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Chapter 214 – Requesting a Battle

The matter with Li Xuantong and Xu Huang appearing in the Grade 5 Spirit Convergence Array, along with the confrontation, soon spread out in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The two of them were influential figures and their fame was much more powerful compared to Mu Chen’s. All information concerning them had attracted countless attention.

The top ten of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Heavenly Ranking were all formidable figures. Regarding this point, everyone was well aware of it. Or to put it this way, those that were ranked in the top ten would rarely take any action, as they are well aware that the other party was not to be trifled with. Therefore, they were considered to be barely harmonious between each other, as long as there weren’t any other special reasons.

Li Xuantong and Xu Huang, one of them was Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 2, while the other being Rank 5. All of them possessed strength of Heavenly Transform Stage and with such strength, not mentioning the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, even in the entire Northern Heavens Continent, they could still be considered as experts. In some Sects or Forces, they could be considered middle to high rank existences.

If the two of them were to fight, it would definitely shake the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, what made others feel pity was that there wasn’t any fight between them. Seeing that Li Xuantong had appeared, Xu Huang brought his men and left. Although he said that he was giving Li Xuantong face, he obviously had some fears as well. Even if they were to be tangled over it, it also wouldn’t help in the least. Therefore, he might as well leave free and easy.

Therefore, this confrontation had ended with nothing definite, which made everyone more disappointed. However, their disappointment only lasted for a day, before they were shocked by the storm-like news that spread out in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Li Xuantong issued a Battle Notice.

This piece of news had spread throughout the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in just a few hours. Every student that received this news was shocked for a moment, before they touched their ears, doubting if they were hearing it right.

Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 2, Li Xuantong was issuing a Battle Notice against a freshman?

What’s with this situation?

Who is Li Xuantong? Who is Mu Chen? One being high up, the influential figure of Heavenly Rank’s Rank 2. One being a freshman that had just entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy several months ago. Although the latter had resounding fame, how could he be compared to people like Li Xuantong?

Such odd confrontation had actually appeared? Furthermore, it was Li Xuantong who issued the notice?

The entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was bursting with shocking commotion. This could be considered the most unusual thing that has happened in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy this year. It’s rarely that Li Xuantong would take action, and no one had expected that this time around, he would actually challenge a freshman as his opponent. Is he trying to have joy brought to him by crushing others?

However, no matter how they guessed, this matter had already been spread out. This caused some ripples for the freshman called Mu Chen. No one knew how that guy offended Li Xuantong to the point that the latter would actually issue such a notice.

This battle would probably be a dull farce. There wasn’t any suspense in this battle.

However, to be able to witness the super influential Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 2 taking action again, it’s still pretty good. Hopefully, the current number one freshman wouldn’t be beaten to the point that he would be dispirited.

Somewhere in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, in a huge hall. Xu Huang’s brows were knitted together as he heard the report from the guy below and said softly in doubt, “Li Xuantong actually issued a notice to Mu Chen? Didn’t he just help them?”

Beside Xu Huang, Xu Qingqing had a face of rejoicing in other people’s misfortune. When she heard this news, her eyes couldn’t help expressing laughter as she clenched her teeth. “Big Brother, it’s evident that Li Xuantong is interested in Luo Li and the one that Luo Li likes is Mu Chen. Yesterday when Li Xuantong came, it was because of Luo Li. There isn’t any relationship between him and Mu Chen.”

Xu Huang lightly nodded, realising that this made sense. That Luo Li was exceptionally outstanding. Whether it was her appearance or demeanor, they stood at the peak of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The only one that could be compared to her at this point would probably only be Su Xuan. However, one being sweet-tempered like water and one being quiet and distant. Their demeanors were entirely different.

“This Mu Chen would probably have his face thrown out, this time around.” Xu Huang said lightly. This battle didn’t have much suspense. If Li Xuantong wished, he could suppress Mu Chen into a dog-like sorry situation. This Mu Chen was evidently, a prideful person. After suffering such a setback, his cultivation in the future would always be in that shadow.

“He deserves it!” Xu Qingqing said viciously. She was impatient as she wanted to see that battle two days later. She wanted to see if that guy would still have that indifferent expression that enraged her when he was being stepped beneath someone’s feet.

Xu Huang held onto the teacup and lightly took a sip. He smiled indifferently.

“Go take a look two days later. Although the outcome would be dull.”

“This Li Xuantong is too much, to the point of even issuing such a notice!”

Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, on another isle in the middle of a lake. Su Ling’er looked at the red-coloured Battle Notice that was spread out. Her shapely brows instantly creased and said, as she felt injustice for Mu Chen.

At the lakeside in front of Su Ling’er, there was a slender beautiful woman with fine, black hair draped down like a black waterfall. At this moment, she was at the lakeside washing a round jade bead that was also emitting a faint luster. The surface of the jade bead was filled with profound line patterns and vaguely, there was also a type of obscure Spiritual Energy ripples coming from it.

Hearing Su Ling’er’s voice from the back, she slightly tilted her head and revealed a gentle and beautiful face as she asked in doubt, “What’s wrong?”

