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Chapter 276 – Breaking the Seal

Crack Crack

As the brilliant downpour fell, a majority of the rain was absorbed as it whistled towards Mu Chen's direction. The remaining raindrops fell onto the ground.

On the surrounding bald mountains, some of them would occasionally be hit by the stormy raindrops and would instantly crumble. Thereafter, they would be reduced to ashes and leave dense and deep holes on the mountains.

No wonder there wasn't any life force around here. Facing this kind of harsh environment, there wasn't any powerful plants that could survive here.

Onom Onom

Mu Chen wasn't distracted by the scene that was around him. His eyes were fixed on the light screen that was above him. At the heart of the light screen was the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl that had not moved a single jolt. It was constantly emitting a white light as it obstructed the storming lightning rain.

Under the wash of the lightning rain, the white screen was also rippling with fluctuations.

More and more lightning rain whistled down. Just from the looks of it, it was extremely shocking. However, the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl wasn't an ordinary object, even with the rain wreaking havoc, it still stood towering and did not move.

Looking at it, Mu Chen was shocked and overjoyed. He was shocked at the power of the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl that could even withstand such lightning rain falling on it. He was overjoyed as the more powerful the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl was, there would be more benefits that he would gain when the seal broke.


Up on the horizon, the ink-like lightning clouds violently wiggled about, as though they sensed how powerful the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl was. As they wiggled, the stormy rain became even more violent. That scene caused Mu Chen to be alarmed. Under this storm, even a Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase expert would be heavily wounded by it.


The White Dragon Spiritual Pearl was heavily clashing against the falling lightning rain. A deep dragon roar burst forth as the white light rippled, as though it was enraged by the rain. The white light engulfed Mu Chen and the lightning rain that was falling on it was dispersed.


Towards the provoking roar, the lightning clouds at the horizon also gave their reply. As lightning clouds wiggled about, the rain actually started to merge.

Shhhuuuu! Shhhhuuu!

Fine lightning rain merged together and formed into silver lightning that was as thick as a person's arm. They pierced through the heavens and heavily clashed against the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, along with an irresistible violent energy.

As the two astonishing powers clashed, ripples fluctuated out that caused even the space to twist.

The White Dragon Spiritual Pearl was fiercely clashing against the layers of clouds.

Mu Chen sat on the silver lightning platform as he raised his head, witnessing the fight between the two forces. He constantly controlled the lightning platform, continuously increasing its power.

He wasn't worried that the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl couldn't take it, he was just worried that the lightning energy wasn't powerful enough and would be unable to break the seal on the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. Otherwise, all of his effort would go to waste.

However, he still belittled the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. As an item of a Sovereign, it had gone through years of time and yet it was still so powerful.

The lightning clouds that filled the whole sky continued for a full three days and three nights. However, the light emitting from the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl was still so dazzling. Frightening Spiritual Energy ripples fluctuated as they dispersed the liquid lightning.

Because Mu Chen was constantly activating the effects of the lightning platform, there would be thunderclouds constantly being attracted towards this region and they would merge together. During these three days and three night's time, the violent lightning rain had not stopped for a moment.

"The White Dragon Spiritual Pearl is way too powerful…"

Mu Chen couldn't help smacking his lips. Under the impact, even a Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase expert would not dare to endure for so long. However, seeing the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, it was still so lively and there weren't any signs of the seal being broken.

"I refuse to believe that you can keep going on!"

Mu Chen grounded his teeth and poured his Spiritual Energy into the lightning platform again. The current lightning platform burst forth with great light.

This continued for a full ten days!

In these ten days, the lightning rain never stopped.

Although the violent rain caused the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl to dim a little, the seal still stood strong. This made Mu Chen a little speechless. No wonder even the Nine Netherbird said that it didn't have any confidence in breaking the seal on the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, it was actually this powerful.

Mu Chen raised his head and gravely looked up at the sky. Because he continuously used the lightning platform, the entire region was basically filled with thunderclouds. The scene was so dark that even the space was about to be suppressed.

The thunderclouds in this area were already extremely frightening to the point that even Mu Chen was a little panic-stricken as he understood that if it was him, there was no way he could fully escape from this situation.

There weren't that many people that dared to attract thunderclouds in such a fierce manner in the seventh level of the Lightning Territory. Although the lightning energy in the Lightning Territory could refine Spiritual Energy, if one were to over refine their Spiritual Energy, they would exploded into dust…


Mu Chen exhaled a mouthful of air as he looked at the ink-like thunderclouds. Because of the lightning energy being way too violent, Mu Chen could see lightning flickers within the thunderclouds, as if they had formed into a lightning river. That river was slowly flowing within the thunderclouds, emitting ripples that would make anyone's scalp tingle.

