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Chapter 230 — Competition

With the appearance of the White Dragon Jade Dowel, the entire auction house boiled over with an impassioned gaze. Many lines of sight fixedly stared at the dowel. Even though Bi Sheng hadn’t been terribly clear with his words, the effect was the same — if the new Spirit Treasury in the White Dragon Hillock really was a Sovereign Spirit Treasury, then this White Dragon Jade Dowel might be a crucial object for it.

If they could get their hands on this White Dragon Jade Dowel, wouldn’t you be able to increase their chances of finding the Sovereign Spirit Treasury?

Quite a few of those stares were heated and filled with greed. If they could find the Sovereign Spirit Treasury, then their cultivations could scale the skies in a single step. If they could get their hands on the White Dragon Jade Dowel, then they’d require an even shorter time to soar through the heavens in this Northern Heavens Continent!

Bi Sheng gave the auction crowd a narrow-eyed smile and said, “Haha. Of course, we cannot neglect the connection between this White Dragon Jade Dowel and the White Dragon Sovereign. But, as to whether the true usage of it, we cannot say for sure, either. Only the one who wins this piece in today’s auction may study it.”

“Now, we’ll start bidding. The starting price is 3,000,000 Spirit Coins.”

Bi Sheng waved his large hand and slightly raised the White Dragon Jade Dowel, spreading and shrouding the hall with its radiance. The faintly discernible pressure seemed to have traces of freezing the air inside the auction house.


The white-clothed youth named Bai Dong was the first to speak, displaying White Dragon City’s determination to win this piece.


But this time, it looked like White Dragon City wasn’t going to have an easy time. The moment Bai Dong’s voice landed, the Heavenly Dipper Sword faction followed. The one who spoke was the middle-aged man with eyes as cold and sharp as the edge of a steel blade.

Bai Dong heard that and shot them a vicious glare; however, the middle-aged man appeared not to have noticed it. His eyes were focused only on the White Dragon Jade Dowel. White Dragon City may be powerful, but the Heavenly Dipper Faction wasn’t afraid of them.

And, just as Bai Dong was giving off the vicious stare, the old man wearing a yellow robe from the Earthen Way Sect parted his lips. He flashed his large yellow teeth and said with a beaming smile, “4,500,000.”

A collective sigh seemed to pass over the audience as they watched the three major forces engage in a bidding war. They understood that they didn’t stand a chance against those three wealthy and imposing forces.

Su Ling’er seemed to have her curiosity aroused by the White Dragon Jade Dowel. Just when she was getting ready to call out her own price. However, Mu Chen stopped her.

“What are you doing? If we can get our hands on that White Dragon Jade Dowel, then we might be able to find the Sovereign Spirit Treasury,” Su Ling’er said as she pouted.

“That thing is a hot potato. We can’t take it.” Mu Chen replied as he shook his head.

Who knows how many people had their eye on that White Dragon Jade Dowel? If their party bought it in such a public place, then they’d probably be followed by numerous people, once they left the auction house. Forget about finding the treasures. Once they left the city, the trouble would start like an endless stream. There were only five of them; they had no hope of dealing with it all. Even with Su Xuan’s Heavenly Transform Stage strength, she couldn’t possibly intimidate everyone who came after them.

“En. Mu Chen is right.” Su Xuan lightly nodded her head in agreement and glared at Su Ling’er, who was still pouting. “Don’t mess around. Otherwise, I won’t take you out on any more missions.”

Only after being threatened by Su Xuan, did Su Ling’er duck down her little head.

“What’s your opinion on the situation?” Su Xuan looked to Mu Chen with a faint smile. Even though Mu Chen was about the same age as Su Ling’er, she could tell that his actions carried great experience behind them. Almost like an upperclassman who was used to going outside for training.

“We’ll watch for any changes. If this White Dragon Jade Dowel really is connected to the newly emerged Spirit Treasury, then, when the time comes, there’ll be an intense battle. We’re low on manpower, so we’ll have to stick to the shadows and watch for opportunities. If we get caught in heavy fire, we’d only have to immediately abort the mission. Otherwise, we’ll suffer disastrous losses.” Mu Chen muttered.

Guo Xiong, who was sitting next to him, nodded in agreement. Li Qing gave Mu Chen a second look. Who would’ve thought that this freshman actually had a skill or two?

Su Xuan nodded her delicate head and looked towards at the three major forces, who were really starting to get into their bidding war. She lightly smiled and said, “Then, for now, let’s just sit back and watch the show.”

Mu Chen responded with a laugh and pointed his eyes towards the front. Within a short few minutes, the Young City Lord of the White Dragon City had already hiked the dowel’s price up to 6,000,000 Spirit Coins. That price certainly wasn’t low anymore. If this was back in the Northern Spiritual Realm, his Mu Territory wouldn’t even be able to scrape up so much wealth in one sitting.

When the price reached 6,000,000, the eyes of the middle-aged man from the Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction turned gloomy. Light slightly flickered in his eyes. Then, he spoke in a low, gravely voice, instantly inflating the price by another million. “7,000,000.”

Some members of the audience secretly licked their lips. It looked like this Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction had also come prepared.

