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Chapter 210 – Training in the Deity Tier Spiritual Art

The night gradually darkened. Mu Chen sat on the bed as the ice-cold moon pierced through the window and shined on him, bringing along a slight chill.

Mu Chen lowered his head and stared at that round and smooth Spiritual Lotus Seed in his palm. The overflowing and pure Spiritual Energy ripples were constantly being emitted from it. The fragrance from the seed had also filled the entire room.

After looking at the Spiritual Lotus Seed for a brief moment, he swallowed it. When the Spiritual Lotus Seed had entered his mouth, it turned into surges of Spiritual Energy and went into his body. Although this Spiritual Energy was forceful, it was mild and pure. It did not cause the slightest inconvenience for Mu Chen. Compared to those violent treasures, the attribute was entirely different.

Surges of Spiritual Energy rippled in Mu Chen’s body. He circulated the Great Pagoda Art as he constantly refined these Spiritual Energies. After all, these refined Spiritual Energies were absorbed by his Spirit, as well as the Seed of Fire. The final product was that dark-black Spiritual Energy that was also burning with black flames.

When that surge of Spiritual Energy was absorbed by Mu Chen, a peculiar ripple was being emitted. That ripple was rather mystical. Whenever it fluctuated, the originally flaring Spiritual Energy slowly calmed down. A kind of steadiness and profound intent gradually rippled out.

That steadiness made Mu Chen feel indescribably carefree. It felt like something was suddenly forming while floating in the void or like a collapsing palace suddenly gaining a steady firm pillar. Expelling all of its unsteadiness.


Mu Chen uncontrollably breathed a mouthful of white mist in comfort. A faint luster also emerged from his face. Only the current him as of this moment, could be considered a genuine Heavenly Fusion Stage.

Previously, he could only be considered to have just managed to step into the door of Heavenly Fusion Stage and was not even in thorough control of a phase yet. However, relying on the miraculous effects of the Spiritual Lotus Seed, Mu Chen was able to polish to that level in an instant. This kind of foundation that he possessed far surpassed ordinary Heavenly Fusion Stage.

“It’s indeed worthy of being a rare treasure that even if one possesses 200,000 Spiritual Value points to purchase from the Spiritual Value Hall, there might not even be any of them for sale.” Mu Chen praised. Perhaps the effects of the Spiritual Lotus Seed might not be comparable to other treasures; however, its effect of solidifying foundation was the most realistic. Only with a solid foundation can one have the possibility to dash for a higher level in cultivation.

After absorbing that Spiritual Lotus Seed, and solidified his cultivation, Mu Chen muttered to himself. With a clench of his fist, a black-coloured scroll was appeared in his hand.

That black-coloured scroll was constantly emitting a black luster. This luster formed the illusions of the four primordial beasts around the scroll. The four of them roared. It’s as if their roars had pierced through time and space, coming from the ancient times.

That scroll was the Four Gods Constellation Scripture that Mu Chen had obtained from the Spiritual Arts Hall from before. Because he was in seclusion earlier on, he hadn’t had the time to study it. But now, he finally had the chance to do so.

This Four Gods Constellation Scripture was a little strange. If it wasn’t for that black paper summoning it, it’d definitely be impossible for Mu Chen to obtain it. This had proved how extraordinary this item was.

The grade of this Spiritual Art wasn’t clear, but, at the very least, it was stronger than a Quasi-Deity Tier Spiritual Art.

As time passed, from the two months that was given by Li Xuantong, there’s only ten days left. Mu Chen had a feeling that Li Xuantong wasn’t joking with him. If he couldn’t make a satisfying decision to Li Xuantong, the latter would definitely disregard everything and force him to leave Luo Li.

And that kind of situation was not what Mu Chen wanted to see.

Therefore, to prevent that kind of situation from happening, he had to do his best in increasing the number of cards under his sleeve. There were as many experts as clouds in the sky in this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. On the Heavenly Ranking, all of them were formidable figures that definitely mustn’t be underestimated.

After pondering this, Mu Chen cast his line of sight onto the black-coloured scroll in his hand as his eyes gradually turned grave. After a brief moment later, he slowly shut his eyes.

A faint black luster surged out from the black-coloured scroll. Thereafter, it entwined around Mu Chen’s palm. At the same time, Mu Chen’s body jolted as he immediately felt a vast amount of information rushing into his mind.


When that vast amount of information had rushed into Mu Chen’s mind. Intense booming pain came from his mind and in that instant, he lost his consciousness. His surrounding scenery abruptly changed.

Mu Chen swept his astonished gaze around and realised that he seemed to be in a deep starry sky, unable to see the heavens or earth. Before him was an enormous black-coloured scroll as it slowly pulled open. A black luster surged out as old ancient words flashed into his eyes.

There were four spirits at four directions. They were the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise. The four spirits gathered, suppressing even the heavens and earth.

There wasn’t excessively complicated introductions, only that simple row of words. However, it had a majestic surge that caused Mu Chen’s breathing to turn sluggish.


Suddenly, a deep roar resounded in the starry sky. Directing his line of sight over, he saw the luster appearing in the four sides of the starry sky. Vaguely, they formed huge dragon, tiger, bird and tortoise.

