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Chapter 298 – Battling the Three Wangs


At the entrance of the mountains, there seemed to be thunderclouds gathering up in the sky. Deep and low rumbles of thunder resounded between the heavens and earth as a violent blade light soared into the heavens. The momentum became more ferocious as if all of the lightning had been gathered together.

Even though the Wang brothers didn't have that much of a reputation in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, their strength was something that could not be underestimated. At the beginning, when they dared to challenge Li Xuantong, this was already sufficient to prove it.

If it was someone that had no foundation to be based on, why would they dare to challenge him? Wouldn't that be the same as asking to shame themselves?

And since the Wang brothers had hidden themselves in bitter cultivation, their strengths had undergone huge improvements. Their strengths could not be considered as being what it was a year ago. Likewise, this boosted their confidence in challenging Li Xuantong.

As long as they could defeat Li Xuantong, they would become the biggest black horse and become an influential figure in the academy. When that happened, all the time that they had spent on keeping themselves hidden would have been completely worth it.

But, right now, they had already met up with Mu Chen, who was also difficult to deal with, before they even met up with Li Xuantong. If they could not even resolve the former, how could they go and challenge Li Xuantong?

Therefore, they definitely had to truly defeat Mu Chen!

Therefore, they had to let everyone know that whoever dared to challenge the three of them would only end up being defeated!

A chill surged out from the Wang brothers' eyes. The three of them were holding onto their crescent blades and the blades looked as though they were made from lightning. They flickered with lighting as the rampaging lightning energy was being emitted.

The current them looked as though they were thunderclouds from the sky as they resonated.

When the An Ran trio saw the battle formation of the Wang Brothers, their faces uncontrollably changed as they roared with anger, "Wang Tong, aren't the three of you too shameless? The three of you are acting together to deal with a freshman?!"

Wang Tong's face dulled as he rebutted, "It was known to everyone that the three of us are used to working together. It doesn't matter if we're dealing with someone stronger or weaker, the three of us will still go together."

"You!" An Ran clenched her teeth.

Wang Tong's gaze was cold as he looked at Mu Chen and slowly said, "As long as you comply with everything we demanded earlier, perhaps I won’t haggle with you about how impudent you were before."

Mu Chen stared at Wang Tong as the corner of his lips rose. He slowly stepped forth and said with a light voice, "The truth is, I also wish to tell you that one can't act so impudently."


Wang Tong laughed from the anger as his gaze turned even colder. He no longer spoke to Mu Chen as he circulated all of the Spiritual Energy within his body. With their three strengths combined, their demeanor looked as though they had been condensed together as an astonishing Spiritual Energy pressure started to spread, enshrouding Mu Chen.

Luo Li said lightly, "Do you want the both of us to go together?"

"Support me, then."

Mu Chen smiled. If he was, indeed, unable to contend with his opponents, then he wouldn't put up a strong front and reject Luo Li's help. But, clearly, the Wang brothers didn't possess that qualification to force Mu Chen to that step.

"Okay." Luo Li gently smiled. She did not insist as she was well aware that Mu Chen had always been calm and rational. He wouldn't do anything like putting up a strong front on purpose. Since he would confront them, then he, naturally, had the confidence to do so.

Luo Li lightly retreated as she moved out of the battlefield. The An Ran trio immediately crowded around her and anxiously asked, "Can Mu Chen do it alone?"

"Senior Sister Apprentice An Ran can rest assured." Luo Li lightly smiled as she said to comfort her. She directed her gaze towards that figure who didn't look sturdy, but was able to make others feel at ease. The gentleness that was shown on her exquisite face immediately made the An Ran trio become absent-minded just from looking at her as they exclaimed in their hearts. 'No wonder someone as talented as Li Xuantong would fall in love for her. Such elegance could not be seen on a second person in the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.'

However, looking from the current situation, Luo Li clearly already had someone else in her heart and Li Xuantong probably could not have his wish fulfilled.


Powerful Spiritual Energy impacts constantly surged from the bodies of the Wang brothers as they reduced the huge rocks on the ground to dust. They tightly clenched their crescent blade as the lightning became even more dense.

Up in the sky, thunderclouds were wiggling about as a lightning bolt abruptly lit up the entire region.


As the lightning illuminated the horizon, the gaze of the Wang brothers had instantly turned into the look of predators as each of them issued a deep and low roar. The three of them burst out in an instant with a semi-circle formation and flew towards Mu Chen.

Their bodies were shrouded in lightning as they moved with extremely fast speed. Looking from afar, it looked as though three lightning bolts had streak across the sky. Causing even the air to tremble as they let loose deep and low thunderous rumbles.

"Lightning Blade!"

As the three of them barked, they raised their blades simultaneously and threw a slash down. The ground was torn apart and a ravine was opening up. The three lightning crescent blades slammed towards Mu Chen without any mercy.

Those three blades of light were extremely tricky as they sealed a majority of Mu Chen's escape routes, forcing him to fight them head on.

Mu Chen looked at the brilliant lightning as a cold light smeared across his black pupils. Spiritual Energy surged and he moved forward, turning into a soaring dragon image as a dragon's roar resounded.


