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Chapter 390 – The Realm of Heavenly Completion

Dazzlingly bright and resplendent Spiritual Energy appeared akin to a pillar that supported the heavens, piercing through the skies from the mountain depths. As it connected with the gigantic vortex, the dense boundless Spiritual Energy turned into thick clouds of mist, obscuring everyone's vision of the scene present over there.

The area had clearly become the place that attracted the most attention within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy during this period of time.

Every day, there would be countless students that would look towards that direction with curiosity and anticipation present within their eyes. Over these last ten days, the deal struck between Mu Chen and Dean Tai Cang had already propagated throughout the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Everyone knew that once Mu Chen breaks through to Heavenly Completion Stage within this month, he might be permitted to participate in the opening of the Northern Heavens Continent's "Divine Spiritual Mountain". However, this event for the elites at the peak of the younger generation was something that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was unable to participate in. There were even some rumors flying about in the outside world due to this, causing dissatisfaction and indignance to surface within the hearts of the students. Why did they only accept those geniuses nurtured with unlimited resources from sects, or clans? If they truly wanted to compare, why didn't they compete with those outstanding leviathans that have gained fame and popularity after leaving the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?

How many Sovereigns have walked out from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? Of them, how many have dazzled and shone within the Great Thousand Worlds? Compared to that, how many did those powers and influences managed to nurture?

If those Sovereigns that have walked out from Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were to be counted in, the entire Northern Heavens Continent would tremble in fear from their might.

Therefore, the absolute majority of the students had a supportive stance towards Mu Chen's wish to participate in this "Divine Spiritual Mountain". Naturally, there were a minority of intellectually-sound people that had some doubts about Mu Chen being overly reckless. After all, even if he was to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage, compared to elites at the peak of the younger generation in the Northern Heavens Continent, there was still quite a large disparity present.

Those elites were even more difficult to deal with than Mo Longzi.

Naturally, regardless of that, the attention of seemingly the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was focused on the mountains in the academy's depths. Everyone wanted to know exactly if this youth, which had pierced his way and rushed straight ahead within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy without a single stop, would actually be able to reach the heavens once again.

Under this anticipation, yet another three days past by.

Of the one month duration, already the last two days remained!

Freshman region

The vast public square present before the lake was the usual training grounds for the Goddess Luo Association members. However, at this moment, it was packed full of people, with the large majority not having any intent to train or cultivate. Instead, raising their heads, they gazed towards the direction where the gigantic glowing Spiritual Energy pillar had met with the heavens.

During the last two days of the given one month, there was still not a single movement detected from Mu Chen, with no signs of any breakthroughs present from him.

This made quite a few Goddess Luo Association members to secretly pespire in anxiousness. As of now, all the students within the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were paying attention to this matter. Although Mu Chen being unable to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage within a month wouldn't cause his fame and prestige to suffer, it would still cause a slight bit of disappointment within some people. After all, they held too much anticipation towards his success.

"Luo Li, it’s down to the last two days…can Mu Chen succeed?" In the middle of the public square, Ye Qingling looked towards the black-dressed young girl who always had a calm expression present on her face. Finally, unable to hold it in, her jade-like hands clenched uncontrollably as she asked out.

With a faint smile, Luo Li replied, "It's the same if he succeeds or not. Cultivation can't be forced or rushed."

Indeed, Luo Li had some dissatisfaction towards the criteria of one month that Dean Tai Cang put forth to Mu Chen. The wavering Mu Chen was experiencing previously was due to him being forced to the point of being slightly anxious and rushed. Added with his rapid progress in cultivation upon entering the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, it had caused his mental state to become unstable, which almost lead to a disaster to his mental realm. Regardless of anything, from her point of view, Dean Tai Cang had to take some responsibility for this matter.

Although Luo Li knew that the realm of Mu Chen's mental state would be even more firm and stable from the experience of this matter, she was just a young girl in her teens. Furthermore, she was a girl that was worried for her loved one. As if she would maintain an absolutely neutral point of view to judge this entire situation. Therefore, her emotional state was still that of a girl trying to protect the person she loved.

"However, other people aren't thinking like that…" replied Ye Qingling in a helpless tone.

"Training and cultivation are personal matters. One doesn't need to care about the perceptions of others," said Luo Li with a faint smile. "Furthermore, isn't there still two more days? Before the final moment has past, one shouldn't make such a hasty verdict."

"That's the only thing we can do," replied Ye Qingling with a gentle sigh.

Under the attention of the masses within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, time elapsed slowly and quietly, as yet another day went by. Everyone felt as if the atmosphere within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had turned somewhat pressing and stifling. Even when training and cultivating, people would turn their gazes towards the glowing Spiritual Energy pillar shooting out from the ground, appearing as if it was hoisting up the heavens.

As scheduled, the final day arrived under the anticipation of everyone.

As the scorching sun's rays illuminated the horizon, gentle sunlight irradiated every corner of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Today, the greater half of the students in the entire academy had seemingly stopped their training and cultivation. All of them wanted to see if a miracle would appear on the final day of the deal. On the quiet and secluded mountain peak, Ling Xi sat on the porch before her bamboo house. Her jade-like hands propping up her cheeks, while her black hair scattered about, her beautiful eyes focused on the gigantic glowing Spiritual Energy pillar in the far distance.

