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Chapter 365 – Get Moving

The flared-up emotions within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy lasted for three entire days before gradually dissipating away. However, every single person was able to sense the changes to the atmosphere within the academy. In the past, one would continue to notice internal conflicts between cliques and factions happening within the academy. However, as the Great Spiritual Academy Competition half a year later drew closer, those conflicts quietly decreased and toned down. This was especially pronounced since the current situation of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was brought to light by Dean Tai Cang, causing the emotions of quite a few students to rise and soar. Since they were members of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they would naturally work hard and fight for its honor and glory.

Therefore, as the critical moment drew closer, everyone conscientiously trained and cultivated. Some of the elite students ranked near the top ten ranks on the Heavenly Rankings tried to endlessly pierce through into the top ten rankings in their attempt to obtain the qualifications to enter the "Door of the Northern Depths". Although they knew the dangers brimming within it, at such a critical moment, there was no one backing down without a fight.

After three days had past since the day of the test, it was time for Mu Chen to leave the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to participate in the most prestigious occasion for the younger generations of the Northern Heavens Continent.

Within the little building in the Freshman region, having completed his preparations, Mu Chen turned and gave a smile towards Luo Li, who was standing beside him, and said, "Let's go."

Although there's only one participation quota for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy this time, Luo had planned to follow Mu Chen, which wasn't met with any rejection from him. After all, being able to spend more time together with Luo Li was exactly what he was looking forward to.

With a smile, Luo Li gave a faint smile while gently nodding her head. In the next moment, the two of them shot out, transforming into two streaks of light, rushing across the horizon. As they headed towards a majestic giant hall within the centremost location of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Dean Tai Cang and the various other Elders were already there waiting for them.

Descending down from the air, Mu Chen's gaze swept past Dean Tai Cang, before faintly gawking as it landed on side of the latter. There stood a slender and beautiful girl dressed elegantly in a white dress, radiating with a cold and detached demeanour, which was precisely Ling Xi.

Mu Chen clearly felt slightly peculiar as to why Ling Xi was present here. After all, although Ling Xi had a status as an Elder within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, she participated extremely little in the affairs of the academy.

As though sensing the doubtful gaze coming from Mu Chen, a faint smile appeared on Ling Xi's face. At this moment, her cold and detached expression quietly disappeared cleanly from her face, causing some of the white-haired Elders to feel shocked and amazed. After all, they knew all too well about Ling Xi's detached and distant behavior. Within the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they had never seen her show a smiling face to anyone.

However, before their very eyes, she had actually given a faint gentle smile towards Mu Chen, which completely caused them to lurch forward in shock.

"This time, I'll follow you two towards the Divine Spiritual Mountain," said Ling Xi with a faint smile.

"Haha. Elder Ling Xi's strength is extraordinary. With her joining, it would be much safer for you two," said Dean Tai Cang with a smile. He was also extremely astonished by Ling Xi's request to tag along with the two. Nevertheless, this was something that he wouldn't reject, as having one more person would increase the safety of their group. Although there shouldn't be dumb influences in the Northern Heavens Continent that dared to blatantly attack their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, being a little more safe was always better.

While he said those words, Dean Tai Cang shot a deep and profound look towards Mu Chen. The Ling Xi who usually didn't give a damn about anything that happened within the academy had suddenly requested to tag along. No matter how one looked at it, she definitely had some connection with Mu Chen. Furthermore, this tagging along clearly showed her intention to protect him.

Ling Xi had actually taken the initiative to protect Mu Chen?

This was an extremely inconceivable matter within Dean Tai Cang's eyes. After all, he had a rather good understanding towards the cold and detached personality that Ling Xi had. From his view, even if the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was to be destroyed, Ling Xi might not get too emotional about it. Therefore, he had a slight feeling of it being something akin of The Arabian Nights towards Ling Xi's consideration to follow along and protect Mu Chen.

However, regardless of his astonishment, Dean Tai Cang didn't plan to investigate the connection between Mu Chen and Ling Xi. Nevertheless, from what he could see, the relationship between the two might not be that simple after all…

Upon seeing the gaze coming from Dean Tai Cang, Mu Chen secretly cursed within his heart, before panning his head to look at Luo Li. At this moment, the latter's exquisite porcelain face was still calm and tranquil. In fact, upon seeing Ling Xi's beautiful eyes looking over towards her, a faint smile appeared on Luo Li's face. However, as Mu Chen was panning around, the young girl's lips slightly trembled, before some soft whispers rang within Mu Chen's ears.

"You're rather attractive, huh?"

Instantly feeling slightly embarrassed, Mu Chen could only give a dry cough while replying, "Please don't get mistaken. Elder Sister Ling Xi's doesn't feel that relieved about the two of us heading there by ourselves."

Although Luo Li declined to comment, the expression hanging within her eyes made Mu Chen feel as if no explanation would suffice for her.

"Since everyone has arrived, let's make a move."

