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Chapter 288 – Boiling

Mu Chen helplessly looked at the arc that Luo Li made with her mouth. It felt dangerous, but, at the same time, he couldn't help wanting to laugh as he could sense a rare jealousy from her tone.

"You're still not explaining!" Luo Li understood Mu Chen too well. The moment she saw the smile in Mu Chen's eyes, her face immediately turned red as she pretended to the angry and stared at him.

Mu Chen held onto the beauty's slender waist and tightly embraced it. After some silence, he did not intent on hiding the existence of the Nine Netherbird from Luo Li. Hence, he simply briefed on the matters regarding the Nine Netherbird.

"Nine Netherbird?" when Luo Li heard his explanation, she was faintly startled. Especially when he heard that earlier on, the Nine Netherbird managed to succeed in the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation, the astonishment on her face grew even richer.

She was, after all, from the Luoshen Clan. Henceforth, she had some knowledge towards powerful Spiritual Beast Clans. Among the Spiritual Beast Clans, the Nine Netherbird was rather powerful. However, she never expected one to be hidden in Mu Chen's body.

"You actually dared to take the Divine Black Lightning?!" However, her eyes widened shortly with palpitation filling her eyes.

Not even Sovereign experts would dare to come in contact with the Divine Black Lightning Tribulation and with Mu Chen's strength, if there was any mistake, it would mean turning into ashes.

"I have contracted the Bloodline Bond with the Nine Netherbird. If she dies, I will also suffer the backlash." Mu Chen helplessly smiled and added, "But looking from any direction, it was impossible for me to watch her get destroyed by the Lightning Tribulation."

"A Bloodline Bond!?"

Luo Li couldn't help opening her small mouth and take a ruthless bite at Mu Chen's chest, "You're killing me from the anger."

She naturally had some understanding towards the Bloodline Bond. Thus, Mu Chen and the life of the Nine Netherbird was linked together and no matter which side suffered a threat to their life, the other party would suffer a backlash from the Bloodline Bond.

Mu Chen scratched his head and didn't know how to explain it. Back then, there wasn't any other choice but to establish the Bloodline Bond. However, the girl that was in his embrace was just jealous, so he didn't make any explanations but embraced her tightly.

"But, it's good. She had succeeded the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation and when she awakens, she will be an existence comparable to Sovereigns. And, in the future, you will be safer and I'll be more at ease." Luo Li wasn't someone that would pester endlessly. After releasing some of her jealousy, she recovered.

Mu Chen looked at the young girl, remembering that she will leave him to return to the Luoshen Clan to bear a huge responsibility and was trying her best to endure everything, becoming the new Empress of the Luoshen Clan. Mu Chen felt a faint heartache as he lowered his head to the young girl's forehead, "But, I'm not at ease about you."

"Even you've lost to me in the past, what is there not be at ease about?" Luo Li faintly smiled.

Mu Chen didn't have the heart to joke with her. His black pupils stared at her seriously. Luo Li's pretty eyes slightly move away and said in a soft voice, "What?"

"Luo Li."

Mu Chen's tone was grave and serious as he slowly spoke, "Remember, no matter what happens, you have to wait for me. Perhaps it will be hard for you in the Luoshen Clan, but believe me, for you, I will become stronger, no matter how hard it will be, until the day I can fulfil my promise to you."

Luo Li's eyes turned red from looking at Mu Chen's grave gaze. She knew how difficult Mu Chen had to work hard in order to fulfil his promise. The path of experts was enough to cover someone in wounds and lose their formal clean smile.

Perhaps all that hard work and tempering could refine this youth's face to be more mature. But, at the same time, it made her feel some heartache.

"Okay, I promise you." Luo Li's voice was gentle, as though it was about to melt. Her clear eyes flickered with affection.

Mu Chen's eyes turned slightly heated from looking at the touching appearance of the girl that was in his embrace. The arm that he used to embrace the girl became even more forceful, as though he wanted to merge her into his body.

He lowered his head.

"Don't." The girl emitted a sound that was as faint as a fly as she seemed to have sensed something. However, it was disregarded by the youth and with a tyrannical method, he planted a kiss on those rosy red lips.

The girl slightly struggled, but quickly relaxed her body. She was like a puddle of water as she melted in Mu Chen's embrace.

In the next three days, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy turned more and more heated with an astonishing speed. The entire atmosphere in the academy felt as though it had been ignited.

