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Chapter 219 – My Turn to Attack

Countless pairs of eyes looked upon the battle stage spiderwebbed with ravines. The massive cracks were sinister mouths that spreading through the stage.

That impact had nearly destroyed the stage.

There were numerous exclamations of astonishment, after which all eyes returned to the stage. As the smoke and dust dispersed, the only even ground that was left was revealed. As of this moment, there was a black-light pagoda roughly a few dozen feet in height.

That black-light pagoda quietly stood there like a towering figure on the battle stage, but Mu Chen’s silhouette could not be seen.

Upon seeing this, everyone questioned. Where’s Mu Chen?

Ohmm Ohmmmmm.

While they were confused, the black-light pagoda flickered with a dark light, then rapidly shrank. A slender figure appeared with a flash.

It was Mu Chen.

However, his face was pale. He extended his hand and the black-light pagoda landed on his open palm where its light dulled before it disappeared entirely.


He covered his mouth as he coughed. Fresh blood dripped from his palm. Half of Li Xuantong’s frightening attack had been cancelled out by the Divine Seal of the White Tiger. Even with the protection from the Nine-layered Pagoda, his five viscera and six bowels had still suffered quite a jolt. So much that his blood was even showing signs of flowing backwards. But fortunately, he was able to suppress those feelings.

“What a formidable Profound Sky Divine Technique.”

Mu Chen wiped the traces of blood from his mouth. The redness of his lips was shocking, even to the eye. He slowly raised his head, smiled lightly at the sky, and said:

“That technique that you’ve practiced is even more formidable.” Li Xuantong scrutinized Mu Chen. His usually indifferent expression finally turned grave. The technique that Mu Chen had executed just now was extremely powerful. That killing aura had even frozen his blood. But fortunately, with his vigorous Spiritual Energy, he’d endured it.

Li Xuantong understood that if Mu Chen had been on par with him, then that attack wouldn’t have won him the slightest advantage.

“You’ve taken the second move.” Li Xuantong said slowly. His pitch fluctuated slightly. He clearly hadn’t expected Mu Chen to come this far.

“He took it again!”

Li Xuantong certainly wasn’t the only one. Countless agreements sounded from around the battle stage, then returned attention to the slender, pale-faced youth with respect in their eyes.

“What a formidable Junior Brother.”

Even some of the beautiful girls exclaimed in surprise. He was able to force Li Xuantong of the Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 2 to use his Profound Sky Divine Technique. And even then, he stayed upright on that stage. Even though he’d suffered some injuries, he never showed the slightest trace of fear. Others found it hard not to be shocked by such discipline.

“Big Brother Mu Chen, fuck yeah!” Zhou Ling firmly pumped his fist as he flushed red from the excitement. His vulgar language caused Ye Qingling, who was sitting beside him, to glare at him in anger. Only then, did he cover his mouth in embarrassment.


In the front seats, Su Xuan focused on the slender figure as she softly made a comment. “Give him two more years, or maybe even less. There will definitely be a place for him in the Heavenly Ranking’s top 3. Who knows, he might even be able to challenge Shen Cangsheng’s Overlord position.”

Su Ling’er was stunned for a moment as her eyes filled with amazement. She clearly hadn’t expected her sweet-tempered, yet prideful sister, to give Mu Chen such a high evaluation.

In all these years at the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, no one had ever been able to shake Shen Cangsheng position as Overlord. There were many people who had their eye on it, but no one had ever succeeded.

Su Ling’er approached her sister and chuckled. “Hehe, Big Sister, I think Mu Chen is quite strong. Aren’t you lacking one person in your mission? Perhaps you can consider him.”

Su Xuan unhappily stared back at her and said, “That mission of mine must be as delicious as a steamed bun. He Yao has also been drooling over it for a long time and I didn’t consent to it. True, Mu Chen isn’t bad, but he can’t be better than He Yao, right?”

“I thought you weren’t fond of He Yao? You kept saying that his scheming was too deep, like a smiling tiger1.” Su Ling’er said in a low voice.

Su Xuan softly knocked Su Ling’er on the head, but she didn’t give a clear-cut answer, “Let’s see. If Mu Chen can take three moves from Li Xuantong, I may consider it.”

While they were talking, He Yao sat a short distance away, staring at the battle stage with some concentration. He actually seemed rather serious, compared to his usual absent-mindedness. This sparring match had truly aroused his interest.

Xu Qingqing sat next to Xu Huang, also blankly staring at the stage. The corner of her mouth twitched, but no mockery came out. She knew that no matter how arrogant she acted, Mu Chen’s performance had truly made many people gasp in surprise.

Mu Chen paid no attention to the commotion around the stage. He only held his mouth and coughed, and circulated the Great Pagoda Art to pacify the rampaging blood flow.

He looked up and smiled at Li Xuantong. “There’s still one more move, right?”

