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Chapter 212 – Two Slaps

When Mu Chen appeared on that stone platform, quite a few people in the surrounding area had shock smearing across their eyes. Among the freshmen, Mu Chen and Luo Li had the most fame.

Mu Chen rose to fame because of that huge battle during the Freshman Competition, whereas Luo Li had rose up to the Heavenly Ranking previously, which was known to many students in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Looking at it right now, both of them seemed to be gathered and were also standing on the side against the Great Desolate Association.

However, although Mu Chen and Luo Li’s fame were rising, the Great Desolate Association wasn’t any simple force. In the entire Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, those that could surpass them can be counted on one’s fingers. Mu Chen, however, was still a fledgling and it’d be difficult for him to contend against them.

“Hoo, you’ve finally appeared.”

Seeing Mu Chen, a smear of a cold smile instantly appeared on Xu Qingqing’s face, “Did you really treat my words back then in the Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array as a joke? You’ve offended me, Xu Qingqing, and still want to have a good time in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?”

“Are you the one that hit her?”

Mu Chen didn’t have much of an expression on his face as he pointed towards Sun’er. His voice was calm, like water without much ripples of emotion.

Xu Qingqing cast a glance at Sun’er, who had red palm marks on her little face. The little girl’s appearance with watery eyes did indeed attract the pamper of others, however, she cast the corner of her mouth to the side. At such a young age, she already knows how to feign the pitiful victim to attract men.

“I was the one that hit her, who lets her to be so untactful to have the cheek to contradict me. It’s already light that she only got a slap.” Xu Qingqing coldly laughed.

“If I encounter people like you in the Spiritual Road… ”

Mu Chen stared at Xu Qingqing, his handsome face had a smear of smile. However, in that smile, it was filled with chill and a smear of killing intent.

“…I would have killed you.”

When Mu Chen’s last sentence came out coldly, his gaze turned ice cold.

Xu Qingqing felt the deep killing aura within Mu Chen’s words, her face had also changed. But shortly after, she flew into a rage out of humiliation and screamed, “Who the hell are you? Before me, you still dare to act that?!”

Mu Chen’s gaze remained cold as his body slightly leaned forward. However, just when he was about to charge out, the black-dressed girl by his side took a step before him. Her figure was extremely fast and seemed like lightning. Even Mu Chen was only able to catch her fuzzy afterimage.

Luo Li’s figure instantly appeared before Xu Qingqing. At this moment, her delicate face had a faint chill that was spreading out.

“Who are you?” Seeing Luo Li before her, Xu Qingqing’s brows were raised. She looked at her delicate appearance that even a woman would be envious of. A trace of jealousy rose in her heart.

Luo Li’s glass-like eyes faintly stared at her, but she didn’t speak a word. Her jade-like hand was raised and suddenly moved with her palm open.


Luo Li’s hand was like lightning. She didn’t have the slightest mercy and heavily slapped Xu Qingqing’s face. That crisp sound resounded from the stone platform.

Xu Qingqing’s face turned over from that slap on her face. She opened her mouth and her eyes widened, appearing to be a little blank, as she didn’t have the time to respond.

She was actually slapped?

After that crisp slapping sound had resounded from the stone platform, all those who were whispering from before looked as though they had been chopped off. Everyone’s expressions were a little solidified as they blanking stared at this scene.

Those members of the Great Desolate Association behind Xu Qingqing were also dazed. They’re very clear of how crafty and unruly Xu Qingqing was, borrowing the fame of her brother, Xu Huang. Although there were people within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that hated her, those people could only restrain their loathe and welcome her with smiling face. And today, Xu Qingqing was actually slapped in front of so many people?

They were in a daze, staring at the black-dressed girl before Xu Qingqing. Her delicate appearance had made them slightly absent-minded.


Xu Qingqing’s rosy lips slightly trembled as she slowly turned her face around and looked at Luo Li before her and mutter with a hard to believe voice, “You dared to hit me? You dared to hit me?!”

“That slap earlier, was for Sun’er.” Luo Li looked at her with an indifferent expression. Thereafter, her expression turned cold and her jade-like hand was raised, her palm open again.


The crisp sound resounded again and caused everyone’s hearts to twitch.

“This slap was for you scolding him earlier on. In the future, when you scold him once, I’ll slap you once.” Luo Li retracted her jade-like hands and faintly declared.

The burning pain from her cheeks had thoroughly woken Xu Qingqing up. However, insanity rushed out from her eyes. He face was a little distorted as she looked at Luo Li. With a grasp of her jade-like hand, a longsword appeared with a flash. After pouring Spiritual Aura into it, she was making a mad attempt to pierce Luo Li’s throat, “I’ll kill you!”

A black-coloured longsword slide into Luo Li’s hand as she abruptly grabbed onto the sword hilt. Images of a sword appeared as the sword stealthily slashed out a profound trajectory and heavily landed on Xu Qingqing’s wrist.


