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Chapter 392 – Demonic Pillar Reappears

Under everyone's attentive gazes, Mu Chen took a step forward. However, this small, small step caused the surrounding atmosphere to tighten and tense up, with shock running through the eyes of countless students. Clearly, Mu Chen's action was one that had exceeded their expectations.

Those were three Punishment Spiritual Combat Dolls of strength comparable to Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase.

Even a person like Mo Longzi would only have the option to scuttle and flee like a rat when faced with those three combat dolls. Although Mu Chen had successfully broken through, he shouldn't be capable of defeating three combat dolls that were specially built for fighting, right? Furthermore, those combat dolls didn't know fear and didn't shrink. Mu Chen wanting to defeat them was a nigh impossible task for a good deal of students to believe.

In the far distance, solemn expressions were also present on the faces of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. Those three combat dolls had also caused them to feel shock running through their hearts. Dean Tai Cang truly didn't leave any stones unturned in his final test.

"Can that fellow, Mu Chen, pass through this test?"

Shooting a look at each other, both of them could see the doubt and uncertainty present within each other's eyes.

On the punishment platform, Hall Master Mo You and the other Elders watched with peculiar gazes towards Mu Chen, who had walked forward. Looks like that brat had quite some confidence in himself to actually dare to take such a test.

Faintly nodding his head, Dean Tai Cang spoke out with a smile, "Since you've made your decision, there's nothing more to say. Everything will be decided from your results."

"Yes." replied Mu Chen respectfully.

"Then," with a wave of his sleeve, an invisible fluctuation radiated out from Dean Tai Cang. In the next instant, a deep and low voice resounded out, "let's begin!"


As Dean Tai Cang's final words rang out, the three combat dolls furiously opened their eyes, dark golden rays of brilliance sparkling within them. Spiritual patterns started surfacing one after another on their icy-cold and tough bodies, while powerful fluctuations gushed and radiated out.


The eyes of the three combat dolls radiating with golden light locked straight onto Mu Chen, before they started to take huge strides forward. The entire stone platform trembled as they moved, rumbling as they rushed explosively towards him.

Although possessing pretty large physiques akin to that of giants, their speed was absolutely not slow, appearing right before Mu Chen in a short span of a few breaths. As their fists erupted with golden light, they shattered the air apart, brimming with power that caused people's scalps to crawl as they violently rumbled forward.


A dragon roar rang out from within Mu Chen, before a dragon's shadow appeared, coiling around his body. In the next instant like a spectre, Mu Chen's figure retreated back in a flash.


Three strong and sturdy golden metallic fists violently smashed apart the ground where Mu Chen had just stood, causing cracks to instantly appear on the extraordinarily built surface. After missing their first attacks, without the slightest bit of hesitation, the three combat dolls explosively shot forward, sending frightening attacks sweeping continuously out towards Mu Chen.

Facing those terrifying attacks heading towards him, Mu Chen continuously retreated, dodging and weaving about them with razor thin distances. As the dragon shadow sparkled, his speed dramatically increased, allowing him to evade those frightening metal fists that could easily send him flying.

Due to his promotion of strength, Mu Chen's speed fortunately had similar advancements. If not, he would long be pounded into pulp by the three combat dolls. Nevertheless, continuing to dodge and evade like that would not be helpful, since he was totally unable to pass this test like this.

Countless gazes converged on the pursuit happening in the sky that caused people's hearts to tremble and palpitate as everyone clenched their fists tightly, palms completely covered in sweat.

However, facing the obstructive encirclement of the three combat dolls, such evasion and dodging wasn't the best way to go about defeating them.


Just as this thought flashed within the minds of a few students, an unforeseen change happened. Dazzling golden light suddenly blossomed from the body of a combat doll, as the spiritual patterns covering its body became extremely conspicuous. At the same time, its speed drastically increased, arriving before Mu Chen, who was displaying his Dragon Soaring Technique to evade, in a single step.

As its gigantic body appeared right before Mu Chen, its shadow immediately enveloped the latter, bringing about a powerful pressure that instantly pressed down on Mu Chen.


Not the slightest shred of mercy was present in that pair of sparkling golden eyes as golden light blossomed from its golden fist like a scorching sun. Bringing about frightening power that was sufficient to level a mountain, it travelled akin to a bolt of lightning, violently hammering down towards Mu Chen's chest.


Clamoring noises instantly erupted throughout the surroundings, while slight changes appeared on the lovable faces of Ye Qingling, Su'er, and Su Linger as their eyes were filled with nervousness. Being smashed by such a fist from the combat doll wasn't any laughable matter.

Amidst the clamoring, Mu Chen's figure fleetingly appeared in a flash. Looking at the golden glowing fist about to envelop him, a swift and fierce glint appeared within his eyes.


Black lightning arcs furiously danced about the surface of Mu Chen's body, shrouding his entire figure within. At this instant, his body seemed to have expanded by a inch.

Thunder God's Physique!

Clenching his hands, without the slightest bit of hesitation, Mu Chen sent his fist rumbling out. Covered in black arcing and dancing lightning, astonishingly powerful energy fluctuations radiated out from it.

The two fists, one big and one small, howled out, shattering space apart before violently smashing against one another in front of the shocked gazes of everyone in the surroundings.