With a wave of his hand, Dean Tai Cang broke the quiet exchange between the two young lovers. Shooting into the sky, he was followed by Hall Master Mo You, as well as Elder Zhu Tian. Clearly, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had attached extremely high importance towards the Divine Spiritual Mountain this year. With the Dean and two Heavenly Seated Elders, this lineup was rather formidable.

"Follow along with me, if not, your speed won't be adequate," said Ling Xi as she walked towards Mu Chen and Luo Li, while a sweet smile appeared on her face. Opening her palm, a glowing halo akin to a compass shot out from within her sleeve, before floating in mid-air.

"I'll have to burden Elder Ling, then," replied Luo Li with a gentle nod.

"If you don't mind, you can call me as Elder Sister Ling Xi like Mu Chen. In the future, if I were to bump into Aunt Ling, I might even be able to talk to her about you," said Ling Xi as her beautiful eyes started to gently size up Luo Li. Even with her judgemental gaze, she was unable to see the slightest bit of flaw from the body of the young girl in front of her. What a girl, no wonder why Mu Chen is smitten by her.

Faint shades of pink surfaced on Luo Li's lovable face upon hearing Ling Xi's words. She had already heard of some matters about the latter, and naturally knew that the Aunt Jing she had mentioned should be Mu Chen's mother.

"Elder Sister Ling Xi," replied Luo Li with a faint smile. Although she didn't like other people getting too close to her, she was able to feel the protective feelings Ling Xi had for Mu Chen. Therefore, she wasn't too stingy to reject the favorable impression she had on the latter.

With a smile on her face, Ling Xi grasped onto Luo Li's little hand, before shooting towards the top of the glowing compass-like halo. Seeing this, Mu Chen hastily followed on.

As they appeared in the air, countless students were attentively looking at them from the far surroundings. Clearly, everyone knew that today's the day that Mu Chen would leave the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and head towards the Northern Heavens Continent, representing their spiritual academy in the most prestigious occasion within the younger generation in this continent.

From a mountain peak, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had shot into the air, before sending a smile towards Mu Chen as they said, "Mu Chen, this time, we've to rely on you to uphold the face of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy."

Solemnly nodding his head, Mu Chen replied, "Rest assured. Regardless of whom, I won't easily give up fighting."

Hearing that, both Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong smiled. Once the most outstanding students of the academy, this matter should be left to them to handle. However, as a matter of fact, this current situation was somewhat cruel to them. Due to their age and the duration that they've trained and cultivated, some disparity was present between them and the younger generation within the Northern Heavens Continent. Therefore, they had no choice but to hand over this responsibility and place it on Mu Chen's shoulders. Although complicated emotions were still present within their hearts, both of them had heartfelt hopes for Mu Chen to create another miracle at the Divine Spiritual Mountain.

After all, being members of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, all of them shared the same honor and glory, and any losses, as one body.

Sending a smile towards Mu Chen, Dean Tai Cang said, "Just try your best, when the time comes. There will be a live broadcast of this occasion within the academy. At that time, everyone will be able to see your performance, as well as cheer and support you."

After slightly gawking, Mu Chen returned a helpless smile. This time, he truly felt the pressure on his shoulders. At that time, every single move and choice he made would be seen by everyone within the academy. Looks like I'll have to do my best, if not it'll truly be bad for me if I appear miserable compared to everyone there.

"Let's go."

With a wave of his sleeve, Dean Tai Cang didn't continue talking. In the next moment, boundless Spiritual Energy gushed out from the air before them, while the space itself started to pull and distort, forming a gigantic spatial pathway. Taking the lead, Dean Tai Cang strode forward, walking straight into the spatial vortex.

As he did so, Mu Chen and the rest of the group closely followed behind. As the space continued to distort, it completely devoured their figures, before dissipating away. While the air regained normalcy once again, those figures had already disappeared from view.

"I don't know exactly what results Mu Chen will be able to achieve in this Divine Spiritual Mountain."

Looking at the place where Mu Chen and the group had disappeared in, Shen Cangsheng gave a smile, before saying, "I've heard that there might be people within the elites of the Northern Heavens Continent that have reached the 'Three Sovereign Disasters'…"

Nodding his head, Li Xuantong muttered, "The Three Sovereign Disasters, huh… That truly is very troublesome."

People who possessed that kind of strength were already clawing at the path of a Sovereign, and were much, much stronger than a Heavenly Completion Stage.

"However, I don't think that this fella's gonna lose." A smile suddenly appeared on Li Xuantong's face as he said, "After all, in just this year alone, I've already grown numb to the matters that he had caused. The fellow that had to risk his all just to block three moves from me has already arrived at a realm that even I'm unable to reach now."

Hearing those words, Shen Cangsheng gave a smile, before raising his head to look at the vast and expansive sky above, while quietly muttering some words within his heart.

Mu Chen, everyone from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will be watching you this time! Let us see exactly how far you'll go!

When you return, the title of 'Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings', will truly be yours.

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