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Chapter 279 – Dragon Soaring Art

"Dragon Soaring Art…"

Mu Chen looked at the ancient characters on the dragon-scaled scroll and immediately licked his lips. Although he didn't know what kind of Deity Tier Spiritual Art the Dragon Soaring Art was, how could something that was taken out by a Sovereign be ordinary?

"This Dragon Soaring Art was an incomplete page that I'd obtained back then by mere luck. Thereafter, I, somewhat, completed it. However, even though this Dragon Soaring Art was incomplete, it was extremely out of the ordinary."

The White Dragon Sovereign lightly smiled as he gently caressed the dragon-scaled scroll and passed it over to Mu Chen. "As it was an incomplete Spiritual Art, I did not give it a ranking. But, back then, when I was surrounded by three Sovereign powerhouse, I relied on this Dragon Soaring Art to retreat unscathed."

Mu Chen's heart slightly jolted as unconcealable shock flashed through his eyes. What kind of scene was it for three Sovereign-level experts to fight together? He didn't have a clear concept of it, but that was definitely a tight spot. However, seeing as the White Dragon Sovereign could retreat unscathed, he could tell how powerful the Dragon Soaring Art was.

"Precisely speaking, this Dragon Soaring Art should be a Movement Deity Tier Spiritual Art. Although it might not grant you powerful offensive capabilities, it is sufficient to protect your life."

Mu Chen lightly nodded as his eyes were filled with joy. The current cards that he had up his sleeves were too little. Although the might of the Four God Constellation Scripture was unpredictable, he still had not fully comprehend it and was lacking in Movement Spiritual Arts. And at this point, it could be seen from his battle with the grey-robed elder back then. The latter's Movement Spiritual Art was way more powerful compared to his, which forced him to a rather sorry state.

But, right now, this powerful Movement Deity Tier Spiritual Art – Dragon Soaring Art came just in time to overcome Mu Chen's weak point.

When the White Dragon Sovereign saw Mu Chen receive the scroll, he stood up and continued, "This Dragon Soaring Art is out of the ordinary and hard to comprehend. My intent will soon dissipate, but before I dissipate, let me lend you a hand."

"Look at my steps, I'll display the profound intent of the Dragon Soaring Art for you!"

The White Dragon Sovereign unleashed a low bark and his figure appeared on the white horizon. He took a step out, his steps were bizarre, as if he was walking on the stars, which was unfathomable.

The roar of a dragon resounded and his steps looked as though he was walking on the formless sound waves.

Mu Chen fixed his eyes at the bizarre movements of the White Dragon Sovereign. At the beginning, he could barely follow up, but the White Dragon Sovereign's steps quickly turned fuzzy. Not knowing when, the White Dragon Sovereign's figure had already disappeared. The fuzzy figure looked as though it had turned into a huge dragon as it soared. As it swayed, the space looked as though it had been pierced. That speed looked as though it could travel a thousand miles in an instant.


A lingering dragon roar resounded in this space. As the white light flickered, the White Dragon Sovereign's figure appeared once again. His figure, right now, had dulled down by a lot as he lowered his head, looking towards Mu Chen. The latter's black pupils were concentrated with light flashing across as the appearance of a dragon's soaring image flashed across his eyes.

Mu Chen's eyes flickered with the dragon soaring image for a full half hour before it dulled down. His black pupils concentrated again as he turned quick-witted.

"Many thanks, Senior."

Mu Chen said as he cupped his hands, looking at the figure before him as that figure turned hazy, as if the White Dragon Sovereign was about to disappear. This Deity Tier Spiritual Art was extremely challenging to learn. If he didn't have the demonstration by the White Dragon Sovereign earlier, no matter how powerful his talent was, it would still cost him quite some time. But, earlier, the White Dragon Sovereign gave him a lead, causing the difficulty of learning it to be lowered.

"It was hard to find something that fit my liking. Henceforth, giving it to you could resolve a wish of mine."

The White Dragon Sovereign lightly smiled. He was originally just a remnant intent that was left behind that was borrowing the remaining Spiritual Energy within the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. He wasn't an actual existence.

"This junior will never forget this senior's huge grace. If there's anything that you required this junor to do, please let me know." Mu Chen said gravely. He had been someone that was distinct on gratitude and grudges. Today, he received the help of the White Dragon Sovereign, so, naturally, he had to remember this gratitude.

Hearing Mu Chen's words, the White Dragon Sovereign was slightly startled. Thereafter, his gaze turned blank and muttered, "If there's any wish of mine, it would be to return to my homeland…"

His blank gaze suddenly gathered a little together. After all, he stared at Mu Chen with unusual seriousness, or even solemn. He remained silent for a long while and slowly spoke out, "You're really willing to help me?"

"As long as it’s something I can accomplish, I will definitely not reject it!" He said without much hesitation.

"Hahaha, good!" the White Dragon Sovereign laughed as his clear and bright eyes stared at Mu Chen, "I never thought that even after I've fallen, I could meet a youth like you. Your name is Mu Chen, right?"


"Good, Mu Chen… I do have a wish and it is also an opportunity for you. But whether you could grasp it would depend on your accomplishments." the White Dragon Sovereign laughed as he made a gesture with his hand. White dragon light runes formed within his palm and shot into Mu Chen's body as fast as lightning.

