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Chapter 396 – Divine Spiritual City

The Divine Spiritual Mountain was situated close the the centre of the Northern Heavens Continent. The place it was situated in was named as the Divine Spiritual Region, and possessed extreme fame and reputation within the Northern Heavens Continent.

It's said that the Divine Spiritual Mountain was passed down from the ancient antiquity to now. Originally, there wasn't anything special about this mountain. However, due to a Heavenly Sovereign sitting and passing away on the mountain, the originally normal mountain turned into something extraordinary. As if being sealed off by a unique and powerful energy, frightening Spiritual Energy from the world flooded and enveloped the mountain's surroundings, causing no one to carelessly intrude upon it.

This isolation would weaken once every few years. When that happened, the most prestigious occasion for the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent would start.

All of this was due to an enormous destiny-changing event known as the "Divine Spiritual Baptism" that occurred within the Divine Spiritual Mountain. For those people who were trying their best along the path to becoming a Sovereign, this possessed life-threatening enticement. At the same time, it was sufficiently enticing to move the hearts of many strong powers and influences. After all, within this endless Great Thousand World, only genuine Sovereigns could be said to have started on their paths of becoming experts. As long as a power or influence had a Sovereign-level existence, the progression of strength and the shock from others would reach a rather frightening degree.

Therefore, the numerous powers and influences of the Northern Heavens Continent had their eyes turned bloodshot for the sake of obtaining this "Divine Spiritual Baptism", doing their utmost to contend for it. All of this was to help their own geniuses to obtain this opportunity to ensure a strong foundation on their paths towards being a Sovereign.

Therefore, the entire Northern Heavens Continent would be lit abuzz every time the "Divine Spiritual Mountain" had opened up. All of those young geniuses nurtured wholeheartedly by the various powers and influences would fight and struggle for this baptism.

Therefore, this occasion could be said to represent the highest caliber of exchange between the younger generations within the Northern Heavens Continent.

It took Mu Chen and the group only half a day's worth of time to reach the Divine Spiritual Region from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The speed at which they did so caused Mu Chen to uncontrollably sigh in admiration. Truly worthy of a Sovereign-level existence. If it was him alone, even if he was to give his all to rush here, it would take him a minimum of a day to reach this place.

Upon their arrival, they immediately headed towards the main area of the Divine Spiritual Region under Dean Tai Cang's lead, where a city known as the Divine Spiritual City stood.

This Divine Spiritual City was erected at the base of the Divine Spiritual Mountain, and was extremely ancient. Due to the uniqueness of the Divine Spiritual Mountain, this city had already remained in a neutral footing, with not a single power or influence daring to recklessly occupy it. After all, such actions could attract the ire and unhappiness from the other powers and influences. With a lure such as the "Divine Spiritual Baptism", a single breeze might be able to incite an Extermination-level disaster on the initiator.

As of now, it was clearly the most liveliest period within a span of a few years for the Divine Spiritual City. Countless powers and experts have gathered here from all corners of the Northern Heavens Continent, with even some solitary experts rushing over. Even though they knew that all those strong powers would not give into reason for the sake of struggling for the "Divine Spiritual Baptism", the enticement it had was sufficient to cause reason and rationale to diminish.

All of this was due to the extreme fear and terror the "Three Sovereign Disasters" have on everyone. Human Body Disaster, Spiritual Energy Disaster and Spirit Disaster, with each one more terrifying that the previous one. With just a single mistake or error, one would turn into ashes, with even one's Divine Soul being unable to flee, completely disappearing from the world.

Countless experts have fallen from those three disasters, forever unable to climb back up again.

Therefore, within the eyes of many, the "Three Sovereign Disasters" were clearly more frightening than those strong powers and influences.

When the two terrors were compared side-by-side, it was naturally easy to weigh the disparity of terror between them.

Before arriving at the Divine Spiritual Mountain, Mu Chen shot a look at the far distance towards the back of the city. There stood the majestic silhouette of a mountain, faintly discernable within the spiritual mist that blotted the skies. The boundless degree of Spiritual Energy present there was sufficient to cause fright and dread in people's hearts. As the Spiritual Energy churned and surged around, sounds akin to peals of thunder could be heard, resounding across the world.

Looking at this scene before him, Mu Chen's eyes uncontrollably contracted.

"That's the Divine Spiritual Mountain."

Dean Tai Cang spoke out with a faint smile. "Look at the area over there. As long as one's a Sovereign-level expert, one would be unable to get close to there. That's because of the remnant pressure within that area, which should be left behind by the Heavenly Sovereign that had sat there and passed away. However, as long as one hasn't stepped into the realm of a Sovereign, one would be unable to sense that pressure. Therefore, while we are unable to get close to it, you are able to enter it. Haha. This might be due to the status that a Heavenly Sovereign has within the realm of Sovereigns."

Admiration and lamentation was present in Dean Tai Cang's voice as he explained to Mu Chen. Although being a Sovereign would mean that one had stepped onto the path of being an expert, a Heavenly Sovereign might be considered as the Emperor of Sovereigns. Faced against such an existence, with their strength, they didn't even possess the simplest of qualifications to resist.

After hearing Dean Tai Cang's explanation, Mu Chen quietly clicked his tongue while thinking, So Heavenly Sovereign are actually that strong? Just the remnant pressure in that area was more than enough to force an expert of a level like Dean Tai Cang to not dare to recklessly intrude upon it!

"Although this Divine Spiritual Mountain appears to not be far from here, it's being locked up in an isolated space. Only when a specific date has arrived will you be able to rely on the cracks that will appear to enter within."

