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Chapter 211 – Comprehend

Mysterious black light was released bit by bit from that black piece of paper. Vaguely, he could see some cryptic and ancient light patterns as they slowly spread on the paper, bit by bit.

Mu Chen looked at this scene with a little excitement. So many years had passed since he obtained this black piece of paper and it’s the first time he had seen such activity from it.

Ohmmmn! Ohmmn!

Black light constantly gathered on top of that black piece of paper. Shortly after, that black light looked as though it had turned into a starry sky. Countless stars were floating on it. A snow white enormous tiger stepped onto the starry sky as it roared towards the sky. That roar shook the starry sky and an endless killing aura omnipresently engulfed everything. For a brief moment, the Spiritual Energy in Mu Chen’s body had actually been intimidated to the point that it had stopped circulating and his entire body froze.

He was overwhelmed with shock as he gazed at that white tiger that stood on the starry sky. Raging waves were rummaging in his heart. This white tiger before him was definitely not any ordinary tiger, as it possessed that grandeur of a supreme divine beast!

Although it wasn’t material, that grandeur was sufficient to shake the heavens and earth!

The Four Gods Constellation Scripture that he was training in was lacking this kind of grandeur that was possessed by the original four mythical beasts!

In the aurasea, Nine Nether Bird was also flapping its wings, its gaze was fixed on the white tiger that was standing on the starry sky above the black page of paper. Its eyes were filled with restraining fear and grief. As spiritual beasts, it could naturally sense the genuine might that was released from this white tiger. Even ordinary Divine Beasts were incomparable to its prestige.

White Tiger, one of the four mythical beasts was indeed, a well-deserved reputation!

Mu Chen also inhaled a mouthful of air and gradually restored his calm. This White Tiger before him was just an illusion. However, this illusion was different, as it possessed the genuine killing aura that only the genuine White Tiger possesses.

Mu Chen looked at the White Tiger that was stepping on the starry sky, then slowly closed his eyes, quietly comprehending the killing aura that was emitted from the White Tiger.

He had to integrate this grandeur into his seal, so that he’d be able to unleash the genuine might of the Four Gods Constellation Scripture.

However, it’s evident that trying to complete this step wasn’t easy. Even if Mu Chen was able to comprehend the killing aura brought from this White Tiger before them, there still wasn’t any major results.

On the contrary, Mu Chen wasn’t disappointed. Since he had found the way to truly train the Four Gods Constellation Scripture, he only needed a little time and he should be able to truly succeed in training it.

Thinking about it here, Mu Chen restrained all urgency and calmed his state of mind, before exiting from his aurasea. With his exit, the luster from that mysterious black piece of paper had also rapidly dispersed and was restored to its former state. Only the Nine Nether Bird was still looking at it in alert.

On the lake, Mu Chen opened his eyes and the sky was already brightly lit. He stretched his body and returned to his small house.

Over the next few days, Mu Chen had been submerged in comprehension. The moment he had time, he would enter his aurasea and look at the roaring White Tiger figure that stood on the starry sky. That blowing, inexhaustible killing aura was like a cold stream that could even freeze the blood of others.

While Mu Chen was being carried away in his comprehension, over the next few days, although the “Divine Seal of the White Tiger” executed by Mu Chen hadn’t unleashed its full might, it was much more powerful, compared to his first execution of it.

According to this speed, perhaps it wouldn’t be much longer and Mu Chen would be able to truly unleash the might of the “Divine Seal of the White Tiger”.

Towards that day, he’s filled with expectation.

At the top of the house, Mu Chen quietly sat down, but he wasn’t cultivating. Instead, he was lazily basked in the sunlight. He had always been comprehending that killing aura of the White Tiger these days, causing his state of mind to be a little influenced by it. The Spiritual Energy within his body was also fluctuating in a peculiar way. But fortunately, he had refined a Spiritual Lotus Seed and therefore, he could pacify that peculiar fluctuation. However, he also knows that this should have been caused by being immersed in that comprehension. Therefore, he’s relaxing a little today, not daring to be completely wrapped up in the comprehension anymore.

Beside him, sat Luo Li. Her originally bundled lustrous long hair had also been untied and was drooping down, dazzling to the eyes, like the milky way. Her slender and tender body had outlined her developed and slightly plumped curves because of her sitting posture. Looking at her, she seemed exceptionally graceful. At this moment, she was holding a scroll and was earnestly going through it. That seemed to be a scroll of Spiritual Art.

Mu Chen held his face up as he leaned his face to the side, looking at the earnest Luo Li. He couldn’t stop grinning. This scene was indeed beautiful and was calming to the heart. And his state of mind, which was affected by the White Tiger’s killing aura earlier, had also gradually calmed down.


However, that tranquility wasn’t long lasting. Suddenly, sounds of sonic booms came and a figure urgently came over, landing on the top of the small house. It was Ye Qingling.

“What’s wrong?”

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at Ye Qingling. At this moment, the latter’s face was filled with anxiety.

“Something happened. Today, we brought a group of people to cultivate in a Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array, we ran into a bunch of unfamiliar seniors. They were exceptionally rude and unreasonable, and forcefully chased the members of the Goddess Luo Association out of the Convergence Array. Zhou Ling wasn’t willing to comply, and was wounded by them. They even gave Sun’er a slap!” Ye Qingling said with an anxious tone.


