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Chapter 277 – Foreign Fiends

On the lightning luring platform, Mu Chen looked at the warm White Dragon Spiritual Pearl in his hand with unconcealable joy in his eyes. But fortunately, he rapidly restored his clarity and did not investigate the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. With a flip of his hand, he stored the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl.

Up in the sky, the lightning river was still wreaking havoc on this land. When Mu Chen saw it, he leaped down the mountain peak as he ran, sticking close to the ground.

The commotion that he caused in this area was too huge. Previously, he had already sensed some gazes staring at his direction. Therefore, he clearly could not continue to remain here any longer and had to find a new place to cultivate.

Mu Chen flew close to the ground, avoiding the pouring torrents. After a few minutes, he managed to leave the region where the thunderclouds were wreaking havoc. After he left, the frightening lightning ripples had also weakened, little by little.

The surrounding pressure that was slightly dissipating made Mu Chen feel relieved. Shortly after, he pushed his speed to the limits and rapidly left this region, searching for a new remote area, before he slowed himself down.

There was a short hill that wasn't that eye-catching in this mountain range. Furthermore, by borrowing the surrounding mountains, he could avoid anyone noticing this area.

Mu Chen's figure landed on top of the hill. He looked around before calming himself down. With a grasp of his hand, the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl had, once again, appeared in his hand.

Only now did he have time to take a good look at the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, whose seal had been broken.

There wasn't that many changes on the exterior, except that the white dragon patterns on it had disappeared. Within the pearl, a white mist looked as though it had penetrated the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl as it curled around the surface of the pearl. It appeared extremely magical.

Mu Chen grabbed onto the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl as he sensed the boundless energy within it. His expression also couldn't help turning grave. Thereafter, he deeply inhaled a mouthful of air and his hands came together with the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl floating on top of both of his palms.

A pitch-black Spiritual Energy poured out of Mu Chen's palms and shrouded the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl.

Just when Mu Chen's Spiritual Energy was about to come in contact with the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, the pearl immediately burst forth with dazzling light and shroud his figure. When the white light shrouded him, Mu Chen's eyes blurred and soon after, he realised that the scenery before him had changed.


Mu Chen looked at the white world as he was engrossed in his own thoughts. This should be the world within the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. Back then, when it was being sealed, he did attempt to try it, but had been directly rejected by the pearl. Now that the seal was broken, he could finally enter it.

He looked around and slightly hesitated. Thereafter, he flew towards the boundless white world. As he marched forth, the white mist started to dissipate.

When Mu Chen moved, the surrounding scenery changed again. The white mist rapidly disappeared and a landscape appeared, it was a vast world.

Mu Chen stood on the horizon as he looked down on the world. When he was slightly at a loss, a scarlet-blood colour appeared on the far horizon. Thereafter, the scarlet-blood colour surged over along with an endless chill. On the spot that the scarlet-blood coloured tidal wave past, endless lifeforms were being devoured. Even the various energies between the heavens and earth were extinguished by the torrential scarlet-red colour.

At the front of the scarlet-blood colour tidal wave, there seemed to be countless figures soaring up into the sky as they tried their best to obstruct it. However, their powers were tiny before the scarlet-blood coloured tidal wave.

Countless hopeless screams resounded within the entire world as they fell into the terrifying Judgement Day.

This was a devastating disaster.

The scarlet-blood colour slowly spread to the unfamiliar world as the lifeforms were being devoured. The energies between the heavens and earth weren't an exception, either, as they became polluted.

A world filled with lifeforms were all entirely annihilated at this moment.

Mu Chen was drenched in a cold sweat as he watched the scene before him. His heart was filled with fear. What was that scarlet-blood coloured tidal wave doing in this world? It's actually so terrifying.

Mu Chen watched the scene as a blood-light gathered. There was an illusory figure filled with scarlet scales that walked out. It was like a demonic god that looked as though it was the most sinister thing in this world had directed its pupils towards Mu Chen's direction.

As the gaze was directed at his direction, Mu Chen's heart jolted. The scenery before him changed. It was like a world that was about to be destroyed. There were countless figures within the towering mountain tearing space cracks and left, fleeing for their lives.

Mu Chen looked at those figures and, among them, there was a white-haired figure that he had seen before.

"That's the White Dragon Sovereign?!"

Mu Chen's heart violently jolted as he muttered out.

The scene before him watered down as though countless months and years had shuttled past. When Mu Chen recovered, the scenery before him had restored back to the white misty world.

Mu Chen's forehead was filled with sweat as his heart was still shocked. The scene from before gave him a huge shock. Just what were those scarlet-blood coloured lifeforms?

Could it be that among all those who escaped, the White Dragon Sovereign was among them?

"Correct, I had escaped from there."

