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Chapter 296 – The Three Brothers of the Wang Family

Up in the sky, the swift and fierce sword aura had already dispersed. However, the broken mountain peak was as smooth as a mirror, clearly showing how fearsome that sword from before was.

Not only the three other group and the An Ran trio, even Mu Chen was startled as he looked at the black-clothed girl. The might of that sword before was simply too fast and it was an instant after the Spiritual Knight, who had absorbed the seven other spiritual lights and was pushing forth to Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase, was killed before they could see what was going on.

That sword was considerably frightening.

Mu Chen sighed inwardly. Luo Li was, indeed, worthy of being the most talented genius in the Luoshen Clan for the past thousand years. No wonder the Luoshen Clan would place such a huge burden on her.

Not a single word was issued from the three other parties for a long time as their faces were slightly pale. When they looked at Luo Li, their eyes contained astonishment. So it turned out that the girl standing beside Mu Chen was the most frightening existence there.

If they were a little stirred from the spiritual lights of the Spiritual Knights, they no longer dared to have any thoughts of obtaining them at this moment. Just Mu Chen and Luo Li, alone, were sufficient to suppress all of them.

They looked at each other and bitterly smiled as they quietly backed off and retreated. They would only feel unhappy if they remained in this area; therefore, it's best if they left quickly.

Mu Chen took a glance at their back figures, but no longer bothered with them.

Luo Li flew down from the sky and passed the eight floating lumps of light towards Mu Chen and lightly smiled, "These eight spiritual lights could be comparable to all the Spiritual Pawns in this region."

Mu Chen grabbed a spiritual light. The Spiritual Light was a deep red colour and as the light rippled, it was like a blazing flame as it endlessly fluctuated with a powerful Spiritual Energy.

This Spiritual Light was too robust, compared to the Spiritual Light formed by all the Spiritual Pawns that he had obtained earlier on.

Especially the Spiritual Light that was formed from that Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase Spiritual Knight. Within the scarlet abyss, there were traces of a faint purple light. This gave a moist sensation to the Spiritual Light. That was the embodiment of Spiritual Energy being sensed to an extent.

The greatest treasure in this gathering point was probably those eight Spiritual Lights.

Mu Chen's eyes surfaced with satisfaction. They had not made their trip here in vain and their harvest at this gathering point could be considered as ample.

"Let's split the eight Spiritual Knight's Spiritual Lights." Mu Chen glanced at the An Ran trio before passing three Spiritual Lights over to them.

The An Ran trio stared at the blazing Spiritual Light. Their snow white necks lightly trembled. However, An Ran lightly shook her head in the end and replied, "We'd only guided you here. Along our way here, we did not provide much help. You can forget about sharing those Spiritual Lights. If you don't mind, can we just take half of the eight hundred Spiritual Lights?"

Although they wanted to obtain the Spiritual Knights' Spiritual Lights, they weren't greedy. In this trip, Mu Chen and Luo Li were the ones that did most of the work. If they were to accept the Spiritual Knights' Spiritual Lights, it would be a little too much.

Mu Chen looked at the firm expression on An Ran's face and went silent. He no longer spoke and stored all of the Spiritual Knights' Spiritual Lights. "Then split the eight hundred Spiritual Lights amongst yourselves. Don't reject my suggestion. This was, after all, our first time into the Spiritual Light Realm and, hence, we aren't familiar with this place. Therefore, still have to rely the three of you for leading the way."

An Ran hesitated for a brief moment, but no longer rejected Mu Chen's offer. Although the eight hundred Spiritual Lights were precious, compared to the three Spiritual Knights' Spiritual Lights, there was still some differences between them.

An Ran and the other two girls were a little excited as they had not expected Mu Chen to be so generous.

"Let's go. There's no longer any more meaning in staying here." Mu Chen smiled. There was only a thin amount of Spiritual Lights in this region with quite a number of Spiritual Pawns still pacing about. However, Mu Chen did not have any intention of going after them. Upon obtaining the eight Spiritual Knights' Spiritual Lights, it was equivalent to them slaughtering few thousand ordinary Spiritual Pawns.

An Ran and the two girls nodded. With a wave of his hand, Mu Chen took the lead as he brought along Luo Li and flew out of the mountain range.

However, his figure rapidly slowed down as he landed on a hillside. His brows were slightly furrowed together as he looked ahead, it was the exit to this mountain range.

However, at the exit of this region, there were dozens of people groaning on the ground as they emitted miserable shrieks. Every single one of them had bloody noses and swollen faces to the point that even Chen Peng and the other two party's leaders were lying on the ground in a sorry state. Their faces were pale as they gnashed their teeth, looking before them.

There was a huge rock over there with one person seated on it and two people lazily standing beside him, carrying a moonblade on their shoulders as they smiled while looking at Chen Peng and the rest.

When Mu Chen and his team appeared, the three people's gazes were directed towards them. The two people that were standing had ruminating expressions, while the one seated had his eyes narrowed.

