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Chapter 217 – Freshmen’s Number 1 vs. Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 2

“Senior Brother Li Xuantong, make your move.”

When Mu Chen’s low growl resounded across the stage, the crowd realised that the atmosphere around the vast battle stage had been frozen. It’s as if it’d been stretched to the extreme.

The murmur from around the stage slowly died down. Each pair of eyes was focused on that stage.

Li Xuantong looked at the handsome youth who had unwavering resolution in his eyes. His eyes slightly rippled, but there were no changes to his expression.

He slightly nodded and rolled up his sleeve with his slender hands. Those same slender fingers and fair hands harboured an astonishing lethality.

“I won’t go easy.”

It looked like Li Xuantong mumbled something to himself. Then, everyone felt the Spiritual Aura between heaven and earth turn chaotic in an instant. A shocking surge of Spiritual Aura roiled and collected towards Li Xuantong.

Fwoooooooo. Whoooosh.

A hurricane formed on the stage from the Spiritual Aura that formed between heaven and earth. It was a gorgeous beam of light that twisted itself around Li Xuantong, painting him like a majestic god.

As long as one is able to step into the realm of the Three Heavens Stage, they’d be able to mobilise the heaven and earth’s Spiritual Aura. Evidently, before a Heavenly Transform Stage like Li Xuantong, Mu Chen’s Heavenly Fusion Stage wasn’t able to gain the slightest advantage and was suppressed instead.

Therefore, compared to Li Xuantong’s rainbow-like demeanor, Mu Chen’s side was much more quiet. His blazing black-flame Spiritual Energy shrouded his entire body. Looking from afar, it was like surges of black smoke was soaring up into the skies. The black smoke was also abnormally concentrated. No matter how forceful the external pressure was, it still remained towering and firm.

Countless eyes were nervously staring at both of them. They were all aware that the battle would soon breakout.


Li Xuantong took a step out. That subtle sound caused countless eyes to contract. Li Xuantong was seen slowly raising his right hand. That slender, long and white palm was actually becoming transparent, bit by bit.

Ohmmm. Ohmmmm.

The omnipresent Spiritual Aura violently surged and landed on Li Xuantong’s gradually transparent palm. In that transparent palm, there were threads of chalcedony-like luster emerging and in the end, filled his entire palm.

That hand had turned into something like transparent jade and in that jade, chalcedony flowed within.

It was extremely beautiful.

Yet, when some seniors saw Li Xuantong’s palm turning transparent, their expressions couldn’t help changing drastically. Their hearts trembled. Li Xuantong was really not joking around, he’s not intending to be lenient at all.

“Spirit Chalcedony Hands Li Xuantong, the skill that made him famous. It seems like he’s truly not intending to be lenient at all.” Su Xuan softly said, feeling a little astonished, while looking at the scene.

“This fella is bullying.” Su Ling’er said in indignation. Li Xuantong’s strength far surpassed Mu Chen’s to begin with, and he had actually used his genuine skill, that’s simply bullying.

Su Xuan smiled. “Not exactly bullying. In fact, it’s also a kind of recognition that Li Xuantong has for Mu Chen. If he’s not going to use his true strength against Mu Chen, then that means that he’s looking down on him. Men like them are always concerned about the so-called face, acknowledgement and whatsoever. Otherwise, why would there be so many of those ‘fights that leads to friendship’, as well as the so-called mutual understanding?”

Su Ling’er flung the corner of her mouth to one side. What acknowledgement is that, beating the other party into a sorry state is the so-called acknowledgement? These men are indeed, incomprehensible.

Low voices of alarm spread throughout the surroundings of the Battle Stage. Clearly, many people sensed the formidability in this attack from Li Xuantong. Does he really intend to end this farce in just one move?

No one knows. How will Mu Chen handle this?

Countless gazes shifted over, towards Mu Chen, who was shrouded within a blazing black-flame Spiritual Energy. They could all naturally sense the peculiarity in Mu Chen’s Spiritual Energy. However, if he wanted to use this to contend against Li Xuantong, he’s still too naïve. Thinking about it, Mu Chen wouldn’t be childish to that extend.

Under countless gazes, Mu Chen who had his entire body shroud in surges of Spiritual Energy, had a grave expression appearing on his face. In his black pupils, black flames appeared and, shortly after, it turned cold and sharp.


Up ahead, Li Xuantong was looking at Mu Chen indifferently. Thereafter, his already transparent slender hands lightly fanned over.


As Li Xuantong’s palm fanned, vigorous Spiritual Energy was seen instantly exploding forth, like flood. Huge and deep cracks appeared in the earth up ahead.


A transparent palm that was roughly several dozens of feet flew out, creating a whistling sound. In that palm, it was also filled with chalcedony-like blood vessels that appeared to be extremely profound.