The origin of that fire was, naturally, the Hunting War.

This was the biggest annual event in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Every single year, there would be countless black horses that would soar into the heavens and expose their achievements in that year.

Every time the Hunting War ended, there would be a huge change in the rankings of the Heavenly Ranking.

Therefore, the Hunting War would certainly be an intense battle. It was the battle between the black horses and the current outstanding students. It would have to depend on each other's trump cards, if they're able to replace their opponent.

Henceforth, the atmosphere in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was extremely heated. Especially the Convergence Spiritual Array, as well as the Lightning Territory. From time to time, a figure with soaring fighting intent could be seen walking out of it.

Without any exceptions, all those people had powerful Spiritual Energy ripples fluctuating from them. They had ended their long training and returned back to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. They wanted to display their explosive strengths in the Hunting War and seize their once lost or their coming glory.

The entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was also especially heated up and countless people were inquiring all around, attempting to probe the trump cards, as well as the concealed strength of those black horses.

Under this heat, countless students had anticipation in their heart as they awaited the soon-to-start Hunting War.

When the third day arrived, the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was shrouded in passion. Up in the sky, wind breaking sounds were constantly resounding as the countless figures became exceptionally spectacular.

In the Freshman's Area, Mu Chen and Luo Li were already at the field next to the lake, where Ye Qingling, Zhou Ling and many other members of the Goddess Luo Association surrounded them in excitement. Among the current freshmen, probably only Mu Chen, Luo Li, as well as a other few people, were qualified to partake in the Hunting War.

"Brother Mu, good luck! As long as your performance in the Hunting War is outstanding, you could become an influential person in the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!" these were the excited voices of the Goddess Luo Association's members.

Although Mu Chen did possess some fame in the academy, he still wasn't qualified to be considered an influential person. Only people like Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Su Xuan, He Yao and the other people that were in the top 10 ranking of the Heavenly Ranking could have such a title.

Mu Chen smiled, he didn't have much interest in the title of an influential figure. However, he was rather interested in the Spiritual Empowerment.

"Come, we should get going." Luo Li smiled.


Mu Chen smiled as his figure flashed out, with Luo Li closely following him from behind. After them, Ye Qingling, Zhou Ling and the rest quickly followed after. Although they're not participating in the Hunting War, it was inevitable for them to attend such a lively annual event in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

When Mu Chen and the rest moved, He Yao, along with a huge number of the Demon's Gate's members, walked out of their newly constructed Headquarters. His gaze was cold as he directed them towards the Freshman Area.

Mu Chen, I hope that you're not that unlucky to encounter me in the Hunting War. Otherwise, I will let you understand that, compared to a genuine influential figure of the academy, you, as a freshman, are still too far away.

On an island that was at the center of the lake, Su Xuan and Su Ling'er also came out. They could not help smiling as they looked at the wind breaking sound that constantly resounded in the sky. It was, once again, the most lively moment of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

"Let's go."

Su Xuan gently smiled as she walked forth. When she walked out, the Spiritual Energy around her rippled out like water. However, after taking a few steps, the Spiritual Energy ripples were restrained by her.

"Elder Sister, you have to go for it and see if you can defeat Li Xuantong to seize his Rank 2 in the Heavenly Ranking!" Su Ling'er chuckled.

"How would that be easy? It would be great if I could preserve my ranking as third." Su Xuan helplessly shook her head as she held onto Su Ling'er. The sister duo flew up into the sky and rushed towards the central area of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

On a mountain peak, a slender figure slowly walked out. The mountain peak had quite a number of people quietly waiting and when they saw that slender figure come out, their eyes instantly blazed.


Li Xuantong lightly smiled at them as he waved his hand, "It's almost time."

"Yes!" all of them instantly replied as they closely followed him.

When Li Xuantong reached the edge of the mountain peak, he looked at the direction that was outside of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. His calm eyes flashed across with traces of expectation and fighting intent.

Shen Cangsheng, you will probably return for the Hunting War. This year, I will surpass you, so don't make me disappointed.

"Let's go!"

Li Xuantong lightly barked as his figure turned into a streak of light, shooting out. Behind him, there were many people that closely followed him.

The entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy exploded as countless figures streaked across the horizon, gathering towards the central area of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. After cultivating and endured for so long, they could finally burst out on this day.

Those students with powerful strengths had their eyes filled with fighting intent.

Hunting War, begin!

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