Li Xuantong slightly nodded his head, then went silent for a brief moment before speaking. “You’re already injured. I’m afraid you won’t be able to handle the third move in your current situation.”

Mu Chen smiled at Li Xuantong, “Why don’t we change things for the third move, then?”

“What?” Li Xuantong was briefly taken aback by Mu Chen’s suggestion.

Mu Chen extended his slender, blood-stained hands and stared at them for a brief moment. “Why don’t I take the initiative for the third move?”


When Mu Chen spoke, the uproar around the stage instantly turned into dead silence. Many twisted their necks to stare at that pale, yet smiling youth, wondering if they’d heard him wrong.

“He said he’d take the initiative to attack first?”

Someone muttered and exchanged looks with the person next to them. They felt as though the world was suddenly becoming incomprehensible. Faced with an opponent like Li Xuantong, Mu Chen actually dared to speak such words?

“He must be joking.” Someone dryly laughed. But shortly after, he realised that the joke wasn’t funny at all. They could only shake their head with a bitter smile. This battle was really impossible to predict.

“What’s Mu Chen trying to do?” Su Ling’er muttered, blankly staring at Mu Chen.

Su Xuan, however, had a grave expression on her face. She looked at Mu Chen with a look of surprise. Mu Chen clearly wasn’t a fool. But even in a normal battle, most people wouldn’t take the initiative to attack. The receiver had the advantage because they always had the time counter. The difference between Mu Chen and Li Xuantong was huge; Mu Chen had only survived because he’d been on the receiving end. The moment he decided to take the initiative, he’d be putting himself at a disadvantage. Unless he was certain his attack would be a real threat to Li Xuantong.

Could he possibly reach that place?

He Yao and Xu Huang had also been taken by surprise. They couldn’t help narrowing their eyes as they stared at Mu Chen on the stage. They laced their fingers and sat up.

“That guy is simply looking for death!”

Xu Qingqing ground her teeth with a lunatic expression as she glared at Mu Chen. Does he think he’d soared into the sky after barely managing to take two moves from Li Xuantong?

She turned to Xu Huang, but didn’t see a single mock or sneer on her brother’s face. One the contrary, she saw bewilderment. That made her heart jump. The words that she was about say suddenly became stuck in her throat.

“You’ll take the initiative to attack?”

In the sky, Li Xuantong stared at Mu Chen with a sharp gaze. It was such a grave expression that even his voice dropped and couldn’t return to its previous calm. “Are you sure?”

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head.


Li Xuantong’s expression was as sharp as the bladed edge of a sword. His figure slowly descended. “I truly hope you can surprise me today. The man who’s caught Luo Li’s eyes must have something to distinguish him from the masses.”


Mu Chen nodded, then turned around to look at the black-dressed girl that was also looking at him, too. He lightly smiled. That gentle smile paired with his handsome face caused many red faces in the female population. They realised that this Junior Brother of theirs possessed charm no less than Li Xuantong.

Luo Li also saw Mu Chen’s gaze and gentle smile, which burrowed into the deepest parts of her heart. Her face, which had always been cold, slowly turned gentle. The corner of her cherry lips turned into a smile.

Her smile was breathtaking, making many watching eyes green with envy.

Mu Chen looked away as his pitch-black Spiritual Energy slowly gushed out of his body. His body floated up and with a move of his mind, the energy that he and Nine Nether Bird shared swept out.


An astonishing amount of Spiritual Energy radiated from him, torrenting out as black flames filling half the horizon.

As Mu Chen raised his Spiritual Energy, he slowly closed his eyes. His heart was as calm as glassy pond as he slowly submerged himself into the profound intent of the Heart Array State. Even though his eyes were shut, he could still see the outside world with such clarity that he could even hear the heartbeats of those around the stage.

The Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth also became exceptionally susceptible.

Watched by countless shocked expressions, Mu Chen slowly put his hands together. Then, his fingers moved, forming Spiritual Seals all around him.

“Spiritual Seals?!”

The eyes on those Spiritual Seals contracted. Someone finally understood Mu Chen’s intentions. “He’s trying to set up a Spiritual Array!”

However, a Rank 3 Spiritual Array was probably useless against Li Xuantong!

Several Spiritual Seals were suspended around Mu Chen, one after the other. Everyone’s expressions also turned from their initially puzzled looks to shock. So much so that even Su Xuan and those that were seated at the front had grave expressions on their faces.

That’s because the number of Spiritual Seals that was revolving around Mu Chen had already reached the frightening quantity of a hundred!

This was already in the category of a Rank 4 Spiritual Array!

Mu Chen’s eyes slowly opened. With a flick of his fingers, everyone watched the hundred Spiritual Seals suddenly rush forth, blending into the sky.

The heavens and earth turned dull gray and frightening Spiritual Energy ripples fluctuated. Everyone could see a frightening Spiritual Array forming above Mu Chen.

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