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Chapter 334 – Lightning Poison

“From what I’ve heard, is it true that you’ve gathered some Divine Black Lightning?”

Upon hearing those words, Mu Chen clearly gawked awhile. After hesitating awhile, he nodded his head while replying, “It’s by a fluke that I’ve managed refine a single strand of Divine Black Lightning into a lightning bead and absorbed it within my body…during the Hunting War, for the sake of fighting with Senior Brother Gu, I shattered that Divine Black Lightning bead.”

In a flash, Gu Tianyan finally understood why Mu Chen was able to erupt with such terrifying power while relying on his Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase strength. However, he still proceeded to shoot a weird look at Mu Chen as he thought, This fellow truly is a freak. He had actually absorbed the Divine Black Lightning into his body. That is something that even Sovereign experts would stay clear of!

What’s more, after shattering the Divine Black Lightning bead, unexpectedly, Mu Chen was able to survive. This made them feel all the more strange. Wasn’t this fellow’s willpower to live that overly tenacious?

A ray of light flashed within the murky eyes of the bald-headed old man. Extending his withered palm, he lifted Mu Chen’s sleeve. In the next instant, a black ray of light seemed to have shot up the latter’s arm.

Chi. Chi.

As the black light shot up, black lines started to instantly surface on Mu Chen’s arm. Those black lines started to squirm and wriggle under his skin, while radiating with fluctuations that caused slight unease to people.

“What’s that?” Mu Chen exclaimed in shock as the expression on his face changed.

“Lightning Poison.” said the bald old man indifferently, “The Divine Black Lightning is the tribulation that a Spirit Beast needs to experience for it to promote into a Divine Beast. Not only is it destructive, it also contains a mysterious Lightning Poison, which people are simply unable to discover. However, as time elapses, the Lightning Poison will gradually turn corrosive. That is to say, if the Lightning Poison doesn’t erupt. If it erupts, a crack will suddenly ring out from your entire body, and you’ll become a pile of ashes…”

Mu Chen’s face instantly turned ugly as a cold sweat started to appear on his forehead. Beside him, a panic-stricken expression appeared within Luo Li’s clear eyes as she looked towards Mu Chen with anxiety.

At this time, the expressions on the faces of Mo You, Shen Cangsheng and the rest also changed. They never expected that there would be a such a huge impending disaster hidden within Mu Chen’s body.

“Senior, please help him.” Luo Li could no longer maintain her usual silence as she hurriedly spoke out. Her frantic appearance, however, caused a slightly complicated expression to appear within Li Xuantong’s eyes as he faintly tilted his head away.

“Why should I help him? This is something that he had brought about to himself. Is the Divine Black Lightning something that he can bear? Moreover, he had even shattered it within his body. He’s already lucky to not die as a result of doing so.” the bald old man’s temper appeared to be somewhat strange, since he slowly said his reply while withdrawing his withered palm.

Biting her lip, Luo Li said, “If you help him get rid of the Lightning Poison, I’ll compensate you.”

Sizing Luo Li up, the bald old man replied in a lazy manner, “On your entire body, the only thing that’s of interest to me, would be the sword in your hand.”

“If Senior likes it, I’ll gift this sword as compensation.” Still biting her lip, Luo Li gave her reply.

Upon hearing her words, the expression on Li Xuantong’s face changed. Seeing this, Shen Cangsheng walked over and said in a low voice, “You don’t stand even an ounce of chance.”

Luo Li’s words had also made the bald old man startled. The sword in her hands would cause even the hearts of Sovereign experts to move. However, unexpectedly, Luo Li was willing to use it as compensation, which created some surprise within him. This was due to him being able to see that Luo Li was very clear about the true value of the sword in her hand.

“Lord Northern Sea.” Unable to bear it any longer, Mo You spoke out. After all, he had some connections to Luo Li’s father, and would naturally help, if possible.

Extending his palm out and holding onto Luo Li, Mu Chen shook his head faintly towards her. With a faint smile, he said, “Senior, you’re highly respected and worshipped in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Playing a joke like this on a girl isn’t something suitable.”

“Do you think I’m joking?” Faintly urling his mouth, the bald old man asked.

“Senior’s usually somewhere hidden. So, your sudden appearance today should have some connection to me, am I right? Perhaps, it should be connected to the matter of me absorbing the Divine Black Lightning, am I right?” Mu Chen replied with a smile.

Hearing his words, the bald old man stared at Mu Chen. Only after a long while did he smile while saying, “You’re tremendously astute, brat.”

Only upon seeing the bald old man reveal a smile did everyone quietly breathe a sigh of relief. The Northern Sea Dragon had an extremely high status in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Furthermore, he had a weird temperament. If he really did not wish to help, it would truly become something troublesome.

“Indeed, I’ve come seeking you due to some matters. Perhaps, you’ll have to help me with a little problem. Of course, to compensate you, I’ll help you deal with the Divine Black Lightning within your body,” replied the bald old man.

Hearing his words, everyone felt somewhat shocked. What kind of strength did the Northern Sea Dragon possess? Within the entire Northern Heavenly Continent, you might not even find a person that could contend with him! However, from the looks of it, unexpectedly, he had needed the help of Mu Chen, a student at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase?

“May I know what Senior needs me to do? With my little bit of strength…”Mu Chen asked while slightly wrinkling his brows. If it was a problem that even the Northern Sea Dragon was unable to deal with, what could he offer?

“Just follow me first. At that time I’ll give you a rundown about it. Relax, I won’t let you do something that would make you lose your life.”

