below with bloodshot eyes might take action then. At that moment, wanting to snatch the treasure from that group of wolves would truly be extremely difficult. After all, Mu Chen knew that he wasn’t able to achieve victory over everyone by himself.

Therefore, he needed to get rid of the fellow in front of him in the fastest possible time!

As Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed, he transformed into a streak of light, shooting towards Wu Dong in a straight line. As he did so, black lightning arcs sparked across his body, while a powerful strength started to radiate out from within.

“You’ve cultivated a Body-Refining Divine Art?”

A poisonous glare shot out from Wu Dong’s eyes, since he could tell with one look how extraordinary Mu Chen was, while his sneer grew increasingly wide. Did this waste truly think that he would be very formidable after cultivating a Body-Refining Divine Art? Although he had fail his Human Body Disaster, he had still become extremely powerful. Even people who had cultivated in a Body-Refining Divine Art would be hard to compare to him.

“A brat that doesn’t know how high the heavens are! I’ll deal with you in a single move!”

A fierce and sinister glint flashed within Wu Dong’s eyes as a lustrous white light unexpectedly erupted from his body. At this moment, all the blood and flesh within his body seemed to flare up as an extremely powerful strength started to surge within his limbs and bones.

As he stomped on the air, his figure explosively shot forward. In a span of a few breaths, he had made contact within Mu Chen, with body of the other being able to feel the chilling intent erupting from each other’s eyes.

Pointing his fingers like spears, Mu Chen sent them piercing out, shattering all of the surrounding spatial gales apart in an abnormally swift and fierce manner.


With a sinister smile, Wu Dong clenched his hands into fists, while lustrous white light sparkled from them, causing them to appear akin to jade, hard and indestructible. This fist was more than sufficient to cause severe injuries to a Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase expert!

Nevertheless, faced against such an attack, Mu Chen, unexpectedly, did not dodge or evade. Piercing his two fingers forward, he smashed them towards Wu Dong’s wind fists.

At the instant of contact, Wu Dong seemed to see a cold and sinister smile slowly creeping up from the corner of Mu Chen’s mouth.

At the same time, one of Mu Chen’s fingers instantly turned incomparably jet-black.

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