"I can't carry on…"

MMu Chen muttered. From the current situation, if he were to carry on, who knows how long it would take him and the Hunting War was less than a month away. Clearly, he couldn't spend too much time on breaking the seal.

"Seems like I have to get even fiercer."

Mu Chen slightly hesitated. Shortly after, he clenched his teeth and flicked his fingers. The White Dragon Spiritual Pearl brought along a torrential white light, it was like a light beam as it soared up into the lightning river that was flowing within the thunderclouds.

The lightning river was formed from the violent lightning energy that accumulated after more than ten days. Within it, the lightning energy was way too violent that even Mu Chen felt a little palpitation. However, this was the only way for him right now.


The white light soared up and was especially eye-catching in this dark horizon.

At the end of the horizon, who knows how many people have gathered here. They were all the people that were training in the seventh level of the Lightning Territory. They'd noticed the commotion at Mu Chen's side and, henceforth, they came to investigate.

They were exceptionally astonished that there would be someone that dared to lure such threatening thunderclouds. Even they didn't dare to casually step foot into that region.

This made them a little curious, they did not know which fellow had concealed himself for so long and then suddenly burst out by actually causing such a huge scene…

"Something flew up into the thunderclouds."

Under the darkened horizon, someone spoke. They saw something soaring up to the darkened sky and into the white light in the thunderclouds.

"There was already a lightning river formed in the thunderclouds, what is that guy thinking? Doesn't he know how fearsome the violent lightning river is?"

When those that could be considered to be outstanding in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy saw this scene, their faces changed. Shortly after, all of them moved back simultaneously with shock filling their eyes.

Mu Chen, naturally, didn't know the attention that he had attracted from his actions. His eyes were fixed on the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. The latter had already turned into a white light piercing through the thunderclouds and into the lightning river.


The instant they clashed, there was a thunderous roar in the horizon. It violently resounded throughout the sky and under the noise, even the horizon started to tremble.


The omnipresent lightning light burst out from the thunderclouds and, under that lightning, the ink-black thunder clouds started to rapidly dissipate.

In the range of two hundred li, the black thunderclouds rapidly disappeared.

The lightning was all attracted by the liquid body of lightning, possessing terrifying power. Mu Chen watched as a mountain peak was reduced to dust by the liquid formed from the lightning.

Mu Chen felt his scalp tingling as he immediately turned off the lightning luring platform. However, he was on a mountain peak as well and there were liquid-forms of the lightning flashing down.

Mu Chen's face drastically changed. The lightning speed was too fast that he could not evade in time.


When the liquid-formed lightning was about to hit Mu Chen, torrential black flames swept out of his body and formed into a pair of huge wings that were engulfed in black flames, protecting him.

Bang! Bang!

The liquid-form lightning landed on the flaming black wings and burst forth with violent ripples. Thereafter, they gradually dissipated.


Mu Chen was relieved as he spoke in his heart. He knew that it was the Nine Netherbird that helped him. Otherwise, he would be in a terrible state from the liquid-form lightning.

"The seal on the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl should be breaking soon." the Nine Netherbird's voice sounded in Mu Chen's heart.

When Mu Chen heard what it said, he immediately raised his head and saw the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl bathed in the lightning river. Under the corrosion of the violent energy, the light on the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl dimmed down.

As the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl dimmed down, the dragon pattern that was engraved on the surface of the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl also started to disappear, bit by bit.

The speed of the dragon pattern disappearing was extremely fast. In a few dozen breath's time, it thoroughly dissipated. In that instant, when the dragon pattern disappeared, Mu Chen could clearly sense pure Spiritual Energy ripples exploding from within.

If the Spiritual Energy of the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl was previously restricted, then, right now, it had been truly unleashed.

"The seal is gone!"

Joy filled Mu Chen's eyes. After all his efforts, he had finally broke the seal on the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl.


The flaming black wings that were protecting Mu Chen shot into the lightning river and grabbed onto the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. Thereafter, they quickly returned. However, in just a few short breaths, the black flames on the wings dissipated a little.

Mu Chen extended his hand out and grabbed onto the cool White Dragon Spiritual Pearl. He could sense that, right now, he had truly obtain the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl!

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