That palm flew with a frightening speed. Anything that was obstructing its path was instantly crushed. It’s to the point that even the air was issuing penetrating explosion sounds.

Everyone could see the huge ravine being ripped open on the ground. Furthermore, at the end of the ravine was where Mu Chen was located.

A transparent chalcedony-like palm rapidly expanded before Mu Chen’s eyes. That frightening pressure caused Mu Chen’s clothes to flutter. A sharp pain sensation came from his skin.


Mu Chen spat out a mouthful of white smoke. A sharpness was within his eyes as he abruptly took a step forth, clenching his five fingers into a fist as it burned with black-flame Spiritual Energy. It was as though a black sun had appeared within his fist.

An abyss-black Spiritual Energy twisted and a black light seal rapidly flew out.

One, two… four, five.

Five Limitless Death Seals appeared before Mu Chen. Those Limitless Death Seals were also blazing with black flames. A shocking amount of Spiritual Energy ripples swept out.

Outside the stage, Su Ling’er looked at those five Limitless Death Seals and a smear of concern flashed across her eyes. In the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array, Mu Chen had used this move to repel Huo Feng. Although the power wasn’t weak, it’s still not possible to deal with this move from Li Xuantong!

“Buzzz. Buzzzzz.”

Just when Su Ling’er had some worries, a black luster rushed out of Mu Chen’s fist again. A berserk of Spiritual Energy ripples violently swept out that could be seen by the naked eye.

An Abyss-black Spiritual Energy rapidly gathered before Mu Chen. Thereafter, everyone could see another black-coloured light seal slowly being formed.


The sixth Limitless Death Seal!

The current Mu Chen was actually able to unleash six Limitless Death Seals at the same time!

The Common Tier Spiritual Art that Mu Chen had obtained in the Northern Spiritual Academy had gradually revealed the extraordinariness that belonged to it in Mu Chen’s hands!


When the sixth Limitless Death Seal was formed, Mu Chen also felt the qi and blood within his body boil. The sharpness within his eyes was increasingly more intensely. His five fingers tightly clench and punched a fist out.


As Mu Chen punch his fist out, the six Limitless Death Seal instantly flew out. They were like mysterious black-coloured comets that streaked across the horizon, dragging long light tails behind them. Even some Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase experts were alarmed at the overbearing Spiritual Energy ripples. While ripping the battle stage fearlessly under the various astonished gazes, they flew towards the transparent palm and heavily collided.


In that instant of collision, the Battle Stage that was several thousand feet long trembled as if it was in the middle of an earthquake. Everyone could clearly see that the ground which the two forces collided had fierce cracks that were rapidly spreading out like spider-webs.

The two thickest cracks were like earth dragons that were roaring underground and bolting upright. The impact directions were heading for Mu Chen and Li Xuantong’s directions.

Li Xuantong looked at the huge crack that was coming towards him. Under that crack concealed an extremely berserking Spiritual Energy.

He stared at that crack and took a step forward. The Spiritual Energy within his body poured out and formed into a Spiritual Energy light wall that was approximately a hundred feet in size before him.


The crack violently collided onto that Spiritual Energy light wall. That wall trembled and fluctuated with ripples. Thereafter, the ripples intensified, causing the light wall to scatter. The crack’s speed was obstructed and stopped half an inch away from Li Xuantong’s feet.

As Li Xuantong stopped the impact, at the opposite side, there was another even more astonishing Spiritual Energy crack. Under the gaze of many, it struck Mu Chen.


Dense smoke burst out. Everyone could see that when that crack, which contained a violent Spiritual Energy, touched Mu Chen’s body, he flew out and was sliding across the floor.


An alarming voice broke out in the surrounding area. Did he manage to resist it?

Somewhere on the stand, Luo Li was looking at this scene. Her jade-like hands also couldn’t help abruptly grabbing onto her black-coloured longsword.

Su Ling’er’s hand, which was holding onto Su Xuan’s, also clenched tighter. Her other hand covered her mouth with nervousness filling her eyes.

Countless gazes gathered towards the smoke and dust and they were all worried. Did Mu Chen manage to take that move?

Under countless gazes, the smoke slowly dispersed. As the smoke dispersed, the situation there also became clear to everyone’s eyes.

On the ground, there was an extremely ferocious crack that was like a huge black dragon. And at the end of the crack, was a figure with one knee on the ground. Both of his hands were thrusted into the ground and dragged a long mark.

That’s Mu Chen!

Under the gaze of the entire stage, Mu Chen slowly pulled his hands back with fresh blood dripping down from his fingers. He slowly stood up and raised his head. There was also a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. He casually wiped it off and looked at Li Xuantong with a light smile, which was dazzling to the eyes.

“Let’s carry on with the second move.”

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