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Chapter 278 – Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage


A Majestic Spiritual Energy suddenly surged out of the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl as the endless Spiritual Energy poured into Mu Chen's body. Under the overflowing sensation, Mu Chen felt a swelling sensation.

The Spiritual Energy within the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl was way too much for him.

"I can't absorb all of it!"

Mu Chen's heart flashed with that thought as he immediately flew out, landing onto a lightning luring platform that was closest to him and rapidly activated the platform. Thereafter, thunder clouds started to gather on the horizon. However, compared to his previous encounter, it was much more gentle.

But, of course, this comparison was only to his previous encounter. The lightning energy in the seventh level was extremely robust. Even a Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase expert would find it hard to bear. If it wasn't for Mu Chen having some means up his sleeve, it was basically impossible for him to enter into this level.

Pitch-black thunder clouds gathered above Mu Chen as lightning rain fell, hitting Mu Chen and causing red marks to appear on his body. At the same time, the lightning energy also flowed into the pores all over his body as they endlessly poured onto his body.

When the lightning energy poured onto Mu Chen's body, it instantly caused a conflict with the boundless energy from the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. As the two forces clashed, they reacted with a shocking response.

The lightning energy in the lightning territory possessed an effect of refining Spiritual Energy. Henceforth, when it clashed with the vast Spiritual Energy from the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, the Spiritual Energy started to slowly shrink. As the Spiritual Energy shrank, the colour turned increasingly deep and refined.

With the refining aid from the lightning energy, Mu Chen slowly exhaled a mouthful of air. Shortly after, he circulated the Great Pagoda Art to refine the Spiritual Energy and constantly absorbed them. Lastly, they poured into his aura sea, and were absorbed by the small spirit that was seated within.

This speed of cultivation was way faster compared to his ordinary speed. However, that wasn't the crucial point, the crucial point was that the Spiritual Energy from the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl was extremely pure without any consciousness. Henceforth, it did not resist Mu Chen's refinement, which caused this method of cultivation to be smooth.

In his aura sea, the small spirit rippled with light around him as it devoured the Spiritual Energy that was endlessly pouring into his aura sea. As he devoured it, he started to slowly grow and the Spiritual Energy ripples that were emitted from him also grew stronger.

The light that was emitting from the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl also grew stronger. Thereafter, it shroud Mu Chen's body into it. The black thunderclouds that were above Mu Chen have been constantly moving around as mild lightning rain fell. All that lightning energy was being endlessly poured onto Mu Chen's body to refine the Spiritual Energy from the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl.

Mu Chen tightly closed his eyes. His expression was focused as he kept circulating the Great Pagoda Art to refine it. Thereafter, he did not carry out any other methods and could accept the power from the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl.

However, he also left some caution. Although the speed of his strength growing was fast, there was a limit to it. If he were to jump too fast at once, it would cause his Spiritual Energy to be unstable, which would result in failure, which wouldn't be a good news to is future days.

But, right now, it was all still within Mu Chen's control.

His cultivation was already on the right track.

Under this type of cultivation, the days started to pass and in a blink of an eye, five days had already past. The space in the seventh level was considerably huge and vast. The amount of people that could step into this level was little in number. Adding the fact that Mu Chen chose a remote area, there wasn't anyone disrupting his cultivation during these five days.

And in these five days, the Spiritual Energy ripples that were emitting from Mu Chen's body grew to quite powerful.

Splash! Splash!

The thunder rain fell and in that area, there was a bald mountain peak. A slim figure was seated on the lightning luring platform, allowing the lightning rain to fall on his body.

His clothing had already been reduced to dust by the lightning rain in these five days. A faint silvery luster was being emitted from his skin, it was due to the lightning energy constantly refining his body.

In between both his palms, the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl slowly revolved as an extremely pure Spiritual Energy endlessly poured into his body without ending.

However, Mu Chen did not accept the limitless energy. His eyes abruptly opened. The instant his eyes were opened, lightning flashed across his black pupils. The lightning formed into thunder as it shot forth from his eyes.

Considerably powerful Spiritual Energy ripples emitted from Mu Chen's body as they sent stones that were around the lightning luring platform flying.

Under the powerful Spiritual Energy ripples, the neverending lightning rain was blocked from of Mu Chen's body, maintaining a distance of roughly five feet, before penetrating through it and fell.

