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Chapter 287 – Slumber

On the messy ground, the beautiful lady's nude body flickered with a jade-like luster. The temptation from her could make any man unable to shift their gaze from her.

However, the beautiful lady that was before him wasn't sweet tempered. When she heard Mu Chen's muttering, her brows knitted together. Her figure moved, a fragrance swept over and Mu Chen's body was knocked into the rock behind him. Thereafter, a fragile yet tight body stuck to him. At the same time, her slender jade-like hands grabbed Mu Chen's throat.

"Do you believe that I won't kill you?" Her voice was clear, like a spring stream streaking down the mountain, mixed with a cold temperature, causing the spring to be a little cold as well.

Mu Chen leaned against the rock, facing her threats. He couldn't help flinging his mouth as he said in helplessness, "Kill me, then."

It seemed like even though she had taken a human form, the Nine Netherbird's character still didn't know any tenderness.


The beautiful lady before him smiled. Her jade-like hands gently touched Mu Chen's face as she smiled tenderly, "Considering your previous action by withstanding that last lightning strike, I'll not bother about you taking advantage of me."

Mu Chen felt funny and extremely embarrassed. He couldn't help shrinking his body to prevent himself from coming into contact with that body. Her body was certainly sexy and filled with wildness. She was like a female leopard that could easily evoke the temptation of men.

"Can you wear some clothes? Although you're a Nine Netherbird, you're in human form right now. So it's still best if you take note of it." said Mu Chen. This advantage wasn't something that he wanted to take.

"Human forms are so troublesome." the Nine Netherbird shook her head. Lustrous light surged over her body and some green-black clothing formed, covering all the spots that were revealed. Even with those clothes, her graceful physique looked extremely tempting, with her slender, yet fine waist and ample chest.

Only then, did Mu Chen feel relieved. That nearly wanted his life.

"Your Tribulation should have succeeded, right?" Mu Chen looked towards the Nine Netherbird and hesitated a little before adding on, "I still don't know your name. Am I supposed to keep calling you Nine Netherbird?"

"Call me Nine Nether, then." As she had successfully passed through the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation, she was extremely happy. She smiled as she patted Mu Chen's shoulders, "in the future, let this older sister take care of you."

"However, it was still impossible right now…" Nine Nether suddenly frowned her brows and added, "I still have not completed the last step."

"What?" Mu Chen asked in doubt.

"Although I have successfully gone through the tribulation, my physical body still has yet to evolve into the physique of a Divine Beast. Therefore, for a period of time, I'll be in a slumber to evolve my physical body. Wait till I appear again, then I would have successfully evolved into a Nine Netherworld Bird!" Nine Nether's eyes, filled with ambition, surged forth with anticipation.

"Nine Netherworld Bird…" Mu Chen nodded. That should be the evolved state of the Nine Netherbird. Although there was a word difference, Spiritual Beasts and Divine Beasts were extreme opposites.

"In the period of time that I'm asleep, don't lose that life of yours. We are contracted through the Bloodline Bond, so I don't want to suffer a backlash from the Bloodline Bond unknowingly, after I'd just succeeded the Tribulation." Nine Nether's eyes glanced at Mu Chen as she said.

Mu Chen felt a little regretful. He thought that he could have a powerful bodyguard, who could have thought that she would need to be in a deep slumber. If that's the case, didn't he lose a trump card instead?

"In this period of time, if you can't afford to offend, then hide. Wait until I wake up, I'll kill everyone that's bullied you. Understood?" Nine Nether smiled tenderly.

"I'm not that weak." Mu Chen said helplessly.

"Okay then, I'll start. You should leave after waiting awhile. The commotion caused by my tribulation was too huge. I'm afraid that it'd be noticed by those old fellas of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and they might come over to take a look."

Nine Nether reminded him before the black flames surged over her body, while her long and narrow eyes streaked with traces of the mysterious purple flames.

The raging black flames rose, turning into a light screen as it shrouded Nine Nether. The black flames started to solidify, bit by bit, before turning into a huge black egg that was roughly the size of a human's height.

Feathery winged runes appeared on the huge black egg, they were ancient and cryptic as the flickering purple light could be vaguely seen.

When Mu Chen saw that Nine Nether had turned into a huge egg, having falling into a deep slumber to start her last evolution, he made a waving action and stored the egg in his Mustard Seed Bracelet. It seemed like, for a period of time in the near future, he could only depend on himself.

However, he was filled with anticipation. When Nine Nether wakes up, with her strength, she should be able to contend against Sovereigns, right? At that time, this bodyguard of his would be very powerful.

"Time to leave."

Mu Chen took another glance at the chaotic land, before making a move, soaring up into the sky and made several flickering moves before disappearing into the horizon.

