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Chapter 391 – Punishment Spiritual Combat Doll

Disorder and liveliness was inevitable within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even after the complete scattering of the brilliant rays in the sky, the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was still in an excited and frenzied state. Buzzing about from the chattering of countless people, all of the discussion topics were about the strange phenomena that sprung out from Mu Chen.

All of them had assumed that Mu Chen had still failed in the given one month span. However, who would have expected that Mu Chen would pull such a spectacular reversal at the final moment. Thinking about the spectacle that had unfurled before them, one wouldn't be able to count how many people had their eyes opened wide, brimming with amazement and astonishment.

As the atmosphere of the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy flared up, in a large hall within the central region of the academy, Dean Tai Cang and the other Elders had their gazes converged on the light screen before them. The scene shown within it was precisely the phenomena created from Mu Chen's breakthrough.

"That little fella…he actually broke through successfully. Formidable." Hall Master Mo You couldn't help smacking his lips as he sighed in admiration. That Mu Chen stayed silent for the later half of the month. They never imagined that he would show them such a counterattack at the night of the final day. This spectacle had caused even them to become secretly stupefied.

Hearing his words, Elder Zhu Tian and the other Elders nodded their heads in agreement. That Mu Chen was truly worthy of his reputation of being able to contend for supremacy with a heavenly-blessed child like Ji Xuan. His talent truly was rather astonishing.

"Dean, since Mu Chen has broken through to Heavenly Completion Stage, what about the 'Divine Spiritual Mountain'?" asked Mo You as he looked towards Dean Tai Cang, who was sitting in the headmost position.

Gently patting the armrest, a solemn expression appeared on Dean Tai Cang's face. Faced with Mu Chen's successful breakthrough, even he was slightly surprised. However, while feeling admiration and happiness for Mu Chen's talent, he was also starting to get slightly hesitant of his previous commitment to him. Being such an outstanding student, if Mu Chen was properly guided and nurtured for the next half a year, he might be able to gain some honor for their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in the upcoming Great Spiritual Academy Competition. However, if anything was to occur during the "Divine Spiritual Mountain", it would truly be an enormous loss for their academy.

Seeing the expression present on Dean Tai Cang's face, Elder Zhu Tian and the other Elders didn't chime in their thoughts and questions. From the looks of it, they understood the apprehension Dean Tai Cang was feeling. It truly would be too unfortunate to lose such an outstanding student.

"Why don't we make this point clear to Mu Chen? He should understand that the current him isn't too suitable to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain," said a white-haired Elder in a deep voice.

"This way will cause the morale of the students to suffer too huge of a blow. For the past few days, the deal between Mu Chen and the Dean has propagated throughout the academy. If we are to renege on this, it might not be too good." After thinking awhile, Mo You added in while shaking his head.

"However, it's still better than to lose such an extraordinary student…"

"This is indeed troublesome…"

As the Heavenly Seated Elders started to openly discuss on this matter, a decision wasn't made even after an hour. Naturally, all of them wanted their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to participate in the "Divine Spiritual Mountain". After all, this truly was the greatest occasion that occurred within their Northern Heavens Continent. Due to their academy's absence in this occasion for the past few years, it had caused many rumours and tongues to wag about. Being unable to refute them, their academy had always kept their silence on this matter. Nevertheless, thinking about this always made them feel sullen.

If Mu Chen really wanted to participate, and could even achieve an outstanding performance at the Divine Spiritual Mountain, they would be able to refute those slanderous rumors. This would truly bring quite a good benefit for their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

However, it would simultaneously bring about the danger of losing an extraordinary student as Mu Chen.

Should they take the risk for such danger?

Sitting in the main seat, Dean Tai Cang silently looked at the five Heavenly Seated Elders undergoing their bantering and discussion. After a long while, with a wave of his hand, he silenced their voices, before slowly speaking out, "Since I've made this deal with Mu Chen, and he has successfully achieved this goal, we truly don't have any reason to continue to obstruct him."

"That's…" Tthe five Heavenly Seated Elders looked towards Dean Tai Cang. Did this indicate his approval for Mu Chen's participation?


After hesitating awhile, Dean Tai Cang continued speaking out in a deep tone, "Truly, this matter is filled with danger. Therefore, we can't be careless, and need full confidence before approving his participation. Mo You, inform Mu Chen to come to the punishment platform tomorrow. If he's able to pass the final test, I'll approve of his participation for this upcoming Divine Spiritual Mountain!"

The next day

When the news about Mu Chen's final test was spread around the academy, the atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, which had rose to a frenzy yesterday, instantly turned explosive.

Freshman Region

After resting for the night, Mu Chen appeared in the public square under Luo Li's accompaniment, leading to the crowd of emotion-filled Goddess Luo Association members to gather around them. Chirping and chattering rang out, causing them to appear exceedingly lively and noisy.

Waving her hands to scatter the emotional crowd, Ye Qingling frowned as she spoke out, " "Why is there still a test for you? Haven't you successfully broken through to Heavenly Completion Stage? Could it be that the Dean and the Elders are regretting their deal?"

"The Dean and the Elders are taking my safety into consideration. After all, the people participating in the Divine Spiritual Mountain are the true elites at the peak of the younger generation of the Northern Heavens Continent. Even Mo Longzi's not considered the strongest in that group," replied Mu Chen with a smile. There wasn't any resentment in his tone, as he was extremely clear on the origin of the Dean and Elder's hesitation.

