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Chapter 213 – Two Powerful Figures

When that grey-robed youth appeared on the stone platform, the atmosphere instantly became stagnant. The surrounding observing students also swallowed a mouthful of saliva. They must have never expected that this matter would actually attract such a ferocious person like Xu Huang.

This kind of figure was extremely rarely seen in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Mu Chen’s line of sight also shifted to that grey-robed youth in an instant. The latter’s eyes were caved in and had a sharp and uncomfortable chill.

He stared at that grey-robed youth as his body became slightly tense. He could sense a dangerous aura coming from that person and this person before him, aside from Li Xuantong, was the most powerful person that he had seen in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy so far.


When Chen Xiu and the rest saw the appearance of that grey-robed youth, they all hastily shouted.

“Big Brother!”

Xu Qingqing immediately pounced forth and grabbed onto Xu Huang’s arm and cried, “You have to seek justice for me, that little tramp did that to me in the eyes of so many. My face has been thrown away!”

Xu Huang took a glance at Xu Qingqing’s reddened cheeks that were slapped and his brows were slightly knitted together. Naturally, he’s well aware of his little sister’s character. But no matter what, she’s still his biological sister and no matter what she’d done wrong, he still had to carry the troubles that she had landed herself in as her elder brother. This was what was told to him by his father, when he left for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

“Explain.” Xu Huang’s said as he looked at Mu Chen’s group with his brows frowned.

Mu Chen’s brows were also frowned and said, without much ripples in his words. “There’s nothing to explain. Ask those people under you. They’ll naturally tell you what had happened. Furthermore, if your mouth is still not clean, then it won’t stop at just two slaps.”

As his words ended, he was already looking at Xu Qingqing. His tone was forbidding and his black pupils were filled with ice-cold murderous intent.

Hearing what was said, Xu Qingqing wanted to scream in anger. However, after seeing Mu Chen’s devouring gaze, her heart suddenly froze and could not speak the words that had reached her mouth.

Everyone couldn’t help slacking their lips inwardly. Such great courage of Mu Chen to actually dare to threaten Xu Qingqing before Xu Huang.

Xu Huang’s caved-in eyes stared at Mu Chen. Along them, flowed with chilling rays of light which also made others understand that he wasn’t someone that could be easily messed with.

“The amount of people within this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that could speak such words before me doesn’t exceed the fingers of one hand. Do you think that you’re also among the ranks? Freshman?” Xu Huang’s voice was a little deep as it carried a heart trembling power.

“Even if you’re Li Xuantong, I’d still dare to say it.” Mu Chen said as he smiled indifferently.


Xu Huang coldly smiled. Evidently, he had treated Mu Chen’s words to be ignorant jokes. He pointed at Xu Qingqing and continued, “She’s my little sister. Even if she was arrogant, considered everyone else beneath her and making trouble without reason, she’s still my little sister. I can discipline her, but not you.”

“Like sister, like brother.” Mu Chen understood why Xu Qingqing’s character was like this, it was all caused by Xu Huang’s spoiling. Serves her right for being taught a lesson today.

“Hand over the one that hit her. Seeing that you guys are freshmen, I won’t have much haggle with you guys.” Xu Huang stared at Mu Chen and waved his hand. He’s after all, an influential figure of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. If he were to have too much haggle with freshmen, he would be bringing his status down and would also attract the gossip of others. Saying that he’s bullying the weak.

Luo Li’s eyes were ice-cold as she grab hold onto the black longsword and stepped forth. However, she was stopped by Mu Chen’s hand.

“It looks like Senior Brother Xu Huang is going to seek justice for her without finding out the rights and wrongs?” Mu Chen faintly smiled. He originally thought that Xu Huang was someone that could be reasoned with a little, but he never expect that he would still be so imperious and overbearing. No wonder he had such a sister.

“What do you think?” Xu Huang looked at Mu Chen as his caved eyes were slightly covered with a shadow. His sharp gaze made others not daring enough to looking into them.

Mu Chen smiled as he shook his head. “It’s impossible for me to hand her over. No matter what Senior Brother Xu Huang wants to do, we’ll accept all of it. Except that I still have to offer an advice. Your little sister’s character needs some discipline. It’s still good within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, but if she were to go out… haha, I’m afraid that she’d suffer.”

Seeing that Mu Chen still dared to lecture her at this moment, Xu Qingqing was instantly angered to the point that she was gnashing her teeth.

“Accept them?” Xu Huang’s brows was slightly frowned. His sharp gaze was vaguely like a chilling sword edge as he stared at Mu Chen, “Are you certain that you’re capable to accept them?”


Just when the last of Xu Huang’s words landed, his eyes had thoroughly turned cold as a surge of shocking Spiritual Energy rolled out from his body, like storm. The people in the surrounding area were jolted back in a sorry state.

A powerful Spiritual Energy shrouded over with intense pressure, making it difficult for all of the present students to breathe. Their faces had undergone a huge change. Is this the strength of Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 5? He’s actually strong to such an extent?!

Mu Chen’s expression had also turned grave. That surge of Spiritual Energy’s pressure before him caused even his breathing to become stagnant. He immediately circulated the Great Pagoda Art. As if there were sounds of ancient bells resounding within his body and endured this oppression.

