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Chapter 289 – Dean Tai Cang

The central area of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had a majestic and vast field. This was the extremely famed Northern Sea Field of the academy. It was said that, long ago, this was the cultivating ground of the Northern Sea Dragon. Until later, when the academy was established, a huge field was opened here. But, generally speaking, only huge events would be held here.

And the gathering location of the Hunting War was here.

This field was sufficient to hold tens of thousands of people. Today, this place was filled with an endless sea of people and that astonishing boiling noise soared into the horizons. It could be clearly heard from anywhere in the range of a hundred miles.

When Mu Chen and the rest arrived here, they couldn't help smacking their lips upon seeing such a huge amount of people. It was, indeed, worthy of being the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Mu Chen and his group stopped at the sky, their gaze looked at the Northern Sea Field. The front of the field was empty, which was different from the rear of the field. But, no matter how empty it was, no students dared to set foot here.

At the empty region, there was a copper sculpture. It was a huge creature with a fish-like scaled body, along with a dragon's claws and tail. The image of it was sinister and powerful. Even if it was just a sculpture, it still possessed a fearsome might as it spread out. It was precisely this might that made the other students not daring enough to approach it.

"That's the guardian beast of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the Northern Sea Dragon?" Mu Chen looked at that sculpture as he sensed that might. Immediately, he couldn't help smacking his lips inwardly. This Northern Sea Dragon was, indeed, a fearsome existence.

"This Northern Sea Dragon possesses sky high status in our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Even Elder Tian Xi would have to be polite and respectful to him, when seeing that almighty existence." Luo Li said softly.

Mu Chen nodded. Even among the Divine Beasts, the Northern Sea Dragon should be ranked at the top and, adding on to the fact that it had cultivated for so long, it’s strength was definitely dreadful. Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there weren't that many people that could be stronger than it.

Mu Chen's line-of-sight shifted from the Northern Sea Dragon's sculpture and directed it towards the sky. From that direction, there was a cold gaze staring at him, it was He Yao.

Towards He Yao's cold gaze, Mu Chen lightly smiled in reply. If a month ago, he had some fear towards He Yao, then all the fear had been suppressed right now.

If they were to confront, the victory wouldn't be controlled by He Yao.

When He Yao saw Mu Chen's fearless expression, his gaze turned even colder. Shortly after, he coldly retracted his gaze. However, Mu Chen knew that with that fella's breadth of mind, he would definitely not let it go so easily in this Hunting War.

When Mu Chen retracted his gaze from He Yao, a series of wind breaking noises resounded from the back with a familiar Spiritual Energy fluctuation being emitted.

"It's Li Xuantong."

Mu Chen was extremely familiar with this Spiritual Energy fluctuation. He didn't need to turn his head to know who it was. He slightly turned his head and, indeed, he could see Li Xuantong coming with a group of people.

Li Xuantong's figure stopped beside Mu Chen and Luo Li. His gaze was a little complicated as he glanced at Luo Li. Thereafter, he turned towards Mu Chen with a trace of astonishment flashing across his eyes, "You're a little stronger now."

"If there isn't any improvement, how would I dare to come?" Mu Chen smiled. He wasn't being arrogant, but he wasn't humble either. He knew that if he were to be humble with Li Xuantong, he would be looked down upon instead.

"It seems like you're here to participate in the Hunting War…" Li Xuantong lightly smiled as he added, "If we were to meet in the Hunting War, I will no longer let you have anymore Pact of Three Moves."

"That was my intention, as well." Mu Chen stared at Li Xuantong as he nodded.

When the students behind Li Xuantong saw Mu Chen confronting Li Xuantong, they felt unhappy. In their view, although Mu Chen was able to take the Pact of Three Moves from Li Xuantong, it didn't make them feel that Mu Chen could stand on the same level as Li Xuantong.

But it was just unhappiness and they still did not say anything in the end. Their eyes were staring at Mu Chen with ill intent, as though they're issuing their warning.

"I'll also participate the Hunting War with him. If we meet, then, when it happens, I can ask for some advice." Luo Li's voice was gentle as she said from the side.

Li Xuantong's face slightly turned stiff and, shortly after, he helplessly shook his head. He looked at Mu Chen and spoke, "I heard that you tore apart the Headquarters of the Demon's Gate?"

Mu Chen nodded. This matter was widely spread in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, so it wasn't surprising that Li Xuantong knew about it.

"A little too rampant." said Li Xuantong.

Mu Chen's brows twitched. Just when he was about to speak, Li Xuantong smiled and continued, "However, you're still a man. If you did not do anything, I'd most probably look for your trouble as you're not even able to protect her here, so, how are you going to protect her in the future?"

Mu Chen extended his hand out and lightly held onto the girl's slender and tender hands as he smiled, "Senior Li Xuantong, although right now, I'm not powerful. But if anyone wants to lay a hand on her, it would have to be done by stepping over my corpse."

Luo Li's eyes were gentle as she looked at the side of the youth's handsome face. The smile on that firm face could not be doubted.

Li Xuantong lightly nodded, "He Yao, that fellow, if I were to encounter him in the Hunting War, I will definitely get rid of him."