Roughly half an hour later after Mu Chen had left, a breeze brushed against a destroyed mountain peak. A bald old man that was holding some crutches appeared. His muddy gaze looked at the direction that Mu Chen left in as a trace of astonishment flashed across his old face.

"That small Nine Netherbird actually had such a dense bloodline of the Undying Bird…"

"Seems like a genius has appeared in the Nine Netherbird's clan. Who knows, that small Nine Netherbird might be able to evolve into the Primordial Undying Bird…"

"But she actually made a Bloodline Bond contract with a small human, which could be her fatality… If those old monsters of the Nine Netherbird clan were to know of this matter, they'd probably be enraged."


The bald old man softly laughed. As his laughter resounded, his body started to turn illusionary before he completely disappeared.

The land was restored to its silence. However, this silence was only maintained for half an hour before the space lightly rippled again. Shortly after. Several figures appeared out of thin air.

These few figure's hairs were white and they had solemn expressions. Although there weren't any powerful ripple fluctuations around them, a frightening amount of pressure was emitting from them.

Among them, Elder Zhu Tian was also present. At this moment, his face was grave as he looked at the heavy destruction on the land with fearsome black lightning energy still lingering around.

"It's the Divine Black Lightning…" an Elder of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy said with a solemn look in his eyes as he continued, "There was actually a Spiritual Beast that underwent the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation here."

Hearing the four words 'Divine Black Thunder Tribulation', Elder Zhu Tian's face, as well as everyone else's, could not help changing expressions. They naturally understood the might of that Lightning Tribulation. The moment they succeeded the tribulation, the Spiritual Beast would be able to evolve into a genuine Divine Beast that was comparable to a Sovereign.

Even in the Northern Heavens Continent, this kind of existence was considered the apex. But they never thought that it would appear within the surroundings of their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Furthermore, they had not sensed any powerful Spiritual Beasts hidden in the surrounding mountain ranges of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy after all these years.

"However, looking at the traces of blood scattered on the ground, that Spiritual Beast might have failed its tribulation and was reduced to nothing under the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation." Elder Zhu Tian looked at the destroyed ground. Although he did not witness the scene with his own eyes, he could sense the fearsome confrontation that happened here.

"What a pity."

The other elders also felt pity as they sighed. The cultivation of the Spiritual Beasts took much longer compared to the human's. Who knew how many months and years were needed for a Spiritual Beast to cultivate till the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation. But now, under the ruthlessness of the Divine Black Thunder Tribulation, it had turned into ashes and no longer existed.

"However, even if that unknown Spiritual Beast might have been killed by the Lightning Tribulation, we still have to report this to the Dean."

Elder Zhu Tian's brows knitted, "Recently, the movements of the Demonic Dragon Palace in the Northern Heavens Continent has increased. Those fellows have already viewed our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy as their mortal enemies. The moment an opportunity arises, they will probably create a huge threat to our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, we have to be cautious."

The other Elders solemnly nodded in agreement. The name of the Demonic Dragon Palace had quite a bit of pressure to them. This force had nearly unified the entire Northern Heavens Continent to the point that even the surrounding continents was affected by their power.

Back then, if it wasn't for the sudden change in the Demonic Dragon Palace, in addition to their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy having Lord Northern Sea, the outcome of the battle would have been hard to tell who'd have been victorious.

"Let's go."

Elder Zhu Tian no longer spoke and with a wave of his sleeve, several figures flashed out and in several breaths, they had disappeared.

The heavens and earth had its peace, once again, restored. Only the destroyed ground proved the terrifying clash.

Mu Chen returned to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy without any obstructions, and returned to the Freshman's Area. His face was still a little pale. Although the divine black lightning was not able to claim his life, due to the Thunder God Physique that he had cultivated, it still caused quite a big injury to him. Therefore, he had to quickly recover from his injury.

As there was only three days left before the Hunting War, he had to be in top form.

Mu Chen's body landed on the small building. Shortly after, his expression changed as he saw a black-dressed beauty that was smiling at him.

When Mu Chen saw her, a gentle smile appeared on his handsome face. He couldn't help going to her and embracing that girl into his bosom. Having that warmth and fragrance in his embrace, he couldn't help feeling at ease.

Luo Li also lightly smiled. She complied as she leaned her face into his chest. Her pointed nose lightly sniffed and shortly after, her gem-like eyes narrowed. Mu Chen seemed to have a faint fragrance on him and, based on her intuition, she knew that it was the scent of another woman.

Mu Chen, who was still enjoying the warmth and fragrance also sensed Luo Li's state. His heart jumped and felt panic.

"Who is she?"

Luo Li's exquisite and porcelain-like face had the look of a dangerous smile. Her voice was gentle, but it gave Mu Chen a headache. Her sensing of smell of a woman was, indeed, frightening.

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