Beside Mu Chen, Luo Li’s beautiful glance slightly concentrated. Her hand that was grabbing hold onto the black longsword slightly exerted force. Facing the pressure of Spiritual Energy from Xu Huang, she had not taken a step back.

“Heavenly Transform Stage!”

Mu Chen’s expression became grave as he stared at Xu Huang, whose expression was sharp as a blade. This kind of oppression was absolutely not something that a Heavenly Fusion Stage could possess. Evidently, Xu Huang has reached Heavenly Transform Stage!

“Hand her over and I won’t haggle with you guys over this matter. Today’s matter will then end here.” Xu Huang faintly said as he pointed to Luo Li.

Mu Chen smiled. Heavenly Transform Stage was indeed powerful, but that doesn’t mean that he would be afraid. If Xu Huang has really gone too far, he wouldn’t mind borrowing the power of Nine Nether Bird to crush him.

Although this would reveal the matter that he didn’t ingest the Soul Essence of the Nine Nether Bird, but had formed Bloodline Bond with it. But wanting him to hand Luo Li over was obviously impossible.


Xu Huang’s expression had finally turned ice cold and he had also lost patience to chat with Mu Chen any longer. He took a step forth and was about to take action.


Suddenly, just when Xu Huang was about to take action, a surge of powerful pressure of Spiritual Energy rolled over omnipresently from far away. A ray of light also flew over.

“Xu Huang, if you want to touch her, I’m afraid that I won’t agree to it.”

A faint voice came from the distance and approached. When everyone had directed their gazes over, a figure appeared above the stone platform and slowly landed down beside Mu Chen and Luo Li.

“Li Xuantong?!”

When everyone saw that handsome youth, they instantly issued alarming sounds. Shortly after, their eyes were burning with fiery light. Who could have imagined that in such a short amount of time, two of the top 5 rankings in the Heavenly Ranking made their appearance? Furthermore, one of them was the current rank 2, Li Xuantong!

When the number 1 of the Heavenly Ranking, Shen Cangsheng wasn’t here, who else can be compared to Li Xuantong?

“Li Xuantong?” Seeing the appearance of Li Xuantong, Xu Huang was also stunned. He had obviously not expected that this guy would appear here. Standing beside him, Xu Qingqing’s face was also changing. Originally, she thought that they were just frail and weak freshmen. She never expected them to have some connections with Li Xuantong!

Mu Chen was also a little surprised by the appearance of Li Xuantong. This guy would actually help them? This was indeed strange. However, a majority of it should be for Luo Li. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t be willing to show himself.

“Li Xuantong, this matter should have nothing to do with you?” Xu Huang said with his brows creased. Towards Li Xuantong, he obviously had some restraining fear for him. If he fought with Li Xuantong today, this matter would be troublesome.

“I won’t bother as long as you don’t implicate her.” Li Xuantong faintly smiled as he continued, “However, the fault in today’s matter was indeed not with them. I feel that there isn’t a need to enlarge this matter.”

Xu Qingqing was gnashing her teeth. Li Xuantong’s words had obviously said that she was in the wrong. However, when facing people like Li Xuantong, she knows that she wouldn’t dare to offend him no matter how arrogant she was. She could only swallow this grievance.

Xu Huang’s brows were creased together. After looking face-to-face with Li Xuantong for a brief moment, he turned to Mu Chen and spoke, “I’ll give him face this time. But freshman, there won’t always be a time where someone will help you. Next time, I will definitely not give you this chance.”

“Then, I’ll be looking forward to it, Senior Brother Xu Huang.” Mu Chen smiled as he cupped his hands. Within his smile, there wasn’t the slightest fear.

Xu Huang’s expression was cold as he deeply looked at Mu Chen. He didn’t say anything else as he waved his hand, turned around and headed towards the exit of the Spirit Convergence Array. Seeing him, Xu Qingqing could only stomp her feet in anger and followed up. She knew that it’d be impossible for her to get back her face today.

As Xu Huang and his group left, the surrounding students had also been dispersed bit by bit. They all felt pity as there wasn’t an intense battle. However, being able to see two influential figures of the Heavenly Ranking’s top five had already made their trip worthwhile.


Mu Chen looked towards Li Xuantong and thanked him. Although he wasn’t afraid of Xu Huang, it’s naturally good if he could conceal some secrets.

“If it wasn’t for Luo Li, I wouldn’t be bothered with this.” Li Xuantong faintly said. His tone did not give any face which caused Luo Li to have her brows creased. She pulled Mu Chen’s hand and was about to leave.

“Mu Chen.”

Li Xuantong’s gaze fell onto the hands of those two. “The time that I’ve given you will soon end, what’s your answer?”

Mu Chen’s steps stopped as he held onto Luo Li’s delicate little hand and faintly smiled. Tightly grabbing and showing it towards Li Xuantong. The meaning was self-evident and left with Luo Li. A calm and firm voice resounded.

“Senior Brother Li Xuantong, you reveal your sword, I accept your move.”

Li Xuantong looked at the two of them as their figures moved further away and breathed a mouthful of air out. Raising his head to the azure sky, sharpness slowly turned more and more condensed in his eyes.

What an unresigned kid. Since that’s the case, then let me see if you have the qualification to make the choice.

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