Mu Chen exhaled a long lump of white mist that was infused with some lightning. His gaze gradually restored it’s calmness. Shortly after, his intent moved and he saw the changes in this aura sea.

His current spirit had already expanded by a fold as the Spiritual Energy's luster constantly rippled around it. Within his spirit, there was exceptionally powerful Spiritual Energy ripples.

Compared to the past, the ripples were several times more powerful, far surpassing Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. However, there was still a distance to Heavenly Transformation Stage.

Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage!

The corner of Mu Chen's lips rose into a satisfied smile. This time round, his strength had undoubtedly flew from Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase to Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage.

And in the process, he had skipped Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase.

"Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage."

Mu Chen clenched both of his fists as his intent moved, pitch-black Spiritual Energy that was blazing with black flames was surging out in waves as it swept out. Looking from afar, it looked like huge black smoke that soared up into the horizon. Even the lightning rain was unable to shake it.

His current state was way too powerful, compared to before.

Mu Chen lowered his head to the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl in his hand. The latter had already turned a lot more dull as the white mist that was fluctuating within it was also no longer brilliant.

However, the Spiritual Energy within still wasn't fully exhausted yet. Likewise, that Spiritual Energy would cause a huge impact in his path of cultivation. As Mu Chen wasn't someone that lacked foresight that would be tempted for temporary benefits and forfeits his future paths.

He grasped the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl and, with a move of his intent, he had, once again, entered into the misty world, where the White Dragon Sovereign, who was seated on a mist-formed White Dragon was. The latter's figure had also dulled down by a lot.

"How rare."

At the sight of Mu Chen, the White Dragon Sovereign lightly smiled as he said something that most people wouldn't understand.

Mu Chen was also blank. Those words that the White Dragon Sovereign spoke of was definitely not directing to his cultivation leaping from Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase to Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage. Even a blockhead with this opportunity could have his strength risen to Heavenly Transformation Stage easily. His current advancement was already considered rather wasteful.

"Although the Spiritual Energy that was left behind by me was without any intent, it was still something that I've cultivated, after all. When poured into a person's body, it could be easily absorbed, but compared to the Spiritual Energy that one personally cultivated, there was still a small difference."

The White Dragon Sovereign lightly smiled, "Although this small difference was unnoticable right now, perhaps it would cause obstruction to one's future growth."

"It is indeed rare for someone to resist the temptation of strength." the smile on the White Dragon Sovereign's face turned a little more gentle. Mu Chen's actions had, indeed, given him a high impression.

Mu Chen was a little embarrassed that he was praised as he ruffled his head, "You're over praising, Senior. In this world, only those that gained strength by themselves are the most dependable. I'm already satisfied with the opportunity. If I were to hope for more, I'm afraid that I would not be able to bear it."

All these years, Mu Chen's cultivation was steadily stable and his foundation was exceptionally firm. Although the power left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign was tempting, it wasn't something that was worth him damaging his foundation. Although a Sovereign expert was powerful, Mu Chen believed that there would be a day where he could reach that state as well. Or even surpass it!

The White Dragon Sovereign lightly nodded his head with a smear of appreciation flashing through his eyes. Shortly after, he patted the white dragon that he was mounting, "This intent of mine won't hold out for long. The remaining power in the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl can be given to you for future usage. Furthermore, if you've encountered a strong enemy, you can ignite the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. I believe that even Heavenly Completion Stage experts would have to run."

"Many thanks, Senior." Mu Chen thanked sincerely.

The White Dragon Sovereign lightly smiled, "I just find you out of the ordinary. My intent was supported by the Spiritual Energy within the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl and, therefore, I could exist. If you'd absorbed all of the Spiritual Energy earlier on, you wouldn't be able to hear me speaking now and you wouldn't be fated for the stuff that I've left behind."

Mu Chen was startled. The stuff that he left behind?

The White Dragon Sovereign smiled as his hand lightly patted on the white dragon that he was mounting. The white dragon rapidly shrank and turned into a scroll that was made from dragon scales. On the scroll, there was an ancient carved letter.

Mu Chen directed his gaze over and the dragon-scaled ancient scroll was imprinted into his eyes.

"Dragon Soaring Art."

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