"Today's test might not be that simple. Be careful." Luo Li said softly.

"Okay. It's time for some action. I really want to see what difficult problem the Dean and the Elders have prepared for me," said Mu Chen with a smile, before grabbing ahold of Luo Li and shooting into the sky. Heading straight towards the direction of the punishment platform, with seemingly all of the Goddess Luo Association members following behind them. Clearly, with the current situation, it was clear that no one had a clear mind to train and cultivate now.

As Mu Chen and the rest headed out of the Freshman region, they noticed countless students from other regions immediately focusing their attention on them. Nevertheless, being rather habitualised to such attentive gazes, not a change happened to Mu Chen as he shot across the sky.

Countless students started taking to the air from other areas, following suit, attempting to join in the liveliness.

As Mu Chen headed towards the punishment platform, he was amazed to see the numerous figures that filled the surroundings skies. It was unknown how many students were already waiting for them. At the front of the lot stood a few familiar figures. Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Su Xuan, He Yao and those other elite students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were unexpectedly present here.

"Good Luck, Mu Chen! We support you!" Standing beside Su Xuan, Su Linger waved her little hands around while shouting out in her cute voice.

"Big Brother Mu Chen." A cute and lovable voice rang out, causing Mu Chen to turn about, only to see Su'er standing not too far away from him. Dressed in a snow-white dress, with a cold and detached expression on her beautiful face, Ling Xi had unexpectedly appeared beside her.

Crossing gazes with Ling Xi, a sliver of a faint smile surfaced on her icy-cold and beautiful face. As the beautiful flower-like smile appeared, quite a few of the surrounding students were stupefied by this breathtaking scene, while some feelings of resentment and indignation surfaced in them. This Mu Chen's truly too evil! All of these Top-Class beautiful ladies of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy actually have connections with him!

Sending a smile towards them, Mu Chen didn't say a word, before focusing his gaze towards the gigantic punishment platform. The ones present there were Dean Tai Cang and some of the Elders of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy standing on the platform.

In a flash, under the countless attentive gazes from the surroundings, Mu Chen descended on the stone platform. Cupping his hands, he respectfully spoke out, "Mu Chen greets the Dean and the other Elders."

Faintly nodding his head, Dean Tai Cang looked towards Mu Chen, before speaking out with a faint smile, "Mu Chen, congratulations for successfully breaking through to Heavenly Completion Stage. Although I've said that I'd let you participate in the "Divine Spiritual Mountain", I wish for you to understand how formidable your opponents will be. We really don't want to lose any more outstanding students anymore."

A solemn expression appeared on Mu Chen's face as he slowly replied, "I understand all of that. Therefore, if you've any test for me, I'll accept all of them, Dean."

Feeling satisfied, Dean Tai Cang said, "This will be your final test. It's a very simple one, an appraisal of your combat capabilities."

Upon completing his statement, with a wave of his sleeve, three dark golden rays of light shot out from within. Landing on the stone platform, a shiver instantly shook throughout, before a deep voice caused the hearts of countless students to tremble.

As the dark golden brilliance slowly scattered, everyone casted their gazes over. Instantly, all of their eyes furiously contracted as the whooshing of people sucking in breaths of cold air rang out across the sky.

Three dark golden giants of approximately ten feet stood there. Their unadorned bodies were fully covered with spirit patterns. The motley dents across their bodies embodied the many combats they have been through, the battle scars left from fight after fight. Quietly standing on the platform, overbearingly chilling fluctuations quietly radiated from them.

"These are…"

Upon seeing them, a subtle change occurred on the faces of Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the rest. "Punishment Spiritual Combat Dolls?"

Astonished shrieks erupted within the dense crowds, with even some Seniors showing faces filled with shock. Those Punishment Spiritual Combat Dolls were said to be a special combat spiritual doll made by the Punishment Hall. In the entire hall, there were only eighteen of them, with all of them possessing strength comparable to Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. Furthermore, they won't feel any pain, having resilient bodies that were difficult to move or shake. When it came to combat, even experts of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase would be extremely hard-pressed when faced against them.

However, Dean Tai Cang had actually brought out three of them out! What was this for?

The faces of Ye Qingling and those members of the Goddess Luo Association turned slightly ugly, with the beautiful eyes of Luo Li even starting to faintly contract.

Three Spiritual Combat Dolls. That was comparable to three experts at the same realm as Mo Longzi.

"Mu Chen."

Ignoring the clamoring that filled the skies, Dean Tai Cang extended his hand out. Pointing towards the Spiritual Combat Doll, a deep voice rang out from him, "Defeat them, and you'll have the qualifications to participate in the Divine Spiritual Mountain. If not, even if you lose trust in me, I'll not accept your participation in that occasion. That's because, I don't want our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to lose another outstanding student again."

"This is the final test. Mu Chen, do you dare to take it up?!"

The mountainous gazes coming from the surroundings had converged on the body of the thin and handsome youth, while countless people clenched their fists. This test was too vicious…

Under the attentive gazes from countless people, not a single fluctuation appeared on Mu Chen's face. Without speaking a word, he slowly took a step forward.


Shock flooded through the hearts of all the students. Mu Chen had already made his move, and made his decision.

He had… taken up this challenge!

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