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Chapter 333 – Punishment Hall

The Punishment Hall sat within the inner region of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Within the entire academy, it held an extremely high status, as well as power, as the absolutely large question of the safety and guarding of the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was under its control.

The majority of the Punishment Hall members were students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that had already graduated, but chose to stay behind. With each successive batch, they provided a unceasing supply of fresh blood into the Punishment Hall.

Naturally, once one entered the Punishment Hall, one could no longer be called a student, and could no longer participate in the various competitions between students. Therefore, most students would generally find it extremely difficult to see the members of the Punishment Hall on most occasions within the academy.

Similarly, once one became a member of the Punishment Hall, the tasks one was sent out on would have a higher increase of danger. This place wasn’t some ivory tower, as the various rules and regulations implemented here were obviously even more strict and severe. After all, the Punishment Hall was constructed for the sake of the protection of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The enemies they faced were no longer the students and seniors that were comparing notes, but the various evil powers that were clearly presented or hidden in obscurity within the Northern Heavens Continent.

Compared the the gentle academy, the interior of the Punishment Hall clearly had an extra iron-blooded taste with a cold and strict feeling.

There wasn’t any of the luscious and vibrant atmosphere of vitality of the outside present within the inner region of the academy. Even the sky appeared to be darker and more overcast. A giant hall that looked different from the rest of the surroundings stood erect on top of a mountain peak. Within the air, there would be groups of people in armor darting in and out, from time to time. As they moved along, fluctuations of killing intent could be felt within the air.

This kind of imposing aura was absolutely not something that the students within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy could compare with.

Upon seeing this with their eyes, both Mu Chen and Luo Li felt somewhat shocked and startled. This was the strength that truly protected the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Although the academy was considered to be a leviathan in the Northern Heavens Continent, it did not mean that there wasn’t any power or influence that had the qualifications to challenge it within the Northern Heavens Continent. Within the great continent, where experts were akin to the numerous clouds in the sky, there were still some strong powers that were observing and eyeing it from the darkness.

And this Punishment Hall was here to scare and keep all those eyeing powers at bay.

Upon arrival to this inner region, Mu Chen and Luo Li did not encounter any obstructions. Clearly, the Punishment Hall had already received the news about their impending arrival. The two of them went through some detailed screening before descending on the giant peak that shot through the distant sky.

An incomparably giant hall sat quietly on the top of the giant peak, akin to a ferocious and cold-blooded beast that was quietly stalking its prey, while a heart-palpitating, ferocious aura radiated from it.

Before the giant hall stood a black stone square with the jet-black colour of it sparkling with traces of cold light.

As Mu Chen and Luo Li descended onto the black stone square, they noticed Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong, who had arrived earlier than them, standing in the centre. The ones in front of them were Lin Zheng, Zhou Qingshan and Gu Tianyan.

As Mu Chen’s gaze swept past them, it rested on a space in front of them. There stood a black-clothed middle-aged man with his hands behind his back. This person’s face was cold and fierce. As Mu Chen’s gaze crossed paths with him, an ice-cold air permeated from him, causing the air to freeze up.

While he was standing there, not a single word came from him. Instead, an invisible pressure enveloped over them. Under this pressure, even wild and arrogant people like Shen Cangsheng became docile and meek.

Feeling this pressure, Mu Chen shot a startled look at the black-clothed middle-aged man. From the looks of it, this man’s strength was rather terrifying.

“We’re sorry for arriving late.” Leading Luo Li and walking forward, Mu Chen cupped his hands and said to the group.

“Don’t fret about it. It hasn’t started yet.” With a smile, Lin Zheng gestured with his hand. Turning and pointing towards the black-clothed middle-aged man in front of him, he said, “This is the Hall Master of our Punishment Hall, Hall Master Mo You. At the same time, he’s also one of the Elders on the Heavenly Seats within our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

Hearing Lin Zheng’s introduction, Mu Chen felt slightly shocked. As of now, he had somewhat of an understanding towards the higher levels within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Within the entire academy, there were five seats within the Heavenly Seated Elders. Before, during the Great Freshman Banquet, there was an Elder by the name of Zhu Tian that seemed to be a Heavenly Seated Elder. The person in front of him… was, unexpectedly, another one of the five Heavenly Seated Elders. So he was considered one of the peak combat forces of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Mu Chen pays respects to Hall Master Mo You.” Bowing, Mu Chen cupped his hands and greeted Mo You.

“So, you’re the Freshman Mu Chen that defeated Gu Tianyan?” A dark light filled the eyes of Hall Master Mo You as he stared at Mu Chen. The gaze coming from him was exceedingly sharp and piercing, as if he was trying to see right through Mu Chen.

“It was only due to Senior Brother Gu Tianyan giving way to me. If we continued fighting, I wouldn’t have had any strength left to fight.” Mu Chen replied while shaking his head. Those words by him were the truth. If he were to continue fighting with Gu Tianyan, Mu Chen would only be able to achieve a draw, at the very most. Wanting to obtain a victory was, more than likely, an impossibility. Regardless of how numerous his hidden cards were, there was still a huge disparity from Heavenly Transformation Stage to Heavenly Completion Stage.

“So, this brat knows modesty, huh?” Mo You muttered. Smirking, he shot a look at Gu Tianyan, who had a somewhat unnatural look on his face and said, “This brat’s usually very arrogant. Being able to obstruct his haughty spirit shows that you have some ability.”

Hearing those words, Mu Chen could only give an awkward laugh.

“Regardless of that, you truly are quite good, since you’re able to reach this step with the status of a Freshman. After the past few years, you can be considered as the first one to do so. Even Shen Cangsheng wasn’t able to do so during his Freshman years.” Looking at Mu Chen, not the slightest hint of restraint was left with regards to his praise for the latter.