The dragon's roar echoed as the three lightning blades fell on the spot that Mu Chen was standing before. The earth cracked, but Mu Chen's figure had already disappeared.

"What fast speed!"

The Wang brothers' eyes turned cold. Previously, when Mu Chen fought with Wang Lei, he used this abnormal speed to toy around with the latter.

"Left side!"

Wang Tong narrowed his eyes as he abruptly issued a bark. When he barked, the three brothers displayed astonishing rapport. Blades of light with lightning instantly slashed towards the left direction.


The earth cracked once again and a fuzzy figure had disappeared.

The lighting strike was, once again, dodged by Mu Chen.

"Be careful, he's trying to defeat one of us by using his speed!"

Wang Tong barked. He seemed to have seen through Mu Chen's intentions. The three brothers' were extremely well-coordinated with one another. If any one of them were to be defeated, their coordination would also be affected. Among the three of them, the third brother, Wang Zhong was the weakest. When Mu Chen appeared on the left side, he should be targeting Wang Zhong.


However, when Wang Tong's bark sounded out, his pupils shrank. A fuzzy shadow had already appeared on the right.

"He was actually targeting me!" Wang Tong's gaze turned cold. Among the three of them, he was the most powerful. But Mu Chen was actually targeting him, how stupid!


Just when Mu Chen's figure had appeared, before Wang Tong could even speak, Wang Lei and Wang Zhong's tricky blades of light had already come crashing down towards Mu Chen, who was moving at lightning speed.


However, just when the blades of light were about to close in on Mu Chen, the latter's body burst forth with a blade of light that instantly took the form of a black pagoda. As it flickered, a fluctuating black light was actually withstand the attack from the other two.

"Lighting Python Blade Art!"

Wang Tong's eyes were sharp as he yelled. The crescent blade shined with lightning. It was like a huge lightning python as it whistled towards Mu Chen.


Mu Chen coldly smiled. Faced with Wang Tong's ferocious attack, not only did he not retreat, his handsigns changed and he threw a palm out.

A majestic Spiritual Energy was sent out as it formed into a starry sky behind Mu Chen. A gigantic white tiger stood on the starry sky as it roared. Space was being ripped apart as it brought along a torrential killing aura and ruthlessly charged towards the lightning python blade.

With Mu Chen's current strength, it was, naturally, smooth and easy for him to execute the Divine Seal of the White Tiger without any difficulties.


The white tiger roared as it heavily clashed against the lightning python. A killing aura surged forth and the lightning python, which contained lightning energy, was torn apart.

Wang Tong's face finally changed. His attack was something that not even Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase experts could withstand. However, he never expected that it would collapse so easily under one of Mu Chen's attacks.

"That fellow had actually cultivated a Deity Tier Spiritual Art?!" Wang Tong's eyes turned dark.


The white tiger tore the lightning python apart, but there wasn't any decrease in demeanor. It continued to exude a killing aura as it pounced towards Wang Tong. The white tiger heavily clashed against his crescent blade, which was flickering with lightning. The sound of metal clashing resounded. Both of Wang Tong's feet were on the ground, but he was knocked back a few hundred meters. The huge trees that were along the way crumbled.

"Big Brother!"

Wang Lei and Wang Zhong's faces changed as they witnessed Wang Tong losing to Mu Chen in face-to-face confrontation.

"How formidable!" The An Ran trio, as well as the three other groups, had their faces filled with fright. Chen Peng and the fellow leaders, however, had their faces filled with shock. Mu Chen was fighting three enemies all by himself; and yet, he could still grasp the loophole in their coordination, and send Wang Tong, the strongest brother, back. This kind of strength was a little frightening.


Wang Tong stomped his feet on the ground, causing the earth to crack. He forcefully stabilised his body as fresh blood dripped from the hand that was used to hold his crescent blade. His eyes turned even colder.

"Don't think that only you have cultivated a Deity Tier Spiritual Art!"

Lightning flickered across his eyes as he took a step forward. His figure soared as a brilliant Spiritual Energy, containing lighting, surged from his body and linked with the thunderclouds up in the sky.


When Wang Lei and Wang Zhong saw that, they soared into the sky, as well, as they circulated all the Spiritual Energy within their bodies. At the same time, a similar lightning shot from them and linked with the lump of thunderclouds.

Thunder roared between the heavens and earth, causing the sky to darken as a violent wind howled and lightning flashed.

Clearly, the Wang brothers were forced to the point that they had to reveal their trump card.

"Mu Chen, if you're able to withstand this, then the three of us will concede!"

Wang Tong's face was illuminated by the ferocious lightning. He coldly barked and, shortly after, the thunderclouds were torn apart as a huge lightning bolt shot down from the heavens, and landed on the huge blade in his hand.

As for the other two, they were both like lightning beasts as their bodies emitted lightning energy.

The three of them took a step forth, causing the heavens and earth to lose their colours. This was like the anger of a Thunder God. They dazzled with lightning as they formed into three huge lightning blades that were a few hundred feet in size. Thereafter, they ripped apart the heavens and earth as they shot towards Mu Chen with extremely fearsome might.

At the same time, the three brothers issued a bark that was like a thunderous rumble that resounded between the heavens and earth.

"Thunder God's Nine Layers of Heaven!"

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