Dean Tai Cang continued his explanations. "If you count the dates, three days from now should be the moment when the Divine Spiritual Mountain opens. As of now, the only thing we can do is to quietly wait for the moment to come."

Hearing those words, Mu Chen nodded his head.

"Let's head to the Divine Spiritual Pavilion. That's the place where the top powers and influences within Northern Heavens Continent will converge. Perhaps, you might be able to see those people that genuinely stand at the apex of the younger generations in this continent," said Dean Tai Cang as he waved his hand, before proceeding to head towards the grandest-looking pavillion within the city, with Mu Chen and the rest rapidly following suit.

At this moment, the entire Divine Spiritual City was in a fiery and explosive state. Within the air, countless rays of light streaked past, akin to swarms of locusts, appearing extremely spectacular. Furthermore, the absolute majority of the people present here were rather strong, causing shock and astonishment to surface within Mu Chen's heart. Indeed, there were crouching tigers and hidden dragons within this Northern Heavens Continent. Regardless of the people that he had seen in the White Dragon City or the Western Desolated City, compared to here, all of them were not even worth a mention.

Finally, Dean Tai Cang came to a stop in front of the pavilion. Raising his head to look at the top floor, he proceeded to faintly narrow his eyes. Clearly, he had felt some familiar fluctuations radiating from within. Looks like those old fellows of the Northern Heavens Continent have also come here.

"Mu Chen, you three can take a rest around here. I've to go visit some acquaintances." After bringing Mu Chen and the rest into the Divine Spiritual Pavilion, Dean Tai Cang gave a smile before speaking out to Mu Chen. The people present at the top floor were the regional Overlords within the Northern Heavens Continent. As such, the atmosphere present there was clearly not suitable for youths like Mu Chen.

After Mu Chen nodded his head in response, Dean Tai Cang, along with Hall Master Mo You and Elder Zhu Tian, headed towards the top floor. Present at the stairwell were excellent-looking guards. However, when those pretty strong guards noticed Dean Tai Cang and the two Elders, they didn't dare to create any obstruction, faintly bowing their bodies forward, and let the three head towards the top floor.

"Let's go and take a seat."

Shooting a smile towards Luo Li and Ling Xi, Mu Chen proceeded to find a place close to a window of the pavilion. As of now, this place had a good mix of scumbags and dragons, with uncountable numbers of powers and experts converged within. This was a rather good opportunity for him to observe exactly how many thorny characters were going to participate in this Divine Spiritual Mountain.

Just as Mu Chen was surveying his surroundings, there were quite few gazes that had converged on the three of them. After all, disregarding Mu Chen, Luo Li and Ling Xi were both absolutely beautiful girls that were rarely seen. To them, Luo Li appeared calm and collected, akin to a flower in the deep abyss, standing solitary and independently. As for Ling Xi, she appeared extraordinarily cold and detached, showing her personality of flinging people far, far away, causing people to not dare to recklessly approach her.

No matter where one was, beautiful girls would attract the most attention.

Therefore, the appearance of the two girls had caused the hearts of quite a few people to itch. However, those that were able to enter such a place were definitely not nobodies. Although they didn't have the guts to casually take liberties with the two, they had cast their gazes around the three, seemingly trying to guess the identities of Mu Chen, Luo Li and Ling Xi.

Both Luo Li and Ling Xi held those gazes shooting towards them from the surroundings in total disregard as they whispered in low voices with Mu Chen. The occasional faint smiles present on their faces possessed extremely strong allure, causing quite a few people in the surroundings to feel jealous and envy.

At this time, Mu Chen had discovered the feelings present in the surroundings gazes, causing his mouth to twitch in helplessness. However, just as he was about to speak out, he suddenly cast his eyes towards a direction. At this moment, there seemed to be somewhat of an uproar suddenly ringing out from within the pavilion, as gaze after gaze all converged towards the pavilion's big doors.

Seeing this spectacle, Mu Chen followed those curious gazes, before seeing a beautiful figure slowly striding past those big doors.

There stood a young girl with a tall and voluptuous figure. Red-coloured soft armor was present on her body, appearing extraordinarily exquisite and form-fitting. Due to the exceedingly alluring figure, under the tight-fitting soft armor, her voluptuous chest appeared even more curvaceous. Below that was a willowy and slim-looking waist, with a long and slender pair of legs revealed under the short leather skirt, appearing extremely alluring.

A beauty akin to fire.

Not only did the atmosphere within the pavilion turn quiet, even Mu Chen could not bear shooting a second look at the extremely alluring figure of that fiery and beautiful girl. In the next moment, upon noticing Luo Li shooting a faint glare at him, he hastily turned his gaze away, causing Luo Li to shake her head in slight helplessness and laughter.

Upon seeing that girl, Ling Xi became faintly startled.

At this moment, the lively atmosphere was restored once again as some people appeared to have recognized this fiery beauty, smacking their lips on the spot. Nevertheless, no one dared to take longer glances at her, as they were clear as to how formidable and thorny this girl was. Similarly, her background was also rather tyrannical.

As the young girl walked into the pavilion, she started to look indifferently at her surroundings. However, just as she was about to turn around and leave, her gaze suddenly came to a halt, while a shadow of surprise and happiness instantly erupted from her lovable face.

Sensing the gaze coming from the young girl towards them, before noticing her surprised and happy expression, Mu Chen was instantly startled.

As he was dwelling in his doubts, the fiery and alluring girl had already hopped over, while a clear and melodious voice filled with surprise and happiness rang out from her sexy lips.

"Why are you here, Elder Sister Ling Xi?!"

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