Hearing that praise, Shen Cangsheng started to smile. During his Freshman year, he had only buried his head and bitterly trained. He had also not participated in the Hunting War during that year, let alone achieving such results in a fight.

“So, you’re Luo Li, right?” Mo You’s gaze suddenly turned towards Luo Li, who had been standing beside Mu Chen the whole time. In the next instant, his gaze turned from the former to the Luo Shen Sword that was tightly gripped in her jade-like hand.

“Yes.” Luo Li replied while slightly nodding her head. Upon noticing that, Mo You’s gaze was focused on the Luo Shen Sword in her hand, and Luo Li’s eyebrows started to faintly knit together.

“Haha, I’ve seen before that sword in your father’s hands…” Mo You replied as a slightly complicated look appeared on his face.

Upon hearing his reply, everyone was blankly staring in confusion, while Luo Li felt somewhat startled. This Mo You actually met with her father before? Looks like the latter also understood her status.

Mu Chen also felt slightly startled. However, it was not something especially unexpected. Mo You was a Heavenly Seated Elder of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and should have some understanding towards Luo Li’s status. However, he never guessed that the former had met Luo Li’s father before.

“During my training years, I’ve met your father once, by chance. Speaking of which, I also owe him my life. It’s a pity that I didn’t get the chance to return the favor.” Feeling somewhat sad, Mo You replied to quell the confusion.

Hearing his explanation. Luo Li’s expression also turned dim. Naturally, there was nothing that she did not know about the matters that had happened.

As the atmosphere turned slightly dark, this became the first time that Lin Zheng and the rest had seen such an expression on Mo You’s face, causing them to be unable to muster any nice words to say.

Fortunately, Mo You quickly recovered his usual expression. Gesturing with his hand, he said, “Okay. Since you guys have all arrived. Let’s prepare to carry on with the Spiritual Light Empowerment.”

With a wave of his hand, three old men walked out from within the great hall. These three people were Elders of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, it was obvious that their status’ weren’t as high as Mo You’s.

“For the three of you, these three Elders will personally help with your Spiritual Light Empowerment.”

Looking towards Luo Li, Mo You said, “Lass, I’ll personally help you with your Spiritual Light Empowerment.”

Upon hearing those words, Lin Zheng and the rest involuntarily uttered a sound from their shocked reactions. Mo You was actually going to personally take action to help a student with her Spiritual Light Empowerment? This was truly the first time in these past few years.

On the matter of the Spiritual Light Empowerment, the stronger the helping person was, the greater the benefits the recipient would get. Mo You was one of the five Heavenly Seated Elders in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Within the entire academy, clearly, there were not that many who were stronger than him.

Luo Li hesitated awhile. Only upon seeing Mu Chen nod his head did she gently nod hers while saying, “Then, I’ll have to trouble Hall Master Mo You.”

Gesturing with his hand, Mo You replied while sighing, “This can reluctantly be considered as returning a small bit of the favor. Although, this is the only thing I can do.”

Upon saying those words, he continued to say his order, “ You three will follow the three Elders inside.”

Mu Chen and the other two nodded their heads. Just as they were about to move, a dispirited and ancient-sounding voice suddenly slowly resounded within everyone’s ears.


The sudden voice made everyone gawk. Raising their heads, they noticed the figure of an old man sitting on a stone pillar before the giant black hall.

Tattered clothing covered the old man’s body, while his head was bald, without a single strand of hair, and his eyes always looked dispirited as they drooped down. This made him look as though he had never had a full meal.

Upon noticing this bald-headed old man, Mu Chen instantly felt some astonishment. Isn’t this old fellow the person I met in the Lightning Territory? The Lightning God Physique he had trained in was given to him by this bald-headed old man.

Besides him, both Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong had faces brimming with shock, as they had similarly previously met with this bald-headed old man while in the Lightning Territory.

As he noticed the bald-headed old man, shock had also instantly appeared on Mo You’s face. Hurriedly, he greeted respectfully, “Lord Northern Sea.”

The attitude that Mo You displayed caused everyone to feel further shock. There was actually someone within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that could make Mo You show that much respect? What exactly was the origins of the bald-headed old man in front of them?

“Lord Northern Sea?”

Shen Cangsheng, and Lin Zheng, as well and the rest, frowned in thought, before a sudden change happened to their faces. Overwhelmed with shock, they spoke out in a low voice, “Could this be the Divine Beast Protector of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the Northern Sea Dragon?”

Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, other than Dean Tai Cang, the only person that could make Mo You to show so much respect would be the mysterious and seemingly wisp-like Northern Sea Dragon?

A tremor went through Mu Chen’s mind as he heard those words. He was somewhat in disbelief as he looked at the bald-headed old man, who always seemed so dispirited, and was simply unable to picture the latter as the Divine Beast that was capable of intimidating the Heavens and earth.

On the stone pillar, the bald-headed old man waved his hand. In the next instant, he had already appeared in front of Mu Chen and the rest. The seemingly instantaneous movement speed caused the eyes of Mu Chen and the rest to twitch.

The bald-headed old man waved his hand towards Mo You, before sweeping his gaze towards Mu Chen and the rest, finally resting on the latter.


Seeing that he was being stared at by the old man, Mu Chen instantly felt somewhat unnatural.

Ignoring Mu Chen’s change in expression, the bald-headed old man shot a slightly weird gaze at him. Only after a while did he slowly spit out some words. “From what I’ve heard, is it true that you’ve gathered some Divine Black Lightning?”

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