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Chapter 232 – White Dragon Hillock

Early the next day, Su Xuan’s party left White Dragon City for the White Dragon Hillock. Even though White Dragon City was the largest city in the vicinity of the White Dragon Hillock, it was still located some distance away to avoid commotions caused by the local Spiritual Beasts. Therefore, Mu Chen’s party had to quickly set upon their journey.

It was only after they left did they realize just how huge an impact the news made — the news that this Spirit Treasury was actually a Sovereign Spirit Treasury.

The wide road to the White Dragon Hillock was jammed with an astounding number of people. So much that even the air was periodically filled with figures that flashed overhead. Everyone was rushing in one direction — towards the White Dragon Hillock, as well.

Mu Chen’s group felt helpless at this scene. They originally wanted to quietly explore; they never expected there to be such massive levels of activity.

“We should hurry to the White Dragon Hillock and find somewhere to set up camp, before nightfall. Otherwise, if we move around recklessly, we’ll easily attract the attention of the Spiritual Beasts.” Su Xuan said with a light voice.

Mu Chen and the others nodded at her words. Shortly after, their figures moved and streaked across the horizon.

As they rushed towards the White Dragon Hillock, they overlooked something. Some distance behind them, a dark gaze had locked onto them.

Mu Chen’s party didn’t rest at all on the trip; so, by the time dusk arrived, they could see the edge of the White Dragon Hillock.

It was a continuous mountain range with peaks of different heights. Among them was a ten thousand foot peak that soared into the heavens, piercing through the cloud layer and the edge of the sky. From time to time, roars of beasts would resonate throughout the air, stirring the Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth.

However, even such a towering mountain range couldn’t conceal the baleful aura rising from the earth. This aura was left behind from the earth-shaking battle that took place a few hundred years ago. Countless experts had fallen and turned into skeletons.

“It’s truly worthy of being a place that a Sovereign expert had once fallen.” Mu Chen’s group stood on the peak of a distant mountain and sighed at the cruel aura fluctuating throughout the White Dragon Hillock.

“The emerging Spirit Treasury happens to be located in the depths of the White Dragon Hillock. That area is filled with so many Spiritual Beasts that there might also be quite a few Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts. Of course, we’ll also have to take note of other adventurer groups who’ve come to the White Dragon Hillock seeking treasure. Those people aren’t going to be easy to deal with. Furthermore, they’ll be extremely ruthless. If we end up offending them, they won’t bother about our origins and definitely won’t show any mercy for the sake of their interests.” Su Xuan stared at the White Dragon Hillock that was streaming with a baleful aura. This wasn’t a good place.

“Therefore, everyone has to work as one during this trip to the White Dragon Hillock. No one is to act on their own.” Su Xuan said as she directed her line of sight towards Su Ling’er. Her charming eyes stared and continued, “Understood?”

Su Ling’er pouted. Was that directed at her? Was she really that unreliable?

The other three couldn’t help smiling from the side.

“Let’s move out. We’ll search for a safe place to set up camp in the White Dragon Hillock.” Su Xuan waved her jade-like hands. Then, her figure took the initiative and shot away, heading directly towards the baleful White Dragon Hillock. Mu Chen and the other three followed closely behind.

When they entered the White Dragon Hillock, they instantly felt a surge of ice-cold air shroud them. This was thanks to the baleful aura of the White Dragon Hillock. If they allowed this to enter their bodies, it’d corrode them. Therefore, when parties entered this area, they usually had to circulate their Spiritual Energy to prevent the baleful aura from invading their bodies.

Mu Chen’s group quickly flew over the White Dragon Hillock, encountering many adventurer parties along the way. When those blood-lusting adventurer groups saw their party, their eyes instantly lit up. Their gazes couldn’t help moving all over Su Xuan, Su Ling’er, and Li Qing.

These people rarely ever saw such beautiful girls. Now that they encountered one, their hearts naturally itched.

But, even though their hearts itched, none of them were blind. Especially the leaders of their groups. They all stared at Su Xuan and her party in fear, with eyes on full guard. They barked, warning their members to keep their eyes peeled and avoid offending this party.

And because of that, their party didn’t meet any trouble, even though Su Xuan and her companions were quite eye-catching. In addition, they were still in the outer borders of the White Dragon Hillock, so there were very few powerful Spiritual Beasts. Therefore, by the time night fell, they managed to find a good campsite.

They laid out their small camp in the middle of the desolate forest. The bonfire’s flames soared and dispersed a faint light into the darkness.

The bonfire illuminated Su Xuan’s gentle and charming face. She smiled and said, “Tonight, Guo Xiong is on guard duty. Remember not to let your guard down. Danger could appear at any time in a place like this.”

Mu Chen and the others nodded. On their journey here, they’d already noticed a few adventurer parties with decent strength. Those parties still couldn’t compete with theirs, even at their peak strength, but those parties had greater numbers. Furthermore, they were the ruthless-types who were used to blood. If there was a conflict, things could get troublesome.

After Su Xuan finished her instructions, she entered a tent with Su Ling’er. Mu Chen and Guo Xiong made some light conversation, before Mu Chen returned to his tent, as well. Mu Chen continued studying the Spiritual Array Seed. With just a little more time, he should be able to grasp the seed’s method of use.

As the bonfire flared, the small camp gradually quieted down. On a small hill a distance away, the shadow of a group appeared like a specter in the night.