Suddenly, a faint voice resounded out. Mu Chen was startled as he immediately raised his head. In the white misty world, the white mist started to gather as a deep dragon roar resounded out. As the white mist gathered, it turned into a huge white dragon that soared towards the horizons.

The white dragon spiraled and Mu Chen sat down before it. At the head of the white dragon, a light flickered and a figure had appeared. That figure had snow-white hair but his skin was youthful. His pair of white pupils were exceptionally bizarre.

He sat on the white dragon and his pupils stared at Mu Chen.

"Haha, it seems that you've broken the seal within the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl." That white-pupiled figure then faintly smiled. His gentle voice resounded in this white misty world.

"White Dragon Sovereign?"

When Mu Chen saw that figure, his heart jolted. In the space of the Spirit Treasury, he had seen this figure before. However, the figure that he saw was extremely blurry, and right now, the latter was extremely clear.

Precisely because of the clarity, Mu Chen could vaguely sense the terrifying Sovereign's pressure. Even if the latter had fallen, his Sovereign pressure still existed.

"Mu Chen pays respect to elder. I was lucky to obtain the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, it was rude and impetuous of me to break the seal. I seek your forgiveness for the alarm." Mu Chen cupped his hands as he said cautiously.

Although the White Dragon Sovereign had fallen, an existence of his level could cause huge danger to him with the slightest method they had left behind. Therefore, it was better for him to be more humble.

The White Dragon Sovereign's pupils stared at Mu Chen and, shortly after, he laughed as he waved his hand, "It was your fate to obtain this White Dragon Spiritual Pearl that I had left behind."

Mu Chen nodded and hesitated awhile, before couldn't help asking, "What was it that I saw earlier?"

The scene that he saw earlier, a world with billions of lifeforms being annihilated was way too frightening.

"Just scenes that I've experienced." the White Dragon Sovereign faintly smiled and continued, "The Great Thousand World was boundless and was the location where countless Lower Planes intercepted. It was extremely savage and cruel, it wasn't something that you can understand."

Mu Chen was speechless. Although he had not experienced the frightening situation before, he could sense how horrifying it was.

"What was that thing within the blood-coloured tidal wave?" Mu Chen asked. That lifeform made him feel fear.

"That was one of the Foreign Fiends. We call it as the Fiend Blood Tribe. What you've just seen was a world that they had destroyed and it was my hometown. Haha, I was someone who had escaped from the Lower Planes." the White Dragon Sovereign smiled, however, his smile was numbing and mournful.

"What are the Foreign Fiends?" Mu Chen muttered.

The White Dragon Sovereign slightly lowered his head, "I don't have much understanding towards them. They are born in the Great Thousand World and are towards the inner sides. If without any mishap, perhaps you won't come to know about these things in your entire life."

"But for the Lower Planes, they are extremely terrifying. Once they find a lower plane and corrode it, the outcome is the annihilation of all life forms, just as what you've seen earlier on."

"Although it sounded unreal to you, have you heard of this existence called the Martial Ancestor before?" the White Dragon Sovereign looked at Mu Chen.

"The Martial Ancestor, Ling Dong?" Mu Chen was startled.

The White Dragon Sovereign nodded, "The Martial Ancestor was also from the Lower Planes. Furthermore, his Lower Planes had once suffered the attacks of the Fiends. But the Martial Ancestor was, after all, much stronger than you and I. Not only did he expel the fiends, he also managed to behead a branch of the Fiend Tribe's Emperor."

"Although it was just a branch, the power that they possessed was something that the Lower Planes could not withstand. To be able to achieve that as someone from the Lower Planes, the Martial Ancestor was, indeed, worthy of other's admiration. He was much stronger than us."

Mu Chen was stunned. Compared to the Lower Planes, the Great Thousand World had more advantages. The level of experts here was far more powerful than those of the Lower Planes. For this Martial Ancestor to make achievements up to this step with the resources of the Lower Planes, he was indeed, not simple. No wonder he could establish such a powerful existence like the Martial Realm in the Great Thousand World.

"Haha, I've not spoke for a long time and I have, indeed, spoke too much in such a short while."

The White Dragon Sovereign smiled as he gradually recovered. He was, after all, a remnant of intent right now. At the spot, he waved his hand as he looked at Mu Chen, "it was fate that we met. Since you're able to obtain this White Dragon Spiritual Pearl and also breaking the seal, then let me lend you a helping hand."

As he finish speaking, his sleeves waved and an endless amount of white mist surged over. The white mist contained pure and boundless Spiritual Energy.

The White Dragon Sovereign smiled as he pointed towards the air. Torrential waves surged in this world with the wind and clouds rolled, and boundless pure Spiritual Energy was pouring towards Mu Chen in tidal waves.

"It'd be up to your ability on how much remnant energy you can absorb that was left by me."

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