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Chapter 216 – Pact of Three Moves

The atmosphere around the vast stage surged. Countless curious eyes looked to the tall, thin youth standing on that stage. This youth had an outstanding appearance. He wore a light smile on his face, with a fearless demeanor that made many secretly nod to themselves. Regardless of the outcome, at least Mu Chen dared to accept the battle. Many would approve of him simply for such courage.

“Gege1, this Junior Brother is rather handsome.”

“It’d be better if he was stronger, instead.” A few pretty girls were gathered, laughing with amorous eyes on that youth.

“So, this is the number one of the newcomer batch? Mu Chen?” Those who were paying attention to Mu Chen’s looks were only a small number of the girls, after all. The majority of the crowd were narrowing their eyes as they examined Mu Chen. A Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase strength. Even for the newcomers, there’s no way he’s the best, right? But it looks like he became first, anyways. It looks like Mu Chen has some methods up his sleeve.

Su Ling’er looked over Mu Chen. The latter stood proudly at the center of the stage, fearlessly facing Li Xuantong. Her charming eyes lit up and her tiny mouth quirked as she said, “This fellow really came.”

“So he’s Mu Chen?” Su Xuan was also examining Mu Chen with some curiosity. Then, she nodded, “He’s got a pretty good demeanor, to remain so calm while facing Li Xuantong. Some old-timers can’t even do as much.”

“Big Sister, please don’t underestimate him. Although his cultivation is only at the Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase, he’s not weak. Not even a Heavenly Transform Stage Late Phase could gain an advantage over him.” Su Ling’er immediately followed.

“Oh? Looks like things are getting more interesting.” Su Xuan lightly smiled and continued, “However, that won’t be enough to confront Li Xuantong. I don’t know how they’re going to spar, but no matter how I look at it, Li Xuantong is still absolute. It’ll be extremely hard for Mu Chen to shake that.”

Su Ling’er also sighed. Of course she knew the truth in Su Xuan’s words, but since things had already progressed this far, things would have to depend on Mu Chen, himself.

Let him last longer.

Even if he lost, no one would ridicule him. After all, the two of them were on entirely different levels. Even if Li Xuantong won, the contest was unfair to begin with.

“So he’s the new transfer that everyone’s been talking about, Mu Chen?” The grey-haired He Yao stared at Mu Chen with a devilish smile on his face, then gave a light laugh. From the looks of him, the boy wasn’t anything special. He Yao didn’t know why Li Xuantong bothered to personally issue the Battle Notice. In the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, you could count on one hand the number of people who could get that kind of treatment.

On the other hand, when Xu Qingqing saw Mu Chen, she stared at him with her teeth tightly ground. Hatred filled her eyes. Pretend all you want! I’ll see how you’re going to pretend after Li Xuantong crushes you!

Xu Huang sat to the side with indifference on his face. His sunken eyes reflected a sharp ray of light as he stared at Mu Chen. Five fingers lightly tapped the stone chair, emitting a sharp and clear rap.

In the areas around the back, Yang Hong, Mu Kui, and Bing Qing were also present. The matter with Li Xuantong and the Battle Notice to Mu Chen had been widely talked about; how could they not know? They also wanted to witness this confrontation.

Yang Hong was obviously here to see Mu Chen left in a sorry state. On the contrary, Mu Kui and Bing Qing wanted to see how far Mu Chen could go, while faced with the genuine influential figure of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Li Xuantong. The same Mu Chen who’d made them feel such fear.

Would he be crushed? Or would he create some miracle? They, too, were curious.

All eyes were focused and filled with expectation towards the two figures at the center of the battle stage.

Under the countless watchful expressions, the two at the center of the stage met eyes. The surrounding atmosphere froze.

Li Xuantong still wore calm and tranquil expression as he stared at Mu Chen and said, “Not bad. You didn’t reject the Battle Notice. Your courage is still admirable.”

“Many thanks to Senior Brother Li Xuantong’s praise.”

Mu Chen smiled noncommittally. His black pupils, however, didn’t have much of a smile in them. Rather, he stared at Li Xuantong with a sharpness in his eyes and slowly said, “How should we spar? Senior Brother Li Xuantong, please say.”

Li Xuantong’s immediately dropped his indifferent air. “Rest assured, I won’t leave a single route for you.”

Mu Chen smiled, “Then Senior Brother Li Xuantong can also be rest assured. I’ve walked quite a lot of death routes and had quite a few experiences. Since I, Mu Chen, have come today, of course I’ll accompany you until the end.”