Mu Chen smiled, "It's not my business to comment on who you want to deal with. But if I were to encounter him, then perhaps you won't have the chance to do so."

"Your tone isn't small." Li Xuantong smiled as he added, "Then, it'd have to depend on your performance on the Hunting War. Don't end up to the point that you're not able to reach the ending point."

Mu Chen smiled and no longer spoke as he held onto Luo Li's hand, standing high up in the sky.

As more time passed, more and more students gathered here. Mu Chen also saw Su Xuan, Xu Huang and various other powerful figures that ranked at the top of the Heavenly Ranking.

Aside from those influential figures that originally existed in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen could vaguely sense that, among the sea of people, there were quite a few hidden and ambitious glittering gazes. When they looked at those influential figures up in the sky, their eyes were filled with challenging intents.

All those gazes didn't have any fear in them, even when they're facing with the top 10 of the Heavenly Ranking.

Mu Chen vaguely sensed those gazes and, immediately, he smacked his lips. It was indeed, worthy of being the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Those people that were reflected on the Heavenly Ranking were, after all, few in numbers and many others had been hiding themselves. Waiting for their wings to be fully grown to soar into the horizon in one shot.

Clearly, this Hunting War was a good opportunity to do that.


As more and more students gathered, a bell suddenly rang out between the heavens and earth. That long lasting bell's ring drowned all of the bustling noises as it resounded throughout the heavens and earth.

Everyone stopped talking as they looked towards the depth of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy with revere in their eyes. In that direction, there was a huge azure bird flying towards this location. The huge bird brought forth a hurricane and was suspended in the empty region of this field.

Mu Chen's gaze was also directed towards the huge bird. Speaking precisely, it was the back of the huge bird, as there were several old figures on it. Every single figure appeared to be an ordinary old man. However, not a single person dared to belittle those frail old men, because hidden within those bodies, there was tremendous annihilating power.

And, before all those old figures, there was a tall middle-aged man that wore an azure robe. His face was like a jade, with a pair of eyes that looked like boundless stars. Looking at them would make others feel like they were being absorbed by them and were unable to free themselves.

It was as though the heavens and earth were being reflected in their eyes.

He smiled as he looked at the youths below with respect on their faces. His eyes reflected his experience, like a wise man that had experienced countless years and months.

"He is…" Mu Chen's eyes were grave as he looked at that middle-aged man in the azure robe.

"He's the Dean of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Dean Tai Cang." Li Xuantong said softly. Even someone as prideful as him had unconcealable respect in his tone.

Mu Chen lightly nodded. He never expected that even the Dean of the academy would appear. Such a huge figure wasn't someone they could see during the usual days.

"Boys and girls, after a year, I'm glad to see that all of your strengths have grown." On the azure bird, Dean Tai Cang lightly smiled as he looked at the countless youths. His clear and bright voice resounded within everyone's ears. His voice also made the Spiritual Energy in every student's bodies more docile, like the voice of a god that made them feel refreshed. So much so that even their spirit rose. The Spiritual Energy within their bodies became even more lively.

"What frightening power." Mu Chen felt the changes in his body and was instantly startled. Just what kind of strength was that? Just a speech alone was already sufficient to raise their spirits.

That voice made it feel as though it had recuperated their bodies and made them feel indescribable power.

"That's the Tai Cang Deity Note." Luo Li's face was also filled with a grave expression as she added, "Rumor has it that it was born from a part of the Deity Classics. Back then, just relying on this note, Dean Tai Cang managed to kill a Sovereign."

"Killing a Sovereign through his voice?" Mu Chen felt his head going numb. He also understood that this Dean Tai Cang had used his genuine strength, but wasn't this a little too frightening?

"For this Hunting War, I suppose that everyone here isn't a stranger to it. I will not waste any words on the rules. However, I have to make a reminder that this year's Hunting War would be the hardest, as there are three Guardians at the end…"

Dean Tai Cang lightly smiled. He waved his sleeve, causing the space before him to fluctuate. As though it was a huge mirror. Within the mirror, there was a mighty mountain. At the peak of that mountain, there were three leveled hills. Up on those hills, clouds and mist lingered around that seemed to be concealing some powerful existences.

Many students exchanged glances with each other. They naturally knew that only by defeating the Guardians, only then can they advance the last Spiritual Empowerment. Otherwise, the Spiritual Light that everyone had obtained would be invalid.

In the past, there was only one Guardian. No one had imagined that it would be so hard this time round. From one to three Guardians. They wondered, which three of the Punishment Hall would it be?

Countless gazes gathered onto the light mirror. The mist over there dissipated little by little and, in the end, vaguely revealed three people that were quietly seated. However, their demeanor was like ferocious dragons that would shake the heavens and earth.

Looking at their demeanors, even Li Xuantong's face changed. The other students with sharp perception had their facial expressions changed.

"Those three are the Three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall. They're the top 3 of the Heavenly Ranking from the previous batch."

Dean Tai Cang's long lasting voice that resounded out caused an endless amount of students to inhale a mouthful of cold air. This time, it was actually the Three Great Generals of the Punishment Hall that were personally sent out? This difficulty was simply too high!

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