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Chapter 231 – Bai Xuan

The evening colors slowly advanced little by little, at last blanketing the enormous White Dragon City. But even though night was here, it couldn’t suppress the liveliness of the city. The sounds of people bubbled up into the skies. Even from far away, others could still feel the flourishing city.

White Dragon City was especially lively today. The cause was the piece of news that’d recently been released from the auction house at noon. It was regarding the Sovereign Spirit Treasury.

A Sovereign Spirit Treasury.

Those few words alone were enough to redden the eyes of many. Everyone clearly understood the weight those words held.

Sovereign, a name meant for the true experts of this Great Thousand World. Only existences of that level could qualify to become the Lord of a Continent. Only people like them possess the qualifications to gain such authority.

Although Heavenly Fusion Stage experts were also very powerful, they were still a far cry from gaining control of an entire continent, or even making others worship them.

As for the Spirit Treasuries left behind by Sovereign level experts, those were, also, clearly incomparable to Heavenly Fusion Stage experts. If someone blindly stumbled upon a Sovereign’s inheritance, they’d gain god-like aid on their cultivation path. They would break away from the ordinary.

Half the reason for the White Dragon Hillock’s fame was due to the White Dragon Sovereign who had, once upon a time, fallen in this place.

People flocked here in droves in order to search for the Spirit Treasury that he’d left behind. But no one was able to find it in the past few hundred years. And, at long last, there was finally some news of this Sovereign Spirit Treasury. It didn’t matter how much of this news was actually true. It was enough to make a lot of eyes turn red.

The entire White Dragon Hillock would be shaken by this news.

Mu Chen sat in a room in one of White Dragon City’s Cultivating Pavilions. His attention was currently focused on the object in his hands — a rusty metal sphere roughly the size of a dragon’s eye. The surface of the sphere was decorated with tiny, cryptic patterns.

This was the ‘Spiritual Array Seed’ that Su Ling’er had bought for him in the auction house, earlier today. Only a Spiritual Array Master could study this; therefore, Su Ling’er had given it to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was clearly interested in it, as well. Forging a ‘Spiritual Array Seed’ of this level required a frightening amount of control. It was basically impossible for an ordinary Spiritual Array Master to forge it. Not even for Mu Chen.

“The Spiritual Array carved onto this ‘Spiritual Array Seed’ certainly isn’t of a low rank.”

Mu Chen carefully studied the ‘Spiritual Array Seed’ for half an hour before looking away with a grave expression. Based on those vague patterns, he could tell that this Spiritual Array was at least a Rank 4. It probably wasn’t any weaker than his Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array. But, of course, Mu Chen’s current Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array wasn’t the complete one.

His current attainments in Spiritual Arrays had already reached the level of a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master. If he entered into the Heart Array state, he could even come in contact with Rank 4 Spiritual Arrays. Usually, a Rank 3 Spiritual Array Master could form a maximum of 99 Spiritual Seals. Once that number reached 100, they’d qualify to be a Rank 4 Spiritual Array Master.

And the portion of the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array that Mu Chen could set was exactly 100 Spiritual Seals. He just happened to land in the latter category.

Of course, with Mu Chen’s current strength, he’d have to exert all his energy, just like when he’d faced Li Xuantong. He’d even have to use the energy he shared with the Nine Nether Bird, as well as the Heart Array State. Only then could he successfully form those 100 Spiritual Seals and set up the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array.

Mu Chen estimated that if he wanted to be able to set up the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array as easily as he could set up a Rank 3 Spiritual Array, then he’d probably have to wait until he reached the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. Only after that would he be able to do it without needing to exert all his energy.

“In order to activate this Spiritual Array Seed, I’ll need to thoroughly understand the Spiritual Array carved into it…”

Mu Chen muttered to himself. Generally speaking, this Spiritual Array Seed would only be useful in the hands of a Spiritual Array Master. Even if a regular person got their hands on it, they wouldn’t be able to activate it without understanding the circulating trajectory of the Spiritual Array. If they recklessly injected Spiritual Energy into it, then the Spiritual Array Seed would explode and they’d only end up hurting themselves.

It wasn’t a simple task to thoroughly understand the circulating trajectory, even for a Spiritual Array Master.

“It looks like I’ll have to take it slow.”

Mu Chen held onto the rusty Spiritual Array Seed and slowly closed his eyes. His mind gradually calmed, until he was as tranquil as a still pond. A sense of brightness slowly lit up and spread throughout his heart. This was the thorough sensing ability of the Heart Array State.

Mu Chen entered the Heart Array State and his mind slowly enveloped the Spiritual Array Seed that was resting in his palm. Traces of fine Spiritual Energy quietly drilled in. Then, he started to carefully explore the complicated Spiritual Array that was carved onto the seed.

This exploration process was extremely complicated. However, Mu Chen already had prepared himself for that. He calmed himself and began exploring it, bit by bit.

