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Chapter 393 – Words of the Dean

Deathly silence hung in the surroundings.

Around the punishment platform, countless students had their mouths agape as they continued to stare at the spectacle before them—the gigantic demonic pillar quietly standing proudly on the ground, fiendish Qi that blotted the skies as it radiated with frightening fluctuations, while the three combat dolls were suppressed to the point of being unable to move, no longer displaying the ferocity that was present before.

This fight had ended at the speed that had clearly exceeded everyone's expectations.

Originally, everyone had expected an intense fight. However, who would have thought that Mu Chen would brandish a demonic pillar, suppressing the three combat dolls in such a direct fashion.

Looking at the ground being suppressed by the demonic pillar, a vacant expression appeared in the eyes of everyone as they thought, Those were three combat dolls that were comparable to Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase experts!

However, they were actually dealt with in such a manner…

"Too formidable…" Some people cried out. Looking at the top of the demonic pillar, there stood a thin figure, arrogantly facing the world. The imposing aura radiating from him caused the beautiful eyes of quite a few pretty girls to sparkle in splendor.

"Big Brother Mu's so awesome!"

After regaining their clarity from the astonishing fight that happened before their eyes, numerous members of the Goddess Luo Association couldn't help crying out in amazement as emotions flooded their expressions. The imposing manner in which Mu Chen instantly suppressed the three combat dolls was truly too breathtaking.

Looking at the figure standing proudly on the demonic pillar with her beautiful eyes, a faint and gentle smile surfaced on the corner of Luo Li's mouth.

Looking at the youth standing quietly on the demonic pillar amidst the countless cheering noises from the surroundings, shades of red uncontrollably surfaced on the loveable face of Su Ling'er. To this young girl, who had had a first awakening towards love, this spectacle clearly possessed extremely strong killing power.

"What's the matter? Smitten by him?" said Su Xuan teasingly.

Instantly, the shades of red on Su Ling'er's lovable face grew deeper, before looking at Luo Li, who was standing not far from her, causing a faint pout to appear on her face. She truly didn't possess any confidence to face-off against an opponent of Luo Li's caliber.

"That fellow truly is formidable. During the time when he had joined us to complete the mission, even Bai Xuan was able to force him into a dangerous peril. However, now, even three combat dolls with strength of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase are easily suppressed by him," said Su Xuan, unable to hold her thoughts in. Faced with the rapid increase of Mu Chen's strength, she truly had to exclaim in admiration.

"At this moment, I'm afraid that Mu Chen has the capabilities to vie for the leader of the Heavenly Rankings," said Su Linger softly. "However, why doesn't he do that? If he did so, he would truly become the person with the most fame and reputation in our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy."

With a gentle smile, Su Xuan replied, "That's because he doesn't care about being the leader of the Heavenly Rankings. Furthermore, he might not want to obtain Shen Cangsheng's position. There's always some tacit understanding between men, especially extremely outstanding ones like them."

Nodding her small head, Su Linger didn't continue to speak anymore.

At a slightly further position, compared to the astonished exclamations and cheering coming from the surroundings, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong appeared rather quiet. Looking vacantly at the figure standing on the demonic pillar in the distance, a complicated expression surfaced on their faces after a while.

"Looks like I've truly been surpassed this time." In the end, exhaling deeply, Shen Cangsheng shrugged his shoulders before sighing with a smile.

Hearing those words, Li Xuantong slightly nodded his head. Both of them knew that if they were the ones that were faced against those three combat dolls, they might have already been forced to miserably retreat. This was absolutely heavens apart from the breathtaking manner in which Mu Chen had achieved victory. That Freshman truly had already surpassed both of them.

Perhaps, this former Overlord of the Heavenly Rankings might have to concede his position.

Li Xuantong had been fighting with Shen Cangsheng in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for so long. However, he never once imagined that a Freshman would successively overtake both of them.

Although both of them had previously forecasted such an occurrence, when it truly arrived, complicated feelings still surfaced within them. After all, both of them were prideful men.

"Nevertheless, I'll not give up just due to this," said Shen Cangsheng with a faint smile. Looking at the thin figure standing in the distance, his gaze grew increasingly resolute. Giving up that easily wasn't his, Shen Cangsheng's, style!

Hearing those words, a faint smile similarly appeared on Li Xuantong's face. Crossing his fingers together, there wasn't any dejection present within his eyes.

Above the punishment platform, Dean Tai Cang and the other Elders gradually regained their clarity, while slightly strange expressions appeared within their eyes. None of them had expected that the final test would be passed by Mu Chen in such a breathtaking fashion.

Staring deeply at Mu Chen, a laugh finally rang out from Dean Tai Cang as he spoke out with a smile, " Congratulations on passing the final test. As I've promised, you'll represent our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and participate in this year's "Divine Spiritual Mountain", vying for supremacy against the true geniuses at the peak of the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Continent."


