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Chapter 332 – New Rank 3 of the Heavenly Rankings

The next day, as Mu Chen woke up from his sleep, he instantly felt that all of the tiredness within his body had disappeared into thin air. The acute pain radiating from within his body had dissipated by quite a bit, compared to yesterday.

Within his meridians, Spiritual Energy was, once again, coursing through, gently healing the many injuries that his meridians had suffered from the Divine Black Lightning.

As Mu Chen swept his senses throughout his body, he discovered that there were some meridians that were stained with a burnt-black colour. Obviously, the injuries that they had sustained were not light. However, on the bright side, the Thunder God Physique that he had practised had become somewhat stronger. If not, there would’ve been some trouble if those meridians cracked and shattered.

“I should be able to recover from all of these injuries after resting for the next two to three days.”

After muttering to himself, as he turned his body over, he felt a gentle and soft feeling coming from within his bosom. Lowering his head to look, he saw Luo Li resting on his bosom, sleeping extremely soundly. Under able to bear it, a smile appeared on his face as he bent down and gave a gentle kiss on Luo Li’s glistening forehead, before quietly leaving the bed and opening the door.

As he left the house, the gentle rays of the sun shone down, causing Mu Chen’s eyes to narrow uncomfortably, while his tight body quietly started to relax.

Various kinds of training sounds rang out from the distance as birds flew across the clear and blue sky. Their clear chirps caused the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to be uplifted with vitality.

As Mu Chen took a slow stroll out, the Divine Soul within his consciousness started its devouring. Absorbing the Spiritual Energy eagerly in the surround sky and earth within his body, the Divine Soul proceeded to refine it before devouring it.

As this continued, the dried-up reserves of Spiritual Energy within his body started to recover, bit by bit. As the Spiritual Energy flowed along his meridians, they ceaselessly cleared and repaired the damage present within his body.

Enjoying the rare chance to be idle and laze around, Mu Chen walked along to little road that ended at the public square by the lake where the Freshmen would usually train. Right now, there was already a huge crowd formed by the Goddess Luo Association members, who were engaged in their training.

“Big Brother Mu!”

Upon seeing Mu Chen’s arrival, all of the gazes seemed to have instantly locked onto him with joyful and worshipping looks erupted on the youthful and tender faces of the crowd.

Waving his hands towards them in acknowledgement, Mu Chen headed towards a stone platform, then towards one side of the public square, before taking a seat. Gently closing his eyes, he proceeded to continue absorbing the Spiritual Energy of the heavens and earth.

“Your recovery speed truly something. You’re already capable of jumping around after a day.” A voice containing gentle laughter suddenly rang out beside him, causing Mu Chen to open his eyes, only to see Ye Qingling smiling while standing next him.

“So you wish to see me lying down?” Mu Chen asked with a smile.

Taking a seat, Ye Qingling replied with a smile, “Congratulations. You’re now a peak influential figure in our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even He Yao has been beaten down by you. Do you know that after the end of the hunt, the people of the Demonic Gate seem have been avoiding us the moment they see us? There isn’t any of the previous arrogance present in them now.”

“As of now, you’re the most famous person within our academy. When compared to Shen Cangsheng, you’re not the slightest bit behind.”

“And yet, I want to find some peace and quiet,” feeling helpless, Mu Chen said with a smile.

“If it’s peace and quiet, that’s something very difficult to find.”

With a sweet smile, Ye Qingling gripped her jade-like hand, causing a scroll of lambskin to appear in a flash. Handing it over to Mu Chen, she said, “Ever since the end of the hunt, the Heavenly Rankings have momentarily changed. As for you, you’re already the 3rd Rank on the Heavenly Rankings, second to only Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong…”

Receiving the lambskin, Mu Chen unfurled it, only to see a stone rubbing of the Heavenly Rankings. At the 3rd Rank, sure enough, he had spotted his name.