White Dragon City, City Lord’s Mansion

In the depths of the mansion, Bai Dong and the grey-robed elder stood in a dimly lit study room. There was a table before them, and behind it was a white-haired, middle-aged man. This man was currently fixing his eyes on the White Dragon Jade Dowel that was flickering with Spiritual Energy pressure.

“This White Dragon Jade Dowel was left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign. It seems like there wasn’t any mistake with our intelligence.” The middle-aged man said. He lightly smiled as he held onto the White Dragon Jade Dowel.

Hearing his words, Bai Dong and the grey-robed elder released lungs full of stale air.

“Father, this newly emerging Spirit Treasury should be the one left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign, right?” Bai Dong asked in low voice.

“That should be correct.” The man who Bai Dong had called “father” was Bai Xuan, White Dragon City’s City Lord, of course. He was the overlord-like figure for the area within a thousand li 1 of the White Dragon Hillock.

“White Dragon Sovereign. Did that old fart really think he could hide the Spirit Treasury forever? I built this White Dragon City and searched for decades, all the while waiting for this day.” Bai Xuan laughed indifferently. A dense, cold, and brilliant flight flickered in his eyes.

“As long as we find that supreme treasure, our mission is complete. When that happens, we’ll leave this damned place and go back.”

“Father, the Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction and the Earthen Way Sect have also sent their people over. Furthermore, once the news spreads, there might be reinforcements.” said Bai Dong.

“Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction, Earthen Way Sect… Haha, just a bunch of small figures. When our Demonic Dragon Palace ruled the Northern Heavens Continent, forces like them could be erased with just the wave of a hand.” Bai Xuan’s eyes flickered with a chilling light. “If it hadn’t been for those Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy bastards, how could our Demonic Dragon Palace land in this situation? Back then, if that White Dragon Sovereign hadn’t stolen our supreme treasure and rebelled, and if it hadn’t been for those old farts of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, that academy wouldn’t have had a chance to rule the Northern Heavens Continent!”

“Hmph, but it doesn’t matter. Before long, our Demonic Dragon Palace will rise again. When that day comes, we’ll definitely uproot the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!”

The grey-robed elder’s eyes flickered. “City Lord, there was a group of youths who recently arrived in the White Dragon City. They aren’t very old, but they’re extremely powerful. I secretly investigated and learned that they’re from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

“Oh?” Bai Dong’s brows frowned. Then he laughed nastily. “So they’re from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. No wonder they were so arrogant.”

“From the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” Bai Xuan’s brows knitted as he carried on, “Could they be here for the Sovereign Spirit Treasury, as well? Could the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy know about what was hidden? That’s impossible!”

“It doesn’t seem like it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have sent such a small party.”

The grey-robed elder shook his head and continued, “Among them, there’s a white-dressed girl who’s the Rank 3 of the Heavenly Ranking, Su Xuan. She’s probably at the Heavenly Transform Stage Middle Phase, extremely powerful. Aside from her, there’s Guo Xiong and Li Qing, also ranked in the top 30 of the Heavenly Ranking. The other two were only Heavenly Fusion Stages — ordinary and nothing to fear.”

Based on the grey-robed elder’s words, you could tell that he was very familiar with the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Heavenly Transform Stage Middle Phase…” Bai Xuan held the White Dragon Jade Dowel. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy definitely has their methods of nurturing students. They already possessed such frightful power at such tender ages.

“Father, what should we do? Those people from Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy actually dared to step into our territory! We definitely can’t let them go. Furthermore, if they relay the news back to Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and invite genuine experts to reinforce them, the situation could turn extremely unfavorable for us. Who knows if our preparations all these years will turn out to be in vain?” Bai Dong licked his lips. His voice was sinister; however, his eyes were filled with desire.

The grey-robed elder nodded to Bai Dong’s words. “What Young City Lord said isn’t wrong. Those students from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy are an unstable factor.”

Bai Xuan’s eyes narrowed. “That Su Xuan isn’t weak. If we force them, she might slip away. If that happens, we’d be inviting even greater trouble.”

“City Lord, among that group of five, the girl with the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase cultivation is Su Xuan’s biological sister. If we can capture her, Su Xuan will definitely refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases. Won’t they be in our grasp?” The grey-robed elder said in a low voice.

Bai Xuan lightly smiled and nodded to his words. He heavily placed the White Dragon Jade Dowel on the table and said in solemn voice.

“Then let’s get rid of all those unstable factors. Remember, don’t take any actions within White Dragon City, so as to avoid attracting the attention of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

Bai Xuan smiled as he revealed his white teeth and a chilling aura.

“Wait until they exit White Dragon City, then send out the Demonic Dragon Guards to get rid of them. Anyways, there have been quite a number of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy students who’ve died by our hands, the hands of the Demonic Dragon Palace…”

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