As Dean Tai Cang's words rang out, astonishing cheering voices instantly erupted in the surrounding sky, the faces of countless students were filled with emotions. After so many years, their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was finally going to participate in the grandest occasion for the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Continent!

"Good luck, Brother Mu! Get rid of all those so-called geniuses! Let them know that our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was just not willing to play with them in the past! Once we play, we'll be able to stride across them like it's a game!"

"Mu Chen, your Senior Sisters are all rooting for you!"

"You have to strive for the glory of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!"

Voices continued to ring out from the surroundings as all the students were clearly extremely emotional about this matter.

Looking at the emotion-filled students in the surroundings, Dean Tai Cang gave a helpless smile. With a faint shift of his gaze, he looked towards the group of somewhat silent people within the crowd of students, being Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, He Yao and those elite students who were formerly at the top of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Once the most influential figures within the academy, they had gradually been outshone and concealed by Mu Chen's increasing splendor.

Other than Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, who appeared rather fine, seemingly all of them had slightly dim expressions. Clearly, this fight had given them quite a blow to their spirits and minds.

Giving a gentle wave of his hand, Dean Tai Cang slowly started to silence the cheering voices that blotted the skies. Crossing his hands behind his back, he spoke out slowly, "Students, do all of you know about the current circumstances of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?"

Hearing the sudden question posed by Dean Tai Cang, every student gawked, as vacant looks appeared on their faces.

"In the past few Great Spiritual Academy Competitions, not only was our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy ranked last amongst the five Great Academies, there were even some elite spiritual academies that achieved results that triumphed ours. This year, in this Great Spiritual Academy Competition, if we, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was to continue achieving the same result, there's a high possibility of us being ousted from the ranks of the five Great Academies."

Hearing the deep voice of Dean Tai Cang, countless students had faces filled with shock, before feeling deep shame and embarrassment rising from their hearts. When they were enjoying the satisfaction granted by being in one of the five great academies, they had forgotten about the dangerous situation that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was enduring.

"Speaking about this point, it isn't that our student's are lacking in talent. The key factor is that our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy isn't utilising the extreme methods that other spiritual academies are using. In our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, regardless of what background you are, you only have an identity, which is the student of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. We won't give out enormous benefits just for the sake of roping in an elite genius, letting he or she stand above all other students. Therefore, there are times that our results would naturally fall behind."

With his hands crossed behind his back, Dean Tai Cang's figure appeared exceedingly imposing in the eyes of countless students, while his deep and firm voice resonated in everyone's hearts.

"I know that our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy isn't the final place for you all. After training and cultivating here, you will leave one day, heading towards greater places to struggle, temper and journey about. However, I hope that every single Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy student will still retain the pride of being a student of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. As long as you never forget that you're a member of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, regardless of what you experience in the future, as long as you come back here, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will be your final shelter, and the entire academy, will be your shield!"

Silence filled the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as every student, and even the teachers and Elders looked towards the imposing figure standing in the distant sky, emotions surging within their hearts. To all of them, he was the spiritual pillar of the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

The eyes of a few students, especially those sentimental young girls, had already turned slightly red as pride and arrogance of being a member of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy rose within their hearts. Regardless of fame and reputation of the academy, the awe-inspiring figure standing tall and this academy had caused a warm and gentle feeling to surface within them.

Mu Chen vacantly stared at Dean Tai Cang as he faintly pursed his lips. In the next moment, a smile curled up from the corner of his mouth. He felt rejoiceful that he had chosen the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to train and cultivate. A Dean that dared to proclaim that the entire academy would be one's shield wasn't a person that one can casually find in any spiritual academy.

Looking at the youths and young girls present around him, a rarely seen gentle expression appeared within Dean Tai Cang's eyes as he slowly said, "Naturally, I hope that everyone can remember what the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has given you. It isn't strength, or power. What it is, is regardless of what we face, we won't easily give up or surrender! Even if we aren't one of the five Great Academies after this Great Spiritual Academy Competition, we—still—won't—give—up!"

A faint tremble instantly shook through the bodies of He Yao, Xu Huan, Zhao Qingshan and the other elite students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. At this moment, their faintly dim gazes seemingly erupted with splendor, their gazes turned sharp once again.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Ear-shattering clapping noises resounded like thunder as countless students had faces brimming with emotions. This was the first time that they've seen their usually stern and conscientious Dean actually speaking such motivational and awe-inspiring words.

Within the sea of students, both Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had faint smiles present on their faces. Stepping forward under the ear-shattering claps, countless gazes immediately converged onto them.


Looking towards Dean Tai Cang, Shen Cangsheng gave a smile, before saying out, "We, naturally, aren't going to give up that easily. However, similarly, I wish that you would trust us for once, Dean. We love the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, we're willing to fight for it. However, we do need some help."

"For example?" asked Dean Tai Cang in surprise.

"For example, opening the Door of the Northern Depths once again."

Standing upright in the air, his already straight figure appeared increasingly straight, like a ramrod, akin to a spear piercing through the heavens.

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