Mu Chen’s eyes instantly turned cold. Who was it that went so far? Slapping even a small girl like Sun’er?

“Who was it? Our Goddess Luo Association shouldn’t have offended anyone. Could it be the Azure Red Community, which Mo Lun is from?” Luo Li had also rolled up the scroll and said with her brows slightly knitted together.

“It wasn’t those of the Azure Red Community.” Ye Qingling shook her head and bitterly smiled, “They’re more troublesome compared to the Azure Red Community. It’s the Great Desolate Association.”

“Great Desolate Association?” Mu Chen was slightly baffled.

“Is it that Great Desolate Association which Xu Huang of Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 5?” Luo Li asked as she had some understanding towards these matters.


“Xu Huang?” Hearing this name, Mu Chen was slightly dazed. Thereafter, his eyes had thoroughly turned cold. “Among those bunch of people, was there a girl named Xu Qingqing?”

“Sun’er was slapped by that wretch!”

Ye Qingling immediately nodded her head as her eyes were filled with rage. If it wasn’t for Zhou Ling asking her to come back and look for Mu Chen and Luo Li, she would have probably fought with Xu Qingqing.

“So it really was her!”

Mu Chen’s eyes had also turned thoroughly cold. This Xu Qingqing was indeed too much. Was she treating him as someone that was easy to mess with?!

His eyes were shady as he stood up, “Sorry about it. The origin of this matter was me. That Xu Qingqing is probably wanting to give me trouble. I’ve implicated everyone.”

Ye Qingling blanked. Although she didn’t know how Mu Chen had a grudge with that Xu Qingqing, she still shook her head, “This can’t be blamed on you, it’s that Xu Qingqing that’s gone too far.”

“Bring me with you.” Mu Chen looked towards Ye Qingling. The chill in his deep voice was unable to be concealed. Anyone can see that Mu Chen are genuinely angry.

In that Rank 6 Spirit Convergence Array, Xu Qingqing had constantly looking to make trouble for him, but Mu Chen was too lazy to bother with her. Therefore, he wasn’t bothered about it. However, he never thought that she would actually dare to take action against those of the Goddess Luo Association. Furthermore, she even dared to slap such a cute little girl like Sun’er!

“That Xu Qingqing brought quite a bit of people with her. Among them, there were four that had reached Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. Within the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, they still have some fame.” Said Ye Qingling.

“I’m coming along as well.”

Seeing Mu Chen’s gloomy expression and with her understanding towards him, she naturally knew that Mu Chen had gotten truly angry and immediately stood up. Although Mu Chen’s current strength had undergone a huge increase, the other party had greater numbers. She’s afraid that Mu Chen would suffer a loss.

Mu Chen nodded his head and Ye Qingling had immediately flew away, leading them from the front.

The three of them quickly exited the freshman area and swiftly headed towards a corner in the vast Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Approximately ten minutes later, their speed finally slowed down. On the vast stone platform, the Spiritual Aura was distorted. It was a Rank 5 Spirit Convergence Array.


The three of them rushed into the Rank 5 Spirit Convergence Array. Not long after they had entered, they saw two batches of people confronting each other on a vast stone platform before them. One of the forces was evidently, more powerful and suppressed the other party.

Around the platform, there was quite an amount of people observing. They could also tell that those on the left side should be freshmen and as for those on the right, they were people of the Great Desolate Association that possessed enormous fame in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Both sides weren’t of the same level to begin with.

This kind of action was undoubtedly bullying, but no one dared to speak of it. The Great Desolate Association wasn’t an ordinary force in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, as their leader was the Rank 5 of the Heavenly Ranking, Xu Huang. Xu Huang was extremely powerful, so there wasn’t that many people that would dare to provoke him in the entire academy.

Standing at the front of the group, Xu Qingqing’s face carried a trace of a cold smile as she looked at the slightly frightened freshmen.

Over at Goddess Luo Association’s side, Zhou Ling’s face had some bruises. Previously when they fought, he couldn’t go a few rounds with them and was defeated by a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase fellow.

By the side of Zhou Ling, those members of the Goddess Luo Association were also clenching their fists as they stared at Xu Qingqing. Their eyes were filled with fiery rage.

“Big Brother Mu is here!”

Suddenly, someone pleasantly spoke up. Zhou Ling and the rest immediately raised their heads. Indeed, they saw three figures rapidly closing in and landed before them. It was Mu Chen, Luo Li, as well as Ye Qingling, the three of them.

“Mu Chen!” Zhou Ling was also in great joy.

Mu Chen nodded towards Zhou Ling, then looked at the latter’s side. By his side, stood a twin-tailed little girl with pitch-black eyes that’s currently looking at him with watery eyes. There was also a red palm mark on her snow white cheeks.

“Big Brother Mu Chen.”

When Sun’er saw Mu Chen, her hands rubbed her cheeks as she sniffed, trying her best not to let her tears fall. Her grievant appearance made others that looked at her to feel sorry for her.

Mu Chen’s expression had also gradually turned ice-cold.

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