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Chapter 297 – Price

When the three Wang Brothers saw Mu Chen's expression turn dark, they brought their guards up as they tightened their grips on their weapons.

The one that's seated on the rock was the boss, Wang Tong. His slightly frowned his brows as he looked at Mu Chen, whose gaze turned cold from his words. He never expected that the latter would have such a reaction from his words.

"No wonder you guys are still the defeated foes."

Mu Chen raised his head. There weren't any ripples as he stared at the three before him. The smile on the corner of his face turned harsh and offensive, "Having ambitions yet, no strength. Perhaps Li Xuantong won't even consider you guys as his opponents."

When Mu Chen said those words, the Wang Brothers' faces turned ugly as veins popped out from their arms. Their gazes were cold as they fixed onto Mu Chen. The latter's words had torn open the scar in their hearts.

Back then, when the three of them had come to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they were arrogant and prideful. So, naturally, they were unwilling to be ordinary and, hence, they joined hands and challenged Li Xuantong, who was already an influential figure in the academy. However, the outcome was that they miserably lost. On the contrary, Li Xuantong, from back then, didn't have the attitude of a winner and only lightly cast a glance at them before leaving.

His indifferent gaze left a deep impact the Wang Brothers. From then on, they kept a low-profile and bitterly cultivated. Right now, their strength had soared to the point that they could even try charging into the top 10 of the Heavenly Ranking. They believed that if they were to encounter Li Xuantong again, they would be able to wash their disgrace away.

"Aren't you courting death?" Wang Lei, whose face was blackened, had the most furious temper as he roared while staring at Mu Chen viciously.

"A Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage newcomer actually dared to behave so impudently before we three brothers? It seems that you've gained quite a bit of confidence in receiving those three moves from Li Xuantong." Wang Zhong sneered as he ridiculed.

"It seems like you have a huge repercussion to my words." Wang Tong's gaze was still as cold as before. Shortly after, his gaze dropped and added, "However, since you've already said those words, then you, naturally, have to pay the price for your words. I hope that you'll be able to pay the price for it."


As he shouted, Wang Lei, whose temper was the most furious, grinned. His hands abruptly gripped onto that sharp crescent blade. He took a step forth as astonishing Spiritual Energy ripples soared out.

"Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase!" The face of An Ran and the two other girls changed. No wonder the Wang Brothers were so arrogant, it turned out that their strengths had underwent such improvements!

With the three of them having Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase's strength, in addition to their well coordinated cooperation, they could even fight with Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase experts. No wonder they dared to seek trouble with Li Xuantong the moment they finished their training.

"Brat, as long as you're willing to hand over all of your Spiritual Lights, as well as that girl, everything will be fine. However, since you're unable to understand what's best for you, don't blame me for being too heavy with my moves!"

Wang Lei clenched his crescent blade as his figure moved. He was like a streak of lightning as he appeared above Mu Chen. Both of his hands were holding the crescent blade as he issued a bark. Brilliant lightning flashes abruptly extended from the blade, along with the deep roars of resounding thunder.

"Roaring Thunder Slash!"

As he shouted, an overbearing lightning blade flew down like a violent light as it shrouded Mu Chen, along with a few feet in radius.

Mu Chen raised his head as the lightning light was reflected in his black pupils.


The lightning blade viciously hit on the spot that Mu Chen was standing, causing the ground to tremble. Cracks that were like a spider's web extended from the spot that the blade had landed.

"Mu Chen!" When An Ran and the other two saw Mu Chen being hit by that blade, they immediately exclaimed out.

Luo Li, who was close by, however, didn't panic in the slightest. But even so, her hands had held onto her sword grip. Luo Li's pupils were cold as she stared at Wang Tong and Wang Zhong.

"Collapsed after the first blow. I wonder, how did you withstand the three moves from Li Xuantong?" Up in the sky, Wang Lei's hands held onto his crescent blade as he stood with pride. He looked at the ground that was covered in smoke and dust as he couldn't help casting the corner of his mouth aside. That kid could not even avoid that one move of his, how did he get the courage to put on such an act before them?


An indifferent laugh, along with a chill, abruptly resounded from the rear of Wang Lei. His face instantly changed as the crescent blade in his hands slashed towards his rear with an overbearing blade of light.

Pitch-black Spiritual Energy was blazing with black flames as it surged like smoke while bringing along blazing ripples and swept out. It had directly clashed against the blade of light without dodging.


The sound of metal colliding resounded as sparks flew. Wang Lei's hands, which were gripping his crescent blade, trembled. His blade that was covered with the lightning's blade of light had actually dulled under the attacks of the pitch-black Spiritual Energy.

Bang! Bang!

However, before he could feel astonished, the figure before him charged over. That figure was covered in pitch-black Spiritual Energy as his fists, elbows and legs turned into a fighting machine. The attacks were like tidal waves as they swept towards him in all directions.

