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Chapter 397 – Mess

"Elder Sister Ling Xi?"

As he looked towards the alluring girl before their eyes, shock ran through Mu Chen's mind, especially upon hearing the way the girl had called Ling Xi, which further increased the astonishment. This girl had actually recognised Ling Xi?

As Mu Chen cast a doubtful look at Ling Xi, the latter gave a faint smile. Nodding her head gently towards the girl, Ling Xi explained, "She's the big mistress of the Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce, Xia Youran."

Now, Mu Chen was really startled, sending a peculiar glare towards the alluring girl before him. Xia Youran? It's said that she one of the most famous figures within the younger generation within the Northern Heavens Continent. Furthermore, her strength wasn't any weaker than Mo Longzi, and might even stronger than him.

"It truly has been a long time, Elder Sister Ling Xi. I've never imagined that I'd actually meet up with you here. Is the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy participating in the Divine Spiritual Mountain this time?" This Xia Youran seemed to appear extremely happy and surprised at Ling Xi's appearance here, with the smile on her beautiful face appearing exceedingly soul-stirring.

Gently nodding her head, Ling Xi pointed towards Mu Chen as she replied, "This time, he's the one that's participating."

"Eh?!" Exclaimed Xia Youran as she looked towards Mu Chen in astonishment. After sensing the strength of Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase radiating from within him, she was instantly startled. With this level of strength, how would he be able to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain…?

Nevertheless, her astonishment within her heart wasn't shown on her face. On the contrary, sending a smile towards Mu Chen, she spoke out, "Nice to meet you. My name's Xia Youran, and speaking of which, I can be considered as your Senior Sister."

"Senior Sister?" Mu Chen was stunned once again. Could this Xia Youran be a student of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

"A few years back, she had trained and cultivated in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for a year, before being summoned back for matters pertaining to her chamber of commerce. Strictly speaking, she can still be considered as your Senior Sister." Ling Xi explained.

Only after the explanation from Ling Xi did Mu Chen snap out from his astonishment, before replying with a smile, "Nice to meet you, Senior Sister Xia. My name's Mu Chen."

"Luo Li," replied Luo Li with a faint smile.

"Mu Chen?" Xia Youran suddenly blinked her bright beautiful large eyes. Sizing Mu Chen up in a look, she spoke out with some astonishment, "Could you be the Mu Chen that defeated Mo Longzi at the Eastern Desolated City?"

Mu Chen never imagined that this matter would actually be circulated around. Nevertheless, he gently nodded his head.

"No wonder." At this moment, Xia Youran had a flash of insight. Being one of the powers at the apex of the Northern Heavens Continent, the information gathering capabilities of the Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce was extraordinary. Therefore, Xia Youran had every single piece of information pertaining to the matter that happened at the Eastern Desolated City during that day. At that time, Mu Chen's strength seemed to only be at Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase. However, he was able to defeat Mo Longzi, who was at Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. Even the various Elders of their Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce felt inconceivable to the final result of this matter. After all, the degree of strength between the two was truly too large. However, regardless of her doubts, the news and information about that were unable to be falsified.

From the looks of it, the Mu Chen before her right now seemed to have become even stronger than the time when he had defeated Mo Longzi, having truly stepped into Heavenly Completion Stage. Coupled with his combat prowess, which couldn't be classified on ordinary levels, this Mu Chen truly couldn't be lightly regarded.

Nevertheless, Xia Youran was happy knowing that it was Mu Chen participating in this Divine Spiritual Mountain. Having previously trained and cultivated in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, she had favorable impressions of the academy. Therefore, being able to see the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy participating in the grandest occasion for the younger generations of the Northern Heavens Continent was something of a happy matter for her.

"I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time."

Extending a slender and petite, snow-white hand towards Mu Chen, Xia Youran spoke out with a grin, "Relax. If you've any problems during this Divine Spiritual Mountain, just come and find me, and I'll protect you within there."

With a smile, Mu Chen grasped and shook her hand, having favorable impressions of this heroic "Senior Sister" that he had just met.

"Never imagined that even you would come out here, Elder Sister Ling Xi. In the past, you didn't even care the slightest bit about the matters of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy." With Xia Youran's carefree and cheerful character, it wasn't too long after their introductions before getting familiar with everyone, before taking a seat together. From the looks of it, she appeared exceedingly close to Ling Xi, with Ling Xi treating her much more amiable than others, completely withdrawing her cold and detached persona that caused people to run a thousand miles away from her.

With the three girls seated beside each other, they created an exceedingly bright and beautiful scene. Their location had undoubtedly become the most paid attention place within the dragon and scumbag-filled pavilion. Nevertheless, with the acuteness of the people present within here, they quickly recognized the identify of Xia Youran, instantly causing some fear and dread to surface within their eyes. After all, within the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent, Xia Youran’s fame and reputation was rather high.

Coupled with her status as the big mistress of the Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce, there truly weren't many people that dared to provoke her.

Due to Xia Youran's presence, some people had started to take notice of Mu Chen. Information passed around extremely quickly in a place like this, as people gradually came to know his identity from the whisperings that sprouted out in their surroundings. Even his name had been dug out by them. After all, due to the battle at the Eastern Desolated City a while ago, Mu Chen could be considered to possess some fame and reputation within the Northern Heavens Continent. Although it wasn't on the level of peak figures in the younger generations like Xia Youran, he couldn't be considered as a nobody or obscure figure.

"They're the people from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy."