At this moment, the starry sky was constantly changing. Mu Chen looked at it, feeling intoxicated. The stars began to turn fuzzy. In the end, it turned into extremely cryptic primordial seals.

Those primordial seals were reflected in Mu Chen’s eyes as he firmly memorise them in his mind.

The seals that were formed by stars gradually dispersed after a long time and Mu Chen had woken up. The starry sky gradually vanished and Mu Chen opened his eyes. Within his eyes were gasps of surprise, as well as astonishment.

From those primordial seals, he could sense a towering frightful power.

“This is the Deity Tier Spiritual Art?”

Mu Chen murmured to himself. Shortly after, he deeply inhaled a mouthful of air as his expression became serene. Both of his hands had come together and formed into primordial and bizarre seals.

His seals changed. Even though it was a little unfamiliar and sluggish, but the changes in the seals also carried a hint of ancient and boundless auras. It incited the Spiritual Aura in the surrounding heavens and earth to be a little boiling.

Mu Chen’s seals changed an entirely ninety-nine times and when the last seal was formed, his forehead was already filled with beads of sweat. Within his body, large amounts of Spiritual Energy had also been consumed.


When he made ninety-nine changes, the Spiritual Energy within the room abruptly turned violent. Between his palms was an ascending luster that appeared like a bright sun. Within it, was the vaguely contained roars of a tiger.

A frightful ripple spread out.

Mu Chen glanced at that bright sun-like luster gathered within his palm. With a move, he flashed out of the room and appeared on the giant lake at the freshmen area. Pushing his hands out, thunder-like barking came from his throat, “Four Gods Constellation Scripture, Divine Seal of the White Tiger!”


A world-shaking tiger roar resounded. The surrounding Spiritual Energy in the heavens and earth gathered towards him. That white luster in Mu Chen’s palm expanded and in the end, a scorching sun surged forth and formed into a enormous white lustered tiger with the size of approximately a hundred feet. That white tiger issued a roar as it flew out and ferociously shot into the lake.


The enormous lake of several thousand feet in radius suddenly vibrated. Huge waves rolled and ferociously hit the surrounding shores, causing booming sounds to linger in one’s ears.

Mu Chen looked down at that huge crater as the lake gradually calmed down. Lowering his head to both of his hands, Mu Chen’s brows were tightly knitted together. Although the might of that attack wasn’t weak… Mu Chen could feel that he had yet to unleash the true power of the Four Gods Constellation Scripture.

When he was executing it, he could feel that there was something crucial that he was lacking.

Mu Chen submerged into his thinking. Just what was he lacking?

He stood on top of the lake and raised his head, looking at the abstruse night. Caresses of breeze fluttered his clothes as he sunk into contemplation and doubt.

He recalled the forming white tiger earlier on. The Spiritual Energy was violent, but it lacked in grandeur. That was simply an ordinary white tiger form, lacking the grandeur of a genuine white tiger.

Having the shape, but lacking the soul.

Therefore, the real power of the white tiger seal couldn’t be unleashed.

Mu Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up but very quickly, he became helpless again. Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise were reputed as the spirits of the four directions. They were also superior existences among the Divine Beasts, standing at the pinnacle. Only a few of the superior beasts could be compared to them. Wanting to study such deities was simply impossible for the current Mu Chen.

Mu Chen cast the side of his mouth down in dejection. Deity Tier Spiritual Arts are indeed extraordinary. Even if others obtained it, trying to succeed in training in it wasn’t so simple.

He sighed as he shook his head. Mu Chen never thought that he would suffer such a plight when he had just started training in it. Right now, he could only grope about it slowly for the time being.


However, when Mu Chen was planning to give up for the time being, his thoughts suddenly moved. Right now, there was nothing he could do to the Four Gods Constellation Scripture. However, he wondered if that mysterious black paper could give him some aid?

Since that black paper could attract the Four Gods Constellation Scripture over, there must be some link between the two.

Mu Chen’s gaze faintly flickered and his mind had immediately entered into his aurasea. His gaze was fixed on that mysterious black paper. That paper had no reaction, not even having the slightest light emitted from it. It looked normal and ordinary, like an ordinary object.

Mu Chen stared at that mysterious black paper and pondered for a brief moment. His mind moved and saw the Spirit that was seated on top of the Spiritual Energy Wheel stood up and appeared before that black piece of paper.

His Spirit stood firmly as both of his hand suddenly came together. Primordial and cryptic seals changed shakily. These seals were exactly the same as what Mu Chen had executed earlier on.

As the seals changed, there wasn’t any activity from the mysterious black piece of paper. This had made Mu Chen’s mind sink. When the last of the ninety-nine seals solidified, he couldn’t help sighing in disappointment.


However, when Mu Chen’s sigh had ended, a mysterious buzzing shook and suddenly spread out in his aurasea.

Mu Chen’s Spirit suddenly rose his head and, in his eyes, a dense ecstasy surged out.

Before him, that mysterious black piece of paper that didn’t have any movements had finally, at this moment, emitted faint black luster. A buzzing sound resounded in his aurasea.

There’s finally a reaction from that black piece of paper!

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