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Chapter 281 – Bald Old Man

Lightning Territory Eighth Level

Behind the lightning river screen, a light image, along with the roar of a dragon as it flashed out, appeared on the horizon.


The light dissipated as Mu Chen couldn’t help heavily breathe out a lump of air. His eyes were filled with a grave light. The lightning river screen was, indeed, powerful and the impact was way too horrifying.

However, fortunately, he had the Dragon Soaring Art. Adding the fact that when he was in the Northern Spiritual Academy initially, he received some teachings from Teacher Mo and underwent similar training. Although this lightning river screen was several folds more fearsome, Mu Chen was able to charge through the lightning river screen with his speed after having some experience.

“I wonder how Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong made their way here, through speed or force?” Mu Chen mumbled to himself. Although Mu Chen’s method was a little cheap, speed was also an embodiment of one’s strength.

Mu Chen shook his head, thereafter, he raised his head and looked at the Eighth Level of the Lightning Territory, an area meant for outstanding students in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. But prior to Mu Chen’s expectations, there wasn’t any darkness in the horizon, nor was there any dark thundercloud groups. On the contrary, the sky was clear.

The entire space was quiet and peaceful.

Mu Chen was a little startled as he looked at the scene before him. Clearly, he never expected the Eighth Level to be so quiet.

“Why isn’t there any thunderclouds?” Mu Chen frowned. He also didn’t feel any tyrannical lightning energy in this space. Just what was going on?

“Fly towards the left for a hundred miles.” The Nine Netherbird’s solemn voice suddenly resounded from his heart. The Nine Netherbird’s senses were clearly way more powerful than Mu Chen’s. And towards the left, it sensed some ripples.

Mu Chen nodded as his figure moved, flying towards the direction that was pointed out by the Nine Netherbird. A few minutes later, his figure slowly came to a stop as he looked at the scene before him, and he became dumbfounded.

It was a vast plain and on the plain, flowed a huge river. This river wasn’t any ordinary river, but a river made from silvery lightning water. Furthermore, the flow of this lightning river did not come in contact with the ground, but was flowing to a certain distance above the ground, floating. It wiggled slowly, with a slow pace as it flowed towards the distance.

It’s appearance was like a huge silver dragon that was moving about.


Mu Chen couldn’t help inhaling a deep breath of cold air. He never imagine in his wildest imaginations that the Eighth Level would be so fearsome that the lightning energy had actually condensed and form a lightning river…

In the Seventh Level, Mu Chen attracted more than ten thunderclouds before a small lightning river was formed. But from the looks of this lightning river, it was beyond comparison to the one he formed. And clearly, this wasn’t the only lightning river in the Eighth Level.

“It’s indeed worthy of being the Eighth Level of the Lightning Territory.”

Mu Chen sighed. No wonder the requirements were so harsh to enter the Eighth Level. If one didn’t possess the sufficient strength, it would be hard for them to get any results from cultivating here.

“Let’s begin refining the Divine Lightning Beads.” Mu Chen spoke in his heart. Clearly, the task of refining the Divine Lightning Beads was up to the Nine Netherbird. Otherwise, with his strength, god knows how long it would take for him to refine the Divine Lightning Beads that were worth over 2,000,000 Spiritual Value Points.

“Okay, leave it to me!” the Nine Netherbird was overjoyed. When Mu Chen was done talking, black flames flew out of his body and formed into a small sparrow made of black flames.


The Nine Netherbird’s mouth widened as black flames swept out in surges, forming into a huge tornado that was ablaze with black flames. As the wind was violently whipped up, the flowing lightning river started to stir.


As the calm lightning river turned violent, the berzerking lightning energy was like an electric current as it flowed into the black tornado. The deep roar of thunder sounded out.

As the black flames circulated, it rapidly gathered the lightning energy with that astonishing method as beads of the Divine Lighting Beads containing pure lightning energy were made.

Mu Chen looked at that spectacular scene before him and couldn’t help smacking his lips. He immediately sat down with his legs crossed. From the looks of it, the Nine Netherbird would require some time to refine and there wasn’t that many students that could make their way into the Eighth Level. Henceforth, he wasn’t worried that this scene would be caught by anyone.

What he could do next was nothing but wait for the Nine Netherbird to finish.

However, there some things weren’t as simple as Mu Chen had thought.

While the Nine Netherbird was refining the Divine Lightning Beads at a large quantity, there was some movements in the depths of the Lightning Territory.

In the depths, there was a dusky space. In the space, there was a huge black-coloured lightning river floating in the air as countless black-coloured water flowed down. It was like a huge dragon that was flying along with the violent lightning.

“This fluctuation…it’s the Nine Netherflame? Why is someone from the Nine Netherbird’s Clan here…?”

In the darkness, it was as though the twittering of birds was sorrowfully sounding out.


Mu Chen stared at the huge commotion of the lightning river. He couldn’t help stretching his body. The Nine Netherbird had already been refining the Divine Lightning Bead for roughly half an hour. But, clearly, the amount of beads that the Nine Netherbird had refined was still insufficient.

“It seems like it will require a few days of time to get enough Divine Lightning Beads to be worth over 2,000,000 Spiritual Value Points, even if I have the Nine Netherbird doing the task…” Mu Chen helplessly shook his head. Thereafter, he decided to close his eyes and cultivate.