Feeling helpless, Mu Chen replied, “ However, I’m currently about to receive my Spiritual Light Empowerment…”

“I’ll help with your Empowerment!” shouted the bald old man as he shot a glare at Mu Chen; he was able to see this brat’s intentions with a single look.

Only when he heard those words did Mu Chen start to faintly smile. With regards to the Spiritual Light Empowerment, the stronger the person in charge, the greater the effect. Within the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the bald old man in front of him was obviously the best person possible for the job.

Originally, Mu Chen did not have such hopes. However, who would have known that he would actually appear at this moment? This kind of opportunity doesn’t come knocking on one’s door twice. One would be too stupid to forsake such an idea.

Beside him, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, and even Lin Zheng and the rest were casting somewhat envious looks towards Mu Chen. Being able to let the Northern Sea Dragon personally help one with their Spiritual Light Empowerment; within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen could be considered to be the first.

“Since Mu Chen has such an opportunity, let him follow Lord Northern Sea.” Mo You said with a smile. This Mu Chen truly was a lucky fellow. He’s even able to meet up with such a good opportunity.

Luo Li released Mu Chen’s hand, while the anxiousness in her eyes dissipated, bit by bit. With a smile on her absolutely gorgeous face, she stared at Mu Chen, who had just obtain such good fortune.

“Then, I’ll go first.” said Mu Chen as he waved towards Luo Li. However, without waiting for him to say anymore words, the bald old man had already dragged him away. With a fluttering of space, the two of them instantly disappeared within the distortion.

Looking at the place where Mu Chen had disappeared into, Shen Cangsheng and the rest were still sighing with envy. Why doesn’t good fortune befall onto them?

“Stop sighing, this sort of good luck seems to be tied to not dying after absorbing and shattering the Divine Black Lightning in one’s body. If you guys want it, you can give it a try.” Mo You said indifferently.

Hearing his words, the expressions on Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong’s faces faintly changed. He had to be joking. The number of peak-level Spiritual Beasts killed by the Divine Black Lightning while trying to promote to become a Divine Beast was uncountable. What’s more, shattering it within one’s body. Even thinking about it would cause a person’s scalp to crawl. Only a freak like Mu Chen would do such an absurd thing.

Seeing the two becoming scared stiff, Mo You smirked, before turning around and heading into the great hall, with Luo Li rapidly following behind him.

“Sigh. Give it up. Seems like the both of us don’t have such a life. Don’t feel too bad about it.”

Helplessly patting Li Xuantong’s shoulder, Shen Cangsheng headed into the great hall. Looking at the back figure of Luo Li, Li Xuantong made a dejected sigh before following suit.

The moment he was grabbed onto by the bald old man, Mu Chen felt the scenery in front of him change so rapidly, he felt somewhat dizzy. An intense feeling of drowsiness erupted in his mind. Fortunately, this didn’t last long, before it rapidly dissipated.


After hearing the indifferent-sounding voice of the bald old man, Mu Chen opened his eyes, before staring somewhat dumbfoundedly at the scenery before him.

This was a dim and dark place, with a profound and unfathomable black colour everywhere. Naturally, what created the most shock within Mu Chen was the unending sea of Black Lightning. Like thousands upon thousands of water pillars, Black Lightning fell from the sky into this Black Lightning sea.

Mu Chen stared at this sea as gigantic lightning bolts arced and danced around within. As deep and low rumbling sounds resounded across this world, it carried along with them the indescribable prestige of the heavens and earth.

“What is this place?” Mu Chen asked as his scalp started to crawl. The unending sea of Black Lightning in front of him was too terrifying.

“The last layer of the Lightning Territory.” The bald old man casually replied.

Mu Chen sucked in a breath of cold air. This was the final level of the Lightning Territory? No wonder there’s such terrifying lightning energies present here. Compared to here, even the 7th Level of the Lightning Territory would appear insignificant.

“Carefully feel it. Aren’t there some slightly familiar fluctuations within there?” asked the bald old man with a grin as he pointed towards the unending Black Lightning sea.

Panning his doubtful gaze outwards, he tried to sense what the bald old man was talking about. After a long while, his face, however, started to turn slightly pale as he said, while being overwhelmed with shock, “These are… the fluctuations of Divine Black Lightning?”

Within the Black Lightning sea, Mu Chen discovered the fluctuations of Divine Black Lightning!

Unexpectedly, there’s actually Divine Black Lightning hidden within the black-coloured lightning sea!

The quantity present was seemingly more terrifying than those present in the Nine Netherbird’s tribulation.

Who would have thought that there would actually be so many Divine Black Lightning present in the final level of the Lightning Territory?

“As for the other levels of the Lightning Territory, their lightning energies are formed from those that have dissipated from here,” explained the bald old man with a smile.

Hearing that, Mu Chen was speechless as his heart was filled with shock.

“Senior, what exactly did you call me here to do?” Unable to resist his curiosity anymore, Mu Chen asked his question with some worry. This place was too terrifying, and any casual Divine Black Lightning that descended might be capable of blasting him into bits. He truly wasn’t able to think of how, exactly, he could help the Northern Sea Dragon.

Rubbing his withered palms together, a smile surfaced on the wrinkled and dried-up face of the bald old man. However, this smile only caused Mu Chen’s goosebumps to instantly stand up as a feeling of unease erupted from within his body.

Extending his finger, the bald old man pointed towards the Black Lightning sea that filled the space in front of them as a laughing voice rang out.

“I want you to help me retrieve something from within the lightning sea.”

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