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Chapter 364 – Door of the Northern Depths

"Opening the Door of the Northern Depths…"

When those words from Shen Cangsheng fluttered across the sky, the surrounding air seemed to freeze up, while the expressions of Dean Tai Cang and the various other Elders faintly changed, with dark and gloomy shadows appearing within their eyes. Clearly, all of them didn't imagine that Shen Cangsheng would actually raise such a request.

The Door of the Northern Depths could be considered as the final tempering grounds for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, due to the probability of death being too high, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had finally chose to close it after weighing the pros and cons. Due to lacking the most important area for tempering, the results of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in the past years had slid down the rankings, with imminent danger of losing its title of being one of the Five Great Academies.

If the special methods that the other spiritual academies were using to poach elite geniuses were considered as external factors, the closure of the Door of the Northern Depths could be considered an internal factor for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Many strong and powerful spiritual academies possessed final tempering grounds, as this was a rather important factor in allowing those elite students to have a fierce leap in strength. However, compared to the other Five Great Academies, the existence of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was considered the youngest. Therefore, some of its underlying aspects were lacking when compared to the other four academies.

Mu Chen went into a daze due to the solidification of the atmosphere. Only being in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for a year, he naturally wasn't as clear about the Door of the Northern Depths as the other students. However, from the expressions present on Dean Tai Cang and the other Elders, he could faintly discern how special the so-called 'Door of the Northern Depths' was.

"The Door of the Northern Depths, is too dangerous…" After pondering for quite a while, Dean Tai Cang finally replied in a slow voice.

"Dean, let me ask a question…"

After hearing Dean Tai Cang's deep words, Shen Cangsheng gave a faint smile as she spoke slowly, one word at a time, "Is there any leveled road, in an expert's path?"

Silence filled the skies once again as Shen Cangsheng's deep voice slowly resounded across the horizon. Splendid expressions appeared on the faces of countless students as they looked at the figure in the sky, ramrod straight like a spear piercing through the heavens, while unconcealable respect and worship erupted from their eyes. This was Shen Cangsheng, the Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings. Even though he was gradually being surpassed by Mu Chen, he still possessed an immovable position in the hearts of many students.

Gently exhaling a clump of white air, Mu Chen gave a thumbs-up towards Shen Cangsheng.

Turning silent for a short while, Dean Tai Cang finally gave a helpless laugh before replying, "I've actually been lectured by a smelly brat that's still wet behind his ears…"

Beside him, Elder Zhu Tian and the other Elders started laughing as a result of his reply.

"The Door of the Northern Depths wasn't completely closed in the past. We're also doing our best to repair and fill in the defects and flaws. Over these last few years, it can be considered that we've made a little progress in this. However, it’s still extremely dangerous."

Looking towards Shen Cangsheng, Dean Tai Cang smiled, before waving his hand and said, "However, since you've already said those words, if I was to find more excuses, I might be inviting misfortune to myself. Hmph, alright. The Door of the Northern Depths will reopen once again. However, there's a restriction to entry, which is that only the students in the top ten ranks on the Heavenly Rankings have the qualifications to enter, and is totally up to them to enter of their own free will."

Hearing Dean Tai Cang's reply, a smile that felt as if a heavy burden has been lifted off his shoulders appeared on Shen Cangsheng's face. With a hearty chuckle and a wide grin, he replied, "Then, please allow me entry to the Door of the Northern Depths."

"Count me in," said Li Xuantong with a faint smile.

Not far away, looking at the awe-inspiring pose of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, before casting his gaze towards Su Xuan, who was standing in another direction, a dark shadow flashed within He Yao's eyes. Clenching his teeth, he stood up and shouted, "Count me in, too!"

He Yao's reply clearly caused lots of people to feel shocked, with even Su Xuan was shooting a peculiar look at him. Nevertheless, her beautiful eyes still showed dimness in them, without too much fluctuations present. He Yao's previous actions during the hunt had clearly aroused ire and disgust in her. Although she didn't always quite like He Yao, she was able to communicate with him just like normal friends, but that event had caused her to stop all contact with him, estranging him from her.

As He Yao's gaze remained on Su Xuan and spotting the dim gaze present within her eyes, his expression grew increasingly dim and sad. Indeed, he had too much blood rushing towards his brain during the previous incident with her. He had only wanted to defeat Mu Chen to wipe the humiliation he received clean from the latter. Naturally, he never thought of truly hurting Su Xuan…after all, she was the girl he liked.

"Dean, what you've said earlier was too touching. Therefore, I wish to do my utmost and fight for our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. If we don't enter the Door of the Northern Depths, I'm afraid that we might be overtaken by the geniuses from other top academies." said He Yao with a bitter and astringent smile. Indeed, he had a rather handsome appearance, with only an extra feeling that tilted towards coldness and gloominess. However, within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there were quite a few young girls that were smitten by him.

"Boss is the best!"

After hearing his words, even those members of the Demon Gate's were looking at He Yao with slightly surprised expressions. Clearly, this was somewhat different from the usual gloomy shadow that was present on him, causing those Demon's Gate members to feel emotional. He Yao's decision had caused them to feel glory and honor for being under his lead.

"It's truly difficult for that fellow to get hot-blooded, for once." Su Ling'er also felt surprised as she leaned towards Su Xuan and whispered.