"Haha. I never would have imagined that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that has been absent for the past few years would actually participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain this time. Could it be that they aren't afraid to be killed here by those geniuses of the Ivory Tower?"

"That youth doesn't seem simple. He should be that Mu Chen. I've heard about him from the time when he had defeated the Demonic Dragon Palace's Mo Longzi at the Eastern Desolated City."

"That can't be true, right? He doesn't appear to be that strong, and Mo Longzi should have already reached Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, right?"

"That's why I've said that he isn't simple… The person participating in the Divine Spiritual Mountain from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy should be him. Think about it. If he didn't even have any ability, would the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy allow him to come here?"

"Hmm, at that time, let's take a good look at exactly what ability he has, then."

Voices continued to ring about around the pavilion, with favourable impressions and ill intent present within them.

As whispers continued to travel within the pavilion, within some areas that were covered by the screen of darkness, gazes had also shot out from within, converging on the area where Mu Chen and the three girls were.

The owners of these gazes were obviously not people of ordinary backgrounds. Therefore, upon noticing Xia Youran, no fear or dread was present within them, with amusement present within their eyes instead.

"That's the brat that defeated Mo Longzi?" Behind a screen, a male dressed in grey robes spoke out with a faint smile, while playing with the teacup in his hand. His fingers appeared exceedingly slender. As they gently moved about, they seemed to look like shadows wriggling on the table top, appearing exceedingly strange and weird.

"That's what I've heard," said a male dressed in yellow robes sitting beside him. With a faint smile, the former continued speaking, "What's the matter? Does Young Master Liu feel that he's irksome? Eh, it seems that Xia Youran's your nominal fiancée, and that brat actually dares to get that close to her. With you, Young Master Liu's character, you appear to feel slightly unhappy."

"Haha, there's some unhappiness," replied the grey-robed male with an indifferent smile, while the expression within his eyes had turned somewhat dark and gloomy. He was the Young Master of one of the three large chambers of commerce in the Northern Heavens Continent, the Umbra Chamber of Commerce. Speaking of which, although he had a verbal marriage agreement with Xia Youran, the latter seemed to not have the slightest intent to follow along with it. Being a male with extremely high desires, upon seeing how Xia Youran was actually smiling so care freely and happily in front of a youth, dark and overcast feelings naturally surfaced within his heart.

"Young Master Liu can take action to dish out a lesson to him. That's just a Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase brat," said the yellow-robed male with a grin.

"Dong Yuan, don't play this game with me."

With a smile, the grey-robed male continued speaking. "I'm not stupid. Although this brat isn't much, he's, after all, a person from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Although we, the Umbra Chamber of Commerce is considered one of the peak powers in the Northern Heavens Continent, we're still not comparable to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy."

Although they were able use their absence from the Divine Spiritual Mountain for the past years to mock the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, everyone knew deep within their hearts that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was a gigantic leviathan, and a peak power within the Northern Heavens Continent. The only one that could contend with them would be the Demonic Dragon Palace. He, Liu Ying, wouldn't have a mental short circuit and take action against a person from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in such a place. If he really wanted to, he would wait till they entered the Divine Spiritual Mountain, at the very least. When they were in there, even if he was to kill that brat by the name of Mu Chen, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy could do nothing but endure their own sufferings.

"I'm still pondering on exactly how I can get my hands on that Divine Spiritual Baptism. It appears that the number of people that had turned up this time isn't small…"

Shrugging his shoulders in helplessness, Liu Ying said, "The Demonic Dragon Palace's Mo Xingtian, the Eastern Extreme Palace's Xi Qinghai, the Mysterious Yin Mountain's Zhou Xuan, the Heavenly Cauldron Divine Sect's Su Buxiu. There's also Xia Youran and you, the Young Master of the Heavenly Yuan Chamber of Commerce. There truly is some difficulty to achieve any advantage over them."

"I'll not give way for the Divine Spiritual Baptism."

Hearing that, the Young Master of the Heavenly Yuan Chamber of Commerce, Dong Yuan, gave a smile. In the next moment, a shadow of fear flashed within the depths of his eyes as he muttered, "That's how terrifying the Human Body Disaster is. If I have no fallback during the Spiritual Energy Disaster, I really don't dare to touch it. Therefore, there's no one that can obstruct me in this Divine Spiritual Mountain."

Hearing those words, Liu Xing gave a smile. However, just as he was about to speak out, a faint change suddenly happened to his expression. In the next instant, he felt a fluctuation that caused people's hearts to suddenly palpitate radiating out from somewhere.

"Oh?" Dong Yuan's eyes had also contracted. Turning his head around, he looked towards the giant doors, while speaking out in a soft voice, "That fellow has arrived."

Indescribable dark sensations radiated out like ripples, causing the clamouring noises in this area to slowly dim down, while the expressions on quite a few people changed as they looked towards the giant doors. At this moment, the light present at that area seemed to have turned dim, before a figure appeared within like a spectre.

Seemingly no one had discovered how he had appeared in such a fashion.

That was a male dressed in ordinary hemp clothing. His appearance wasn't anything out of the ordinary, with the only peculiar thing being his eyes, which appeared like a pool of stagnant water, with not even the slightest emotional fluctuation present, causing people's hearts to freeze up.

However, just an ordinary figure had caused the entire place to turn deathly silent as fear and terror surfaced in the eyes of quite a few young experts from various places.

The dead water-like eyes of the male slowly swept out, before suddenly coming to a stop. In the next moment, everyone noticed he was walking out, causing the crowd to split apart like a crack, before reaching the area where Mu Chen and the other three girls were.

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