Mu Chen's expression was calm as he looked at this scene before him.

"It's the Trio Blade Monarchs!" When An Ran and the other two saw those figures that were carrying moonblades on their shoulders, their faces abruptly changed.

"Trio Blade Monarchs?" Mu Chen was startled. Clearly, he had not heard of this name in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in the past.

"Those three are brothers of the Wang Family. The leader is Wang Tong, Wang Lei is the second eldest and the third being Wang Zhong. They're extremely versed in blades and, therefore, they were given the name: Trio Blade Monarchs."

An Ran's face was a little grave as she said softly, "Those three brothers had once challenged Li Xuantong. However, they ended up losing and disappeared for a period of time. Rumor has it that they were butterly training in the Lightning Territory, intending to clear their disgrace. Therefore, no one has seen them in action for a year, but their strength is something that cannot be underestimated."

"They had once challenged Li Xuantong?" Mu Chen was a little astonished. It seemed that those three were extremely confident in their strengths. Otherwise, why would they dare challenge Li Xuantong?

"Those three fellows are biological brothers and, hence, their coordination is connected at an extremely deep level with each other. No matter what opponent they encounter, the three of them would act together. Hence, they're extremely hard to deal with, so let’s not get into any conflict with them." An Ran said with concern.

Those three fellows had undergone a year of bitter training, so their strength must have increased by a lot. If they were to have any conflicts with those three, it would definitely by an extremely troublesome matter to deal with.

"But they're probably coming for us." Mu Chen smiled. He, naturally, didn't want to provoke any trouble, but there were still some trouble that would come at them. These three before them had clearly come here with bad intentions and it wouldn't be easy for them to evade it.

"Haha, you guys have finally come out?"

When Mu Chen and An Ran were conversing, a youth with pitch-black skin grinned as he revealed his snow-white teeth. His arm trembled as the massive moonblade chopped down in a swift and ferocious way. He stared at Mu Chen as he smiled, "We've been waiting half a day for you guys."

An Ran's face turned ugly. Indeed, those fellows were here for them.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Mu Chen said with his brows frowned.

"Haha, nothing much. The three of us have had our eyes on this location, but you people took the lead before us, which is a little too rude."

That particular youth smiled as he pointed his moonblade towards the people that were in a sorry state as he continued, "Can you cooperate with us? Hand over all your Spiritual Lights to us. Haha, but if you're unwilling, I believe that the state of these people will disperse some of that mood."

Mu Chen stared at the youth and, only after a long time later, did he lightly nod his head. He did not speak as he marched forward. Luo Li lightly smiled and followed closely behind him. An Ran and the other two, however, had cautious expressions as they kept their guards up with Spiritual Energy circulating within their bodies.

"Haha, interesting."

When that youth saw the situation, he was also startled but, shortly after, he couldn't stop smiling. He looked at the approaching Mu Chen and sighed, "It seems that the three of us have been training for so long that we even lost some prestige."

Although he was smiling, there was cold intent emitting from his smile.


The moonblade slightly rose and on the body of the blade, there was a flow of cold light. A sharp light traveled along the edge of the blade and, in the next instant, that youth's eyes instantly turned cold. The body of the blade trembled and he immediately threw out an enraged slash.


The ground before him was instantly torn apart by the overbearing blade of light. A ferocious light could be visibly seen ripping the ground apart as it flew towards Mu Chen at lightning speed.

The blade of light was rapidly expanding in Mu Chen's sight as he stomped his feet.

Pitch-black Spiritual Energy blazed with black flames surging out of Mu Chen's body. It was like a waterfall as it heavily clashed against the blade of light.


The ground was torn apart and as the black flames surged, it managed to withstand the overbearing blade of light.

"Wang Tong, what are you guys doing?!" When An Ran saw that the other party was attacking, she immediately barked furiously.

The youth that was seated on the huge stone slowly raised his head as his gaze gathered onto Mu Chen and lightly smiled, "Indeed, you are worthy of being someone that could withstand three moves from Li Xuantong."

From his tone of voice, he had clearly heard of Mu Chen's achievements.

"We don't want to attack you, but we probably will, if you're unwilling to hand over the Spiritual Lights." The boss, Wang Tong looked at Mu Chen, before he looked towards Luo Li, who was by his side. He extended his finger and tapped towards her.

"However, you also have to hand her over to us. Rest assured, we won't do anything to her. We heard that Li Xuantong is fond of her and, therefore, we will deal with him using her."

Hearing his words, An Ran and the other two had a drastic change on their faces. Shortly after, they saw Mu Chen's face gradually turning cold and a penetrating chill was emitting from his body.

They looked at Mu Chen, who did not speak but gave others a feeling of their scalps tingling. They understood, this youth, who wasn't angry even when Chen Peng and the rest had used betrayal tactics, was truly enraged at this moment.

A dragon had it’s reverse scales and those who touched it would welcome its wrath. The three brothers of the Wang Family had touched something of Mu Chen's that should never be touched.

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