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Chapter 307 – Spiritual King


Within the boundless Spiritual Light akin to an ocean, a Spiritual power streak burning with black flames swept across. Any Spiritual Pawn that came in contact with it would disintegrate seemingly in an instant, before transforming into strands of Spiritual Light, which would float up.


An Ran and the rest immediately took action, immediately storing those Spiritual Lights.

Just when they had stored those Spiritual Lights, the earth-shattering amount of Spiritual Pawns flooded from the surroundings like a tidal wave, almost wanting to completely submerge them.

The Wang brothers had also simultaneously launched their attacks at this instant. Swift and fierce light blades swept across, creating a huge fissure within the incoming Spiritual Pawn tide, which their small group passed through without delay.

“The number of Spiritual Pawns here is too terrifying!”

When Wang Tong and the rest had just passed through the fissure, and subsequently looked at the seemingly endless waves of Spiritual Pawns, their faces could not help turning serious and grave. The number of Spiritual Pawns at this gathering point might be in the millions.

It was fortunate that these Spiritual Pawns did not have any trace of intelligence. If not, as long as one of them attacked once, even a Heavenly Completion Stage person would be smashed and turned into pulp.

Mu Chen had also nodded his head. The few of them had took turns to attack and created a fissure in the Spiritual Pawn tide to reduce the consumption of Spiritual Energy. If one were to do this alone, once one had crashed their way through the outer boundary, one might have already exhausted one’s Spiritual Energy.

While he was cleaning up the Spiritual Pawns that were endlessly flooding over, he had also raised his head to look at the distance. At those places, there were several extremely wild and violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating out. Obviously, those places were also locked in intense battles.

The number of these fights was not small; however, it was fortunate that these fights had shared the pressure. If not, it would be many times harder for Mu Chen and his group to reach the depths.

“The Dark Society members are very quick!” Wang Tong suddenly shouted. Not far from them was a group of people who were seemingly using an unreachable speed to rush forward, crush every single Spiritual Pawn that came their way. The leaders of that group were Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang. Their lineup could be considered the strongest, with their numbers also being the most.

On the right side, falling behind the Dark Society by a sliver, was the group brought over by Xu Huang. Further into the distance were some groups who were pretty strong that were rapidly slashing apart the Spiritual Pawn flood, pushing towards the depths.

“There’s no need to be anxious. Even if you reach the depths earlier, do you truly think that the Spiritual King is that easy to deal with?” Mu Chen had still maintained his calm. Other than reaching the depths a step earlier by rushing in, there was no other use. However, was there any need to be a step earlier? He did not believe that Zhao Qingshan, Mu Fengyang and his gang would be able to deal with the Spiritual King.

“Maintain our speed. Use your Spiritual Energy sparingly, as this has just started.” Mu Chen reminded the rest. Up till now, only the most ordinary of Spiritual Pawns had appeared, with even the Spiritual Knights having not appeared yet.

Wang Tong and the rest nodded their heads before focusing all of their attention to the unending stream of Spiritual Pawns that were flooding over.

As they were dashing forward with rapt attention, their speed had increased by quite a bit. After a short dozen minutes, they had gradually passed through the outermost region of the gathering point.

However, as they passed through the outermost region, they finally started to gradually feel some pressure. Although the Spiritual Pawns here did not have any intelligence, their numbers were overly terrifying. Sweeping over with their surging Spiritual Energies, their attacks were not any weaker than the all-out attack of a Heavenly Transformation Stage expert. Wanting to resist that kind of attack wasn’t as easy as one thought.

However, it was good that Mu Chen and his group made some mental preparations and took turns, allowing them to continue their resistance.

As time past, they got increasingly deeper into the gathering point.


Mu Chen sent a fist rumbling out. Wild and violet Spiritual Energy streamed out akin to a rocket plume, directly shattering a dozen Spiritual Pawns that were dashing over into smithereens. A strand of Spiritual Light akin to a blaze shot out, before being caught by him.

However, after killing those Spiritual Pawns, Mu Chen slightly wrinkled his brows. Now, they could already be considered as having entered the middle region of the gathering point. However, what made him feel somewhat flabbergasted was that, on the way here, he had actually not seen a single Spiritual Knight, with everything being ordinary Spiritual Pawns.

Even the Ordinary grade gathering point they had visited before had Spiritual Knights in them. However, after reaching such a depth, why was there not even a trace of them?

Mu Chen raised his head and looked towards the depths that were brimming with Spiritual Light. The Spiritual Lights there were overly bright and resplendent, with even the the skies being masked by it. He was also unable to clearly look at that place; however, he could faintly sense that something wasn’t right.

Mu Chen shook his head and suppressed the feeling in his heart. Since he had reached this place, no matter what, he had to personally see the Spiritual King.

“Speed up!”

He roared in a low voice. He took the initiative he shoot forward, with Luo Li, Wang Tong and the rest immediately following behind him. They also started to utilize their Spiritual Energies, traveling forward at full speed.

However, as they continued further in, the suspicion in Mu Chen’s eyes turned increasingly thick. Until now, he had not seen a single Spiritual Knight.

Those Spiritual Knights seemed to have vanished into thin air.

“Mu Chen, the situation doesn’t feel right.” Even Wang Tong had sensed this situation. His face was turning slightly ugly, as he said in a low voice.

