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Chapter 275 – Seventh Level of the Lightning Territory


A gigantic lightning screen pierced through the heavens and earth with large lightning arcs leaping about, emitting astonishing Spiritual Energy ripples. It was as if even the space was twisted by it.

Mu Chen's figure stopped roughly a thousand feet outside the lightning screen as his eyes gravely stared at the lightning screen. This was what obstructed access to the seventh level. Therefore, it was naturally out of the ordinary. Even if some Heavenly Transformation Stage Initial Phase experts to exerted their full strength against the lightning screen, it would be hard for them to make a crack on the screen to pass through.

"Strength of a Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase…"

Mu Chen's fist clenched together as he inhaled a deep breath of air. He sat down on the air and closed his eyes.

"What's that fellow doing?"

On the stone platform outside of the lightning screen, there were some people paying attention to Mu Chen's abnormal actions. Immediately, they were a little astonished.

"Hmm, that person looks familiar. Doesn't he?"

Aside from some doubtful people, there were also some that managed to recognised Mu Chen. After all, he was no longer the nameless freshman that he was in the past. After his Pact of Three Moves with Li Xuantong, he was engraved into the memory of many upperclassmen.

"That's the freshman that managed to beat the Pact of Three Moves against Li Xuantong! His name should be Mu Chen, right?"

"So it was him, no wonder he dared to enter the sixth level of the Lightning Territory with just Heavenly Fusion Stage strength."

"But, from the looks of it, it seems that he's trying to charge through the seventh level of the Lightning Territory, right? It shouldn't be possible, right? Not even I can pass through that screen…"

"Yeah. Even though that brat managed to take the three moves from Li Xuantong, his physical strength is still a little too weak. If he recklessly charged into the seventh level, that's simply seeking his own death."

Up on the stone platforms, there was an outburst of whispers. Some gazes were gathered onto the youth's figure that was sitting on the air.

Mu Chen wasn't bothered by those surrounding whispers. He focused his mind and, after a long while, all ten of his fingers started to form seals and he was rapidly forming Spiritual Seals.

The Spiritual Seals were increasing at a rapid speed and in just two minutes, a hundred Spiritual Seals were surrounding Mu Chen. Those Spiritual Seals whistled as they brought forth frightening Spiritual Energy ripples.

The current Mu Chen had already achieved Rank 4 Spiritual Array Master in the cultivation of Spiritual Arrays. At his best, the amount of Spiritual Seals that he could create had already reached a shocking amount of one hundred.

Up on the stone platform, everyone was looking at the hundred Spiritual Seals that were surrounding Mu Chen. Their eyes trembled. Reaching a hundred Spiritual Spiritual Seals was a threshold. Passing through that threshold, one will be able to achieve Rank 4 Spiritual Array Master. And the current Mu Chen had clearly reached that step.

Rank 4 Spiritual Array Masters are comparable to Heavenly Transformation Stage experts. They then understood why Mu Chen was able to reach the sixth level of the Lightning Territory with only his Heavenly Fusion Stage cultivation.

Shhhhhuuu! Shuuuu!

As they were grasping in surprise, the hundred Spiritual Seals that were surrounding Mu Chen whistled out. Thereafter, they merged with the heavens and earth. Instantly, the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth gave off violent ripples. Spiritual Energy light rays gleamed as they interweaved, forming into a huge and complicated Spiritual Array diagram.

The Spiritual Energy light rays were sketching while releasing extremely violent Spiritual Energy ripples. Up in the sky, the light rays gradually gathered and everyone could see a complicated lotus-like Spiritual Array slowly being formed.

Onom! Onom!

It was as if a huge Spiritual Array was being made from black light Spiritual Energy that was emitting a resonating and trembling sound. Lights fluctuated along the powerful energy ripples.

This Spiritual Array was, naturally, the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array. In the past, when Mu Chen arranged this Spiritual Array, he required a massive amount of energy. But along with his cultivation improving, he clearly no longer required the need to exhaust as much energy as he did in the past.

Mu Chen's eyes slowly opened and within his black pupils, a light flickered. Shortly after, his hand signs changed as a faint voice resounded throughout this place with the roaring lightning.

"Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array."


The huge Spiritual Array slowly twisted to the point that even the black light lotus was also slanting to one side. The black petals gradually blossomed as boundless lights gathered at the heart of the lotus.


An extremely violent light beam shot out from the lotus heart and, shortly after, it pierced through the sky. Under all those amazed gazes, it heavily clashed against the lightning screen.

The lightning screen violently rippled as energy ripples endlessly fluctuated. Wherever the black light swept against, there were traces of the lightning screen becoming twisted.

Mu Chen's eyes were calm as he rotated one of his fingers. The huge black lotus started to spin, along with the black light. It was like a drill that was drilling into the lightning screen.

Creak Creak

The lightning arc violently flickered as a little black mark appeared on the solid lightning screen. Thereafter, the mark slowly cracked open. Although the hole was small, it was sufficient for a person to pass through it.

"He actually cracked it!" someone cried out with a shocked and admiring voice.

Up in the sky, Mu Chen's figure suddenly stood up. There wasn't the slightest hesitation in him as he turned into a stream of light and charged towards the crack at lightning speed.