Although Mu Chen was slightly startled, he did not panic and only looked at the White Dragon Sovereign in doubt.

"My wish is that one fine day, I hope that you're able to head towards the Lower Plane where I came from and expel all those foreign Blood Fiend Tribesmen that have occupied my homeland!"

The White Dragon Sovereign closely stared at Mu Chen, "If you're able to accomplish that, then I would definitely grant you a huge opportunity. Believe me, this opportunity will let you become a true supreme expert!"

Mu Chen was dumbstruck, the White Dragon Sovereign was asking him to expel those Blood Fiend Tribesmen? But they are the terrifying Fiend Tribesmen that could easily slaughter millions and millions of lifeforms. Even if he managed to become a Sovereign, it should still be impossible for him to accomplish that, right?

Unless he became an expert like the Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor, who became a huge authorities of their own territory, how could he attack a Lower Plane?

"What? No confidence?" the White Dragon Sovereign said as he stared at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen's expression was grave as he went silent for a brief moment, before nodding his head, "I'm grateful for Senior's grace and I ought to repay you. Although it is impossible for the current me, I guarantee that one fine day, when I possess that kind of power, I will definitely head for Senior's Lower Plane and banish those Fiend Tribesmen!"


The White Dragon Sovereign's calm eyes ripples with great emotion. He didn't know if his actions today would let a seed grow into a towering tree. But no matter what, it was still a trace of hope.

"The white dragon light runes that I've left in your tody will let you know the location of the Lower Plane when your strength reaches a certain level. After you've accomplish your promise, it will also let you know what the huge opportunity is."

The White Dragon Sovereign's gaze gradually restored their calm as he looked at Mu Chen and lightly spoke, "However, if you're unable to accomplish it, you don't have to force yourself. I'm well aware of how frightening this mission is."

"I'll remember it."

Mu Chen heavily nodded his head. If there was a day he possessed the strength to accomplish it, then he would definitely pay a visit to the White Dragon Sovereign's Lower Plane hometown. And, at that hime, he would banish all those savage and destructive foreign Fiend Tribesmen. Allowing the Lower Plane to radiate with life again.

The White Dragon Sovereign laughed as he shut his eyes and muttered, "I really hoped that I could witness that day…"

His figure gradually dulled down and thoroughly disappeared.

Mu Chen gave a bow towards the location where the White Dragon Sovereign's figure dissipated. Shortly after, with a thought flashing by, he exited from the white world.

Up on the mountain peak, Mu Chen's tightly shut eyes opened as he looked at the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl that was in his hand, which had dulled a lot more in terms of its luster as he lightly spoke with solemn, "White Dragon Senior, rest assured. If I possesses that power one day, I will definitely attack the Lower Plane and banish those filthy things."

The White Dragon Spiritual Pearl seemed to be able to hear what he just said as it slightly unleashed a glow.

Mu Chen gently caressed the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl before storing it. He stood up and lightly stretched his body. The bones in his entire body rippled with a sparkling glow and the crackling of his bones sounded like firecrackers being lit.

Along with the sound, Mu Chen could sense the power within his body growing little by little.

"What powerful energy…"

Mu Chen tightly clenched his fist as he sensed the surge of power within his body. He couldn't help smiling. The current him was way more powerful compared to the him that was half a month ago.

Without using any special means, the current him could suppress a Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase expert or even Middle Phase, which he could also contend against. If he were to use his various methods, he could even cause a huge threat towards Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase experts, who could cause him some troubles before the enhancement of his strength.

"I wonder, if I were to fight with Li Xuantong right now, what would the outcome be?"

Mu Chen muttered to himself as fighting intent slightly gathered in his black pupils. Back then, when he fought with Li Xuantong, he had spent various means to take the three moves. But if they were to fight again, Mu Chen was confident that Li Xuantong wouldn't have it easy anymore.

His gains in this trip to the Lightning Territory had far surpassed his expectations.

"Hey, the speed of forming Divine Lightning Bead is way too slow in the seventh level of the Lightning Territory. Let's head to the next three levels, I want to refine a sufficient amount of Divine Lightning Beads." The Nine Netherbird's voice suddenly resounded within Mu Chen's heart.

"How much have you refined in the past few days?" Mu Chen asked. When he was cultivating, the Nine Netherbird did not idle around.

"Only two thousand…" the Nine Netherbird said with dissatisfaction.

Two thousand was equivalent to 400,000 Spiritual Value Points. This speed was already extremely fast. However, there was still quite a distance to 2,500,000 Spiritual Value Points.

"Then let's head towards the last three levels!"

Mu Chen looked towards the depth of the seventh level. As his strength rose, the seventh level of the Lightning territory could no longer obstruct him. Therefore, he wished to attempt to head for the last three levels of the Lightning Territory and see how hard it was to breakthrough.

Mu Chen smiled as his grand spirit rose in his heart. Shortly after, he took a step forward, his steps were profound with a dragon's roar. His figure looked as though it was moving with a soaring dragon, in a flash, he had already appeared a few thousand feet 1 away. Compared to back then, his speed had increased more than a fold.

Although Mu Chen had yet to fully master the Dragon Soaring Art, the initial access towards the art had already far surpassed his past speed.

The dragon roar resounded as Mu Chen's figure rapidly disappeared into the horizon.

10 Chinese Feet = 3.3 Meters. ↩
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