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Chapter 209 – Experts of the Heavenly Ranking

Mu Chen looked at Xu Qingqing’s silhouette. Towards her threat, he dismissed it with a laugh. He then turned his head towards Su Ling’er and smiled. “Senior Sister Ling’er, thank you for this matter.”

“What Senior Sister Ling’er? That sounds wrong. My age isn’t that far from yours!” Su Ling’er rolled her eyes at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled and didn’t argue with her on this matter. Seeing how unruly and ridiculous Xu Qingqing was, this Su Ling’er before him seemed like a cute fairy.

“Oh right, this Spiritual Lotus Seed is for you, consider it my thanks.” Mu Chen extended his hand and there was a round lotus seed on his palm emitting a green luster. A surge of pure spiritual energy dispersed from it.

“For me?” Su Ling’er was a little astonished. She originally did not think that Mu Chen would be this generous. After all, the Spiritual Lotus Seed was obtained by him. The reason why she had taken action earlier on was simply because of her grudge against Xu Qingqing and her actions couldn’t be considered a sincere helping gesture.

“Of course, this can also be considered my apology for my actions before.” Mu Chen laughed.


Su Ling’er’s face flushed red as her eyes were filled with indignation. Her tone carried urgency, “You’re not allowed to talk about that matter anymore. You better forget about that, otherwise…otherwise, I will never forgive you!”

Mu Chen helplessly smiled and said nothing further to agitate her. Mu Chen passed the Spiritual Lotus Seed over to her.

Su Ling’er stared at that jade-like lotus seed and hesitated for a brief moment, before she extended her slim and jade-like fingers to take it from Mu Chen’s palm.

Su Ling’er fiddled with the Spiritual Lotus Seed in her jade-like hand. Unconcealable joy appeared in her eyes, before raising her shapely brows and smiled. “Consider you knowing what’s right. I’ll be a person of great moral and not pursue with your offences. I’ll not haggle with you anymore.”

Mu Chen smiled. “Since that’s the case, then I’ll leave first.”

He had stayed in this Convergence Array for half a month, so it’s time that he leaves.

“Let’s go, I’m also tired of staying here.” Su Ling’er sweetly smiled.

Seeing that, Mu Chen did not refuse and nodded. He turned into a streak of light and flew towards the exit of the Convergence Array. Seeing this situation, Su Ling’er lead her group and followed behind him.

Along the way, the two of them conversed and became more familiar with one another. Without the grudge from before, they could discard the prejudice within their hearts and realised that it’s indeed possible for them to be friends with one another.

Mu Chen appeared outside the Convergence Array. Looking at the familiar scenario and the streaking figures that filled the sky, he couldn’t help breathing out a mouthful of air in relief. Although there were students cultivating everywhere within the Convergence Array, the feeling that it gave wasn’t the same as being in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Over here, the feeling was much more comfortable.

“I’ll be returning to the freshmen area. Come and play if you have some time.” Mu Chen smiled as he bid Su Ling’er farewell. Right now, he had set his heart on heading home. Although it was just a month or so from not seeing Luo Li, his heart was filled with yearning.

Su Ling’er nodded and spoke nothing else as she also wanted to return home. These last few days were extremely exhausting for her.

Mu Chen cupped his hands and spoke no further. He turned around and flew towards the freshmen area. Su Ling’er glanced at his silhouette and stared at him for a brief moment, before turning her agile body and flew towards another direction.

When Mu Chen returned to the freshmen area, evidently, it had also aroused some uproars. Many eyes from the freshmen were filled with heat.

“Brother Mu has returned from his training?”

“Seeing Brother Mu’s imposing manner, it seems like his cultivation has stepped up even more. No wonder he’s the number one of our freshmen class!”

“Psh, all you know is bootlicking. However, Brother Mu truly is looking more and more dashing… With him overseeing the Goddess Luo Association, we’ll definitely shine in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy in the future……”

Hearing the voices from all different directions, Mu Chen couldn’t help showing a smile on his face. These slapsticks made him feel warmth in his heart.

“Okay, okay. Get out of my way!”

A resonant voice resounded from the front and Zhou Ling was seen striding over. He smiled as he called everyone to disperse. Thereafter, his line of sight was shifted to Mu Chen with his eyes filled with amazement.

“You’ve broken through the Heavenly Fusion Stage?”

Before Mu Chen could reply, Zhou Ling smacked his lips, “Formidable.”

Since Mu Chen was able to go head-on with someone of the Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase while at the Spirit Stage Late Phase, now that he had broken through into Heavenly Fusion Stage, doesn’t that mean that he wouldn’t fear even a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase?

Mu Chen gazed speechlessly at Zhou Ling as he shoved him away. His gaze fell towards the plaza before him. Over there, stood a smiling black-dressed girl. Her features were exquisite, peaceful, yet elegant. Her slim figure was beautifully outlined. Her gem-like eyes carried a faint smile as she stared at him.

No matter where she was, she was so outstanding that it makes it hard for others to ignore her. At the plaza, there were many freshmen cultivating and their line of sights were also shifted over uncontrollably. Their eyes had unconcealable adoration.

