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Chapter 306 – Gather

At the furthest end of the Spiritual Light army, whose borders can’t be seen, stood Mu Chen and his party in midair. They gazed into the bright and resplendent army; however, they did not directly rush into it.

The number of Spiritual Pawns had reached a terrifying amount. If they were to charge in by themselves, they might be instantly submerged within the sea of Spiritual Pawns. Under that frightening amount, even a Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase expert would end up in a sorrowful state.

Furthermore, other than the innumerable Spiritual Pawns, there were obviously quite a few Spiritual Knights hidden within them. All of the gathering points they had seen on the way combined were in fact still slightly less than the number present here.

The Extremely Dangerous grade gathering point truly deserved its reputation.

Wang Tong and the rest looked in shock at the scene before them. No wonder why there were so few people who dared to show fancy for such a grade of a gathering point in the past few years. Even without the Spiritual King, just based on this lineup was enough to make people halt in their tracks.

“When do we take action?”asked Wang Tong as he looked towards Mu Chen. He was somewhat eager to give it a try, as what’s present before his eyes was a genuine treasure trove. As long as they were able to get a portion of it, their hunt this time could be considered as have a full harvest. This harvest would be enough to allow for them to obtain a Spiritual Light Empowerment of the highest level.

“Wait.” replied Mu Chen with a gentle smile. “We’re too weak. If we rashly burst in, we simply might not be able to even meet the Spiritual King before we consume all of the Spiritual Energy within ourselves.

Hearing that, Wang Tong and the rest nodded their heads. Indeed, they had previously underestimated this grade of a gathering point. Only after seeing it with their own eyes did they realise that charging into a place like this without any accompaniment would only lead to their deaths.

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at his surroundings. At a distance, an innumerable amount of figures ceaselessly whizzed over, before forming a crowd floating in the sky. All of their eyes were feverishly looking at the Spiritual Light army in front of them.

Within a short half an hour, the surrounding skies were brimming with figures looking around in curiosity. There were at least a thousand of them. This scale can be considered as quite a bit.


Just as Mu Chen was observing the surrounding situation, a rushing whoosh suddenly rang out from the distance. He looked over, only to see a large number of figures swifting dashing over, before finally floating in the air.

“It’s Mu Fengyang and his party.” After seeing those figures, the faces of Wang Tong and the rest slightly changed. That’s due to the person in front of the group, which was the person that they had some conflict with yesterday, Mu Fengyang.

When Mu Chen and the group pointed out Mu Fengyang and his party, they clearly discovered that Mu Fengyang had narrowed his eyes and sent a faint smile towards Mu Chen. He seemed he wasn’t surprised about their appearance here.

Standing behind Mu Fengyang, Xu Qin and the group stared at Mu Chen, and the group had faces brimming with ill intent, with their eyes filled with provocation.

“Hmph, what’s there to be rampant about…?” muttered Wang Tong, feeling somewhat unhappy. Suddenly, his expression changed as he saw a green streak of light sweeping towards here from a great distance, before finally descending in front of Xu Qin and his party.

As the green light scattered, it reveal a figure wearing a green robe. Although his face was ordinary, his pair of eyes were extremely bright, making people not dare to cross eyes with him. When he appeared, everyone felt a somewhat oppressive Spiritual Energy fluctuation radiating from him. This caused quite a few people from the surroundings to look over, before their expressions slightly changed.

Mu Chen’s eyes had also faintly narrowed at this instant. He had felt danger coming from the guy dressed in green.

“That’s Zhao Qingshan…” whispered Wang Tong and the rest in a low dreadful voice.

“The Zhao Qingshan that had defeated the seventh place on the Heavenly Rankings, Gu Yuan in ten moves?” asked Mu Chen as his eyes flashed. No wonder he had possessed such an imposing aura.

Seeing the appearance of Zhao Qingshan, Mu Fengyang was instantly surprised before laughing loudly and saying, “You’ve arrived at last.”

Zhao Qingshan gave a faint smile and replied, “I’ve met with a little trouble en route.”

As he replied, he looked over towards the Spiritual Light army in the distance. A strange expression flashed within his eyes as he said, “Is that the Extremely Dangerous grade gathering point? Indeed, its extraordinary.”

After saying that, he continued to survey his surroundings. Although there were quite a few people around, a large majority of them were glanced over by him. When his vision swept to where Mu Chen and Luo Li stood, his gaze finally rested on them.

“That’s Mu Chen. I’ve invited him to join our Dark Society yesterday; however, he rejected my invitation.” said Mu Fengyang indifferently.

“Brother Zhao, this brat is too untactful. He had not even paid attention to brother Mu’s personal invitation. From the looks of it, it seems that he really looks down on our Dark Society.” said Xu Qin, adding fuel to the fire.

“People with ability will naturally be arrogant.” said Zhao Qingshan as his eyes faintly narrowed. No one could tell if he was happy or angry. Shortly after, he shifted his gaze towards Mu Fengyang, he enquired, “Did you cross hands with him?”

Mu Fengyang faintly nodded his head and replied, “He’s able to contend against a single move by me with his Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage strength. Although it’s due to him having learnt a Deity Tier Spiritual Art, he still can be considered as formidable.”

Zhao Qingshan smiled and said, “If you have the chance, you should use your full strength to test his abilities.”