A bruise instantly appeared on Xu Qingqing’s wrist as her longsword fell.

Xu Qingqing issued a shriek as she grabbed her wrist. Her eyes turned red and her originally somewhat pretty face became a little distorted and unsightly. She screamed in insanity, “Kill her! Quick, kill her for me!”

At the current moment, Xu Qingqing had nearly gone insane. Over the years, she had been used to being unreasonable and tyrannical in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Since when has she ever suffered such humiliation before? Those two slaps nearly gave her a kind of fainting feeling.

She knows that if this matter were to spread out, it would definitely be a laughing joke in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. How would she have any face left?!

The large amount of seniors behind Xu Qingqing had also recovered from their shock. After all, this Xu Qingqing was the sister of Xu Huang and today, she was slapped before their eyes. If they didn’t do anything, they wouldn’t be able to explain themselves.

“Junior, aren’t you a little too heavy with your hand?”

A youth with an ordinary appearance, but with some chill in his expression took a step out as he barked. He extended his hand out as his forceful Spiritual Energy swept out and made a grab towards Luo Li like eagle claws.

“If I’m you, I wouldn’t want to touch her!”

However, just when his hand had extended out, a voice with ice in his tone resounded. A figure flashed forth from behind Luo Li and a fist flew out. Surges of Spiritual Energy mercilessly shot towards that youth with rising black flames.


Seeing it, that youth’s face had also changed. Forming the shape of claws with his hand, Spiritual Energy within his body surged. On his fingertips, Spiritual Energy looked like they had been crystallized as it carried sharpness and heavily collided with that fist of black flames.


The two of them collided as violent Spiritual Energy ripples swept out. The face of that youth had changed at that moment as he felt a surge of blazing sensation coming from his fingertips. Those peculiar black flames were actually igniting his Spiritual Energy as it attempted to intrude into his body.

Those black flames seemed to have great harm towards Spiritual Energy.

The gaze of that youth flashed and he urgently retracted his fist as his figure backed off dozens of steps.


Seeing that youth moving backwards, a low uproar had instantly spread out in the surrounding. They all knew that youth, his name was Chen Xiu. He can be considered one of the higher ranked members in the Great Desolate Association. Right now, his strength had reached Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase and it’s said that he possessed the qualification to fight for the top 100 in the Heavenly Ranking. They never expected that he would be knocked back by Mu Chen in a single exchange.

“Chen Xiu, you trash. You can’t even take care of a freshman?! All of you, go! Capture them! I want to kill that little tramp!” Seeing the situation, Xu Qingqing’s body was trembling from the anger. Her sharp voice was flustered and exasperated. The her right now had lost a little of her rational.

Chen Xiu and the rest, seeing that Xu Qingqing was making an unreasonable scene, were making faces that weren’t that nice either. They were from the Great Desolate Association, but they weren’t slaves of Xu Qingqing. If it wasn’t for Xu Huang, they probably wouldn’t even pay any attention to Xu Qingqing.

Mu Chen stood before Luo Li as he looked at Xu Qingqing, who had her face distorted from anger, as well as Chen Xiu and his group with a cold expression.

Luo Li’s jade-like hand was lightly grasping the black longsword. Her glass-like eyes did not show too many ripples. Her gracefulness and calmness was exactly opposite of the unreasonable Xu Qingqing. This caused everyone to have their lips twitch in their hearts. Compared to this Luo Li, Xu Qingqing was lacking quite a bit.

Xu Qingqing made a bursting unreasonable scene, but seeing that no one paid attention to her in the surrounding area, she was trembling from the anger. She pointed towards Chen Xiu’s group and bit her teeth, “Fine, since you guys don’t want to take action, I’ll do it myself. If I’m killed, I’ll see how you guys explain yourselves before my big brother!”

Chen Xiu’s group had the corners of their mouths twitching. Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, killing is forbidden. Only crazed women like you would shout about killing someone.

Xu Qingqing however, did not care about what they were thinking. Grabbing onto her longsword, she was about to charge out as if her life depended on it.


Just when she was about to rush out, a low bark resounded. It was like booming thunder as it resounded on the stone platform. Hearing that voice, joy immediately filled Xu Qingqing’s face.

“Big brother!” Xu Qingqing hastily raised her head. She saw a figure flashing not far away and in a several breaths, he appeared above this area. Thereafter, he flashed down and landed beside Xu Qingqing.

When Zhou Ling and the rest had heard Xu Qingqing shouting “Big Brother”, their hearts abruptly sank. In this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, there’s only one person that could be called this name by Xu Qingqing.

Their lines of sight shifted to Xu Qingqing’s side with a little fear. Over there, a luster dispersed and revealed a thin figure. He was donned in grey clothes. His face wasn’t handsome at all and his eye socket was slightly caved in. That pair of eyes had a kind of hawk-like sharpness. When his eyes swept, it caused fear to arise in the heart of others.

This person was Rank 5 of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Heavenly Rank, Xu Huang?

Such a person had actually appeared!

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