When 7,000,000 was announced, even White Dragon City and the Earth Way Sect quieted down for a brief moment. Shortly after, the Young City Lord exchanged a look with the grey-robed elder sitting next to him and coldly smiled, “Elder Chen Kun has quite the resolve.”

The middle-aged man named Chen Kun lightly smiled and replied, “We wouldn’t dare to compare ourselves against the rich and imposing White Dragon City.”

“My White Dragon City is determined to win this White Dragon Jade Dowel. If you want to compete, then my White Dragon City will accompany you to the end.” Bai Dong coldly laughed and waved his hand. “8,000,000.”

The Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction’s Chen Kun frowned at the new price.

“Haha. If the White Dragon City has such confidence, then my Earthen Way Sect will give you another push.” The yellow-robed elder showed a mischievous smile and said, “9,000,000. If your White Dragon City can get over that price, then we’ll give up on the White Dragon Jade Dowel.”


A massive sigh exploded in the auction house. It’s no wonder why these guys were hailed as the three strongest forces within a thousand miles of the White Dragon Hillock. To people like themselves, these prices like those meant nothing more but words.

They remembered that a year ago, a Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art had wound up in this auction house. Back then, it sold for about 10,000,000 Spirit Coins. And now, this White Dragon Jade Dowel will soon reach 10,000,000, and no one even knew how to use it.

“That god damned Huang Tu, old demon.” Bai Dong sent another vicious glare towards the yellow-robed old man and gnashed his teeth. Even though White Dragon City had some inside connections, 10,000,000 Spirit Coins wasn’t cheap for them, either. But, if they wanted the White Dragon Jade Dowel, then they had to match the price. And Bai Dong’s father had already given the order — they were to get that White Dragon Jade Dowel at any cost.


Bai Dong stood up and barked. The audience immediately sucked in a cold lungful of air. Did White Dragon City have to act as if their life depended on it? Why did they have to spend 10,000,000 Spirit Coins to buy an object that no one even knew how to use?

10,000,000 Spirit Coins should be worth half a year’s revenue for White Dragon City, right?

“How generous.” Guo Xiong also smacked his lips. He was surprised that White Dragon City was willing to hand over such wealth.

Mu Chen also nodded. 10,000,000 Spirit Coins. Even Mu Territory’s yearly revenue could never reach such a number.

When Bai Dong smashed the sky high price of 10,000,000 down. Even the Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction and the Earthen Way Sect seemed to have their fires put out. This price was already at their limits. The most important thing was whether or not they could match White Dragon City’s determination. This made them realize that it was useless, even if they continued to compete at their limits.

Bi Sheng stood on stage with his thin-eyed smile, watching the show play out. He waited briefly, until he was sure that no one else was willing to raise the price. Then, he raised the auction gavel, made the last three calls, and heavily brought down the gavel.

When the auction gavel landed, the crowd knew that this White Dragon Jade Dowel had landed in the hands of White Dragon City.

“Ah, ah. The Young City Lord has quite the resolution. I hope this Spirit Treasury really turns out to be a Sovereign Spirit Treasury. Otherwise, you’ve really taken a huge loss this time.” The Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction’s Chen Kun stood up and turned to smile at Bai Dong’s party of two. Then, he led his own party straight out of the hall.

“Haha. It looks like White Dragon City has really paid with their blood. I hope my Earthen Way Sect will be able to pick a few scraps out of the mess. I suppose we’ll take our leave.” The Earthen Way Sect’s yellow-robed old man gave Bai Dong a squinty smile, waved, and led his party out.

Bai Dong gave the evil-eye to their retreating backs and gnashed his teeth. “Be cocky all you want. There’ll be a time when you will cry.”

“Let’s go.”

Su Xuan rose, called to Mu Chen and the others, and headed outside the hall. Behind them, Bai Dong longed after that graceful and nimble figure of hers. He felt like there was a blazing fireball in his heart. This sweet-tempered and cute little girl… would this flower pale and lose her color once he put himself on top?

But, when his insatiable eyes landed on Su Xuan’s lovely body, he suddenly sensed someone shoot a razor-sharp killing intent in his direction. He slightly turned his head and saw Mu Chen, standing behind Su Xuan, staring back at him with unsympathetic eyes. That icy expression chilled his heart.

Bai Dong started to feel rather uncomfortable under Mu Chen’s glare. His own expression dimmed, and the corner of this mouth lifted into a cruel smile. He lifted a hand and made a light slashing motion towards Mu Chen’s neck.

Mu Chen saw the motion, but his expression was still apathetic. Then, he turned away. Completely ignored Bai Dong.

Bai Dong turned green when saw that Mu Chen had completely disregarded his threat. He leaned his back and spoke to the grey-robed elder in a dim voice, “Elder Qiu, run a background check on those guys. I’d like to find out where this trash came from, for them to be daring enough to go against me inside this White Dragon City.”

The grey-robed elder gave a slight nod. Those strangers didn’t look like a party of adventurers. Not only that, they were quite powerful. Indeed, he’d need to do some research on their origins, in order to be on the safe side.

Bai Dong waved his sleeve and left the auction house through the opposite door. His expression was incomparably dark. He was going to make those guys understand just how stupid they were to provoke him within the walls of his White Dragon City.

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