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Chapter 215 – Spirit Battle Stage

The matter with Li Xuantong’s Battle Notice spread throughout the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Just when everyone was waiting for Mu Chen’s reply, the news finally came out from the freshmen area.

And this news caused them to be shocked again.

Mu Chen had actually accepted the battle!

Hearing this reply, countless students were secretly smacking their tongues inwardly in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. What great courage from Mu Chen, to daringly accept the battle. They didn’t know if he’s courageous or reckless.

Towards Mu Chen’s reply, there were some that sneered and mocked, whereas there were some that shook their heads and sighed. There were also people being a little curious. To be able to become the number one among the freshmen, Mu Chen shouldn’t be a fool. Since he dared to accept the battle, then he should have some methods up his sleeves. Except, they didn’t know if those methods would be able to compete against Li Xuantong.

But, no matter what, this matter had undoubtedly become Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s sensational major event. Countless students that were originally in the Spirit Convergence Array and Lightning Territory dropped their cultivation and came out upon hearing this matter, preparing to witness the most attractive sparing battle in this half year in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

When everyone raised their heads in hope, two days quickly passed. In these two days, Mu Chen had been in the small building, cultivating. Even those of the Goddess Luo Association rarely saw him. Clearly, he ought to be making preparation for the upcoming battle that startled countless students in Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Although Zhou Ling and the rest were worried, they didn’t go and bother Mu Chen. Since he had already accepted the battle, there’s no longer any chance to back out. This battle was already unavoidable.

That being the case, they can only allow Mu Chen to make more preparations.

All of them really didn’t wish for Mu Chen to beat Li Xuantong, as this matter was too absurd. Li Xuantong wasn’t Yang Hong, as he had cultivated in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for many years. He had long broken through into Heavenly Transformation Stage and Heavenly Fusion Stage students like them, weren’t on the same level as him. It’s true that Mu Chen had many methods up his sleeves, but the gap between the two wasn’t so easily complemented.

And now, everything would be left to the battle that startled the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and made everyone focus their attention.

In the small building at the center of the freshman area, Mu Chen quietly sat at the top of the building. He raised his head and looked at the endless starry sky with a calm expression. He didn’t feel nervous about the approaching battle.

“You still haven’t gone to rest?”

A delicate fragrance rushed from his back as Luo Li’s soft voice resounded. Mu Chen turned his head over. At this moment, the young girl with her ink-black clothes and long hair that was draped down appeared, with some steam coming from her hair, as she had just finished bathing.. Her exquisite features caused even the moonlight to be inferior.

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded.

Luo Li lightly moved her lotus steps as she got close to Mu Chen and slightly hesitated. She said, “I seem to have brought some trouble for you.”

In the course of two days, Mu Chen had been cultivating and his words have decreased by a lot. Luo Li could obviously sense that Li Xuantong had given great pressure to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen frowned as a gentle light of anger flashed across his eyes. He reached out for her soft and delicate waist and pulled her into his embrace. He raised his hand and heavily smacked her perky butt that was wrap under the black clothes and snorted, “If you say such words again, you’ll receive more smacking.”

Luo Li’s exquisite face instantly flushed red as she gave Mu Chen a shy, yet angry stare.

“In this world, since when is it easy to eat a swan? Not to mention that the one in my embrace is the princess of all swans.”

Mu Chen smiled and placed his forehead onto hers. His voice was serious, “Luo Li, I like you. Therefore, I can crush all of the troubles that was caused by you. I did not decline Li Xuantong’s request for battle, because I know that this is only the first battle. In the future, perhaps more of these will appear. However, I have to tell you that I will crush whatever hinders us from getting together.”

“If I lose such an outstanding wife, where will I go and find another? Furthermore, I still hope to bring you back to Northern Spiritual Realm, letting my father to take a look at his daughter-in-law. I have to let him know that my eyesight is tip-top.”

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, gentleness appeared at the corner of Luo Li’s mouth. But soon after, her face flushed red. She couldn’t endure the shyness within her heart and angrily barked, “Who’s going back with you?”

“At that time, it’ll no longer be your choice.” Mu Chen grinned. His smile felt as though a small rabbit had fallen into the mouth of an ash-grey wolf.

Taking a glance at him, her girlish attitude was exceptionally sweet and charming. It was different from her usually quiet and distant attitude and made Mu Chen dazed from looking at her appearance. Shortly, those black pupils made Luo Li feel an uneasy heat rising to her face.

She lightly twisted her body, but her slim waist was embraced even tighter by Mu Chen. She then saw Mu Chen slightly lower his head and his heated breathing was blowing on her lovely cheeks.

As though she knew what Mu Chen was going to do, her delicate cheeks blushed red. She bit on her red lips and lightly shut her eyes.