Such ferocious attacks had instantly caused Wang Lei to be at a loss. As he defended, he clearly became in a little sorry state. Blazing and violent Spiritual Energy poured into his body on the spots that were attacked, causing massive destruction inside his body as pain was felt from his meridians and muscles.

Beneath him, the An Ran trio, along with all the teams that were disposed of by the Wang Brothers, had all widened their mouths as they looked at the scene up in the sky. In nearly an instant, that Wang Lei, who was still coldly smiling and proud of himself, had fallen into a disadvantageous position.

With this kind of face-to-face confrontation, Mu Chen, whose strength was just at the Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage, had actually suppressed Wang Lei, whose strength had reached Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase, completely!


Up in the sky, the black streak of light had viciously clashed with the flickering lightning light. The Spiritual Energy fluctuations were like ripples as they spread out. Shortly after, the figure that was shrouded in lightning light flew out in a sorry state. As the lightning light weakened, it revealed Wang Lei's face, which was filled with disbelief.

By relying on the robust strength of his Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase's Spiritual Energy, he was actually unable to defeat Mu Chen?


As he was slightly absent-minded from the disbelief, that ghostly figure had, once again, appeared in the sky. Thereafter, that figure threw a fist down as pitch-black Spiritual Energy became similar to an erupting volcano as it brought forth a powerful mountain-crushing strength.


As Wang Lei fluttered, he immediately used his crescent blade to withstand that strike. Thereafter, he felt a surge of overbearing and blazing Spiritual Energy violently invading it. Under the corrosion of the Spiritual Energy, the light on the crescent blade had instantly dulled down.

Spiritual Energy surged out as Wang Lei had turned into a meteor and fell down, and ferociously shot into the ground. In an instant, the ground trembled as smoke and dust surged out. The ground was cracked into a huge hole. Wang Lei was lying in the crater in a sorry state with a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth.


He puffed out a mouthful of blood as his eyes were filled with disbelief.

"Do you now understand how I managed to withstand the three moves from Li Xuantong?" A voice without much emotional ripples sounded out before him. When he raised his head, he saw Mu Chen, who was standing close by. On the surface of the latter's body, there was a faint silvery light as his black pupils became as cold as a couple of blades.

His face abruptly changed as his figure immediately retreated.


Mu Chen did not let him off easily and he took a step forth. A dragon roar seemed to resound out along with that step of his. In a flash, he had already appeared before Wang Lei.

"You dare?!"

When Wang Tong and Wang Zhong saw that Mu Chen was pressing hard, they did not hold back in the slightest and abruptly barked out. However, just when they were about to take a step out, a clear sword cry sounded out. A surge of sword aura that could even cause the heavens and earth to tremble had fixed onto them.

That sword aura was extremely sharp and made both of their faces change. When they turned around, they saw Luo Li staring at them. The black longsword in her hand was halfway unsheathed and the sword aura was being emitted from this.

Wang Tong and Wang Zhong's faces thoroughly turned grave. They finally understood that this young girl before them wasn't as easy to deal with as they had imagined.


A solemnly groan had sounded out before them as a figure had sorrily flew back. Thereafter, it had ferociously shot into the huge rock beneath their feet, instantly causing the huge rock to crumble down.

Wang Lei was in a sorry state, puffing out a mouthful of blood. They looked at the youth that was slowly making his way over and there was finally some shock within their eyes.

They had stepped on the wrong spot this time!

Although they had never belittled Mu Chen before, they never expect that this freshman would be so hard to deal with.

"If this is the extent of your ability, then don't go look for Li Xuantong and embarrass yourself."

Mu Chen indifferently looked at the Wang Brothers as he looked down, "Bring out some capabilities. One has to pay the price for the words they speak. These words are from you, so I believe that you guys will understand this better."

Wang Tong's gaze was dark as he made a grip with his hand and a crescent blade had appeared with a flash. He stamped the blade into the ground as a blade of light soared out. Even the clouds were split apart by the sharpness of his blade of light.

"What a huge tone. I admit that I've misjudged you. However, you still do not possess the capability to make us three brothers admit defeat!"

Wang Tong's gaze was sharp as he took a step forward. That soaring blade of light turned so ferocious that even the ground had scattered and smashed.

"I'll have a look at what price you will make us three brothers pay today!"

"This was originally prepared to defeat Li Xuantong. But, right now, we'll serve you with it. I'll see if you have the ability to withstand it!"

He tightly gripped his crescent blade and, behind him, Wang Lei and Wang Zhong's gazes turned vicious. The three of them held onto the huge blade as the overbearing sword light spread out. Vaguely, there was a deep and low thunderous rumble resounding between the heavens and earth.

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