Metallic grating noises rang out at the instant of impact as violent energy ripples visible to the naked-eye swept out from the centre of the two fists! Immediately, the ground beneath the point of impact had collapsed. Mu Chen was forced back dozens of steps, while the combat doll was similarly sent back, its giant feet digging two enormous gulches in the ground. Finally, falling down on its back, it smashed the ground beneath it.

Seeing this aftermath of the exchange of fists, the jaws of countless people were left agape while shock and astonishment filled their eyes. Mu Chen had unexpected sent a combat doll back and down in a straight up contest of strength. How frightening was the power contained in that fist?

Stabilising his body, Mu Chen gently rotated his arm, stretching it as a solemn expression appeared within his eyes. That combat doll sure was formidable. If he hadn't broken through, he would be injured by that single punch from it. However, it was a pity for the combat doll, as the current Mu Chen had became much, much stronger compared to one month ago, when he had fought with Mo Longzi.

"I won't be able to deal with the three combat dolls if this continues."

Mu Chen casted his gaze towards the three combat dolls. They didn't feel any pain and fear, and once combat starts, they will never stop or feel tired. Therefore, he couldn't rely on the so-called imposing Aura to press down on them, with the only thing he could do was to fight them head-on. However, although Mu Chen was happy and fearless to engage in a heads-up contest, faced with the abnormal built of the combat dolls, he might not be able properly deal with them.

A spark flashed within Mu Chen's eyes as he decided, Since it's like this, let's be vicious once and for all!


The three combat dolls shot forward once again as fists came howling out, all containing strength that could topple mountains.

Stomping on the ground, Mu Chen rushed straight up to the sky. Clapping his hands together, a deep and fierce roar suddenly rang out from his throat. In the next instant, a glowing scarlet-red pillar shot straight towards the clouds from his crown, within it appeared a gigantic, jet black demonic pillar towering over the skies.

At the instant when the demonic pillar appeared, waves of fiendish Aura billowed and swept out. If one were to listen carefully, one would be able to faintly discern humming and trembling noises as the demonic pillar attempted to resist Mu Chen's control. However, as it struggled, the dark purplish flower patterns that covered the pillar started to sparkle with dim radiance, finally suppressing the resistance down.

"Is that the Great Meru Demonic Pillar?!"

The expressions of Dean Tai Cang and the various other Elders instantly changed upon seeing the demonic pillar. Flashes of radiance sparkled within their eyes, while their minds trembled in shock. At their level of vision, they were naturally able to see that the demonic pillar before them wasn't any other projection, but the actual body of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar!

However, with Mu Chen's current strength, how was he able to control the Great Meru Demonic Pillar?

"The Great Meru Demonic Pillar seems to be suppressed and sealed by something!" Being the strongest person present, Dean Tai Cang was able to notice the dark purplish flowery patterns on the surface of the demonic pillar, which were radiating with fluctuations that were different from those of the demonic pillar. Those flowery patterns were suppressing the amount of fiendish Aura billowing out from the demonic pillar, forcing it to come under the control of Mu Chen.

Upon this discovery, amazement flashed within Dean Tai Cang's eyes, before gradually regaining his clarity. Looking deeply at Mu Chen in the sky, he was certain that there should be some secrets hidden within the latter's body. Being about to seal and suppress an ominous weapon from the ancient antiquity like that Great Meru Demonic Pillar, exactly what thing could do that?


Nevertheless, the three combat dolls didn't show the slightest bit of fear and dread towards the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. With a stomp of their feet, they rushed across the horizon, sending violent attacks towards Mu Chen.

Looking down at the three golden rays of light shooting towards him, a smile started to curl up from the corner of his mouth. This was the first time that he had unveiled the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Although it was in its repressed state, how could the strength of this ominous weapon of the ancient antiquity be compared to ordinary people? Having possessed such a powerful weapon, Mu Chen was sufficiently capable of suppressing any opponent of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase.

Raising his hands in a hugging position, he violently swung his hands down. As he did so, the gigantic Demonic Pillar furiously swept down. Akin to a mountain, it brought about its billowing fiendish Qi, seemingly shattering through space as it traveled across the sky. In a manner that seemed impossible to block, it heavily pounded down on the three golden combat dolls under the dumbfounded gazes coming from the surroundings.


An astonishingly enormous bang resounded. Under the hammering of the gigantic jet-black demonic pillar, the three combat dolls had raised their golden hands, pressing up against the descending pillar in their attempts to hold it up. However, this ominous weapon of ancient antiquity wasn't something that could be handled by them! In the next instant, with a final bang, the black demonic pillar violently descended on the vast stone platform below. As the platform shattered and collapsed, the three combat doll were smashed straight into the depths of the earth!

The demonic pillar stood proudly in the punishment platform, gigantic cracks extended from it, while the three combat dolls were suppressed beneath it. At this moment, not a single movement could be detected from the demonic pillar as it radiated with fiendish Aura that blotted the skies.

Countless people had their eyes wide open as they observed this spectacle before them.

Mu Chen started to descend from the sky, subsequently landing on the top of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Looking towards the three combat dolls that were suppressed beneath by the demonic pillar to the point of not being able to move, he turned his gaze towards Dean Tai Cang and the various other Elders, who had slightly spectacular expressions displayed on their faces. Cupping his hands, he spoke out with a smile, "Do you think I've passed this test, Dean?"

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