Let it be. Give him some encouragement since he’ll have to fight tomorrow.

Just when she was thinking, with her heart beating fast, Mu Chen’s lips went towards those lukewarm lovely lips. Covering those rouge cherry lips.

Luo Li’s body had turned stiff at this moment and after a moment later, only then did she soften up. Her slender jade arm unconsciously hooked around Mu Chen’s neck. She slightly raised her head, revealing her swan-like white neck.

They were shining under the moonlight and after a long while later, their lips finally separated.

Mu Chen looked at her bewildering eyes. Causing that charming girl to smack her lips.

“You rogue!” Luo Li sobered up. Thinking of her bold actions earlier on, her face instantly became boiling. She hammered her fist on Mu Chen in humiliation and anger. Circulating her Spiritual Energy, she broke free from Mu Chen’s arms and returned back to her room hastily.

Mu Chen looked at that girl’s silhouette as he lightly smiled. Shortly after, he breathed a deep mouthful of breath out. His black pupils sparkled as it began to surge. Among them was a surging, blazing fighting spirit.

Li Xuantong, let’s battle next!

When the first glimmer of dawn tore through the night sky the next day, it shined onto the vast land of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Astonishing moments broke out in the academy.

Wooooosh! Woosh!

Countless sonic booms resounded in the sky in all directions. They were all heading towards one direction, the Spirit Battle Stage located at the northwest direction of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

This is the area in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that’s used for sparing. Ordinarily, many students spared here, conducting actual combat to promote their own strength.

And the battle that had been causing a sensation in the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will be conducted here.

Today, the Spirit Battle Stage appeared especially lively, compared to usual. At the largest stage in the Spirit Battle Stage, a vast crowd was already gathered here. With a glance, it’s full of black-coloured heads and the end could not be seen.

In the countless sea of people, it was a vast stage that was approximately several thousand feet in range. It was sufficient to accommodate a brilliant and fiery battle.

“This battle could be the most attracting battle in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy this year.” Someone looked at the surrounding mass of people and couldn’t refrain from making the comment.

“That, look over there. Didn’t you see Su Xuan, Rank 3 of the Heavenly Ranking, as well as Rank 4’s He Yao and Rank 5’s Xu Huang? Probably only Li Xuantong is capable of making them show themselves.”

“Hehe. You seem to have forgotten the most monstrous one in our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” Weird laughter sounded.

“You’re talking about Shen Cangsheng? People like him is too heaven-defying. I believe that his position is unshakable, not even Li Xuantong could do it.”

“I wonder how long it would take for me to reach that height.” Some people sighed. Those that were able to enter into Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy all possessed decent talents. However, even they felt helpless admiration towards that name.

Many whispers came from behind. Su Ling’er was seated beside Su Xuan, as they sat at the front. A pair of beautiful sisters were extremely attractive to the eyes. One of them being lovable and charming, while the other was sweet-tempered, being a great feast to the eyes of others.

Not far from them, was a green-haired youth with devil-like looks. The smile on his face looked a little devilish, but that also attracted the peek of many girls.

This person was He Yao, Rank 4 of the Heavenly Ranking. In the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, this person possessed fame not any weaker to Li Xuantong.

Not far away, at the right side of his direction, was Xu Huang. At the current moment, Xu Huang was resting with his eyes shut. Xu Qingqing sat beside him with a face of excitement. She already couldn’t wait to see the look of Mu Chen’s suffering.

Indeed, as said by those at the back. This battle had indeed attracted a huge line-up and was certainly extremely grand.


Just when the surroundings of the stage were bustling, a ray of light shot towards this direction from far away. He then appeared at the center of the battle stage with both of his hands at his back, having a tranquil look on his face.

“Li Xuantong is here!”

Looking at that appearing figure, the surroundings of the stage rumbled and shortly after, their eyes were blazing. One of the protagonists have finally appeared.

Su Xuan, He Yao, as well as Xu Huang, all had their gazes on Li Xuantong. Over here, the only thing that could attract their interest would probably be Li Xuantong.

As Li Xuantong appeared, he paid no attention to the surrounding crowd as his eyes were shut, patiently waiting.

The bustling crowd continued.

When the sunlight began to turn intense, a sonic boom finally resounded in the sky far away from the Spirit Battle Stage. Countless figures flew over. Several of them landed at the seat of the stage, whereas one landed in the stage under the looks of countless eyes.

As a slender youth landed in the stage, he raised his head to look at the person in front of him. The youth cupped his hands and smiled. His moderate, yet fearless, voice resounded.

“Senior Brother Li Xuantong, Mu Chen is here to face you in battle!”

When these words landed, the atmosphere in the surrounding stage abruptly turned boiling.

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