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Chapter 218 – Four Gods Constellation Scripture VS Profound Sky Divine Technique

“He took it!”

All around the stage, the eyes that’d been watching Mu Chen suddenly issued cries of surprise. Many of the expressions boiled over with amazement.

Mu Chen had actually managed to take an attack from Li Xuantong.

From the looks of it, Mu Chen had paid a price for that. But in the end, he was still standing on that stage. He’d successfully taken the first move.

Luo Li’s nervous jade-like hand, that’d been clutching her black longsword, silently loosened a little. She couldn’t help the heartache she felt as she watched the young man standing upon the stage, as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Next to her, Zhou Ling, Ye Qingling, and the others also breathed heavy sighs of relief. Regardless of what anyone said, Mu Chen had taken the first move. So, even if he ended up losing, it’d be a glorious defeat. After all, he’d managed to take a full-on attack from the Heavenly Ranking’s number 2, Li Xuantong, even though he was only a freshman. That was already enough to make others exclaim in admiration.

Su Ling’er sat up front, watching the scene with pleasant surprise. Su Xuan, sitting next to her, was also watching the youth, and her expression flashed with amazement. She lightly nodded her head. “His strength isn’t bad.”

This time around, her words were actually coming from her heart. For someone of her level, Li Xuantong’s attack just now wasn’t anything she couldn’t take. But for a freshman who was only at the Heavenly Fusion stage Initial phase, that was pretty impressive.

“Interesting.” He Yao said with a light smile, while nodding.

Xu Huang also watched Mu Chen with eyes that crinkled a little. Xu Qingqing, sitting next to him, was gritting her teeth with a face filled with resentfulness. Was that guy born under the zodiac of the cockroach or something? The fact that he could even block that…! How detestable!

Mu Chen had no time for the differing opinions of the crowd. He shook off the traces of blood from his palm and smiled towards Li Xuantong. “Shall we continue?”

Li Xuantong also stared at Mu Chen and, shortly after, nodded. “Not bad, you didn’t disappoint me.”

“No worries. At the very least, I’ll also give you some surprises.” Mu Chen smiled. His youthful and handsome face was full of offensive signs, which was entirely different from his usual gentle look.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Li Xuantong lightly nodded and followed, “Spirit Chalcedony Hands, that’s my once famed move that made me famous. However, since it’s ‘once’, it also means that it has been replaced. Now, try my new move that has replaced it.”

Mu Chen deeply inhaled a mouthful of air as the smile on his face slowly turned sharp and grave. The Spiritual Energy within his body had been circulated to its peak. Pitch-black Spiritual Energy that’s being igniting with black flames was looking like black smoke and started to surge out.

That move earlier had actually caused some wounds for him. Although it wasn’t anything serious, the might of Li Xuantong’s next move was definitely more frightening.

The situation wasn’t too good for him. As the Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 2, Li Xuantong’s fame was indeed not in vain. That strength of his should be the strongest that Mu Chen had seen among his generation so far.

Both of Li Xuantong’s eyes slowly closed themselves up and, thereafter, a surge of majestic brilliant rays of Spiritual Energy emerged. His figure slowly floated up in the air, as well.

Wooooooosh! Woooosh!

Spiritual Aura from the heavens and earth started surging like a hurricane. A whistling sound resounded around Li Xuantong, along with some muffled thunder.

Both of Li Xuantong’s hands lightly came together and formed mysterious seals. As the seals formed, everyone could abruptly feel the concentration of the surrounding Spiritual Aura. It actually had signs of berserking, but thereafter, poured into Li Xuantong’s body from all directions.

As the shocking Spiritual Aura poured in, both of Li Xuantong’s hands looked as though they had turned illusionary and fuzzy.

“This is…”

“Profound Sky Divine Technique.” Su Xuan, He Yao and Xu Huang all said together with their eyes concentrated.

“Profound Sky Divine Technique?”

Hearing these four words, Su Ling’er’s face instantly changed drastically. She naturally knew that the tyrannical Profound Sky Divine Technique that Li Xuantong had practiced in was no longer in the category of ordinary Spiritual Arts, but Deity Tier. Its might was even more frighteningly powerful.

Although others didn’t have discerning judgements like Su Xuan, through the frightening and berserking Spiritual Energy that they felt, their faces all turned grave.

On the stage, Mu Chen raised his head and looked at Li Xuantong’s illusionary and fuzzy hands. The faint frightening ripples that came from him caused Mu Chen to felt immense danger.

Mu Chen inhaled a mouthful of air as he suppressed his pounding heart. Both of his hands slowly came together as pitch-black Spiritual Energy frantically gathered into his palms. Shortly after, both of his hands abruptly changed, as well. Cryptic and primordial seals were skillfully being formed from his fingertips, one after another.

As Mu Chen’s seals changed irregularly, the sky behind him slowly turned dark. Thereafter, light started to appear, like stars.

These changes immediately attracted the attention of everyone. Countless people directed their gazes over in astonishment. Seeing the stellar lights behind Mu Chen, their hearts trembled.

From the stellar lights, they felt astonishing Spiritual Energy ripples.