As Mu Chen charged into the lightning screen. The giant Spiritual Array slow started to disperse, bit by bit. The screen rapidly restored itself back to normal, leaving plenty of astonished and admiring gazes from outside.

Mu Chen charged through the crack and the darkness before him only lasted for a moment before it lit up. Shortly after, he opened his eyes and was a little shocked as he looked at the shocking scene before him.

It was a dark world with the lightning clouds up in the sky looking as though they were about to fall onto the ground. This caused the sky to appear extremely low and the pressure was extremely hard to bear.


Mu Chen raised his head and saw that the seventh level of the lightning territory was actually drizzling with rain. He extended his hand out, allowing the rain to fall onto his body. Immediately, his body started to shake uncontrollably.

He clenched his hand, caught those fine raindrops and discovered that the raindrops were formed by lightning. When they fell onto one's body, it would bring tiny amounts of stabbing pain a with numbing sensation.

The lightning energy of the seventh level was actually powerful to this extent.

A smear of astonishment flashed across Mu Chen's eyes. No wonder the requirement to enter the seventh level was so high. Otherwise, it would be hard to endure while training here.

"The lightning energy in the seventh level is rather vigorous, it should be sufficient to break the seal."

Mu Chen slightly pondered, before his body flew out. Dozens of minutes later, his figure began to slow down. In front of him, there was a majestic mountain. There weren't any plants on the surface of mountain, it was empty with little life force.

At the peak of the mountain, there was a metallic-looking lightning platform.

Mu Chen's figure landed on the lighting platform and sat down. Up above him, the lighting clouds looked like black ink, due to the attraction of the lighting energy floating quietly up in the sky. In the clouds, there weren't any astonishing lightning bolts flickering about. However, there was some lightning that managed to get out as the black clouds moved, emitting a frightening amount of ripples.

The seventh level of the lightning energy was much more powerful compared to the sixth level.

When Mu Chen looked at the lighting clouds, where the frightening lightning energies were gathering, he wasn't worried; instead, he was happy. The more powerful the lightning energy, the more effective it would be against the seal on the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl.

Mu Chen looked at the cold lightning platform and slightly held his breath. Shortly after, he deeply inhaled and infused the Spiritual Energy within him into the lightning luring platform.

Onom Onom

As he poured his Spiritual Energy into the platform, the originally black lightning luring platform started to emit some light.

When the lightning platform was activated by Mu Chen, the ink-like lightning clouds started to wiggle. The lighting clouds extended out, little by little, like an ancient lightning beast that was about to emerge.

Mu Chen's face was grave as he clearly sensed that there was a frightening amount of energy ripples being gathered between this heaven and earth.


A deep thunderous roar resounded up in the sky. Mu Chen raised his head and stared at the lightning clouds. Just when he was about to welcome the lightning's impact, he suddenly saw some rain falling towards him from the black clouds.

Those rain droplets appeared to be brilliant silver and within those droplets, there were violent lightning energies being contained. Every single drop was way more horrifying than the lightning at the fourth level.

It was a lightning rain.

Crack Crack

The rain was falling down under Mu Chen's startled gaze and fell onto the surface of his body.

Bang! Bang!

Mu Chen's figure felt as though he had suffered the impact of some lightning. Every single raindrop exploded the moment they fell onto his body. The frightening energies within them caused red marks to appear on the surface of his body. That intense pain instantly traveled throughout his body.

Mu Chen couldn't help taking a deep breath. He never imagined that the rain that looked so gentle would be so frightening.

The lightning rain continued to explode and travel along the surface of Mu Chen's body and into his pores. Faint crackling sounds resounded. That was the lightning energy traveling through his flesh and meridians.

An intense pain, along with the faint numbness, was spreading throughout Mu Chen's body. Aside from the intense pain, there was an abnormal content sensation.

Mu Chen smiled as he looked at the falling rain. His fist clenched as a white light flickered. The White Dragon Spiritual Pearl appeared in his grasp, emitting a deep resounding dragon's roar.

Mu Chen stared at the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl in his hand and, shortly after, he slowly raised his hand. The White Dragon Spiritual Pearl floated above his head as a faint white light rippled out, forming into a light barrier and blocked all of the raindrops.

When the lightning rain fell on the light barrier formed by the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl, it instantly caused ripples.

Both of Mu Chen's hands stuck to the cold lighting luring platform as he poured his Spiritual Energy into it, pushing the effect of the lightning luring platform to it’s greatest limit.


The lightning luring platform burst forth with dazzling light that instantly shrouded Mu Chen's body within it. A powerful attraction burst out.


As the lightning luring platform was pushed to the limits by Mu Chen, it instantly caused deep lightning roars to resound between this heaven and earth. Some ink black thunderclouds that were far away also started to be attracted towards this location.

The entire heavens and earth had instantly darkened down.

Only the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl that was on top of Mu Chen's head was still emitting some light and stood towering without any movements.

Mu Chen raised his head and mumbled, while looking at those ink-like thunderclouds.

"Next up, give me a merciless one!"


As Mu Chen muttered, those ink-like thunderclouds up in the sky instantly shrank and in the next instant, it was a torrential downpour!

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