As for the 4th Rank, it had changed to He Yao, with Su Xuan being the 5th. Zhao Qingshan was 6th, while Xu Huang had dropped from the 5th to the 7th… other than the top two in the previous Top Ten in the Heavenly Rankings, all the rest had truly changed. Below the Top Ten places, there were even more foreign-looking names. Obviously, they should be the dark horses that had appeared within this hunt.

As for the 10th Rank, Mu Chen was surprised to unexpectedly see that it had been assigned to Luo Li. Although that lass had made her move for an exceedingly little number of times, the matter of her collaborating with him to kill that Spiritual King seemed to be enough to cause her to jump up a few places in the rankings.

“Rank 3 of the Heavenly Rankings.”

While he gave a smile, Mu Chen’s expression still remained exceedingly calm, without feeling overly joyous or surprised.

“Sigh. We’ve entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy at the same time. And now, you’ve become an influential figure, ranked 3rd on the Heavenly Rankings, while the rest of us are slowing crawling up.” said Ye Qingling, while somewhat sighing in lamentation. When she had first met Mu Chen, wasn’t the latter’s strength not even at the level of Spirit Stage? However, after a period of time that hadn’t even reached a year, the latter had already become an expert that stood at the 3rd Rank of the Heavenly Rankings…

When people were compared to people, it sure caused people to feel extreme indignation and inferiority.

Mu Chen smiled at her. Not wanting to engage in a conversation about this topic any longer with her, he asked, “Where’s Sun’er? It seems that I’ve not seen her for some time already.”

“That little lass’ luck is quite good. After wandering around the academy, she met an Elder of the Northern Spiritual Academy. That Elder primarily trains in Spiritual Arrays, and is reportedly a Spiritual Array Grandmaster. After seeing Sun’er’s extremely good talent, she took her under her wing to train in Spiritual Arrays.” Ye Qingling replied.

“Spiritual Array Grandmaster?” upon hearing those words, Mu Chen’s eyes instantly contracted. For Spiritual Array Masters, the initial stages were ranked one to nine. However, strictly speaking, Spiritual Array Masters ranked one to five can only reluctantly be considered as entering this inner room of the Dao of Spiritual Arrays. As for those that had stepped past the threshold of 5th Grade and became a 6th Grade, that would be a completely different story. Spiritual Array Masters that reached this stage were worthy enough to be called Spiritual Array Grandmasters.

Only Spiritual Array Grandmasters were considered to have touched the true mysteries and workings of Spiritual Arrays.

The 5th Grade to the 6th Grade were akin to the frightening gap between the Heavenly Completion Stage and the Sovereign Stage.

Mu Chen’s talent in Spiritual Arrays was extremely high. From being a 1st Grade to a 4th Grade Spiritual Array Master, it was basically smooth without any hitches. However, even though that was the case, he did not dare to say that he could easily step past the threshold and become a genuine Spiritual Array Grandmaster.

As for this kind of Spiritual Array Grandmaster, Mu Chen dared to bet that there might not be more than a few people with such capabilities even in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Being able to be mysteriously taken under a wing of such an Elder, this was an opportunity that Sun’er had gotten that had made even Mu Chen feel his eyes turning slightly red.

Sun’er truly did have a rather high talent on the aspect of Spiritual Arrays, and her being spotted was something that Mu Chen didn’t feel strange about. However, his talent in Spiritual Arrays wasn’t any weaker than hers. But he didn’t see any Elders showing a particular fancy towards him. Looks like having a cute appearance does have many uses.

“Haha. According to Sun’er, this Elder’s temper is extremely strange and peculiar. She doesn’t only look at one’s talent, she also doesn’t have any biasness. Even if your talent is much higher than others, she might not care the slightest bit about you,” looking at Mu Chen’s current appearance, Ye Qingling couldn’t help laughing while commenting.

In response, Mu Chen gave a bitter laugh. As of now, he was already a 4th Grade Spiritual Array Master. However, in reality, his speed of improvement had started to slow down. Furthermore, he was still not clear of the many states of mind towards the Spiritual Arrays, and did not know exactly what way he needed to go to increase his familiarity and comprehension of them.

