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Chapter 305 – Arrival

The black stone started to split apart, inch by inch, as the sword glow flashed past. Under its black colour, a sparkling glow started to radiate out, becoming extremely dazzling.

This mysterious change had attracted the vision of Wang Tong, An Ran and the rest. They looked in amazement at the scene before them. Not a single one of them had any idea that there would actually be another world within this seemingly unremarkable “Divine Forging Stone”.

Luo Li extended her small hand and and gently peeled away those broken stone shards. As the stone shards fell off, a crystal, with the approximate size of a thumb, revealed itself to Mu Chen and the rest.

There wasn’t anything special looking at this sparkling crystal. It looked like a well cut diamond. However, there seemed to be fluid revolving within it, making it look extremely mysterious.

Although this crystal was extremely tiny, Mu Chen and the rest could feel the enormous energies contained within it.

“What is that?” asked Wang Tong and the rest dumbfoundedly.

“This is a Forging God Crystal.” replied Luo Li with a faint smile. “A necessary material that is required when forging Divine Weapons. They are extremely rare. It can be assumed that you can’t even buy it from the Spiritual Values Hall in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

The expressions of Mu Chen and the rest simultaneously changed. A necessary material for forging Divine Weapons? Divine Weapons…this was something that even Sovereigns would be greedy about. They have never seen one before, and they don’t even know if the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has any of them.

“However, this Divine Forging Stone is too small and is far from enough for forging Divine Weapons. If not, its value would be extremely frightening.” said Luo Li in a soft voice.

Mu Chen nodded his head. A material that could aid in the forging of Divine Weapons. With regards to many experts, it would be a fatal attraction if they ever caught wind of it.

“This time, we’ve picked up a bargain.” said Mu Chen with a smile. If not for Luo Li, even he would have missed out on this “Forging God Crystal”. Relying on his strength, it was simply impossible for him to discover the crystal hidden deep within the stone. Naturally, other than Luo Li, there should be no one else within the students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that had the ability to detect it.

Luo Li gave a soft laugh before storing that Divine Forging Stone away. She needed to find time to undo the first seal on the Luo Shen Sword. That way, she would possess an extremely frightening trump card.

“Let’s go. We’ve to seize the moment to find more gathering points. The current us are penniless, and we also have a debt to pay.” said Mu Chen with a grin.

Feeling somewhat guilty, Luo Li looked at Mu Chen. She naturally knew that Mu Chen had took out all of his spiritual lights to buy the Divine Forging Stone. Their two full days worth of harvests was basically spent on it.

“If you show me this expression again, don’t blame me for punishing you.” said Mu Chen with a frown. He did not like seeing Luo Li being so calculative with him.

Luo Li responded with a sweet smile. That perfect smile caused even An Ran and the girls to feel a little dazzled.

“Wang Tong. I’ll have to trouble you three about the matter of finding gathering points. We’ll split them evenly.” said Mu Chen while looking at him. Their information was extremely abundant. If they were able to provide some of them, their harvests would be extremely large.

“This region should have a Dangerous grade gathering point. I don’t know if there will be any Spiritual Knights at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase there. However, there should be quite a few Spiritual Knights at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase. It might be a little troublesome to eat it.” muttered Wang Tong after hesitating.

“Dangerous Grade…” murmured Mu Chen has his eyes faintly narrowed. Before he could reply, a faint laugh rang out from Luo Li as she said, “Then, let’s go there.”

Mu Chen shot a slightly curious look at Luo Li, before proceeding to laugh, unable to control it. “Why? Our Goddess Luo can no longer bear it and wants to take action?”

Since entering the hunting grounds, Luo Li had always been following quietly behind Mu Chen and seemed to be rather content in doing so. So much so that the circumstances that required her to take action were extremely little. However, from what Mu Chen could see, she seemed to want to take the initiative.

“You’ve owed a debt due to me. Naturally, I cannot be lazy.” replied Luo Li with a charming smile, her clear glassy pupils were gently staring at Mu Chen.

“Okay, let’s head straight there!” exclaimed Mu Chen with a loud laugh. Ever since they had entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Luo Li had rarely revealed her true power. However, he knew that if she was to truly take action, even he might not be able to defeat her.

Seeing this, Wang Tong looked at Luo Li with slight amazement. They did not understand much about Luo Li’s true strength. However, from Mu Chen’s words, it seemed that she was extremely formidable…

Some doubt flashed past their eyes; however, they didn’t say anything in the end and immediately proceeded to lead the way. For such matters, Mu Chen would not be joking about it…

This doubt of theirs finally turned completely into smoke and disappeared into thin air hours later. At that time, the gazes they sent towards Luo Li were overwhelmed with shock and respect.

It was a gigantic valley. At this time, Luo Li’s black sword slowly entered its sheath, causing the world-shaking sword qi to completely vanish. In front of her was a deep fissure that extended a thousand feet. The fissure was as glossy as a mirror, and it extended to a mountain peak, before splitting it into two.