Sitting by Ling Xi's side was Su'er, whose ponytails were wagging about. A worried expression hung on her small face as she asked, "Will Big Brother Mu Chen succeed, Elder Sis Ling Xi?"

Gently rubbing her little face, Ling Xi gave a faint smile. Shaking her head, she replied, "I don't know."

Due to the overpowering amount of Spiritual Energy present there, it had completely masked any fluctuations that might have radiated from Mu Chen. At this moment, even she was unable to understand the slightest bit of the latter's current situation.

As Su'er's jet-black eyes opened wide as she stared at the scorching sun slowly descending from the horizon, her little hands came together, praying for the sun to slow down in its descent below the mountain.

However, such a naïve wish obviously wouldn't have any result. Without any change in speed, the sun traveled across the sky, quietly moving from noon to dusk. Under the twilight from the sunset, a faint red glow was casted across the enter Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Nevertheless, there still wasn't any movement beneath the gigantic glowing Spiritual Energy pillar.

As countless students looked towards the setting sun descending across the horizon, a gentle sigh rang through their hearts. Looks like their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was still unable to participate in the most important occasion for the elites at the peak of the Northern Heavens Continent's younger generation…

The setting sun was gradually concealed by the ends of the earth. As it completely disappeared below the earth, the entire sky turned dark and dim.


Within the dark and dim world, sounds of people sighing rang out. Countless students shrugged their shoulders in slight disappointment, before preparing to scatter their ten days worth of attention.


However, just at this instant, a low and deep sound suddenly resounded across the world. A gigantic Spiritual Energy wave seemed to surge and spread out across all directions in the sky akin to a tidal wave.


Countless people furiously raised their heads, looking towards the depths of the mountains with shock present in their eyes. Violent and intense fluctuations were unexpectedly surfacing from the gigantic glowing Spiritual Energy pillar. As wave after wave of Spiritual Energy radiated out, it grew increasingly boundless and rampant.

"There's movement!"

Astonishing sounds of cheering erupted within the Freshman region as emotional expressions filled the faces of the Goddess Luo Association members.

Raising her clear and limpid eyes, Luo Li quietly looked at the glowing pillar, where strong and powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations were currently surfacing from it. At this moment, her jade-like hands within her sleeves started to quietly tense up.

On the mountain peak, shock was present in the eyes of Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong as they took in the scene unfurling before them.

On the small island on the lake, the two sisters, Su Xuan and Su Ling'er, stood quietly, fluctuations present within their beautiful eyes as they looked at the glowing Spiritual Energy pillar fluctuating in the distance.

In other places around the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, those extremely famous and influential characters like He Yao, Xu Huang and Zhao Qingshan had also casted their gazes over as shock was similarly present within their eyes.

Bang! Bang!

The gigantic Spiritual Energy waves were getting increasingly rampant as each wave went by. At the end, they appeared akin to rumbling tsunamis, blanketing the sky. The dazzling brilliance radiating from them caused the dim and dark sky to regain its brightness once again.

As the rampaging Spiritual Energy waves were violent, a clear roar suddenly filled the sky. Akin to the howl of a tiger and the roar of a dragon, it resounded abruptly from the depths of the mountain!

As the howling sound radiated out, one could feel the extremely powerful Spiritual Energy contained within it.


The glowing Spiritual Energy pillar suddenly started to intensely vibrate. In the next moment, eye-piercing brilliance erupted in front of everyone's eyes from the base of the glowing pillar, shooting straight towards the sky.


The glowing Spiritual Energy pillar exploded apart, transforming into glowing dots that blotted the skies. Within the myriad of glowing dots, a foot long clump of brilliance surfaced, with a little person radiating with brilliance sitting within. The little person was vivid and lifelike, appearing identical to Mu Chen. Clearly, this was his Spirit.

However, at this moment, his Spirit appeared extremely corporeal, as if it was an exact copy of his actual body. A strong and powerful feeling could be felt pervading throughout its entire body.

At this moment, the sitting Spirit started to slowly open its eyes. An abstruse feeling akin to starry skies appeared within its pair of eyes. As rays of brilliance erupted from within, they looked like the sparkling dots of stars in the night sky, appearing abnormally mysterious.

Raising its little hands, it opened its mouth. At this moment, the glowing Spiritual Energy dots that blotted the sky started to flow together, before finally being sucked cleanly up by the little Spirit.

The rays of brilliance radiating around the Spirit grew increasingly corporeal, while bits of golden brilliance even started to surface around it. Undoubtedly, it had turned much, much more corporeal than before.


As the Spirit rushed towards the sky, it transformed into a streak of light. Piercing straight through the top of the heavens, huge gales swept out from it. However, it was unable to cause much damage to it, as if it possessed the great ability to travel anywhere within the heavens.

At the sight of this, the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy burst out with cheers. They're clear that once a person's Spirit could leave his body and roam around the heavens and earth without being extinguished, it was the Heavenly Completion!

Clearly, Mu Chen had truly broken through to the last realm of the three Heavenly Stages, the Heavenly Completion Stage!

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