After all, currently, he had just managed to come in contact with the “Heart’s Eye” state. As a 4th Grade Spiritual Array Master, he should not be able to arrange a 5th Grade Spiritual Array. However, relying on the mysteriousness of the “Heart’s Eye” state, he was able to compensate for the disparity of his achievements.

But, the problem was that Mu Chen’s attainments in the “Heart’s Eye” state was only the preliminary contact, and was inconsistent whenever he used it. If he were to meet with an off-chance of it failing while in a life-or-death situation, that would result in him losing his life.

However, if he was able to receive the guidance of a Spiritual Array Grandmaster, perhaps, he might be able to increase his familiarity and control over the “Heart’s Eye” state…But, how could such an opportunity be easy to find?

The few Spiritual Array Grandmasters have extremely high statuses in the Northern Heavens Academy. If they didn’t want to teach you, no amount of Spiritual Value Points would matter to them.

“I’ll have a chat with Sun’er later to see if she could mention you to that Elder. Your talent in Spiritual Arrays is higher than Sun’er. I think that the Elder should not reject your request.” Upon seeing the fluctuation of emotions on Mu Chen’s face, Ye Qingling did not dare to continue teasing him as she spoke her suggestion earnestly.

“That would be much appreciated,” replied Mu Chen while nodding his head. As of now, what he really needed was training in the aspect of Spiritual Arrays. After all, it wasn’t like training one’s Spiritual Energy. There was too many overly complicated information and intricacies in this aspect. Without the guidance of others, there would always be a lot of winding paths in a solitary person’s pursuit along this road.

Gesturing towards Mu Chen, Ye Qingling noticed that there was a faint trace of paleness still present on Mu Chen’s face. Not wanting to continue disturbing him, after a short word or two, she turned around and left.

Looking at Ye Qingling’s figure as she headed towards the distance, Mu Chen temporarily put the issue of his Spiritual Array mastery aside. As of now, the most important thing he needed to do was to recover from his injuries, before heading to the Punishment Hall within three days to receive his Spiritual Light Empowerment.

Over the next two days, although the news of Mu Chen rising to the 3rd Rank of the Heavenly Rankings was trending rather fervently, he did not give a single care about it. Not taking even half a step out of the Freshman Area, he had put an end to all of the disturbances coming from the outside world.

Under the peaceful and quiet rehabilitation, the injuries present within Mu Chen’s body gradually recovered. Although there were still some slightly hidden injuries within his meridians, these could only be ridden through time, and was something that couldn’t be rushed.

With the arrival of the third day, Mu Chen’s complexion had almost completely recovered. All the paleness on his face was completely gone, while vigorous Spiritual Energy coursed throughout his body with faint traces of some improvement to them.

Standing on top of the house, Mu Chen did a lazy stretch, causing crackling sounds to rattle off from all the joints in his body akin to firecrackers. This extremely comfortable feeling caused Mu Chen to let out an uncontrollable groan.

“Looks like you’ve recovered quite well.” Luo Li’s satisfied voice rang out from behind him. As of now, Mu Chen was truly back to becoming vigorous and lively like a rising dragon. Three days ago, after becoming that frail and weak, it had caused quite a bit of pain to Luo Li’s heart.

“Basically more or so.”

Mu Chen replied while nodding his head. Looking towards the inner part of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, he said, “Let’s go. We should head towards the Punishment Hall. After risking my life to obtain the Spiritual Light Empowerment, we should at least enjoy what it’s worth, right?”

Luo Li gently nodded her small head in approval. With regards to the Spiritual Light Empowerment, truthfully, she was also somewhat curious.

Extending his hand out, under Luo Li’s blushing face, Mu Chen grasped her lovable little hand with his. With a light squeeze and he grin, he lead her along and floated into the air. In the next moment, the two transform into streaks of light, shooting towards the Punishment Hall within the academy.

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