This was all caused by a single slash from Luo Li.

There were even five Spiritual Knights at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase that were cut apart by that slash.

They seemed to put up not a single trace of resistance before being sliced apart by that black comet-like sword aura.

That single slash was so swift and fierce that it was simply impossible to defend against it.

While Luo Li was sheathing her sword, at another direction, a white tiger was roaring towards the heavens. A black pagoda was suppressing something that caused the earth to quake and mountains to shake. The four Spiritual Knights at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase were directly shaken and exploded.

From there stood an outstandingly handsome youth slowly descending to the ground.

“A terrifying pair of lovers…”

Wang Tong and the rest looked dumbfoundedly at the accomplishment of the two. They couldn’t help letting out a long sigh. Nine Spiritual Knights at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase were completely suppressed by these two.

If these two were to direct their attacks towards the trio, they might be ousted to a sorrowful state and have to scuttle away.

At this time, they realised how stupid they were, as they had actually tried to snatch Luo Li away some time ago… If Luo Li had taken action then…looking at the gigantic fissure on the ground, a cold shiver instantly travelled up their spines.

“It’s a pity that we didn’t meet any Spiritual Knight at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phases.” said Luo Li with some regret as she shook her head. This gathering point, in reality, could be considered as having a pretty good lineup. However, it was a pity that the Spiritual Knights were clearly unable to defend against the attacks that were simultaneously launched by her and Mu Chen.

“Not bad. Adding all of them together, this gathering point had almost ten Spiritual Knights at the Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase. This lineup could be considered as a Dangerous grade gathering point. This time, Wang Tong gave us a reasonable one.” said Mu Chen with slight satisfaction. Compared to the small gathering points that the trio had brought them to previous, where he was too lazy to even move, the current one could already be considered as a very big harvest.

The trio laughed guiltily before hurriedly saying, “Rest assured, when we reach that region tomorrow, you guys will understand why it’s called an Extremely Dangerous grade gathering point. If everything goes smoothly, our harvest will cause everyone’s eyes to turn red!”

Mu Chen turned his vision towards the northwest direction with some anticipation within his eyes. Extremely Dangerous grade gathering point…From there, would there be the existence of a Spiritual King?

A Spiritual King at the Heavenly Completion Stage.

He really wished to experience exactly how formidable it was.

A blaze seemed to have ignited within Mu Chen’s eyes, filled with fighting intent, as well as curiosity.

Next day

In the early morning, Mu Chen and the group stopped for a rest before rushing at their utmost speed towards the northwest direction. At their current speed, they would get close to the Extremely Dangerous grade gathering point they had been searching for since two days ago.

As Mu Chen and the group rushed towards the region, they were able to discover that there were some Spiritual Energy fluctuations faintly spreading out from the far distance.

They looked at each other in the eyes as they thought that it was not only them who were rushing to that region. However, they did not know exactly how many strong groups were locked onto that place.

Looks like this region would be extremely lively.

Mu Chen and the rest started to increase their speed. After approximately an hour, their speed started to slowly decrease as a crater appeared on the flat plains they were travelling on. That was a crater formed by an abyss whose bottom could not be seen. Beyond that crater, lied a radiant world.

The radiance over there seemingly overshadowed the colours of the sky and earth. That was the radiance formed from the convergence of light. Looking from afar, it looked like a sea of spiritual lights, and one simply couldn’t see its end.

Mu Chen and the rest were floating in the sky as they stared dumbfoundedly at the sea of spiritual lights with an ending that could not be seen. Faintly, they could feel the countless Spiritual Pawns pacing back and forth.

That entire place seemed to be a country of Spiritual Pawns!

Mu Chen stared at the depths of the abyss. Although his line-of sight-wasn’t able to reach the end of it, he could faintly detect some fluctuations that made even his heart slightly palpitate.

Looks like this region wasn’t simple. No wonder it was able to be graded as an Extremely Dangerous grade gathering point.

“Such a terrifying gathering point…” Wang Tong and the rest were shocked to the point that words could not form in their mouths. However, they subsequently became feverish. If they were able to collect all of the Spiritual Lights here, how great would the effect from the Spiritual Light Empowerment be?

Perhaps they might even be able to rush into the Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase!

Mu Chen gradually recovered his clarity. His line-of-sight turned towards another direction, where there were some rushing whizzing sounds resounding from there. From a distance, he was able to make out a few figures standing in midair.

More and more people were coming to this place, and a great majority of them were not easy to deal with. After all, people who don’t have any skills would not dare to come to a place like this Extremely Dangerous grade gathering point.

Mu Chen and Luo Li shot a glance at each other. Seems like it would not be an easy matter to hunt the Spiritual King. This place truly become lively.

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