Mu Fengyang nodded his head again. Just as he was about to speak, his expression suddenly changed. Looking at another direction, he pointed at a group of figures sweeping towards this region before standing in midair.

At the front of this group of people stood a male with his hands crossed behind his back. His facial expression was indifferent; however, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from his body made even Mu Fengyang and his party narrow their eyes.

“That’s Xu Huang…”

Zhao Qingshan gave a slight smile, while his eyes seemingly became even more bright, as his vision was locked onto that figure. The current him was already consider to be at the 7th Rank on the Heavenly Rankings. If he could defeat Xu Huang, his name would truly shake the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, and he would be comparable to those peak influential figures, like Li Xuantong and He Yao.

“This fellow had also come.” said Mu Chen with slight astonishment as he looked at Xu Huang. He never thought that Xu Huang would be attracted to this place. Looks like this place was getting more and more lively.

Xu Huang was a true and genuine influential figure within the Northern Spiritual Heavens Academy. His appearance naturally attracted numerous gazes. Some of the people’s gazes were slightly weird as they continuously revolved past Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang. The favourite thing the people of the Dark Society wanted to do was to find influential figures that ranked in the front of the Heavenly Rankings like Xu Huang and utilize their fame to show a brilliant feat that would stun the world, allowing them to mount the heavens in a single step.

Currently, it’s said that Zhao Qingshan had already defeated the 7th Rank on the Heavenly Ranking, Gu Yuan. The 5th Rank on the Heavenly Rankings, Xu Huang, would obviously be his next target.

If these two men were to fight, who would emerge victorious?

Facing the numerous stares coming from the surroundings, Xu Huang’s face remained indifferent, with his gaze giving a faint sweep before retracting.

Xu Qingqing had also followed by his side. Her beautiful eyes gave the surroundings a sweep before spotting Mu Chen not far in the distance, which made her bite her lip. However, she knew that the current Mu Chen was no longer simple; therefore, she did not dare to be as rampant as before.

Not long after Xu Huang had arrived, a few of those outstanding students, whose reputation were not weak in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, appeared in succession. Although their reputation could not compare to that of Xu Huang, they were not considered weak.

As the people that congregated here grew larger and larger, the lineup of students here clearly became increasingly tyrannical.

Although this number was still unable to compete with the Spiritual Light army, they had possessed intellect, while those Spiritual Knights were devoid of it, and could only rely on instinct to launch their attacks.

“When preparing to attack later, make sure to take more care. An Ran, if we head in too deep, you girls should retreat first.” said Mu Chen as he looked at the surroundings. Countless people were eager to give it a go, and from the looks of it, they were starting to prepare to invade the Spiritual Light army.

“Okay.” replied the girls as they nodded their heads. Within this group, their strength was obviously the weakest. Heading in too deep was indeed very dangerous. After all, within this Extremely Dangerous grade gathering point, the number of Heavenly Transformation Stage Spiritual Knights should not be little.

Just as Mu Chen had finished his orders, the atmosphere of this region had completely turned fiery and erupted. There were people who were unable to resist any longer as they shouted in loud voices, “Take action! Snatch those Spiritual Lights, and our Spiritual Light Empowerment this time will be perfect!”


The eyes of quite a few people turned fiery at this moment, before figure after figure explosively dashed forward, shooting towards that vast and expansive Spiritual Light army in an earth-shaking manner.

They might not possess the qualifications of taking fancy in that Spiritual King; however, the Spiritual Lights present here were dozens of times more than other places. As long as they were able to obtain a portion of them, it was a sufficient reward for them.

“Let’s take action, too. Remember, our goal is that Spiritual King. Let’s kill as many as we can along the way.” Zhao Qingshan looked at the movements of the people in the region. His originally bright eyes had a bit of flames burning within them. However, his gaze was focused on the depths of the Spiritual Light army. Ordinary Spiritual Lights did not enter his eye, the Spiritual Light at a Spiritual King level being his only goal. If he could get his hands on it and experience the Spiritual Light Empowerment again, he might have the qualifications to break through to Heavenly Completion Stage. At that time, he would even be happy and not dread it if he were to face against Shen Cangsheng.


The moment his words appeared, his figure had already shot forward. Bringing along his party, Mu Fengyang immediately followed behind him.

“Let’s go.”

Xu Qing looked indifferently at the back of Zhao Qingshan and his group, before casually saying two words before shooting off.

Earth-shattering whizzing sounds rang out through the entire sky as figure after figure shot towards the vast and expansive Spiritual Light army akin to locusts.

This scene was rather spectacular.

“We should also make a move.”

Only after seeing everyone starting to move did Mu Chen nod his head. At this kind of place, it’s best to let other people be the vanguard.

With a shift of his body, he shot forward, instantly shooting past the deep fissure.In the far distance. The bright and resplendent Spiritual Light army sparkled with a glow that blotted the skies. Mu Chen’s gaze focused on the depths of the army.

The Spiritual King should be at there.

Mu Chen’s eyes faintly flashed as he approached the Spiritual Light that blotted the skies. Looking at the never-ending Spiritual Knights, Mu Chen waved his hand. Taking the lead, he rushed into the Spiritual Light army.

Following the advancement of everyone, the Spiritual Light army that was originally devoid of life force, but brimming with boundless Spiritual Energy, quietly became restless at this moment.

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