Looking at her, Mu Chen’s heart had calmed down, bit by bit. Together with her, even if an enormous matter had fallen, Mu Chen could still be able to maintain his calmness.

Zhou Ling looked at both of them and shrugged his shoulders. He gave up, feeling like an irksome light bulb1…

Mu Chen breezed forth. He disregarded the gazes of everyone as he extended his hands and pulled Luo Li’s jade-like warm delicate hand. The latter’s face slightly flushed, but made no efforts to struggle.

Seeing Luo Li’s slightly flushed expression, everyone couldn’t help sighing in their hearts. This quiet girl that looked as though she was in her own world. She would only reveal such a girlish appearance before Mu Chen.

This made the others couldn’t help but to be jealous and envious of Mu Chen, who made her reveal such a charming appearance.

“Have you met any troubles during your cultivation in the Convergence Array? Earlier on, that Su Ling’er came and was overbearingly looking for you, but was kept off by me. She should have gone looking for you.” Luo Li said, lightly.

“Yeah we’ve met. If we didn’t fight, we wouldn’t be friends. Right now, we can be considered as friends.”

Mu smiled before spreading out Luo Li’s hand and placed a smooth and round Spiritual Lotus Seed in her hands. “I snatched this when I was in the Spirit Convergence Array, you can have it.”

“This is a Spiritual Lotus Seed?” Zhou Ling moved in as his eyes were shining with light. He has been loitering in the Spiritual Value Hall recently and, naturally, he had heard of how priceless this seed was.

Mu Chen nodded, “However, I’ve only managed to get two of them, so there’s none for you.”

Hearing what was said, Zhou Ling smacked his lips in regret. “It seems like you weren’t quiet in the Convergence Array. However, Luo Li hasn’t been wasting her time either. Right now, she’s an expert of the Heavenly Ranking.”

“Heavenly Ranking?”

Mu Chen was shocked and, thereafter, shifted his gaze in astonishment towards Luo Li. Those that were able to step into the Heavenly Ranking must be those that possessed strength of Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase. Luo Li had actually reached that step?

Mu Chen shifted his gaze onto the distant majestic tablet. His sharp gaze swept through the tablet and saw some familiar words.

Heavenly Ranking Rank 83, Luo Li. Freshman.

“You actually thought about charging into the Heavenly Ranking?” Mu Chen was a little flabbergasted. With Luo Li’s temper, she shouldn’t have liked to reveal herself by charging into the Heavenly Ranking.

“Luo Li didn’t have that kind of thinking, but was forced without a choice.” Zhou Ling shrugged and continued, “You’re well aware of how powerful Luo Li’s charm is. Few days ago, when you were in your seclusion training, Luo Li met a rather hateful fly in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. The moment that fella saw Luo Li, his eyes were heated and he came around, pestering her.”


Mu Chen narrowed his eyes and his brows were slightly knitted together, appearing to be rather unhappy.

“That fella can still be considered to have some fame in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. He was the former Heavenly Ranking’s Rank 83. Afterwards, when Luo Li was a little frustrated with him, she took straightforward actions.” Zhou Ling chuckled, appearing to be taking joy in the calamity of others. When he recalled that scene, he was really delightful.

“But who knew that he wasn’t Luo Li’s match? In just a few rounds, he lost to Luo Li and ran with his tail between his legs and his ranking in the Heavenly Ranking was lost due to this, and was replaced by Luo Li.”

Mu Chen only then understood. The placing in the Heavenly Ranking can only be obtained by defeating someone on it. Luo Li had defeated that fellow and, therefore, was able to move into the Heavenly ranking.

“In the future, if there’s a similar situation, let me handle it.”

Mu Chen held onto Luo Li’s hands and said, forging a grave expression. Since someone dared to prey on his corner, he’ll definitely get rid of them, no matter how many came.

Luo Li ridiculously glanced at him. Her gaze however, was filled with joy. No matter what, as long as she could be by him, her heart would then be joyous.

“Let’s return first.”

Seeing so many people around, Mu Chen swung his arms as he pulled Luo Li into their house. Between the two of them, it’s still best not to have those light bulbs around.

Returning back to their house, Mu Chen pulled Luo Li as they came to the top of the building. He then looked at that clear lake and lazily sat down. Luo Li had also sat down beside him as a sweet fragrance was being carried by the wind.

Luo Li raised her head and looked at Mu Chen’s dashing cheeks. She lightly smiled and placed her head on Mu Chen’s shoulder. Her slender and long eyelashes slightly blinked and slowly closed.

Sensing the lean weight coming from his shoulders, Mu Chen shifted his head and looked at those porcelain-like delicate cheeks and was slightly dazed. This simple movement had instantly softened his heart. This kind of feeling was similar to him becoming her reliance in this world.

“Luo Li, there’ll be a day when I will make you feel at ease and able to release your burden. No matter what you’re bearing, even if it’s the heavens or earth, I’ll help you lift it up.” He said in a light tone.

The young girl’s eyelashes slightly moved and her rosy lips were risen into a warm curve. She gave a light ‘En’ as acknowledgement to his words.

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