“Where did all the Spiritual Knights go?”

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the groups that were in the far distance. They had seemingly increased their speed as they rushed towards the depths. They also seemed to have discovered the situation, and, therefore, had wanted to hurry to the depths to search for exactly what had happened here.

“Let’s go to the depths to take a look.” Mu Chen softly muttered. With a wave of his hand, the group immediately increased their speed. Using all their strength, they smashed through the Spiritual Pawn flood that blocked their path.

Using their full strength, after approximately ten minutes, Mu Chen and his group had already passed through the seemingly endless Spiritual Pawn flood. As they did so, the pressure coming from all directions instantly disappeared.

The Spiritual Pawn flood had completely disappeared.

Mu Chen and his group stared with slight amazement at the absolutely empty depths. Hundreds of metres behind them was the Spiritual Pawn flood that they had just passed through. However, after passing through, the Spiritual Pawns had stopped their pursuit, pacing to and fro, not daring to come any closer.

Mu Chen faintly wrinkled his brows and stopped caring about those ordinary Spiritual Pawns. He swept his gaze around, only to see the extreme vastness in the depths. However, it was deserted, without a single trace of life.

Within the deepest part of the depths were the bright and resplendent Spiritual Lights that blotted the skies. Faintly, there was an extremely strong Spiritual Energy pressure that radiated from the skies, blotting out the entire depths.

Perhaps, due to that pressure, the Spiritual Pawns did not dare to come closer.

As for the person that possessed that kind of astonishing Spiritual Energy pressure, there was obviously no other existence, other than the Spiritual King.

Mu Chen’s vision turned around and looked at the vast and spacious region, as dozens of groups rushed in here. They had also scanned their surroundings with slight suspicion. Finally, their gazes congregated on the deepest part of the depths, where the spiritual power pressure was radiating from.

The Spiritual King was there!

The eyes of quite a few people started to turn fiery as they proceeded to simultaneously dash forward.

Mu Chen waved his hand and followed after them. At the same time, he had increased his cautiousness. This region was graded as Extremely Dangerous. If he was not vigilant, being empty-handed would be a small thing. He was afraid of being seriously injured and thrown directly out of the Spiritual Light World.

Dozens of groups rapidly shot towards the spacious region. After quite a while, their figures started to stop one by one, before looked at the place in front of them with some astonishment.

Within the extreme depths, the bright and resplendent Spiritual Lights endlessly radiated out. Within the place where the Spiritual Light was most eye-piercing stood an approximately 300 metre tall gigantic figure. The figure was covered entirely in gems, as if a thick layer of crystal armor had enveloped it. It quietly stood there, as if it was the emperor of this entire region, looking like an anomaly.

“That’s the Spiritual King?”

Mu Chen and the group looked gravely at the gigantic figure. The terrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from the latter made everyone present feel fear and trepidation.

That degree was absolutely not something that a Heavenly Transformation Stage could compare with!

Obviously, within this region, other than the Spiritual King, which existence was able to possess such powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations?

“I’m finally seeing a Spiritual King. That’s what they look like.” Wang Tong and the rest muttered to themselves before bitterly laughing and said, “However, doesn’t it seem to be too strong?”

The Spiritual Energy fluctuations that radiated from it made them feel their bodies grow slightly heavier. This made them understand the huge difference between themselves and the Spiritual King.

This was the strength of a Heavenly Completion Stage?

Amongst them, there was almost no one who could be the opponent of this Spiritual King in a duel.

The dozen groups stood at a far distance, their eyes staring feverishly at the Spiritual King towering over this region. However, no one dared to rashly take the initiative and attack it, as they could sense how frightening this Spiritual King was.


The quiet atmosphere continued awhile. Zhao Qingshan turned his bright eyes towards the crowd. Cupping his fists, he said, “I think that everyone has discovered the formidability of this Spiritual King. I propose that we join hands and kill it. If not, we might return empty-handed today.”

Some people muttered to themselves and nodded their heads. Indeed, if they didn’t join hands, they would definitely be unable to deal with this Spiritual King. Their lineup here was not weak. If they were to join hands, there were some odds of success for them to deal with this recently born Spiritual King.

“How do we split the Spiritual Light of the Spiritual King?” some people shouted out. There’s only one strand of Spiritual Light from the Spiritual King; however, there were quite a few people present.

“It’s somewhat too early to talk about that. We should discuss on how to allocate after dealing with the Spiritual King.”

Zhao Qingshan gave a faint smile before turning to Xu Huang, and asked, “What do you think, brother Xu?”

Xu Huang faintly narrowed his eyes as he shot a look at the Spiritual King towering over this region. Faintly nodding his head, he replied indifferently. “Let’s join hands.”

Xu Huang was, after all, an influential figure within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Upon seeing him giving the nod of approval, everyone followed suit and nodded their heads. In a short moment, the morale started to rise. Thinking about it, with so many people joining hands, even the Spiritual King would find it difficult to resist them, right? After all, regardless of that, the Spiritual King had only strength and was devoid of intelligence.

Mu Chen looked at everyone’s rising morale. His forehead faintly wrinkled before sweeping the vast region with his gaze. Why was he unable to see even a single Spiritual Knight? Where exactly had all those Spiritual Knights run to?

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