Li Xuantong lightly nodded, raised his head, and looked out into the sea of people. His keen sight swept over them and landed somewhere.

Someone like Li Xuantong always attracted attention around here. Many people noticed this action of his. Among the many in the crowd, his attention finally collected on a young girl with a refined complexion and a tranquil air.

“She’s that Luo Li? Rumor has it that Li Xuantong likes her. Seeing it now, it really looks like it’s true.”

“Tsk, tsk. Such an appearance and air, she’s indeed of the best quality. In the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, probably only Su Xuan could compete with her on any level. No wonder the top of the old-timers and that freshman are fighting over her.”

“She’s already caused this at such a young age. What’s it going to be like in the future? Who’s going to let such a beauty go?”

A trace of shock flashed through the eyes that found the girl in black. Afterwards, they only spoke in low voices.

“She’s Luo Li? She’s indeed outstanding.” Su Xuan also turned her head and her eyes flashed with a trace of shock.

“Yeah.” Su Ling’er couldn’t help admitting it, either. She’d fought with Luo Li before and knew that not only was that girl beautiful, she was also amazingly strong. Perhaps she was hiding her strength even deeper than Mu Chen was. Usually, she wouldn’t show her true strength, unless it was some special situation.

As everyone praised her, Xu Qingqing didn’t have such tolerance. She looked at Luo Li with jealous eyes. The latter’s appearance and demeanor made her ashamed of her own inferiority; at the same time, she was angry over the humiliation.

However, Luo Li only disregarded the eyes from every direction. He cold glass-like pupils stared back at Li Xuantong. Her exquisite face had a chilly mask over it.

“It seems that I’ve angered her, yet again.”

Li Xuantong helplessly shrugged and shifted his line of sight back to Mu Chen. “It’s true that there’s quite a gap between us. But I don’t want everyone to say that I’m bullying the weak with an unfair advantage. So I’ll give you a chance in this battle.”

“Three moves.”

Li Xuantong extended three fingers. He stared at Mu Chen and slowly said, “Take three moves from me and it’ll be your win. However, I’ll do my best. Whether you can receive them depends on yourself.”

“So? Do you dare?”

Everyone narrowed their eyes at the stage. This so-called Pact of Three Moves looked simple enough, but was actually filled with extreme danger. If it was an ordinary fight, Li Xuantong might not be too serious about it. But once the pact had been made, he might really take it seriously. As for Mu Chen, it was an opportunity. But it was also an opportunity filled with extreme danger.

In the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there weren’t many who could handle three moves from Li Xuantong. But each and every one who had accomplished it had possessed a fame far above Mu Chen’s.

Countless eyes were directed towards Mu Chen, waiting for his choice.

Under everyone’s watchful expressions, Mu Chen lightly breathed out a cloud of white mist, then nodded towards Li Xuantong. “I’ve said before, no matter how you wish to conduct our battle, I’ll accept it.”


Li Xuantong silently nodded as he looked at Mu Chen. Then, he used a faint voice so that only his intended audience could hear. “If you can accept my blows, then I’ll tell you something about the Luo God-Clan. I think you’ll be interested to know.”

Mu Chen stared, ten fingers slowly curled into a tight fist. Li Xuantong’s words had undoubtedly struck a chord in his heart. Based on Li Xuantong’s words from earlier, Mu Chen had figured out a few things. In order to come to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Luo Li had made a promise to the so-called ‘Luo God-Clan’. A promise that was probably wasn’t good for her. And evidently, this Luo God-Clan would not permit Mu Chen and Luo Li to be together. Therefore, Mu Chen had to gather information on this Luo God-Clan in order to prepare for future troubles.

“Then, I’ll have to ask Senior Brother Li Xuantong for advice.”

Mu Chen’s two hands came together and the Spiritual Energy within his body began to circulate without reserve. An abyss-black Spiritual Energy, burning with black flames, poured out of his body. The surrounding atmosphere seemed twisted because of it.

A Pact of Three Moves.

There wasn’t going to be a warning cry. The moment Li Xuangtong moved, it’d be a torrent of thunder and rain. Mu Chen would have to bring out his best.

Mu Chen’s black pupils were filled with attentiveness. He turned his head and glanced at the girl in black. She was biting her cherry lips and looked rather nervous.

“I won’t lose!”

If he couldn’t even deal with this problem, how would he face the even harder obstacles in the future?

Mu Chen suddenly looked up as black flames rose in his eyes. He looked at the indifferent Li Xuantong and growled with a heart-shaking resoluteness that resounded across the battle stage.

“Senior Brother Li Xuantong, make your move!”

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