Just when Mu Chen was about to close his eyes and start cultivating, he suddenly sensed something wrong. Shortly after, he curiously turned his head over. Not too far away, there seemed to be a figure on a huge rock.

A human figure?!

Mu Chen was startled as he immediately stood up and directed his eyes over to that direction. Only then did he clearly see that the figure that was sitting on the rock was a bald old man, donning a tattered black robe. The old man appeared to be as thin as a matchstick with muddy eyes. From his appearance, it seemed as though he would soon step into his coffin. Right at this moment, the bald old man was holding a crutch in his arms as he blankly stared at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen felt his scalp tingling from this weird scene. That old man seemed to have been sitting on that spot for a long time. However, Mu Chen didn’t sense him at all. Just what strength was required to accomplish such a feat?

The Nine Netherbird also sensed something wrong as it immediately withdrew the black flamed tornado, Within the tornado, a flow of a silvery current flew over. This was all of the Divine Lightning Beads that the Nine Netherbird had spent half a day’s time to bitterly refine.


However, just as the Nine Netherbird was about to take those Divine Lightning Beads, the bald old man suddenly made a movement with his hand and all of the beads were instantly separated from the Nine Netherbird’s control, and were spiraling around the latter.

Mu Chen and the Nine Netherbird’s eyes changed. The Nine Netherbird inwardly clenched it’s teeth, but did not take any action as it’s intuition told it that the weird bald old man before them was extremely frightening.

“Be cautious, this old man is very formidable!” the Nine Netherbird’s voice was extremely grave as it’s voice resounded within Mu Chen’s heart.

Mu Chen bitterly smiled, isn’t that obvious? He easily startled them, how could he be simple?

“This old man…” Mu Chen summoned his courage and said with his hands cupped together.

“The Lightning Territory is for students to refine their bodies. You made use to the Nine Netherbird’s power to refine the Divine Lightning Beads, this is considered a foul.” the bald old man said as he raised his muddy eyes.

Mu Chen’s face flushed red as he could not explain himself. This method was indeed, similar to cheating.

The small black sparrow that the Nine Netherbird formed stood on Mu Chen’s shoulders. Its eyes flickered with light and on it’s small body, black flames rose. In that instant, it had made the decision to grab Nie Li and flee the instant it felt something wasn’t right.

“You’s a small Nine Nether that had just reached adulthood. Don’t try to employ any means before me, unless you’re one of those old monsters in your Nine Netherbird’s Clan…” the bald old man stared at the Nine Netherbird as he smiled.

The Nine Netherbird’s gaze changed.

“However, you’ve indeed aroused my curiosity. With the pride of you Nine Netherbirds, you would actually form a Bloodline Bond with a human, not to mention such a weak human. If this fact was made known to those old monsters in your Clan, I’m afraid that you’d suffer.” the bald old man said as he took a glance at Mu Chen and the Nine Netherbird. His speech was slow and his voice gave others a feeling of helplessness. However, the words he spoke out made Mu Chen and the Nine Netherbird’s scalps tingle.

The old man actually managed to see through the relationship between them with just a glance, just what frightening eyesight was that?

Mu Chen bitterly smiled. “Senior, it was out fault in this matter. We will not refine anymore Divine Lightning Beads and will make our leave now, will that do?”

From the tone of this bald old man, he should be a huge figure of authority in this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, as students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen wasn’t worried that their lives would be in danger.

As Mu Chen spoke, he slowly retreated. If the bald old man didn’t say anything, then he would leave this place immediately.

“From the looks of the small Nine Netherbird, it’s evolution has failed, right? And right now, it needs the Northern Sea Dragon’s Blood Essence and borrow it’s power to rush into the Divine Beast Record, right? You guys are now refining the Divine Lightning Beads without any restraint is to save up enough Spiritual Value Points to purchase it, correct?” just as Mu Chen was about to slowly move back, the bald old man slowly spoke.

Mu Chen bitterly smiled, it seemed that there wasn’t anything that could be hidden from this old man.

“Do you want the sufficient amount of Divine Lightning Beads?” the bald old man smiled as he looked at Mu Chen with interest.

Mu Chen honestly nodded his head.

“It’s hard to encounter such an interesting younger generation fella…”

The bald old man placed the crutches on his knees and stared at Mu Chen, “If you manage to handle an attack from my clone, I will return these Divine Lightning Beads to you and will let you guys refine the sufficient amount of Divine Lightning Beads you both need. Furthermore… I will give this young fella some reward, what do you say?”

“Haha, after all of these years, there were only two people that could withstand an attack from this old man’s clone among the young fellas in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

“Two people?”

Mu Chen was blank as his gaze concentrated, “Was it Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong?”

The bald old man slightly nodded and smiled, “Those two young fellas do have some talent. However, you’ve astonished me, being able to get to the Eighth Level with just Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage cultivation.”

“What now?”

Mu Chen slightly went silent. After a brief moment, both of his hands abruptly clenched. His black pupils surged with sharpness. Since Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong could accomplish it, then he refused to believe that he could be any worse than them.

“Okay, it’s a deal!”

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