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Chapter 280 – Eighth Level

In the vast Seventh level of the Lightning Territory, a deep dragon's roar resounded as the light image streaked across the horizon with astonishing speed. The light image was like a soaring dragon, as it moved, even the horizon was pierced. In a flash, it had reached the edge of the horizon with astonishing speed.

Along the way, there were lines-of-sight that had noticed that light image. However, before they could recover, that light image had already appeared at the edge of the horizon.

The speed of the light image caused them to be dumbfounded.

That light image was, naturally, Mu Chen. At the same time, his heart was filled with joy as the speed of the Dragon Soaring Art had far surpassed his expectations. Compared to his past speed, this was several times faster!

In the future, with this escaping movement art, he could escape even if he couldn't overpower his opponent.

With the Dragon Soaring Art, his safety was, naturally, guaranteed.


In just over ten minutes, that speed had allowed him to travel through the Seventh level and he reached the depths of the Seventh level. Over there, there was a screen blocking the access to the Eighth level.

The light image gradually dissipated and Mu Chen appeared. He directed his gaze before him with a grave look. In his sight, it wasn't a lightning light screen, but an enormous lightning river with torrential lightning water pouring down in torrents. It was like a water screen that blocked the path towards the Eighth level.

"This is the screen that blocks the Eighth level?" Mu Chen looked at the endlessly falling lightning water as he muttered.

He swept his line-of-sight around and could sense the Spiritual Energy ripples from his surroundings. The ripples of Spiritual Energy were powerful, yet they were clearly Spiritual Energies from the students that were bitterly cultivating.

However, when Mu Chen sensed them, those people had also noticed him. However, they did not show themselves, but were watching from the dark. All of the students that could reach this location were pinnacle existences in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. None of them would be easy to deal with.

Mu Chen wasn't too bothered by them as he directed his sight back towards the lightning river screen. His brows slightly knitted together. The lightning energy that was contained in the lightning screen was way too fearsome. Even a Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase expert wouldn't have a good time, if they were washed down by it.

From the looks of it, it wouldn't be easy for him to forcefully make his way through.

Mu Chen stared at the falling lightning river as he sunk himself into his thoughts. After a long time, his eyes suddenly narrowed together as he realised that, although the falling river water was densely packed, there were still gaps in between. If he could pass through those small gaps, there's a high chance that he'd be able to pass through the lightning river screen.

This required an extreme amount of speed in order to accomplish it. If it was the previous Mu Chen, he could probably only look at it and feel helpless. However, the current him possessed the Dragon Soaring Art, allowing him to give it a try.

Mu Chen didn't show much hesitation as he moved, making abnormal steps towards the screen with a light image following him. The light image was like a soaring dragon.


His figure charged into the falling lightning river screen under many astonished gazes from the dark.

Mu Chen concentrated as he stepped forth, circulating the Dragon Soaring Art and flew out.


Mu Chen's figure rushed into the lightning river. However, his body turned uncontrollably stiff. Although his speed wasn't slow, it won't be easy for him to pass through the small gap. What awaited him was the lightning river falling on his body as the violent and heavy energy forcefully made him fall back. He felt a slight sweetness in his throat.

"What a formidable lightning river screen."

Mu Chen suppressed the fresh blood as a grave light flashed across his eyes. If he attempted to pass through the lightning river screen before he made his breakthrough, just this alone would have given him more than enough to suffer.

Those hidden gazes that were watching him inwardly shook their heads. Seemed like there's another one that attempted to pass through the lightning river screen. However, from the looks of it, it seemed his efforts were all futile.

There was only two people that had managed to get into the Eighth level of the Lightning Territory in the whole Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong. Aside from those two, the rest could only manage to get to the Seventh level. Although they were constantly trying, no one managed to succeed.

They were astonished by Mu Chen's speed, but even so, he still couldn't pass through the lightning river screen.

Mu Chen was unaware of their thoughts. His eyes closely stared at the endlessly falling lightning river screen. Shortly after, he deeply inhaled and his gaze gradually turned calm.

The Spiritual Energy ripples around him also turned calm. His state of mine turned exceptionally firm. All other disturbances no longer affected him. Only the endlessly falling lightning river screen was still moving.

The light screen appeared in his black pupils again, as if it was an image of a soaring dragon. The bizarre movements that the White Dragon Sovereign had exerted appeared within Mu Chen's eyes again and again.

Mu Chen stood before the lightning river screen for a full half hour.

In this half hour, his body did not move. And seeing his behaviour, the gazes that were hidden in the dark also felt baffled. That fellow has not going to give up yet?