Bai Dong stood at the front of that group, dressed in white, and coldly smiling at the scene before him. His tone was cold has he asked, “Elder Qiu, is everything ready?”

“All preparations are complete.” The one named Elder Qiu spoke from behind him.

“Then, move out. Act according to the plan. Don’t hurt my beauties.” Bai Dong licked his lips as the lust soared within his eyes.


The group behind him responded with deep and low voices. Then, there were a few sonic booms as they shot out into the night like spectres.

Bai Dong stood on the hill, staring ahead with his lustful expression. He smiled and said, “Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Hmph! There have been no less than thirty Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy students who’ve died in the hands of our Demonic Dragon Guards. Now, it seems a few more lives will be added to that number.”

“Let’s see how you run this time!”

In the quiet camp, Guo Xiong sat cross-legged, periodically glancing at the dark forest with alert eyes. He tightly gripped a long, black blade. Spiritual energy surged around him.


Suddenly, Guo Xiong’s eyes focused on something. His majestic Spiritual Energy burst out in an instant. With a quick flex of his fingers, the black longsword sharply hacked downwards.


The black longsword cut downwards, and the sounds of metal on metal resounded as a black spear split in two.

“Who’s there?!”

Guo Xiong instantly stood up and barked towards the dark forest.

The tents instantly opened as Su Xuan, Su Ling’er, Li Qing, and Mu Chen quickly flew out. The four of them had just entered their cultivating states, but had instantly awoke when they heard the commotion.

“Ambush! Be careful!” Guo Xiong saw Su Xuan and the others emerging and immediately shouted.

Shiiinnnngggg! Shhhiiinnnngggg!

As his voice landed, several black and sharp rays shot out from the forest. Spears containing majestic Spiritual Energy rained on their camp from all directions.


A cold aura flashed through Su Xuan’s eyes. Her figure flashed away. Her jade-like hands flicked and surges of Spiritual Energy swept out, turning into a Spiritual Energy whirlpool a few dozen feet wide.

Chhhhhh! Chhhhhh!

The black spears flew into the Spiritual Energy whirlpool and were destroyed.

“Which sneaky bunch are you? You don’t even have the guts to show yourselves?!”

Su Xuan’s charming eyes coldly looked into the dark forest. Then, her figure moved. She turned into a streak of light as Spiritual Energy tore apart the darkness, blasting over it without mercy.

Bang! Bang!

Her aura boiled over the forest, destroying it. Su Xuan moved again and disappeared into the darkness. She had to get rid of these mice. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to have any peace.

Mu Chen and the others watched Su Xuan give chase and moved themselves to tightly guard the camp. Su Xuan was a Heavenly Transform Stage Middle Phase; those who wanted to harm her wouldn’t have an easy time of doing so.


They turned towards the front, when several Spiritual Energy Ripples suddenly emanated through the air. Within these Spiritual Ripples were actually two Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phases!

Mu Chen and the others changed their expressions when they sensed those Spiritual Energy ripples. Two Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase experts? Just who was this enemy? For them to actually be able to bring out such formations!

“We have to go help her!” Li Qing’s face was frosty. She growled and flew out. Guo Xiong saw her go and quickly moved to follow. But, before he left, he said to Mu Chen and Su Ling’er, “The two of you will hide here, for now. We’ll return as soon as we take care of those guys!”


The moment his voice landed, Guo Xiong and Li Qing flashed away through the dark forest, quickly rushing towards the origins of those Spiritual Energies.

Mu Chen took note of the situation and couldn’t help furrowing his brows. Even though their party was rather small, they were still quite strong. Who actually dared to move against them?

Based on their formations, their enemy shouldn’t be an ordinary force.

“Mu Chen, what should we do now?” Su Ling’er watched Su Xuan and the others give chase, then moved closer to Mu Chen.

“Don’t panic. We’ll quietly wait for their return. They shouldn’t have gone too far; they should return soon.” said Mu Chen.

Su Ling’er nodded. She couldn’t help pulling on the hem of Mu Chen’s clothes with her small hands. In the White Dragon Hillock, danger came layer upon layer. While Su Xuan wasn’t around, she could only rely on Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s body suddenly tensed as his keen eyes scrutinized their surroundings. He circulated his Spiritual Energy, preparing to deal with any situation that arose.


As Mu Chen swept his eyes around, a sudden and urgent break of wind resounded in his ears. A sharp gale tore through the air, bringing an ear-piercing sound.

Mu Chen slightly narrowed his eyes, and hugged Su Ling’er’s slim waist with a turn of his hand. The tip of his foot tapped the ground and his figure flew several dozen feet in the air.


A black spear as thick as an arm mercilessly impaled the place where the two of them had been standing moments before. The spear had penetrated half a meter into the ground and vibrated with a buzzing noise.

Mu Chen studied the black spear with a chill in his heart. He raised his head. Only the fine sounds of the wind whistled through his ears. Four figures appeared in the huge tree in front of them. Four chilling gazes fixed onto them, filled with baleful aura.

“Four Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phases?”

Mu Chen’s gaze eyes swept over the four figures and he felt a jolt in his heart. Which force was this? To actually bring out such experts to deal with them…

Mu Chen glanced in the direction that Su Xuan and the others and disappeared in, and his heart inevitably sank. Was all of that was just to lure the tigers from its mountain?

The other party seemed to be targeting the two of them!

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