Su Xuan cast a look towards He Yao with her beautiful eyes. Seeing her looking over, He Yao's body started to quietly grow straighter. This time, he did not see the cold and detached expression that was usually present within her eyes. It even had faint traces of reverting to the normal gaze she had used in the past, causing him secretly feel slightly emotional.

The entire atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy seemed to be roused by the awe-inspiring display of Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and He Yao. Quite a few students rubbed their hands together, itching to step into the top ten ranks and truly fight bravely for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Feeling this roused atmosphere, a smile appeared on Xu Huang's face as he felt as though the blood within his body had started to boil. Being a member of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he should not be backing down at this moment.

Therefore, under the proud and admiration-filled beautiful eyes of Xu Qingqing standing beside him, Xu Huang had also taken a step forward.

At another corner of the crowd, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang shot a look at each other, noticing the helpless smiles on each other's faces. At this time, if they were to back down, they might truly be looked down upon by everyone. Their pride and arrogance weren't weaker than any other person's. Therefore, at the moment when Xu Huang had stepped forward, they too had done the same.

Following this, with great emotions swirling within them, countless students noticed that of the top ten ranks on the Heavenly Rankings, other than Mu Chen, Luo Li and Su Xuan, all of the rest had actually stood up. This awe-inspiring spectacle caused the blood of the crowd to boil and surge. Regardless of the usual conflicts and battles between cliques within the academy, at this critical moment, the unity present within the academy truly made all of them feel proud and honored for being in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

As Dean Tai Cang and the various other Elders looked at the awe-inspiring spectacle unfurling before their eyes, all of them gawked, before looking at each other and the bitter smiles present on their faces. However, what came with those bitter smiles were gratification and pride. When their students were truly able to stand up and fight for the honor and glory of the academy, who dared to say that this wasn't the success of their spiritual academy?

Waving his hand to silence the flared voices that blotted the skies, Dean Tai Cang announced with a gentle smile, "Three days from now, I'll bring Mu Chen towards the Divine Spiritual Mountain. After that matter, our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will reopen the Door of the Northern Depths!"

Hearing his proclamation, countless students were loudly cheering. This time, for the sake of protecting the title of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as one of the Five Great Academies, everyone was willing to do their utmost, with no expense spared.

Looking at the spiritual academy that was filled with boiling emotions, Mu Chen gave a faint smile, before slowly clenching his fists. Since everyone was going to give their all, he, of all people, couldn't slack behind. At the very least, he had to fight for the face of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy at the Divine Spiritual Mountain…

In a giant jet-black hall, the cold and dark atmosphere suppressed everything within it.

Within the centremost position of the giant hall, the Black Dragon Sovereign suddenly opened his eyes, with a cold and dark glow surfaced within them. Raising his head, he looked towards a dark corner of the giant hall before saying in an indifferent voice, "I've confirmed the news. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain this time. As for the participant, it's the person that has obtained our Great Meru Demonic Pillar, Mu Chen."

"Haha! The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy truly has some guts. Those brats of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that are still wet behind their ears actually dares to participate in such an occasion…" A chilling and dark radiance surfaced in the dark, as a human figure faintly appeared, bringing along an overcast laughter resounding throughout the giant hall.

"It's also good for them to come…however, how do we go about implementing our plan? Over the years, we've been patiently enduring for too long," asked the Black Dragon Sovereign with a faint smile.

"Has everything been appropriately prepared? That old mixed hair bird of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's big trouble." A deep and dark voice rang out from another corner of the giant hall.

"Yes, rest assured. There will be people that will naturally deal with that old mixed hair bird," replied the Black Dragon Sovereign as he nodded his head. As dark hatred bloomed to their extreme limit within his eyes, he slowly spoke out, "This time, we'll let the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy know that we, the Demonic Dragon Palace, are still the strongest in the Northern Heavens Continent!"

"Also, we must get back our Great Meru Demonic Pillar…that's the treasure of our Demonic Dragon Palace."

With a faint smile, the Black Dragon Sovereign spoke out once again, "Since that brat dares to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain, that will be all too good…"

As his voice rang out, he waved his sleeve, only for the space within the giant hall to violently warp and distort. In the next moment, it turned into a spatial pathway, within which intense ear-piercing shrieks and screeches continuously rang out, akin to the howling of thousands of demons. As it took form, a thin and frail black figure slowly walked out from the jet-black pathway.

Covered in ordinary hemp clothing, the figure had a rather common look. His pair of eyes appeared with a greyish-black tint, akin to a pool of stagnant water, with not a single emotional fluctuation present within. A long black spear was carried on his back, encased in howling black figures that emitted ear-piercing ghostly wails and wolf howls.

After leaving the spatial pathway, not a single movement was seen from him as he stood there, just like a cold and frosty piece of rock.

"Xingtian, three days from now, be prepared to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain. Your mission this time is to kill the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's Mu Chen, and retrieve the Great Meru Demonic Pillar from his hands!" Looking at the stone-like figure that seemed to not possess much vitality, the Black Dragon Sovereign gave his orders in a slow voice.

Slightly raising his seemingly dead eyes, the cold and frosty figure gently nodded his head, before turning around, not uttering a single word since his appearance.

However, this strangeness brought a chill to anyone who would see this spectacle.

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