“Big Sister, this Li Xuantong is too much. He actually issued a Battle Notice to Mu Chen!” Su Ling’er said as she was fuming with anger. What’s Li Xuantong’s strength and what’s Mu Chen’s strength? This Battle Notice is simply meant to bully others.

“Oh? How did this happen?”

Hearing what was said, Su Xuan’s eyes were smeared with astonishment. Li Xuantong was a prideful person. Therefore, it’s rare for him to commit stuff like bullying the weak. But why did he do this?

“It’s rumored that Li Xuantong is fond of Luo Li and Luo Li likes Mu Chen… Thereafter, Li Xuantong did this out of jealousy.” Su Ling’er said as he cast the corner of her mouth to the side.

Su Xuan glanced at Su Ling’er oddly and felt her tone of speaking was somewhat wrong. However, she still shook her head and said, “I still understand Li Xuantong’s character. Even if he’s jealous of a rival in a love affair, he also wouldn’t do this. There must be another reason for him to do this.”

“No matter what reason it is, issuing this kind of Battle Notice is still bullying.” said Su Ling’er.

“Li Xuantong has long stepped into the Heavenly Transform Stage and Mu Chen is at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase. How can he win against Li Xuantong?”

Su Xuan couldn’t bear not smiling. Her smile was gentle and charming, “Sometime ago, weren’t you shouting about finding Mu Chen’s trouble? Why did you suddenly help him to speak up, instead?”

Su Ling’er’s charming face blushed as she mumbled, “Mu Chen this person, is still not bad. Previously, I didn’t understand him. This time, we wouldn’t be able to be friends if we didn’t fight. We could barely be considered as friends and, therefore, I would naturally think a little more for him. Furthermore, he’s on the weaker side. If I don’t help him, am I going to help Li Xuantong instead?”

Su Xuan stored the ancient jade bead and said, “Since the Battle Notice has already been issued, this matter is fixed. There’s no use in fighting it, no matter what’s being said, unless Mu Chen doesn’t take up the battle. If he doesn’t take up the battle, others would also find it proper and to be expected as a matter of course.”

“Impossible.” Xu Ling’er immediately shook her head and continued, “Although that guy appears gentle from his looks, he’s actually very conceited. The Battle Notice has already been sent out. Even if he knows that he will lose, he’d still probably fight.”

“Then, there’s no way.” Su Xuan shook her head and continued again. “Right now, we can only wait for two days later and look at the situation again.”

Su Ling’er also sighed. Right now, that’s the only thing that they could do. They hope that Mu Chen would be able to resist this blow. Even if he lost to Li Xuantong, it’s not anything embarrassing.

At the same time, at other places in the academy, those that could be considered as influential figures in the academy were also startled by this Battle Notice. Thereafter, they were surprised. It’s been a while since Li Xuantong fought and this time, he’s actually challenging a freshman?

That’s interesting. Two days later, they can go and have a look to treat it as some fun.

“That’s too much. Li Xuantong is simply bullying! Big Brother Mu, don’t be bothered about him. We’ll not accept this Battle Notice!”

The freshmen area was also boiling. In that plaza, Zhou Ling and the rest had their faces filled with rage. In their hands, there’s a red-coloured Battle Notice.

“Right, Big Brother Mu, even if we don’t accept this Battle Notice, no one will say that we’re weak!” someone echoed.

Among everyone, Mu Chen was also looking at the Battle Notice in his hands. Through his expression, he didn’t find it unexpected. Evidently, he had already expected that the actions that Li Xuantong spoke of should be acted upon, personally by himself.

Beside Mu Chen, Luo Li’s delicate charming face slightly had an ice-cold expression. Shortly after, she turned around and was about to look for Li Xuantong, but her jade-like arm was grabbed by Mu Chen.

“Don’t get involved in this matter, let me handle it.” Mu Chen looked at Luo Li. Although his voice was light, it had unquestionable earnest and firmness.

Luo Li nibbled on her lips. Li Xuantong wasn’t Yang Hong and, in this battle, there wasn’t any fairness that can be said. However, when she looked at Mu Chen’s eyes and saw the seriousness, Luo Li understood that it’s impossible to change Mu Chen’s answer and had to endure this matter.

“After this matter, I’ll go look for him.” Luo Li said. She respected Mu Chen, but at the same time, she had her own forbidden lamella1. Li Xuantong interfered with her matter again and again, this had also touched her bottom line. Although she understood that perhaps, he didn’t have any bad intentions.

Mu Chen helplessly smiled, but said nothing. He turned his head towards Zhou Ling, who was showing nervousness on his face. He knows that the countless people in the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were probably looking towards them, waiting for his reply.

Mu Chen wedged that blood-red Battle Notice between his fingers. Black flame rose between and the Battle Notice was thoroughly ignited. At the same time, his light voice slowly resounded as the black flames grew.

“Zhou Ling, spread the news. Regarding this Battle Notice, I’ll accept it.”

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