This Mu Chen truly does have some methods up his sleeves, as well!

“Those seals that Mu Chen has formed…!” Su Xuan shockingly looked at the primordial seals formed in Mu Chen’s hands and continued with a soft tone, “It’s actually a Deity Tier Spiritual Art.”

“Mu Chen also knows a Deity Tier Spiritual Art?” Su Ling’er said in astonishment. Just how much does this fella have hidden?

“Yeah, those that are ranked within the top five of the freshmen all possess the qualifications to enter the Spiritual Arts Hall and choose a Spiritual Art of their own liking. If opportunity is sufficient, they would even get the chance to obtain a Deity Tier Spiritual Art. However, the Deity Tier Spiritual Arts that the majority of people have obtained are all Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Arts. I think that Mu Chen has obtained his there.” Su Xuan said as she nodded.

“However, even if he has also trained a Deity Tier Spiritual Art, Li Xuantong’s Profound Sky Divine Technique is a Deity Tier Low Rank. Furthermore, his base strength has far surpassed his. With Deity Tier against Deity Tier, he still wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage.”

Su Ling’er sighed. Indeed, even if Mu Chen possessed a Deity Tier Spiritual Art, he still wouldn’t be able to cross that distance. Furthermore, Li Xuantong had been practicing with a genuine Deity Tier Low Rank. In terms of ranking, it’s a level higher than the Quasi-Deity Tier.

Mu Chen was very outstanding with many cards up his sleeves. However, since Li Xuantong was able to become the Rank 2 of the Heavenly Ranking, how would he be ordinary? These fellows were all talented figures.

Up in the sky, Li Xuantong was emitting a light luster. His fuzzy hands rapidly changed. The Spiritual Aura that filled the sky surged forth and poured into both of Li Xuantong’s hands. As the Spiritual Energy became concentrated to the peak, both of his hands gradually calmed down. The light luster faded away and his hands were restored back to their original colour. From looking at them, they seemed to be only an ordinary pair of hands.

However, those with the strength to see, like Su Xuan, could sense the frightening lethality contained in his pair of hands.

Li Xuantong’s eyes indifferently looked below. Looking at the stars forming behind Mu Chen, a little ripple was made within his eyes, but soon disappeared.

Thereafter, under everyone’s gaze, he gradually extend a slender finger and lightly tapped the air.

“Profound Sky Divine Technique, One Profound Finger.”

When Li Xuantong’s finger tapped down, the empty space was suddenly filled with endless ripples. Those ripples rapidly fluctuated and the entire sky looked as though it had been turned into an enormous mirror with ripples in it.


That mirror suddenly distorted as tens of thousands of brilliant rays engulfed it. Soon after, everyone shockingly saw a huge crystallised finger of few hundred feet. It actually came out from the mirror and, like a sky-high pillar, started pressing towards Mu Chen, who was directly below it!

The crystal finger hadn’t land, yet a huge crater was already forming on the battle stage as cracks were rapidly spreading out.

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air. That one finger was actually so frightening!

The ground was shaking, but Mu Chen’s figure wasn’t moving the slightest bit. After raising his head to look at the approaching huge crystal finger, his ever-changing seals abruptly solidified.


Endless killing aura poured forth from his black pupils as he roared into the sky. His roar sounded like tiger’s as it shook the heavens and earth.

Torrent-like killing aura swept out as the sky became instantly rendered into an intense killing battlefield.

Mu Chen’s pitch-black pupils were turning scarlet as the black-coloured Spiritual Energy frantically rush towards the stellar sky behind him. As the Spiritual Energy boiled, a large white tiger with the size of several hundred feet rapidly formed.

The white tiger stood on the stars as it roared towards the sky. Its roar shook the starry skies as torrential killing aura turned both heaven and earth a dull gray colour.

“Four Gods Constellation Scripture, Divine Seal of the White Tiger!”

A deep and low tiger-like roar also resounded in Mu Chen’s heart. Soon after, his seals changed and the White Tiger that was standing on the stars abruptly pounced. The White Tiger lunged as though it was striding into the limits of space-time and appeared on the sky.

The White Tiger roared towards the sky as the Spiritual Energy that filled the sky turned frantic and berzerk. Thereafter, under countless gazes, it directly went head-on with torrential killing aura, descending towards the huge finger and heavily collided with it!


In the instant it collided, it was as if the heavens and earth had gone silence. Everyone was overwhelmed with shock as they looked at this scene. Before they could recover from the shock, that frightening Spiritual Energy impact rushed over like a hurricane.

Bang! Bang!

However, when that hurricane was about to spread to the viewing stands, a light luster suddenly appeared around the surroundings of the battle stage. The light luster shrouded the battle stage within, it was the protective measures of the Spirit Battle Stage.

Boom! Booooom!

That fearsome impact heavily hit one of the Spiritual Energy light barriers and made urgent ripples. After a very long time, it gradually dissipated.

That overwhelming impact gradually dispersed.

Everyone’s gazes immediately redirected themselves towards the middle of the battle stage. Thereafter, they couldn’t help inhaling a mouthful of cold air as their eyes became filled with shock.

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