And in their doubts, both of Mu Chen's eyes gradually closed. Shortly after, his steps rose and the light image around him turned into a soaring dragon image as a low roar resounded out.


The instant that dragon's roar resounded, Mu Chen felt as though he was stepping on the soundwaves. His figure had turned into an afterimage and he burst out.


The figure abruptly flashed through the lightning river screen. However, this time, Mu Chen wasn't sent flying back as the figure that was turning illusory bit by bit was actually an afterimage.

"He went in!"

Within a hundred mile radius, some people that were on the lightning luring stages abruptly stood up with astonished gazes.

Shhhuuu! Shhhuu!

All of the attention was gathered on the lightning water screen as the afterimages constantly dissipated. However, there wasn't the sight of anyone being repelled from it. Vaguely, it was as though they saw the light image, along with dragon roar, pass through the lightning river.

"He actually managed to pass through it! Just who is he?"

Someone deeply uttered in shock. After so long, there was finally a third person that managed to enter the Eighth level of the Lightning Territory?

And when Mu Chen passed through the lightning river, he had also attracted a commotion outside of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy's Lightning Territory.

On the huge platform, the Lightning Territory Ranking suddenly flickered with a dazzling light. Countless students were attracted by it and their astonished gazes were directed on it. It had been a long time since such an abnormal scene had appeared on the Lightning Territory Ranking.

Normally speaking, only when there were major changes in the Lightning Territory, would such an abnormal scene appear.

Everyone directed their gazes over and they realised a light had moved on it, a silvery light had soared up with astonishing speed, instantly surpassing Su Xuan, He Yao and the rest before stopping at the third position.

"Mu Chen, Lightning Territory Eighth Level!"


Astonishment was like a tidal wave as it swept out, instantly causing a huge commotion. Countless people were dumbfounded.

"It was actually Mu Chen?1'

"That newcomer, Mu Chen? How is he so powerful? Not even He Yao and the rest could get to the Eighth level of the Lightning Territory, how did he managed to do it?!"

"I have no idea, but there wouldn't be any lies in the Lightning Territory Ranking. That Mu Chen must have managed to get to the Eighth level!"

"This is too fearsome, how did he manage to accomplish that?"

Outside the Lightning Territory, it was a huge commotion as everyone exchanged looks. They could see the disbelief from each other's eyes. Although, right now, Mu Chen could be considered a famed figure in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, no matter what, it didn't represent anything. His fight with Li Xuantong was just the Pact of Three Moves. And previously, in the Demon's Gate Headquarters, he had managed to lay out the Spiritual Arrays beforehand. Furthermore, He Yao had clearly held his hands back and didn't want to display his true strength just because of Mu Chen. Therefore, although there were some incidents that could increase Mu Chen's fame, it didn't allow him to truly surpass He Yao and the rest.

But, right now, the commotion on the Lightning Territory Ranking had allowed them to finally have a direct awareness. Perhaps this ranking wasn't as direct as the Heavenly ranking, but it wasn't a light ranking. From here, everyone could see the true strength that those students had concealed.

And Mu Chen was able to get into the Eighth level of the Lightning Territory. Doesn't that mean that he had already surpassed He Yao and the rest, and was catching up to Li Xuantong?

Isn't this freshman too formidable?

The changes on the Lightning Territory Ranking soon spread out and attracted many disbelievers.

Because the headquarters of the Demon's Gate was still under construction, the buildings had became much more simple. He Yao was sitting on the first seat as he listened to his subordinate reporting to him without any expression.

"Mu Chen entered the Eighth level of the Lightning Territory? How is that possible?!" Chen Hou issued a cry of surprise from the side with a face of disbelief.

He Yao's expression didn't show much fluctuation, but his pupils condensed a little. He held onto a teacup for a long time, before putting it down and said with indifference, "Although it isn't easy to enter the Eighth level of the Lightning Territory, if he used some methods, it is still possible to sneak in. There isn't much to be surprised about."

"That's right." Chen Hou nodded, "It's just that Boss is unwilling; otherwise, it wouldn't be that difficult to enter the Eighth level."

He Yao lightly smiled as his gaze gradually turned cold.

"Rest assured. Just let him be complacent right now. During the Hunting War, no matter how high he soars, I will still suppress him!"

On a mountain peak in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Li Xuantong looked at the paper with the news of the Lightning Territory in his hands as his eyes gradually narrowed. Shortly after, he flickered his fingers, turning that paper into ashes.

It seemed that Mu Chen had became much more powerful. However, if he were to appear in the Lightning Territory, there wouldn't be anymore Pact of Three Moves. At that time, he hoped that Mu Chen wouldn't be a disappointment.

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